Game Theory: FNAF, We Solved Golden Freddy! (Five Nights At Freddy's)

The Game Theorists

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    Yes, it's time to talk about FNAF lore... again! Theorists, today we are solving one of the BIGGEST mysteries in the Five Nights At Freddy's universe - Golden Freddy. I know I've talked at length about our favorite golden animatronic bear, but here me out. The newest Fazbear Frights book CONFIRMED it! It's time to uncover the SOULS stuck inside Golden Freddy!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick
    Editors: Pedro Freitas, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Golden rohan

      "You still have more, matpat."

      1. April Willis

        Fanf music start mat pat thats just a theory a game theory

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      3. minecraft68

        Theres always more

      4. KB Reynolds

        Guys listen up I'ma tell y'all something oily black tears what does that sound like? The dead kids in fnaf 3 I'm not making a

      5. Sakura Blood

        @the dot giver .

    2. Shorpho

      "hE aTtAc" "hE pRotEc" " hE aLwAyS cOmE bAcc "

    3. Max the leafy boi

      he protecc he atacc but most importantly he always come bacc

    4. Jodie Hobbs

      He protecc He attacc *I ALWAYS COME BACC*

    5. Masquerade13

      My evidence of the hand NOT being glitchtrap: 6:56

    6. Chunky

      Hey there is one thing that you have been missing through out your theories where is golden freddy through out the franchise because there isn't a single word of what has happened to the suit since the bite and we know he hasn't been destroyed so what has happened to him

    7. SockNoises

      You said that the animatronics are either possessed by souls OR agony, so then why is Golden Freddy twitching according to all cutscenes? (mainly referencing 9800 cutscene UCN) you also said that there could be more than just 2 souls in Golden Freddy, so what if, just throwing this out here, Golden Freddy isn’t actually twitching, but there is a soul controlling each moving part and they’re just trying to become in sync or something in that category...also, I’m questioning why in FNAF 2 when Golden Freddy jumpscares, there are no eyes (white dots) seen, yet in the 9800 UCN cutscene there are eyes, (white dots) and it’s even more odd since it’s farther away. That I have no possibly explanation for (none with logic at least) but yeah that’s a thing. :>

    8. KateSinging InTheSnow

      Ok so you inspired me to look at my fnaf book "the freddy files" and this may not be important at all but the beginning picture for chapter 2, it has a picture of the puppet giving a present to a little kid with red hair and freckles. You mentioned in an earlier video that Fritz, the one who posseses foxy, has freckles. Well in the background of this image, there are 5-7 normal foxys, and 2-3 funtime foxys in the background. Idk maybe this means absolutely nothing but I thought it'd be interesting to point out Edit, it also mentions foxy twice on the page next to it

    9. kaitlyn mcsweeney

      Any chance someone is going to work on explaining why we are collecting remnant during Special Delivery and sending out random endoskeletons to collect pieces for more on and on and on?? Are we sending the StitchWraith out or something? If it is designed by FazBear Entertainment, is FazBear as a company aware of remnant and using it, or are they unaware of what we're using their tech to do?

    10. Derek Sheehy-Deleon

      im just waiting for him to make another time line after he get the lord of the first 6 games and all the books

    11. Andy Jr

      I'm 10 and my name is Andrew

    12. Deku.

      The man in the room? Oh, that was me. Vaccine shots.

    13. Creative Engineer

      William Afton : Finally dies His body : TACTICAL NUKE INCOMING

      1. Ricardo Mejia Salas


    14. Under_Scor

      Hold on I have to cough (cough cough it's me cough cough)

    15. Sonia Mahakur

      Matpat:- "I always comeback"

    16. johan Parra

      Mappa the kid had all alligator mask read what if what if he is the the kids are that’s in a hobbyist day in for Fnaf three

    17. Guesty Man

      You have a CHILD???

    18. GalaxyWolf Gaming

      hold up so theirs a boy wearing an aligator mask right well if you go back to fnaf 4 in the party room were all the kids wore animal masks one was wearing a green mask, you could say it was an aligator mask coincidence *I THINK NOT* their just might be two upset souls mattpat heres your job take care of it lol

    19. Andrew Massengale

      ya seems like something id do

      1. Andrew Massengale

        get it cuz im andrew ha ha or something...

    20. ItsMelmy

      I was the 4000th Comment!

    21. Naruto uchiha

      Ok hear me out what if springtrap isn’t who you think he is he is really someone else

    22. 2028 Maximus Battaglia

      golden fredy is a fanaf horcrucs destroy it with the thearoy sword!

    23. Mr FBI

      The truth is Golden freddy has Cassidy, Evan and Kelsey. It matches up since he tries to lure people into the animatronic, giving us a peaceful brother, a vengeful spirit and a murderer

    24. Preston Gibbs

      Bro that is crazy

      1. soupinfested guy

        @Preston Gibbs stfu

      2. Preston Gibbs

        I understand a little though

      3. Preston Gibbs

        This is a lot for me to understand

    25. Kaneki Ghoul

      Saying hi in 2021

    26. Chokfi Gaming

      What happened to the video about chika and suizie? I thought there was one but I can’t find it. Was it just promised and not made or is it gone?

    27. Victoria Flores29


    28. Dont Please

      So William has been stabbed to death, bled to death, decomposed, and now burned.

    29. Pepper Cat Gaming

      13:52 If the crying child can't see, how does he know his brother is there so he can say "it's Me"?

      1. gacha deer

        *e a r s*

    30. Pepper Cat Gaming

      But if Andrews soul is in the stictwraith, how is his soul in golden Freddy, and how is his body even there?

    31. Pixelated_99

      Thanks for the nightmares. :)

    32. Trey T

      If the crying child is golden freddy and is also Michael afton it would make sense that golden Freddy appears with “its me” because it’s mike saying that it is his spirit in the animatronic.

    33. The Lunar Archer

      2 Spirits would explain 2 white eyes.

    34. giana ortiz

      what if the “one you should not have killed” isnt someone william afton directly killed, what if its more of a more meaningful term of killing. like william killed the innocence in a child, and now the child wants vengance. perhaps someone like michael who became the second purple guy , no longer innocent? i dont know its just been a thought thats been in my head lately

    35. Tristan V

      I just found out Spotify has the FNAF books as well! All you have to do is search for the book name. I don't think it saves your spot in the book, but if you already use Spotify, check it out! Here's a link to the first book to get started:

    36. Penguins

      Funny how scott is watching these and is like lol nope

    37. mae

      All the Cassidys with straight hair watching this rn are quaking

    38. CloudyCat113

      Wait, an alligator mask? A character from the new Fnaf game, Security Breach, is an alligator! (His name is Montgomery Gator, if you wanted to know.) Could that be game version Andrew? MatPat, if you read this, let your theory brain run.

    39. PurpleDrakon

      man we need a theory that summarizes all of this stuff like really i cant keep track of what is still real and isnt

    40. Rydisco

      Am i the only one that realised that at the start of the vid the person in the operating chair has the head of burnt Anakin Skywalker?

    41. Bradley Klein

      no theory person/matpat Chris/Crying child is a glitch he is shadow freddy duh (didn't mean the duh just for little sprinkle on top)

    42. X_Gamer Guy_X

      2 spirits, one suit. That sounds familiar?

    43. Jhieyan Carl Benedicto

      7:46 Does that remind me of that crocodile guy in security breach? We know that one of the endings fnaf 3 there are mask ghosts with one black who is Charlie and the whites ones are the six victims ALSO it said "Crocodile mask" the kids in one of the fnaf 3 ending are wearing masks indicating the animatronics SO THEORY: that kid was murdered before.. MAYBE that kid was murdered along the way BY VANNY This is actually a crazy theory but i think its just a coinsidence im just thinking this kid was one of the victims of Vanny being controlled by Glitchtrap idk. Also have a good day :)

    44. Entropy

      That burned afton art is disturbing

    45. ProjectCambrian

      This one is 5 months old now. I'm pausing at 15:10 because a thought occurs to me regarding Golden Freddy and having possibly more than 2 spirits housed within it. The suit itself is inoperable and a Piggy Bank to me. There's more than one animatronic with multiple spirits inside. Then there's the question of the Ultimate Reason, the End game if you will. Obviously there's a danger to storing spirits as the exploding one causing other random animatronics to become autonomous and possessed by individual spirits and not Fragments of spirits. It's not like say...the Matrix from the Bayformers films where it's an Energy Type that when housed in a bio form becomes Sentient and self aware. Here its different, it's Transference instead. That one exploding suit contained as many spirits as were animated by that explosion! Is my guess anyways. Because of that volatility, I will hazard a guess that suggests there is a limit to how many or how much spirit energy can be housed in a single suit. We know from Baby that she was Designed to Collect children, same with a few other models as well. You Don't Make a Factory and produce potentially Dozens if not Hundreds of these things if your EVIL MACHINATIONS are SMALL Time. We're Up to a MALL in size for this kind of attraction. An entertainment Complex that males a Playdium look TINY. If Storage is apart of the Formula, then what BIG Event is Coming down the Pipeline I wonder? Sure now you've got Glitchtrap and the VR Possession angle...but that feels more like an Emperor Palpatine devious trick to extend his own life. TOO Many of Himself could prove problematic in the long run, not unlike Sim's portrayal of The Master in Tennant's run of Doctor Who. The Mall entertainment complex is the next step up the business Evolutionary Ladder...there's Only One Step Above that and its has scads of Rollercoasters among other things...and shows up as a silhouette in a game menu screen background, just like the Afton Family Farmhouse. The Freddy Fazbear Wonderland Amusement Park. So if That's the Next Step After Security Breach...with a Rockstar Freddy pulling a Terminator 2 Good Guy Protector role...then we Might be seeing the beginnings of a FACTION CONFLICT. While Too Many possessed Glitchtraps might be a Problem, a Manageable number would be great at say...Managing an Entertainment Complex. So to draw a little more inspiration from Ghostbusters..."the guy who designed this was either a certified Genius or a nethetic Wacko." Ray Stantz when going over the blueprints for Dana Barrets apartment. This Evo Shandor reference shows up in the more recent videogame when the crew visits the estate of the Architect which turns out to be a purposefully designed supernatural location as well. It's that notion, along with Scott Cawthon's well know love of 80's horror movies that is pulling me in this direction. Just working from Plausible Breadcrumbs here, but the Amusement Park silhouette has been kinda in the background of the story for a few years now but Other than Fazbear Frights...we Haven't Been to such a location as of yet. I'm gonna wager the whole VR experience with All of the variety of games isn't unlike a very small scale amusement park, more in the form of a haunted Halloween hayride deal..but still an Attraction of the Same Variety nonetheless. 7 years into this expanding franchise and I honestly think theres a LOT of Room Left for this basic story to go from here. Feels like we are passed the Halfway mark, but Not Buy Much. Using Disney and Universal as easy examples...what's Next to Suppoer this Scale of Attraction? What Has to be in place for an operation of that size to work? So ancillary media I mean. We will know a lot more once we are inside the game playing it...but I'll wager the videogame arcade will be full of Fazbear games and not random known titles. I'm sure there'll be a laugh in the titles there but also an FPS, a Driving game, Ghost and Goblins but all Fazbear themed. Side game playable for all of them would be awesome. But...what I Do see within this complex are a LOT of Plausible HORCRUXES for Mass STORAGE. IF Cawthon is having a laugh and pulling an Evo Shandor here...Keep an Eye out for a FLOORPLAN of the complex. That in and of itself might be Nothing but at Some Point Collecting Energy has to lead to a Use of that energy, otherwise it's just evil Hoarding with no ending which loses its fear factor after a bit. Oh earlier, passed halfway, what I meant is that we are just passed the halfway point in a lores development where theres still lots of room to grow, but an endgame is in sight. That endgame is the point of Reboot as the OG story has run its course and going further without rebooting turns into constant rehashing without new ideas. Many of the fan games have been already exploring that natural plot progression as Sinister Turmoil Sewers demonstrated nicely. It's the Reason Why, the Build Up to an entertainment complex. There's been too many indications of Up scaling beyond progressing the story by Creator Scott Cawthon. So In World, I'm gonna guess the VR Game was used to Recruit the people needed to design such an attraction. The Game was Tested by a group attached to the Business. Tested by the games Devs. Those devs get possessed by Glitchtrap, each "Glitchpawn" also shares the knowledge of the person possessed and they go about Upscaling the OG Operation from Pizza Parlor dinner theater to Complex. Here however is Second Level Harvesting of souls..but Still on a relatively Small Abduction scale as the purpose of the complex is a Means to Get to building the bigass grand Amusement Park. And All the genre constituent Ingredients, from dastardly engineering to full on necromancy and spells, curses and tragedies are present throughout the games. I've seen a few classic horror movies referenced in the series so far, certain cues here and there, visual or sound I've noticed things that could have been inspired by at Least 25 separate horror movies and franchises. All lovingly adapted for use in this fantastic work. I think down the road we're looking at a Gozer Level MechaFazbear kinda deal down the road that'll scale Down to less Kaiju and more Portal to someplace Baaaad, like at the start of the first Hellboy Far Less World ending scenario and maybe more City of the Dead. Seems all Plausible considering 7 years lead up. I wonder if the arcade games will be used to Store murdered souls as well? Look for playable games and indicators like "I'm Here" glitching on the screens. Oh...regarding Glitchpawns...Transference is a thing, but So Is Freaky Friday. At the end of Help Wanted VR, Glitchtrap is Solid and the Player is Locked Away I side a Metal Box, the inside of a Machine, not an animatronic buuuut Maybe a arcade sized videogame. Perhaps Rockstar Freddy the Hero of T2, Used to be a Dev or game tester? Their minds Swapped out like swapping Operating Systems or other programs. SURE, Suppressed Souls could easily be the thing but it's the entire Harvesting of souls continued while there's a storage limit per unit. So why Manufacture more Killing machines unless theres a reason.

    46. Elizabeth Tollefson

      Maybe the reason golden freddy only has one eye lit up is cause the crying child moved on but Cassidy didn’t (sorry if someone already said that)

    47. Piggytoon

      Lol when i am watching this video my brother came up to me and said august matpat has a new channel called food therou

    48. MarsBarr

      imagine fnaf doesnt have any lore but just small little skits before nights and hes just wasting his time lol

    49. Corpi

      hey matpat something i kinda wanna point out if you dont mind but wasnt there a kid in the fnaf 3 like happiest day wearing alligator mask? something i just wanted to point out nothing rlly with it just something i thought of lmao.

    50. Arturo Ayala

      Sooo... what happened with the Susie/Chica Theory?... you haven't forgotten it, did ya?

      1. Arturo Ayala

        Plus also, I wonder if you checked the call of the bunny, and a certain story about another mat?

    51. alpha bears

      Is freddy a bear or a cow?

    52. JumpTrash

      im still so confused on the proper order of events in this series

    53. FBI VAN 11

      I can’t be the only one who thinks that there is some sort of hidden message in all of these game theory videos. Not about the fan showed themselves, but about Matpat and friends. Like in the beginning why did the letters come in that order?!?

    54. _________ legends

      I feel like the stitch rave makes everyone he shock into the crying child XD

    55. Huynh Hong Nhat

      The groovy advertisement neuropathologically cycle because bait empirically scorch off a exciting exclusive ounce. neighborly, impolite comparison

    56. Autistic Aussie

      He protecc He attacc He always come bacc

    57. Project Edits

      EYMATGROHE is the order the lights come on when on the intro for the title "game theory"

    58. Ross Hoover


    59. Hype Adventure

      back in the good ol' days: WERE SOLVING FNAF now: SOLVING MINECRAFT AND FORTNITE

    60. The Candy behind the slaughter i guess

      *I'm* *broken* *These* *theories* *have* *broken* *me*

    61. Ethan Walsh

      has any one notice that the children who died were seven first chika then freddy then foxy then bonnie then puppet the Cassidy then the crying child seven nights seven killed children just a thought

    62. Jordan Loker

      william afton in a nutshell: he attac he protec he always come bac

    63. Lord beerme or us

      Golden freddy is my favorite

    64. Adwin AsocialArtist

      Creepypasta: I'm the scariest thing on the internet Game Theory Opening Bits: Hold My Beer Horror Movies: Am I a joke to you?

    65. that one guy with the voice

      This also explains why golden freddy can ascend with the other 5 And Keep afton alive

    66. daniel Lockwood

      I just had an idea. Golden Freddy doesn't have an endoskeleton and it explains why one of the spirits in Golden Freddy can't see. The Crying Child was bit so they removed the endoskeleton and the head from the suit. So he could only possess the head of Golden Freddy. Then when Cassidy is stuffed in the suit he possesses the body. Thus when the head is reunited with the body it explains why one is under the other. The Crying Child is literally on top of Cassidy. ex. The Head is on top of the Body section. But because the endo skeleton is gone neither have control over the suit.

    67. Rickypol 007

      5:15 i thinm he was just triggered because IS A FRIKKING 5O/20

    68. Aubrey Abuan

      Golden Freddy is Cassidy.

    69. eva arquisola

      how about all the mask in happiest day mini game are the kids inside golden freddies body

    70. miss Coffee

      I think shadow fredy is crying child

    71. Envious Penguin • 69 seconds ago

      Everyone: Noooo! You can't just kill people without getting caught!!! 3 kids in a trenchcoat: Haha robot go zap zap

    72. B.M

      Page 83, Cassidy asked The Crying Child "Is this song familiar to you?" Can anyone tries to answer that? I wonder if it relates to the tally marks there. Just saying.

    73. Johannes Dy

      "He attac" "He protec" "But most important..." "He come bacc" 😂😂😂

    74. Juliette Norton

      This is the most satisfying theory I have heard yet.

    75. The Pilgrimage

      The doctor: Heres your vaccination! My Sleep Paralysis Demon: Are you sure about that?


      What if Andrew was the reason that Pete didn't die? He wanted revenge but we don't know what Pete did, but that just a theory, a game theory

    77. Splite _

      That’s why the box had two locks. One represents each soul and the box represents the prison that is golden freddy

    78. I'm a motherfreaking avocado

      Is there anywhere you can read the books online? I want to read them, but I don't know where I can.

    79. Winged Whimsy

      Another bit of evidence for golden Freddy being 2 spirits, the glowing eyes in the fnaf 3 bad ending. Each of the core 4 have one glowing eye but the mysterious probably golden Freddy head in the back has both eyes lit.

    80. Lils

      he attack he protec, rip to matpat getting the order of that meme mixed up 🥲

    81. The Gaming Sisters and Dogs

      OMG I literally am using audible for silver eyes before I even watched this

    82. xXGacha_WeebsXx xXGacha_WeebsXx

      Matpat: Golden Freddy has 2 spirits! The New Kid: *sup*

    83. Huynh Hong Nhat

      The fast square syntactically face because cap pathophysiologically examine till a goofy pants. noisy, gleaming imprisonment

    84. enis serifi

      Kinda late but it also explains the line "U can't die, but u wish u could".

    85. Emmett Clarke

      So if the bite of '83 victim says "I can't see" could he have been bitten where the sight part of the brain is?

    86. Otisboy67

      Huh one spirit keeping its tormenter alive so that it can get its revenge Is it just me or does this sound similar to Scott and Matt’s relationship Matt keeps making theories and sometimes alters the story with said theories (as confirmed in Dawko’s interview with Scott) and in response Scoot keeps endlessly releasing content for the series so Matt can never rest To quote a wise man “it’s like poetry, it rhymes”

    87. irponz

      its me its me its me its me its me its me its me I saw it what the?

    88. leahj127

      I can't wait for the mpreg theory

    89. Keira

      He protecc He attacc But most importantly, he always comes back

    90. Laveen Sahib

      hey game throey, I went on google typing in what animatronic did Chris Sefton posses, and it says mostly posses shadow Freddy or golden Freddy, I am confused why, can you do a vid why, even if you didn't do that vid, sorry that I said that a bit too early.

      1. Laveen Sahib

        @Nuker Propane oh ok, thank you for saying that

      2. Nuker Propane

        Chris is a fan name and he is most definetly golden freddy not anything else

      3. Laveen Sahib

        I mean crying child posses marinette or golden Freddy( I did the wrong research, sorry, even can you do a video why crying child is marineette or golden child, sorry again).

      4. Laveen Sahib

        I mean crying child

    91. Micah Beckner

      I think that afton has been kept from dying for a long time In one of the older videos you said a quote from one of the novels where afton put one of the characters in a suit and was talking about what will happen if the spring locks are triggered. Afton says “you’ll die, but it will be slow” implying that he should have died as well so if it’s the same exact process that happened to afton in fnaf three then he should have died unless he was being kept alive even then by the spirits

    92. Giacomo Mattia Colombo

      hold up, was that anakin Skywalker in the intro? So the fricking purple guy is anakin Skywalker?

    93. Pillow Slasher

      Wait so is andrew cassidy's brother, a person that is someone like william afton but the afton in the name is switched with idk but Maybe they meet up in william's and william's represent in the books H E double luigis, maybe they meet up and survive better in H E double luigis, so cassidy and andrew torment them again but more harder more greater and more like H E double luigis, but hey thats just a theory a fan theory thanks for reading

    94. Alexis Nunez

      no one: literally no one: Me: The intro is so scary then when matpat speaks "Whew"

    95. Magic Man

      Two spirits one book, two spirits one body, two girls one cup

    96. Toybonnie Glitch quantum

      It is interesting that we have never seen the original form of fredbear, we saw MODERN fredbear, but not the one from the 80s what we know is that the endoskeletons are never changed, if not what would happen if you burned a suit (not the endo), the soul is It would be in the endo the answer is inconclusive, repair Nightmare Fredbear leaves us with a version with a robust mouth and body.

    97. ImNotPxstelRxse

      "e my targ hoe" dont ask just being dumb and seeing what this says if you watch it progress 0:34

    98. Jacob Cox

      7:20 I would like to point out that the ECG says his heart rate is 99 but it sounds more like 60

    99. Jacob Cox

      I protecc I atacc But most importantly *I ALWAYS COME BACK* -william afton

    100. The Speediest Gonzales

      I actually might have some more evidence that says that Golden Freddy has two souls that MatPat didn’t acknowledge. In the bad ending of FNaF 3, all the animatronic heads have one eye lit up, signifying one soul, except Golden Freddy. While his animatronic head is not present, both of the eyes of his ghost suit (I don’t know what else to call it lol) are lit up. So I believe that is confirmation that the original quartet of animatronics only have one soul each, while Golden Freddy has two.