Game Theory: Spiderman DESTROYED New York! (Spider-Man: Miles Morales)

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    Theorists, we are here to talk about the ending of Spider-Man: Miles Morales. That is your warning. You see, at the end of the game Miles absorbs the giant blast meant to destroy his city and released it high above the skyline in order to keep people from being hurt. Well Miles, there is a slight problem with your solution. Miles, I am sorry to tell you that you did NOT save the city. Why? Watch to find out!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Felidae

      noo i live there 😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢/s

    2. Dominick Augusto

      Why so many dislikes?

    3. undead Reaper

      The blondie also voices jonsie in fartnight

    4. Shorty

      Let’s find out in 3 2 1 Ad

    5. Yuko-Sama

      Lets find out in 3...2...1 *ad pops up*

    6. 06yarbrougha

      You DO realize that almost every single energy-channeling Marvel hero has absorption and dissipation abilities (cyclops would be a notable exception, but even then the stress of his ability helped make his body highly resistant to many other energies) Miles CAN store, diffuse, absorb, redirect, etc... ABSURD amounts of power even for a metahuman... yes the animation showed a massive omnidirectional release... but what had he contained, qualmed, or leaked on the way There? (I literally have now starred this ending part for all of your videos in the future as I've said similar alot before) I know your purpose is to teach real-world science using relatable subjects. Kudos to that. (Not the CnP part) but please stop with you making a point sullying the source material you're working on with such ... well I'd say Parboiled, but it's more like you read the glossary without any context... partial information be a regular thing

    7. Corn Cob

      i love this game so much

    8. Lauren C H

      I never played the game, but the girl looks like the actress who played Karli Morgenthau. I mean in the cutscene not in the actual game

    9. Real Waifus?

      This video contains all the swagger of a theatre loving teen.

    10. Mop Bucket

      8:55 thats 1 to less my friend

    11. jamcdonald120

      10:15 soooo are we just going to ignore how these dnd powers violate entropy by drawing energy from a low concentration to a high concentration?

    12. jamcdonald120

      rule of thumb: to maximize destruction, detonate your nukes high

    13. jamcdonald120

      3:30 to quote the us dod "if we wanted to destroy the city we would have detonates the nuke 500 feet higher"

    14. jamcdonald120

      3:25 got it, so its spiderman vs deadsec vs missunderstood nuclear fusion

    15. Anthony Dill

      You ruin my favorite game it’s just a game OK you don’t have to ruin it for everyone I’m so sad look at my puppies face

    16. Scarce Arch

      Game theory you need to actually defeat crime or we’re have to pay for the deaths and the disclaimer imagine disclaimer: superhero does not stop crime


      Videos like this make me so glad that the laws of physics don’t apply in comics and video games

    18. Amanda Jane

      The venom powers are foreshadowing for the next game because Harry has the symbiote on him at the end at both of the games so venom gonna be in the next game

    19. Cooper Nevitt

      “Find out in 3 2 1... writings not that easy but gramerly can help

    20. Khodexus

      Miles still had a substantial amount of energy within him after the "discharge", and so did the reactor. He only absorbed enough energy to prevent it from going critical. Therefore your calculations are way off since you don't seem to take any of this into account.

    21. HiperMix

      Roxxon lyed about nuform being safe he could also be lying about it lasting 500 years.

    22. Bryce Johnson

      I can not watch this because ill spoil the new spider man game for myself

    23. angelo gerena

      ik for a fact yall seen how he made the suspense at 10:04

    24. Brayden Lopez

      Bruh game theory is almost as old as the mcu

    25. Eva Leo

      In 3.. 2.. 1.. * add pups up

    26. Linda Loflin

      Copyright strike

    27. CyberLocky

      Nukes + air = destruction

    28. Halo 3 rat

      Ny gets destroyed by bbc

    29. Matthew Phanco

      Hello hello flash how did he not turn into the flash already

    30. Vaughn's Vibes

      MatPat, The Tinkerer was probably vaporized by the explosion so that's probably why there isn't a body

    31. Frezomere Seraphim

      The canister was unstable, due to miles' encounter on the bridge, and Simon was cutting corners to make the reactor work in time for opening day. These weren't really thought of in this video. While the Explosion still would've been bad, the Nuform was in a very hindered condition. Not to mention Miles probably just absorbed enough energy to stop the reactor from blowing up, the reactor itself probably still has a lot of energy flowing through it.

    32. Formerly Smart

      Simon krieger could be lying about how long 1 canister could power harlem.

    33. toys rollplay

      Maybe his clothes can turn invisible with technology

    34. Edfaceeh

      his exaggerated swagger was too powerful

      1. Gamer 199


    35. Ethan McCallister

      My theory is that Krieger lied about how much energy Nuform holds. We know he doesn’t understand it, and constantly lies about how dangerous it is

    36. Zinnabobalan

      I suppose If miles didnt absorb that energy hte planet would be destroyed

    37. Slime in a Box

      Let’s remember that miles isn’t releasing a bomb. He releasing a stupid big lightning strike.

    38. Neon Life

      forget superman absorbing 95% of the sun is inhumane!

    39. Michael Sheppard

      Nobody: Me in the corner rocking back in fourth in a corner:its just a game

    40. Edgar Nathanael Therry

      Justbin is just in

    41. Edgar Nathanael Therry

      Then he just can realease a fraction of his electricity and store the rest in his body justbin case a blackout happens

    42. I AM MAD YEAAA

      I'm pretty sure that he DIDN'T botch the rescue because, well, nuform probably isn't explosive. Also, there's a cutscene in the end where everyone's congratulating Spiderman and ignoring the help of the tinkerer, and no sign of a nuclear explosion appeared.

    43. Dork Pool

      and even if the explosion was wayyy higher the discharge would have probably caused an EMP

    44. Red Tiger Rt

      Hey MatPat what if Miles was able to contain or control most of the blast

    45. Leeni the Nakachi

      3:56 is kinda like one of the cutscenes in honkai impact 3rd-

    46. cletus sollow

      The cloaking ability makes more sense with the suits because he probably engineered it to have a cloaking ability like the Prowler's suit but the clothes is where it draws the line. Even in Spider-Verse where Miles hides from the Prowler through his cloaking ability his clothese are also invisible.

    47. M_Ma playz

      Marvel be like: We need to study nuclear physics before we make games from now on.

    48. M_Ma playz

      I hate the ending, Phin could've just thrown Miles high in the air. So he let's go of the energy and Phin doesn't die and don't tell me "oh well he would've died from falling" when that's not what happened he fell from a very high point and didn't die.

    49. bailey ayalin

      i feel bad for the corona city

    50. Pepe Lagarto

      No video is safe of fnaf

    51. BatSlayer2448

      The main thing I don’t really get is that Miles somehow survived the explosion but Finn died from it, how?

    52. Steven Ramos Ferrer

      its a fking game! its not real wtf (this is a joke)

    53. Mumford

      Who Hates Spider-Man More? JJJ Or this Guy Am I right

    54. Dapunta Akio jayanasa

      ANani megawatt??

    55. Captain Lion

      I think millers bio electricity is called venom strikes because may be in the future there will be miles morales vs venom in which his most effective hit will be his venom strikes

    56. the emrold king dovenbarger

      Stop putting science on Spider-Man powers specifically Miles Morales in the beginning of this video about bio electric shock and also the invisibility in the beginning of the video their comic book characters not a cult

    57. TLcool

      how do we know that the roxxon plaza building which was the one Phin ran up isn't taller than the building you used in the video

    58. SANair

      you have one of the best pronounciation of Indian names

    59. NerdyPigeon

      so in other words the devs did no research

    60. Cooper Wollenberg

      What if he contained the blast and made it smaller

    61. Smort

      1:03 That's exactly what I was thinking! FINALLY SOMEONE AGREES WITH ME! But, they *definitely* did it so the game doesn't have to be rated M for the power to be useful...

    62. Alexis Shouli

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    63. AndersPlays 4710

      Nord vpn? I thought they had one of the biggest data breaches in the world???

    64. Fat cat Bunny

      Are you ready to see if Miles saved Harlem?? 3 2 1 *ad starts playing *

    65. OOHHH YEAAAH _

      If Roxxon had a new tower why find the highest building in Harlem irl. Why not measure how tall the new Roxxon tower that Phin jumped off was?

    66. Soviet Union tron Matthew 6-7C


    67. Soviet Union tron Matthew 6-7C

      Be on blast I remeber

    68. Yeeter Master

      "lets findo out in 3... 2... 1..." i got an ad, thanks youtube

    69. Kyloluma

      I think there is something else going on that allows a smaller explosion. Probably something to do with how the energy is released. I am not too sure what though

    70. Jerry Okazaki

      It's not a game theory if its 100% scientifically accurate which shows that the game developers didnt consolet with any scientific data on the implications on Miles Destroy New York

    71. Lemon Sauce

      radiation based bombs aren't the same as electric based bombs so this whole theory is moot :(

    72. Kebbo

      haarlem netherlands????????

    73. Loran Ink Abyss Sans Kimery Sceloton

      Spider man Did Not Fail

    74. the raging rodent gaming

      fun fact: Tsar bomba's mushroom cloud is roughly the width of from clear water, florida to cocoa, florida.

    75. Giselle Mirasol

      maybe he can also make clothes invinsible

    76. fnaf marvel lego boy Alavez

      Matpat i wish you were my math teacher because you do math really good

    77. Yash

      the costume turning invisible is actually kinda pointed out during the montage where they're making the suit... they find a compatible fabric mesh that works with the camo and the bio electricity and while that isn't completely scientifically plausible we ARE talking about a universe where spider bites give you super powers and not a rash that makes your office friends think you have an STD

    78. CatzPlayers 1

      Well, remember, this is electric discharge, and not an explosion

    79. Joshua Walter

      i would like to plot out, there's a good chance dude lied about how long it would power harlem

    80. ًHeavyWeaponsGuy

      So basically they should be disarming it then blowing it up later or draining the energy first then destroying it. they could still do stuff. NOW THATS ALOTTA DAMAGE!

    81. Aniket Sharma

      Maybe Miles absorbed some of the energy by reactor just like he does previously. He dosen't always have to release the energy that he absorbes so it might be possible for him to store some of the reactor energy which in turn lessened the explosion.

    82. Kaznar Ulao

      GAME THHEORY is the best channel ever

    83. idk what to say same here


    84. Samant Jawali

      Im sad He ruined spidey 😞😞

    85. missingindy

      Isn’t this the plot of Hatred?

    86. Nyl Pulido

      Hey mattpatt.. I got a question. what happens if the tinkerer went underground instead?

    87. Francisco Fuentes

      Matpat just because it can create enough energy to power Harlem it does not mean that all that energy is present at the same time. I work at a nuclear power plant and most plants have a way to moderate the energy so we can use it all and the power changes over time dependent on how active the uranium is.

    88. Archangel

      TFW your body can take multiple nukes worth of energy and hold it NP but also still gets clapped by some nerds and corpo thugs if you don't pay attention

    89. kaleb walker

      why are yall such haters of mile morales

    90. EarthHarp1

      Yeah you should do that

    91. JoeDoesLego

      why do i think peter is still stronger cuz he is

    92. lucas jordan


    93. lucas jordan

      the tinkerer was miles best freind but she hates spider man

    94. FireBird537

      "Maybe it's time I just quit KGup and become the accountant for an evil corporation. Probably save em' a bunch of money Does Amazon have any openings?" GUYS DID MAT JUST SAY THAT AMAZON IS EVIL HE WILL BE SUED INTO OBLIVION

    95. FireBird537

      Is it just me or do all of the human villains in this game look like the next generation of Fortnite skins.

    96. Ash-greninja 546

      3,2,1 ad

    97. Augustine Gallegos

      he doesn't discharge every thing and stores what he can in his body and gets rid of what he needs so his body doesn't disintegrate much like thor and the dying star boom theior busted mat pat

    98. Awful Bill

      i hate miles’ dlc (yes dlc) SO bad. he’s really annoying, his powers seem tacked on, he makes a bunch of really dumb decisions, and he’s really annoying.

    99. Fell Hermit

      Humanity is doomed

    100. SamLikeSanjiYT

      "But Hey....Have you guys heard about NordVPN?" (Dont take thus seriously btw)