Game Theory: Minecraft Has A Zombie Virus INFECTING the Overworld!

The Game Theorists

The Game Theorists

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    Minecraft zombies - by now we know everything about them, right? WRONG! They are the omen to something bigger, something scarier, something INVISIBLE! The Minecraft Overworld is being infected by a Zombie VIRUS! Steve needs to wash his hand and start watching his back! Where did this zombie outbreak start? Theorists, get ready to find out something about Minecraft you've never seen before!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Tyler Mascola, Pedro Freitas, and Forrest Lee
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. William Raugstad

      Dod you know that if theres zombies far away and u attack a zombie they will rub to the attacled zombie they can do thelepathy

    2. One Timers


    3. Rudy McDonald

      I think the ancient builders made the wither and the wither made the zombie virus

    4. Garys_mom


    5. Kalila Nasim

      isn,t pokimane in some sort of drama

    6. CDM

      I read that book, its great!!!

    7. BlueCrystal Animatez

      u made me relive 5 history lessons 😿

    8. Nathan Armendariz

      I noticed that the old buildings, and the mobs....the drowned for the underwater temple,the sand ones for the desert temple,the normal for the old temple in the jungle, the stronghold for the achers, and the ender fortress for the endermans,and the Nether fortress for the wither skeletons, so could they be the old builders?...they could have had different factions, and work...they don't have to be working together, they could have different citys

    9. Phantom

      Okay but what about the zombie piglins that are already in the nether? (the ones you see randomly in the nether)?

    10. Peter Cadriel


    11. Evan Scammell

      What about bastions and piglins. You should make a theory on those.

    12. Syahmi Samba

      Mat pat do a hello neighbor theory.its been a long time since you did one

    13. Juan Li

      Mojang watching this: we did not make Minecraft this confusing.

    14. SP1R 17

      im pretty sure mrbeast donated the 3mil

    15. J Mueller

      Idea:EXPLAIN WITCHES AND MAGIC! YOU MENTION MAGIC AND YOU HAVEN’T GIVEN ANY EXPLANATION.(I think it might be more of alchemy the magic since my view of alchemy is taking One or multiple things and putting them together and getting some thing of equal value)all who Are angry at Matt Pat because he hasn’t explained how Minecraft magic/alchemy works right in the replies “ I want to be a wizard”

    16. Andrew Roller

      #MattPattPodcast Yo Matt Patt you should totally make a podcast. You would definitely get a lot more popular and we subscribers would enjoy listening to it.

    17. The Big Yawn

      Smaller details i think about a lot when thinking about the lore of minecraft- what does the elytra mean for the lore of minecraft, why is it only found in the end, and why can it be repaired with phantom membranes, drops by phantoms which only exist in the overworld? Also, on the topic of phantoms, why are they considered undead? Why are cats able to keep them at bay by hissing when they get close? And why do they only come after the player if they havent slept for a long time? Why do piglins/hoglins 'fear' or at the very least run away from soul fire? What properties does minecrafts lightning have? It turns pigs into zombified piglins, although that may change in coming updates, it supercharges creepers, and the strangest i feel is that it turns villagers into witches. Theres also the four horsemen easter egg that involves lightning striking a skeleton on a skeleton horse and turning it into four, but i feel im able to just chalk that up to being nothing more than an easter egg. Perhaps a less interesting question is why are 'cave spiders' found only in mineshafts, despite their name, and why are they smaller and poisonous? Finally, the infection having a cure is interesting, along with the igloos in tundras where someone seems to have been experimenting to find the cure. On top of that, villagers have a 'gossip' system about you, and to avoid getting too complex with explaining it, when you cure a villager, your gossip level is increased significantly. Is that from the cured villager themselves? Or is the village talking about you curing one of them? I fi t is from the villager themselves, how do they know they were cured? were they conscious of their actions as a zombie? They seem to be able to carry a normal life once cured, so does being infected not affect ones memory of how to simply operate in life?

    18. Craig Jones

      Why would you bother making up lore for your game when you could just wait and have Matt do it for you?

    19. Ministerios Internacionales Vida


    20. Collin Remer

      The colonists actually weaponized diseases to wipe out natives, it was biological warfare

    21. Gilly Gillenwater

      The bigger reason why indigenous Americans didn’t have plagued is due to their lack of tending to livestock which is where these viruses come from

    22. hyram tan


    23. Zilla1999 the green kajiu

      What about the skeleton they spawn there

    24. Florencio Gonzalgo jr

      Fun fact: It's just a theory :D

    25. Carter L

      Do a theory on the villagers

    26. Elias C.


    27. Kolin Martz

      Fool. Thinking it’s the cold that makes the flu more virulent. Definitely not the fact that everyone stays indoors and breathes each other’s breath.

    28. wowzus wowzus

      PLZ make a podcast i would love it and just that that stuff

    29. VeronicanVanilla

      What about fossils? Obviously whatever causes the civilization of ancient builders was stronger than all of them, so why would we be able to defeat it? Wouldn't we have the same strength? Explaining why they would make it extinct. Idk just a little theory

    30. Toph the best earth bender Baifong

      On the enderman one they arnt the only mob who can hold blocks when u die they grab your sword blocks or any ourther thing

    31. TheElevenFirst

      Mattpat when are you going to do a theory on ghasts. There’s an achievement in minecraft where you bring a ghast to the overworld and kill it “and the achievement description says :*rescue a ghast and bring it home, then kill it* and has mechanical parts in the bestiary. Suggesting it originates from the overworld and perhaps is made by the old builders. It also drops a tear when it dies which also suggests this. And theres also an unused ghast sound called: ghast’s affection. Likely supposed to be used when you rescue one

    32. James Knowles

      what if the zombies look like us because they ARE us? What if us builders fled for the strongholds for protection, when the over world was overrun by monsters? When you spawn into a world, maybe youre the last person running to the stronghold, but then you stop to think about what you’re leaving behind, and that’s why you’re still while spawning? The zombies are perhaps the people that didn’t make it in time, and the villagers are ones that opted to stay, and made Iron Golems as protectors?

    33. It’s mylife

      I remember how Native Americans died from sickness so well from my 4th grade social studies class

    34. judeinator

      Matpat, you HAVE to make a theory on ghasts. They have super strange sounds, appear mechanical in the bestiary and have a really sus achievement for bring the, to the over-world.

    35. Fierceinstinct

      I wanna know more about the ghast

    36. Gamer Rafa Sans

      Btw Dream Is A Hacker Not A Speedrunner If You Dont Trust Me Try To Ask Google

    37. Centurion MK.1

      Why no mobs spawn at mushroom island

    38. Tiffany Bastian

      Hey wanted to add that in the aquatic update in the tutorial if you go to the ice biome, you can find the previous tutorial, the one before the aquatic update, is under the water and ice. To me it seemed like it was important to lore, but maybe not.

    39. m e

      Zombies definitely spawn in the nether i was near a nether fortress and there were 2 no where near a portal

    40. Andrew Jones

      please read this

    41. Andrew Jones

      would the reason you cannot cure zombies or zombie piglins a species or how long you have been infected thing like you cant kill the zombies be a thing that they have been infected to long and are truly dead or something along those lines

    42. Daniel Bagley

      What about pressence of zombie piglin in nether and only in the nether, zoglins, AND THE ZOMBIE, got some theories for those too

    43. Scott Pilgrim

      WOW instead of 1 million we got 3 million congratulations 🎉

    44. Dabble H

      Just one thing I don't understand,how did ancient people got the ender pearl?there was no enderman at that time

    45. Charlotte Shearer

      Nobody: Steve in every MInecraft Game THeory thumbnail: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    46. Maria

      I legit just bought the Minecraft the island book-

    47. Matěj Dudek

      U know, CGP grey has a video Why there were no viruses.

    48. Eia Rioja

      0:21 When the zombie is so sad, he floats

    49. kathy radley

      This is proof that he'll a pvz theory soon.

      1. kathy radley

        Plants Vs zombies

    50. UNT4M3D N1CK

      3 mil dude!

    51. Dbossdlm

      Theory: How df does gravity work? All mobs( excluding the ones that can fly) fall down to the ground just like the player which is pretty normal. But then we have the blocks which except all can float in the air without any care and defy our gravity ( with some exceptions like gravel or sand). How does this work. Why does this happen?

    52. Creepy Girl

      Cold war:*is there* The actual storyline:"That's is buddy your going in the trash."

    53. Deo Lakshmana

      Theory: Time is different in the nether, If 1 block in the nether is 8 block in the overworld that explains that 1 second just to walk to another block is 8 seconds in the overworld to walk 8 blocks, Clock doesn't work in the nether so that might be a prove that this is right

    54. Adriel Quiroga

      Well, the infection looks like the most accurate hypothesis. I mean, the nether wastes exists, and the mobs that spawn there are zombified piglin, and the warped forest only spawns endermen. Also consider blue fire scaring piglins and piglins fighting wither skeletons and warped fungus scaring hoglins. They must be afraid or angry for some reason, like those things don't belong in the nether.

    55. Neymar Da silva Jr.

      11:53 gamemode normal has 50% chance But consider even easy and hard has a infection % of 0 and 100% respectively. So, according to that in easy difficulty all villager are immune and in hard none???

    56. urridkXD

      MatPat: Does a full series on minecraft and the lore The creators who just wanted some easter eggs and just a fun game: -_-

    57. taylor Gropp

      I always thought that the zombies were once humans that inhabited the overworld (like the villagers) but due to a tragic event were infected and turned into zombies.

    58. Vivbadartgorl _

      well, I didn't know the colonizers killed so many indigenous Americans when they came. School biases and all.

    59. The Lets Play-ers

      Matpat, you need to talk about ghasts

    60. Bleta Ymeri

      0:20 of course Also WHAT HAPPEND TO- KGup:shhhhh don't say it DONT SAY IT Fine but why can-I mean cuncer yea cuncer! Stop bc what about *C O V I D* Also also great now I have to live in H-E double hockey sticks

    61. Starflight3934

      Idk if anyone else considered the theory that like i saw in the video of the disks that we are the only human right? And the zombies look like us? what if the other people like us become zombies?

    62. ZOMBIminer

      just a side theoryof mine. hasnt much to do with how the world of Minecraft actually works, just more about the player, and the players jurney. okay so before I start explaining the theory, I want to note how we as humans learn and therefor most likely how Steve learns to... before you know something, you cant recognise it, it most likely glances over you, and you never think about it. its like it doesnt exist, and in your brain it doesnt. BUT the second you registers it, think about it, and make a note about it (in your brain) its suddenly everywhere! you find it more easely, and you can learn more about it. so. what if all the uppdates Minecraft gets is kind of a story about Steve's jurney? that all we have in Minecraft today, has always been in Minecrafts world? its just, Steve traveling further, finding more biomes, finding new things to craft, learning new ways to travel, finding new species of animals and new enemies, digging deeper into the gruond, swimming deeper in the ocean, goin further into Nether, Exploring more of the End and how the End Portal works and discovering so much more of the worlds, whilst revelutionising his technology!

    63. Snake 18

      I can prove it it is true because zombies can pick up blocks

    64. Redstone chipped Semmy

      "You owe me money!" - Zombie, 2020

    65. CaptainRex


    66. Awatsada Sirawan

      Sooooo they all become deferent thing some of them endermans and drowned

    67. Pingu P. Nootson IV

      But, Minecraft zombies were made in 2010.

    68. Steph P


    69. Gabriel Answer

      Mat:Who is this blob Also mat:With minecraft d=Dream

    70. king zayd


    71. Conner Duncan

      But zombie piglins also spawn naturally in the nether wastes biome.

    72. Alex Mason

      I have seen a whole zombie outbreak in minecraft

    73. Chad Vaughn

      Make a theory on why mobs die in sunlight but not moonlight

    74. Tyrell Liddell

      What I don’t get if ender men are created by a virus how come we don’t see anyone turn into a endermen why don’t the piglins turn into endermen

    75. Socko Jr

      Influenza in Minecraft confirmed

    76. Nadine Pollerd

      Could herobrine be a resurrection test zombie that went wrong

    77. BurntBread

      With this information, how can we explain a mob spawner?

    78. Cody Garton

      Knowing I’m one of the few surviving humans makes me feel reeeal bad about dying so many times in hardcore....


      Wait... so the cleanest place of minecraft is in the hell??

    80. LukeTV

      MatPat: the livestream will contain poki- Simps: *im going*

    81. Dio

      What does this mean for the theory that zombies were made by the illigers

    82. Yan Legocraft

      But and about the "phantom" why he appear after exactly 3 days without sleep and a phantom is not suposed to go through the walls and why a phantom have fear of cats

    83. Resolve Gaming

      Okay, so if the Villagers and us, the Player, are immune to this virus ... how did we get immune? We just got to the overworld, which means our immune system should not succeed. What is more likely is that we are created by the Builders with an already stable immune system. Edit: It is also obvious that we aren't born from Builders. Something must be protecting us from the disease. In addition, mobs already in the overworld are immune because they've been there before. It's the direct contact with zombies that change Villagers. But ... why are we immune; why are Pillagers immune? It's safe to assume that we are fully immune from the virus, while the Pillagers found a cure through magic.

    84. Inverted_edits

      I loved Minecraft the island it's my favorite book!

    85. StammerHead

      My theory: every time a player dies in the overworld, a normal zombie spawns, when a player dies in the nether a piglin or a zombified piglin spawns, but when the player dies in the end, an enderman spawns

    86. Sam Bagherzade

      So why do we still have zombified piglin in the nether

    87. Jake Elliott

      What about zombie piglins in nether

    88. NiE

      Wither Skeltons are just zombie Endermen

    89. DemonHunter120


    90. Lord Skarra

      Big Problem with this theory matpat... Why are there living zombified piglins in the nether normally?

      1. Lord Skarra

        could the wither effect be somehow the cause of the zombie virus existingish also?

    91. Shining Games

      If the nether is too hot for the virus, explain why zombified piglins still spawn there

    92. Daniel Wood

      Can you be my history teacher?

    93. The bigkid 12

      This is real story

    94. The bigkid 12

      The ender Drogen

    95. The bigkid 12

      The Steve was real human he was coma he dream by new world and he not dead but he kill him

    96. The bigkid 12

      Now I know the game let me tell you



    98. Luna Akuma

      Seeing a Polish city in a Matpat video is certainly a suprise I didn't expect. I guess it's what you get when you search for European cities. The city in question is the city of Gdańsk at 9:00 which is a Polish city near the Baltic Sea.

    99. Jaymez Gibson

      good luck on the donation and can you make a theory about what is under the shy guys mask

    100. Deon van Zyl

      Then how are there zombie pigman in the nether think about it isn't there another second virus?