Game Theory: FNAF, Another Mystery SOLVED!

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6 млн көрүүлөр743

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    Today Loyal Theorists and FNAF fans, we get ready to lock in another piece of the Five Nights at Freddy's puzzle. Remember the awful brother in the Foxy mask from FNAF 4? Well I have finally figured out the true identity of Foxy Bro! That's rights, I'm saying I've CONFIRMED a new piece of FNAF lore... until Scott decides to chance things....
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick
    Editors: Forrest Lee, Koen Verhagen, Pedro Freitas, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Help Friends Services

      mike is that foxy but hes younger mikr probably liked foxy

    2. Foxy

      Purple guys doters name is alizabeth afton

    3. Foxy

      The girl that dancing name is clara afton

    4. Foxy

      Purple guys name is William Afton

    5. Foxy

      The foxy kid name is Michael Afton

    6. Foxy

      The crying childs name is Chris afton not evin

    7. Dutch Van der linde

      Don’t the haunted animatronics not hurt children?? Because they were children themselves and never wanted to hurt the people around them after what happened to them

    8. Rhino401

      11:53 Nope, I don't buy it at all. I think you're correct to draw parallels between Pete and Michael Afton (the gum thing, purple hand, should be dead but not), but anything that brought Foxy Bro into the equation was superficial (younger brother who he teases, association with Foxy, divorced parents). I would let superficial evidence slide EXCEPT for the fact that in a previous theory you established how that on pg 41 of the survival logbook, Michael Afton draws Nightmare Fredbear in red ink, establishing that Michael Afton MUST be the protagonist from FNAF 4, aka the crying child. Seeing as the more concrete evidence clashes with the superficial, I don't think Foxy Bro is Michael Afton.

    9. 08 Cubby Falgui

      7:25 mat: phantom animatronics cant interact with reality. literally every phantom animatronic in fnaf 3: can turn of your door or vent access.

    10. regular gamer mobile

      everyone: Michael and foxy bro are the same mat: takes 5 years to find out i thiink we are smarter than mat

    11. Juan casas

      So how do we know hes not Micheal Emily? Im just like kinda confused cause of previous theories

    12. GamerAne06 Yt


    13. Gluten Tag

      I just realized that the confusing part of the ghost in the book asking about the purple telephone toy and stuff now makes sense with the newest video showing how the ghost is talking to the Crying child who is also in the book

    14. Zack Schmitt

      Did they ever do the restaurant because i want to go to a place like that

    15. Noah Hornbeak

      Fnaf at

    16. Kirke

      What if crying child ,,posesses’’ the logbook and mike is the one asking those questions after his brother was bitten. It would make sense why there were questions like ,,what do u remember’’

    17. eRr0r-s3aRcHeR

      14:55 then why is he called Pete? xd

    18. nerdcorner

      Food theory: Bubblegum - It was an ancient food that makes us immortal while we chew it, if the taste is gone your immortality is gone

    19. darkk 64

      Yo Wtf that idea at the start is so good

    20. Nilmale Hettiarachchige

      What if Pete is Michael brother

    21. valeria262

      Matpat I dont think you understand what 'confirmed' means

    22. Prisciliano I

      Uuuuuuh you mean that Pete =foxybro =Mike

    23. chibby knowsdraw

      Plsss do it!!!

    24. Full Of Brick

      Video begins at 4:30

    25. S0m1ng Does somethin


    26. S0m1ng Does somethin

      Matpat: So, well put this to the side because there arn't really and hologram animatronics Glitchtrap: UM EXCUSE ME

    27. epic guy

      I think think or eating that gum was why he got hurt and killed because the gum is talked about when hes in danger so I think the gum is cursed

    28. Redh3n productions and writing

      Fnaf: *has red herrings* matpat: *continuously goes for the herrings* (this was because of the middle story I think it was purposefully confusing and had no lore reveals)

    29. Temmiegamer GG

      Umm shadow animatronics

    30. DigiFuse101

      what if those questions being asked is mike talking to the spirit but erased the questions after doing so.

    31. Lil Pimpin

      Theory: the cardboard glasses have the "Mind control chips" hidden in them from the twisted one's book that Matpat talks about in a previous video.

    32. Grand Koopa

      I already made a comment, but I'm watching it again. PLEASE DO THE PIZZARIA THING PLEASE!!!!!!!

    33. BananaMan Bob Ross

      I really have no clue how long ago this theory was made, but I just want to put this out there, maybe it might make more sense of Ballora and those glasses... you know like how you mentioned Ballora making leaves float around her but the girl who stole them thought how was that possible... what if Ballora, was not a hologram but instead a ghost? It seems strange to think that, honestly. But I mean, in fiction ghosts can have the ability to mess around with objects... And knowing that Ghosts are not a far-off topic to Fnaf, it could be likely...

    34. Your_local_dumb_weeb

      Fnaf gachatubers: First time?

    35. Abdulrahman Al-Hamed

      Maybe the book is saying that Michael afton is the crying child and the older brother because it’s a reference to charlie in the books who interchangeable with her brother

    36. Malcs

      Video starts at 3:20

    37. Jakub Setler

      Phantom animaTronics tune extent can react with the outside world like for example phantom chica can interact with an arcade machine

    38. Travis_ Dott

      Maybe the foxy bro’s mask came from the crying child’s foxy toy. That’s why he’s crying

    39. Ella- Grace


    40. Euan Brown

      what about the third story in the Book?

    41. Be Yourslef

      Ive Got one theory in mind for Micheal Afton is that Pete Represents Micheal and CC or Chris i wish was his name but how that short story played out was basically pointing the past life of the aftons but in different names so yea i think how this would play is C.C's Birthday and since Mike wanted to play a prank squashes C.C's head in a result of coma and sijce william well loves stuffing kids into animatronics he put C.C's body into Golden Freddy along with Cassidy as for Micheal you all know he was- wait now i see it after the birthday party of i'll say Chris (C.C) Micheal got depress so his father gave him a Job at Circus Baby- sorry you get the idea and works as a night Guard as a Teen so meaning you have to put a chain theory after this one Goodnight everybody I wish C.C was named Chris tho its not confirmed why Not Crying Child Chris which explains C.C but i dunno anyone want to add a theory to this Comment ? I hope mat pat sees this but im sure he wont because of the many many comments here so i'll leave the next paragraph to you Edit: Another theory the names used is to represent some characters

      1. Fun with friends

        Im still confused on how people got chris for C.C

    42. Amy

      But what if the book is mike's and you, the reader, are basically in crying child's place? What if crying child read the survival logbook that was mike's?

    43. Amy

      The curse of the collonel made rustlers sell burgers as meal deals at tescos then made the only one a cheeseburger with orange ketchup but i dont like ketchup even though i love cheeseburgers

    44. Fleegle

      (Matpat going half-insane over the lore)Scott:write that down,write that down!

    45. Olivia Muchow

      Ok hold on I cannot be the only one who thought the hologram Ballora might have something to do with special delivery. I know I can’t be.

    46. Legendary QV

      Animatronics can go invisible but they can only go invisible in one game: FNAF AR: Special Delivery

    47. Jonathan Warrdddedcxddeececldron

      How do you nearly loose an arm to a Chinese finger trap?

    48. Jeremy Loar

      Game Theory: foxy boi Me: Michael

    49. Pepper Cat Gaming

      "I will put you back together" And so that line continues a mystery

    50. Pepper Cat Gaming

      6:40 I think maybe that's the spirit trapped inside ballora, her soul traveling whenever someone puts on the glasses (but it needs to be someone specific as said in 5:23 maybe children) as she takes the form of a holographic version of ballora, which is why she can also spin the leaves

    51. xclymenus

      He definitely could have been a detective

    52. ktq 410

      I like how matpat completely missed the AR game when it came to the story with Bollora

    53. Ash Lynx

      If they’re brothers, then that throws off your other theory about the crying child being Henry‘s son, not William’s.

    54. christian gaming

      loose an eye and an arm figure of speech has gone to a whole new level

    55. Purplez Gacha

      The Gacha peeps got it right congrats

    56. Purplez Gacha

      So, yes FNAF pizzeria. You don’t even need to buy all of them, just 6 or 7 to replicate each pizzeria. So... basically make Animatronics (but just robots no Ai PLEASE). And a pizza area, plus of course graphic images from the game. And a soundtrack, (but maybe not jump scares). I’m sure it would end up being very popular even if the Pizza sucked just cause it was FNAF. Plus maybe a gaming area to play FNAF in. Pizzerias of the future.

    57. Purplez Gacha


    58. Cuckoo4GokuPuffs

      Where is the theory on susie??? Pleeeeaaaase.. :..(

    59. Willem Zeevat

      When u mentioned the fact about the hologram ballora may be a phantom animatronic but then immediately said that cannot really be the case because phantom animatronics can’t interact with their surroundings, I instantly thought of fnaf 3 because being the imposter/phantom animatronic they are granted the ability to sabotage the player in fnaf 3 and when the phantom animatronics sabotage they INTERACT with the environment. U said earlier that ballora cannot be a phantom animatronic because u forgot that they do what they do in fnaf 3

    60. Teeny Tiny

      OMG if you and Scott really do build a real life Freddy fazbears I'd go as often as possible between the two of you you have the skills to make it epic

    61. Isaac Giaever-Enger

      Little did mat know that crying child and Cassidy are both in the book lmao

    62. TheFlyingEagle

      I dont get it before we thought crying child was mike WTF

    63. Its Anandita

      You wanna know something? I HAVE A THEORY! What if Vanny was Mrs. Afton me after she fell out of love, DIDN'T die and then gets hipnotized by William/GlitchTrap to fall back in love with him and help him kill?? Might not make sense but still...... BUT HEY THATS JUST A THEORY....... A GAME THEORY

    64. A RoachTM

      Matpat: Foxy bro Micheal: *ouch*

    65. Shiruko-Eren

      Bruh I'm excited I guess

    66. Shiruko-Eren

      Bruh I'm excited I guess

    67. Ditzy Studios

      When talking about the ballora story I get reminded of fnaf world and how they were starting to be able to interact with the real world so maybe that has something to do with the fact that she can react with reality even though she is a "hologram".

    68. Gacha Demon and Kitty

      Why do I love the intro-

    69. Neo Politan

      About the song, 8:42, I think she’s directly talking us, the player. She’s asking why we’re hiding, when we could be with her. To her, the room is empty, like a tomb, void of excitement and laughter. She’s asking us to join her. She wants us to be happy. Although I think that’s a bit hard knowing that she could kill us, but whatever. The song is to lure us. She wants us to be happy. Ballora wishes that the halls were full with laughter, not sadness. She’s not a stand in. At least, I don’t think so. Ballora was created so kids could feel safe and happy. But like everything else, that notion became darker and twisted.

      1. Staples

        I think the song serves as a double meaning, your interpretation being right, but also when you look deeper she's speaking about her husband and daughter.

    70. TheDogGamerYT

      Thats actually legit wow. call ME matPat

    71. Zodiac

      MatPat is awesome

    72. that one guy with the voice

      "Do you remember your name" THE LOG BOOK IS ALL ABOUT CONNECTING NAMES! Michael and foxy bro are connected with the book, Then cassidy is revealed through the book Then Evan might be the name of the crying child

    73. Bradley Klein



      never ask: a woman her age. a man his salary. a pirate what to do with the drunken sailor.

    75. carrson riley stewart

      every sigel afton in a nutshell I SHOLUD BE DEAD but i am NOT

    76. Bryson Guzman


    77. DupiGus


    78. LukeJayWalker

      bruh, if there is anything ive learned. it is that scott just reveals stuff 9 years later.

    79. The Wifey

      In Coming Home there is a moment Susie seems to move the leaves around Samantha and it reminded me of Ballora. Making me think it's a ghost.

    80. Drakon Afton

      Did you ever get that email back?

    81. Ian McPherson

      It's cute to come back and see how much MatPat didn't know yet.

    82. Sapphire The dog

      It's like scott has everything planned out and is leaving us a trail of breadcrumbs, and we blindly follow this story like stupid little birds. Lol

    83. caleb evans

      In the intro, who did voice-acting for Foxy?

    84. Crumble Pants

      Bro Michael Afton is foxy bro

    85. INotJadeXD

      Also MatPat, in the song “Join us for a bite” one of the lines are “and Freddy told you’re an organ donor”

    86. Trash can

      £€€ L

    87. Spectre

      Did Matt ever do the Susie one? The next theory in chronological order I’m finding is the 2 souls in Golden Freddy based on the 5th Fazbear Freights.

    88. payton harvey

      did anyone else notice that when matpat was talking about how close he was to 1mil and encouraging everyone to subscribe to food theory in the screenshot he already had 1.01mil???? and yes I realize he had the little caption thing explaining to and thanking everyone for hitting 1mil but I mean it's still funny...

    89. Jennifer Davis

      Hey what happened to the intro

    90. Maddie Williams

      17:44 Susie theory when

    91. Gerda Fiske

      the scariest thing was foxy singing off-beat at the beginning

    92. Droptopsonata

      did afton do the nasty with ballora

    93. CV Miles

      7:18 one more proposal HARD LIGHT it looks holographic but is tangible

    94. hongyeol kim

      Pizza is made of trash

    95. hongyeol kim

      I mean vanny

    96. hongyeol kim

      Can you do one with Vann please?

    97. alpha bears

      First derek now pete NOW Michael. Im rlly getting confused

    98. Josey Strife

      Also even though Pete is an older brother but story also kinda connects to Crying Child since he is terrorized by Foxy and is being taken apart at the end and what was the iconic line associated with Crying Child again o yeah I will put you back together again

    99. Josey Strife

      I know I'm probably over thinking things again but doesn't it sound alot like what's going on with Pete is very similar to what's going on with William a guy who should be dead but who is trapped immobile in a hospital except that Pete is dead while William is being kept alive by Andrew

    100. Huynh Hong Nhat

      The steadfast authorisation ordinarily race because football socioeconomically compare during a open magician. necessary, reminiscent punch