Game Theory: What is a Minecraft Emerald WORTH?

The Game Theorists

6 млн көрүүлөр916

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    In Minecraft's recent update to the Villager trading system, they stopped with their randomly-generated prices and started setting a standard. Well Theorists, give me a consistent standard and I will give you a theory! This is the key to figuring out the economy of the Minecraft world - or at least the value of all the good we've been trading all these years. The most curious, to me, were the emeralds. How much is an emerald worth in Minecraft - and how does that potentially RUIN Minecraft's whole economic structure? Let's find out!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
    Editors: Tyler Mascola, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Marc Schneider
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
    “Chapter 1: How Money Works.” Dave Barry's Money $Ecrets: like, Why Is There a Giant Eyeball on the Dollar?, by Dave Barry, Random House Large Print, 2006.

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    1. Electro Snakebite

      Me who now feels less bad when I take all of the villages food.

    2. Basd_XGT4

      This gave me the idea of making a working economy between players in Minecraft

    3. smayan buildz-#builder

      i mean its a lot to me since i LIVE on the diamond armour the villagers give and the mending books

    4. Charles Haines

      Hopefully in the future, currency simply doesn't exist. There is no need to be paid in anything, at all. We should have medals for how much you have contributed to society, and that's it. Everything else that is plentiful you get just as much as you need, things that are rare will be randomly raffled.

    5. BurntTamales

      Missed opputinity to not have your wife at the end yelling "WHERE IS OUR CHILD"

    6. Plasma Flippy

      Watching this as I afk on my farm to get a bunch of sugarcane to sell to villagers for emeralds, so, yes, emeralds are valuable to me

    7. Pokemon Master Z

      10:13 so let me get this straight, if this was the actual pricing, I have about 100s of millions of dollars just laying around in a chest I have

    8. Pokemon Master Z

      Heh, he sold his child 7:56

    9. Boom Beni

      15:00 Wanna trade? Thet make 11trilion Emeralds...

    10. Fabian Feldtscher

      Magikarp as the "unnecessary"-example pic.. oof

    11. Luol [GD]

      No emeralds are worth much more just the villagers buy emeralds for very littlep

    12. Ty TheGreatOne

      Have You Seen Ollie?

    13. alexander held

      When Game Theory goes Marxist ;D

    14. LufuriPlayZ

      He should watch retro gaming now for he theory about emeralds

    15. Paolo Christie-Schrank

      How much is an emerald worth? idk u tell me lol

    16. The Grand Crosser

      It's unnessecary. : Shows Karp

    17. Confused Carrot

      I like emeralds because they shiny -villager

    18. Arahan Marathe

      I love the intro!

    19. Omid Khoshravan Azar

      there is a huge mistake, according to your calculations, 9 emeralds shouldn't fit into a chest smaller than a meter cubed, however it does. So we can conclude that the logic in Minecraft is very different from ours, thus you can't compare an emerald from Minecraft to a real emerald

    20. XeroWolfie

      An emerald in MineCraft is hella good, because of the set time, we’re probably set sometime in the 1200s, an emerald is pretty good to them

    21. Gore Obsessed

      Paper is cheap because we have machines to mass produce it making paper by hand sucks

    22. someuncreativity

      iTs CuRrEnCy I cAn EaT

    23. Ivanfire100

      Emeralds ARE rare in Minecraft, only found in ONE BIOME (Extreme Hills), so, ha ha, MatPat

    24. GamingEmeraldzs

      How much am I worth....

    25. Bulldozer Studios

      I don't even need to watch the video to realize that in a real world sense, Minecraft emeralds would lose their value EXTREMELY fast due to how fast you can get them. If you have a basic wheat, melon and pumpkin farm going, routinely collect ink sacs from Squids and have a fairly good sheep farm running, you'll max out on emeralds fairly quickly. And that's just getting them from villagers. So yeah, in a real world sense, if we were able to obtain those emeralds as fast as we do in Minecraft, their value would plummet to the point where people just stop accepting them as a form of currency. That's hyper-inflation for you, folks!

    26. Big Smoke

      Villagers are marxists confirmed

    27. Ben DePoppe

      Wait until they learn they can CRAFT. They're going to be angry about all of those bad deals they gave you.

    28. Jozef Virba

      in fact, finding it is rarer than finding ancient debris

    29. Some guy without a username OwO

      From a block game to existential crisis.

    30. Pineapple Penguin

      if you pause at just the right moment at 13:46, the villiger glitches and lies down in the door

    31. Victoria Mitchell

      Omg at the beginning it says it was ruining people's childhood since the year I was born so now I will always know however old I am the channel is that old too😁😋🙃

    32. Brannon Bellamy

      villagers do it slow because they never take their hands out

    33. Chumbleham

      As a food theory found who knows who Allie is this is pretty funny I just don't get why you said that it's probably because you're probably expecting me to watch it specifically no I'm not telling you my address

    34. BOBBY The Destroyer

      About planting the carrots have you seen the villagers have to take the carrots and put the cats back on the ground just like humans in real life because carrots are just going to magically appear again without your planting them

    35. DarthZ01

      A stack is 64 and technically you can hold one stack in your hand at once, so Steve can lift nearly 400,000 pounds of emerald one handed. And gold over 6 times as dense so a stack of gold blocks, that comes out to like 3 million pounds. One armed, no wonder this dude casually punches trees.

    36. GravyFather

      Estimates emerald based on real world currency instead of how the Minecraft world does things.

    37. ElectroX7

      Villagers cant mine because they have no HANDS, so, they cheat to get money.

    38. phoenix

      Lol 13:46

    39. Isela Chavez

      Ah yes,The Old Intro

    40. goodroach

      "And we have machines that produce carrots by the thousands" Ilmango: So do we.

    41. Lolp Lol


    42. SkeppysBadDream _

      What is this worth without supply and demand in the calculations

    43. kennedy baines

      You’re over thinking the weight.. this is the same game that lets you break down a block of wood into 4 equally sized planks

    44. MorblEAnimatEs

      13:27 “sure; we all jump around in Minecraft without a care in the world” you can say that again. 5 people chase 1 person from beginning to end while he tries to beat an extremely deadly being because, heck why not”

    45. thanasisapost


    46. Galaxia_Nacho

      9:06 And THATS only I emerald block Steve can carry a whopping 37 x 64 blocks THAT heavy

    47. Nehemiah Higgs

      But aren’t they “trading” so they can just name there price and that’s why there’s no real fixed price on a emerald or am I just dumb

    48. NasaKat

      A emerald is worth a pumpkin pie that's what I know

    49. Odindash

      A piace of paper IS 2 cents ;)

    50. Craig Randall

      I wish he would do this type video but for Dungeons and Dragons gold coins xD

    51. Jack Murray

      1 diamond being worth 1 emerald is the biggest rip off in the game

    52. Hazren Tengah

      Wait, what about just money, ITS USELESS Throwing out trading, you can’t use them for tools, armour we can’t eat them

    53. Eternal Gomez

      10:32 bitcoin be like

    54. muhammed muha

      Wait a min after one year of thinking my qustin is how did the villgers get the emrald in the first place

    55. xin hui

      man i kinda feel bad for the villagers now.... meh probably not I'm gonna continue force them to have babies

    56. Jason Lan

      I guess the real value of the emerald is the friends we made along the way

    57. Sarah A

      maybe the value of the emeralds is the friends we made along the way.

    58. markuss prusis

      Carrot theory is wrong, you can get multiple carrots if you harvest it


      Randomly generated deals that could range anywhere from "the worst trade deal maybe ever signed anywhere," all the way up to "shut up and take my money."

    60. Meme Lord

      The intro never gets old

    61. Elizar P. Tandog

      LTN is very very rich huh

    62. Fire nutter

      might i just say Notch when they were implmented said all along emralds were worthles i mean since then they might have gained like 0.01 in value bcuase the trades are more sistanable and do-able and more resionable instead of the dark days of when they mostly were allowed to outright ripp you off but for the most part to me there only worth a pointles flex

    63. Pantufasman Games

      For me it is 1$

    64. davymations

      I from now on am gonna kidnap villagers and put them in a better city and farm for them

    65. Liam the Dragon slayer

      I think its a good trade one emerald for a bookshelf then get the 3 books in it and then selling them for 1 emerald each and repeat

    66. Killerbunny1619

      Remember, This are villagers. They don’t understand money

    67. jonathan lee

      lmao other option is to view it in the way that the villagers are actually just giving you crappy prices because they want to be lazy and you coming in doing all the work is w/e to them and they just wanna stay lazy

    68. Taher Plumber

      Netheite is acctuly a platuim gold alloy

    69. Lucagaimo

      wtf was that intro

    70. Ian Lloyd

      7:53 😂😂

    71. Joey Hudson

      Ranboo is rich

    72. Cody Ashcraft

      6 loafs of bread can run me like 7 or 8 dollars

    73. C.A.T.S Central

      It's what the villagers needs that want to trade

    74. Max Konietzko Maya

      I just jam out every time with your intro

    75. Kharn The Betrayer

      A sheet of paper is worth 2 cents. With modern tech for it, yeah. That guy needs to manually process that paper from wood pulp

    76. deadratblood

      How do we know that the emerald block isn't empty inside?

    77. Aiden Kinsville

      its because the villagers are SCAMMING US!!!

    78. Sam -Y

      I want you to redo this again with LTN


      Well mat pat in four minutes in the emeralds could be worth something very high but the stuff lower it’s just you could bike will change they just don’t have change because you could technically afford it I know you’re wasting your emerald still which makes sense you don’t need to ramble about some weird Siri you just need to think about this already watch the video twice but still I’m thinking the third time I watch it changed story pay five bucks was worth like four bucks 23 there’s something called chang and because there’s change the The emerald could be worth something very much like a lot but the most expensive thing you can technically by with the emerald maybe that’s what his prices you know and the rest you can buy because it’s a cheaper price

    80. Rotten flesh

      I wish I was worth even a piece of coal! Guess I only feed dogs.

    81. Masquerade Channel

      when he talk about carat I thought he still talking about carrots

    82. Sky_yaourt_-

      *me* how much is this emerald worth *villager* OnE BrEaD.

    83. Kent Pham

      Wow, now I feel absolutely rich with my beacon now.

    84. Krazyguy115

      me and my 5 shulker blocks of emerald per hour raid farm....

    85. morales morales

      how rich is a minecraft player theory

    86. tommy turtle

      The minecraft emerald is like my life worthless

    87. Purple Mosasaurus

      I guess then One Emerald is 22 Karats Get it Get it? LOLOLOLOL, ok, i'll go home

    88. Eric Paulino

      Choose 199

    89. ZackPrins

      Subscribe to X.Z.A.X 13

    90. EmeraldGaming. Ro


    91. fpnobelis


    92. 12-2 Мишээл.И

      After I saw "Not the bees" I just remembered terraria.

    93. unknown person

      it’s worth like, 2 bread

    94. Teresa Kingston

      “Maybe those sticks are more valuable than I thought” People in 2021: *killing each other for literally any amount of lumber*

      1. Teresa Kingston

        @Soirema Y E S

      2. Soirema

        Wut, why

    95. Ultimate MC

      He said “food is plentiful” ever heard of world hunger.

      1. Mn M

        it's not due to a lack of food in the world, it's due to a refusal to distribute it to those who need it.

    96. Vincent Pari

      Would actual currency like coins work in Minecraft?

    97. Brajan Cybul-Popławski


    98. Nightdraklin

      This video is making me feel bad for infecting my villagers to get discounts....

    99. ray leib

      You can't value the emerald you are trading so its the value they see fit

    100. Reator Core

      I did the math, and apparently, if Steve is carrying an inventory full of stacks of emeralds, then he would be carrying 1,566,720 lbs in emeralds. Wow... Steve is big boi strong.