The WORST Game To Get For Christmas! (The Great Gift Exchange!)

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    Happy Holidays, Theorists! As part of THE GREAT GIFT EXCHANGE, I am transported to a magical “Wrapshop” to wrap a charitable gift for Kurt Hugo Schneider. Mentored by The World’s Most Famous Gift Wrap Artist Alton Dulaney, I am going to create the ULTIMATE gaming gift wrap inspired by the classic video game consoles of history! Plus, I'll take you on a deep dive into the WORST GAME in video game history! Get your wrapping paper ready, we're about to get JOLLY!
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    1. Mysterious YouTuber

      I once got a calendar for the same year I got the calendar

    2. Flock of Birds

      Cowboy becomes gamer while teaching a gamer to wrap a box

    3. NO AH

      Cyberpunk is easily the worst game you can get

    4. Flower Gacha Studios


      1. Flower Gacha Studios

        Your friends with smosh?

    5. hello

      Yeetza Palace.. Amazing

    6. Chris Jr

      this reminds me of a disney christmas trailer

    7. SunnyRBLX

      The gift on the title is from adopt me

    8. Angelina Vald

      Hello matpat, probably won't see this but there's a game nobody can figure out! It has an incredible life even I can't understand, and Im wishing you could figure out! It's in roblox called : de pride isle sanitarium, if you want to see if it's actually good here's a video of the trailer!:

    9. Sanchez Kids

      They stupid 🤪🤪!

    10. Mushroom Soup

      There is literally a song from a show in my county that is about not sniffing glue

    11. Maximus Heaton

      1:43 [British government disliked that]

    12. Kirkatz /:


    13. Small Big

      MatPat: says all sorts of facts about games. The gift wrapping guy: Interesting!! Also th gift wrapping guy: I don’t really give a sh-

    14. Global Warrior Next video

    15. Rebecca Portwood

      "Rules are meant to be broken" Hmmm Benjamin

    16. kazuichi souda

      I love how matpats was a pizza box (fnaf reference???) and it had a black light (detective theorist mat pat)

    17. Kavious Hart

    18. KotCR

      Making a gift seem like it's a video game console, but having it really only been a book or something, seems like a great way to have alot of disappointed kids and teach them the real truth about life lol. Also this video made me feel so much better about my own gift-wrapping skills lol.

    19. Ved Sanjeev

      This can make up for KGup Rewind 2020

    20. VannyWillows_:I

      how did i not see this sooner.. this made me cringe alot- not bc this video is bad tho, its just different but i like different

    21. Chris Singh

      What a sweet gift 🎁

    22. Nicolo Nardari

      3:35 is that the clone wars announcer/admiral yularen?

    23. Zion Marquez

      Do the forest

    24. Sven Olov Karlsson

      you guys is the best, uv ur vids.

    25. Zaher hassn

      Qwq thats funny- like if y watch it in Christmas 🎄

    26. Sauljr 2007

      1:07 EEEEE

    27. Minecraft_is_the_best

      5:44 this expression is GOLDEN, he's like: oh god he's talking about gaming I don't know gaming what is gaming he started by talking about wrapping gifts but now I'm lost so I'm just gonna pretend like I have any idea what he's talking about and maybe nod randomly

    28. Minecraft_is_the_best

      4:10 Everyone call mat: "matpat (one guy)" from now on

      1. Minecraft_is_the_best

        12:55 MatHat (still one guy)🤣 I'm dead

    29. Elli MHA

      0:54 1:00 Oml his laugh-

    30. - C . D

      MatPat: 11:35 Me:???......wait...🤣😂😅

    31. james montgomery

      Alton is just so positive. This was a joy to watch.

    32. Jacob Shives

      You guys remember when he gifted the POPE Undertale? Never forget matpat

    33. PLAI GAIMS 2009

      I like to it toothpaste

    34. JeanKing_robotic2471ghost The Ninja

      Why am I watching a ad?

    35. Hasty YT

      It’s over bruhtify I have the higher comment >:)

    36. HOIBOI Games

      I didn’t get anything for Christmas 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    37. EpicDanGaming

      MatPat is so different IRL

    38. dingus mink


    39. aqua_bro

      Game Theory Idea: What would a woman need to become a real life Lara Croft Tomb Raider. I mean education, estimated amount of money, physical training, actual places to discover and explore, would be a good archeologist while shooting everything and everyone while running through ancient ruins?

    40. Nightfire Karma

      Omg, reading the comments of this video makes me laugh a lot 😂. Same with watching the video 😂

    41. Peach R

      I remember getting an ad from gift wrapping dude but I skipped it so uh... oops

    42. AnaxErik4ever

      When I saw the whole company of participants in Ro's video, I was most excited to see MatPat and Kurt Hugo Schneider. Despite having well established communities of their own, they have collaborated with Rosanna Pansino in the past even before her channel got really big. Seriously, seeing MatPat interact with Ian and Shayne (Smosh's) gift tickled me inside.

    43. First Name Last Name

      Gay people of KGup, do you actually act like this in your every day life?

    44. Philip Cartee

      I’m a big fan

    45. Ninnikins

      Cool you're doing ads now. For real, that's awesome.

    46. Gray

      When he said Ian I thought he was gonna say Anthony the I remembered

    47. Mazey Xxmazemobilezz2

      ads because lets me real

    48. Rainer Hines


    49. Mr_ Icy170


    50. Gåłåxÿ Gåmėr

      I agree with the present raper glue does smell good

    51. Jashwa Treadway

      Who is the narrator for this? Is it the same guy that voices the Professor from Power Puff Girls?

    52. Existent Human

      Matpat hi umm can you please do a theory on danganronpa it’s really good

    53. See it nothing !

      Merry Christmas!

    54. antpaste

      Nice soy face, MatPat...

    55. Gav makes video’s

      There was a link to this in an ad Best ad ever

    56. The Skies Have Fallen

      The worse gift of all is this video autoplaying after something I actually wanted to watch.

    57. Mason Skaurud


    58. Trashie73


    59. Green Tea


    60. Yeychickenugget

      I saw this on an ad

    61. Daniel Alexander

      It is 2:25am and I am still watching azzylands videos🤣😂😴💤🛏🛌

    62. NeoEvincar

      So no link to the follow up video in the description? Or the previous one?

    63. H1PP1E

      "where did they find this guy?" On the streets mat, they found him on the streets

    64. Un Nullified

      Mathew Pathew is still your name

    65. Evelyn Martinez

      I tried to do the criss cross and it came out looking like garbage 😭😭

    66. Brianne S

      MATT please do what remains of Edith finch!!! I've played this game a few times and absolutely love it, I still have questions though. I would love to hear your take on this amazing game!

    67. Saumil Patel


    68. Juicytube

      I love your videos mat! Keep it up

    69. Luz Espinoza

      I saw the ads

    70. Spooky_Fruit

      Even now, it’s still weird hearing “Smosh” without Anthony’s name in it.

    71. doodoojuke 123

      the cowboy hat guys voice is so annoying

    72. Marah Wolsfeld

      "and look at what great job you're doing" "I've already torn the paper"

    73. Marah Wolsfeld

      I've heard of Kurt Hugo Schneider before because i subscribed to CrackingTheCryptic which is a channel in which two guys solve sudokus. Kurt was mentioned some times

    74. Puro the Latex Queen

      18 second unskippable ads are a thing now apparently

    75. Jdcookin

      Wow he look ugly on that KGup video

    76. king argonot

      You should figer out how much money does bugs bunny have

    77. Nolan

      Is Shane replacing Anthony

    78. Brandon poop

      M A T P A T

    79. Jasmine Williams

      Dang This is some amazing pr for KGup.

    80. Jasmine Williams

      That Smosh gift pizza was the Brest thing I've ever seen 😍

    81. Crünch or something like that

      The he thumbnail says "the gift of gaming", how to do this, Step 1: buy them a laptop Step 2: give it to them. Step 3: done

    82. Questionable Spy

      Is it weird that Kurt Hugo Schneider and MattPat got their 1 million subscriber play button at the same time, and still have only a 200k subscriber difference

    83. Me when the

      Can you send me a gaming laptop

      1. Me when the

        @Crünch or something like that I don’t even have one so yeah and next time don’t be so condescending

      2. Crünch or something like that

        Me when the I'm getting a dell Inspiron 15 3593 with an i5 and I'm fine with that so don't ask for too much to be happy

    84. WellBro11


    85. Robert Young

      KGup Originals = Pure Cancer

    86. Rick Buthole

      Ahhhhhh cring

    87. FaceLess Kawei

      "I like the smell of glue sticks" "THEY HAVE A SMELL" Me: and they have a taste




      I have saw this 𝖒𝖆𝖓

    90. Genetically Modified Astronaut

      Your ad is the first ad I’ve ever clicked on.

    91. Yuri

      Did anyone else see that one yellow tooth in the back of his mouth in the thumbnail?-

    92. RyStillTries1209

      this is very e

    93. Sizzles Swiggles

      Smosh in 50 years: remember we got to go on KGup great gift exchange Mat pat in 50 years: I rather not remember

    94. Gage Game_Z

      My mom wrapping gifts: aldon My dad wrapping gifts: mat pat

    95. Fuego Diego

      They are snorting glue sticks

    96. kiftik


    97. Troll1223333 GAMEZ

      That damn neighbor is always stealing my pet flamingo

    98. MrMegaPussyPlayer

      13:32 Yeah, asking us to tune in his channel and then don't even provide a Link (or a Zelda).

    99. MrMegaPussyPlayer

      13:27 Fat chance. Because it is stated to be filed before Covid, it had to be filmed in 2019 ... so ... he done it so long ago he probably even forgot the solution by now. You could have included it in the video.

    100. MrMegaPussyPlayer

      2:42 YT really cheaped out on that guy. All participants get the same exact video ... and that gets old really fast for the viewer.