The Best Way To DESTROY Earth! | The SCIENCE of... Solar Smash

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    Theorists, what does it take to blow up a planet? That is the basis of the mobile game Solar Smash, finding the most creative ways to destroy the world. Today, Austin is going even further. He's going to try to figure out how accurate the death laser of Solar Smash is and how much power it would REALLY take to blow up a planet like the Earth.
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    1. Matsuri-senpaii

      "Solar Smash is a mobile game" Shows PC gameplay

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      Aliens: Hm... interesting, write that down! Just in case.

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      The Richest Fictional Characters Ever Part 3 WHERE!!!!!!!

    4. I Break Games

      Imagine if in 2 billion years a battery made octillions worth of batteries and then their factory caught on fire

    5. The Sonic Prof.

      Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Austin took the time to calculate how many Duracell batteries this thing would take to blow up the world as we know it?

    6. Student-Diego Ordonez

      The fact they put this is game theory. Bruhv

    7. Sans

      Its prob florida man drivin that Florida Ufo

    8. Sankalp Singhal

      So, once humans get a Dyson sphere we can actually blow up planets. Cool.

    9. Adrian Clayton

      I would love to see a Universe Sandbox vid!

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      So... a Death Star does that in only a few seconds... GET GUD DEATH LAZOR!

    16. JoshBenji Ferrell

      these are the big questions people, what is life, what is conciousness, how many batteries does the death ray need.

    17. AngryPotato

      2021: Write that down, write that down.

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      hi gray

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      Wrong channel

    20. hey gamer dude

      This could be a movie script......

    21. Erica Corbert

      does anybody else just listen to austin but really you have no literal idea what he is talking about so you just listen even thought you don’t know what it is?

    22. Crazyy

      And on the next video, We'll be telling You how to start Nuclear War!

    23. Ceren

      Thank you for the tip!

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      Austin’s a fan of GrayStillPlays, Now that’s why I subscribed to this channel

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      wow i dint expect a video about solarsmash and graystillplays

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      1.7k dislikes

    28. Infinite Gamer

      we dont need physics where were going

    29. oofer doofer

      basically, dyson sphere = ability to make planet go boom in a week after construction and activation

    30. AIO YouTuber TV

      "50 isotons would be enough to destroy a small planet, and nownyou want 80 isotons?"

    31. TheREAPERoo7

      Ay, mat, think you could cover risk of rain 2? It has amazing gameplay, and even better lore! I’d like to see you take up this challenge, not to mention try the game!

    32. Alex Vriairu

      Oh god Austin your back, thank you!!



    34. Snake The Snek

      This video is very rookie numbers

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      I played this before its, fun

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      Im sad of what gray has become. All the clickbait with less the qaulity. :(

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      Gray Still Kills

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      hello game theory/Austin is the music on this video and other videos that austin is theme song is this ?

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      Oh I was thinking that someone something was different about this episode it uses different music for the from the other episodes just listen until the other episodes and you will here the different music

    41. Harrison Dula

      I'm sure at least one person a week asks this every upload but what's that song at the beginning? I know I've heard it but I forgot the name AAAAAAAAAAAA

      1. Harrison Dula

        nvm I found it "Habanera-Georges Bizet" if anybody else wanted to know

    42. Martinmimi W

      ever wonder how similar is Austin and graystillplays is? austin abuse games by finding rookie number, graystillplays abuse games by putting rookie number. wonder if they have the same therapist

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    44. Jamie C

      1:10 Pretty sure its name is William afton

    45. TheOGMachine

      My god, he even mentioned Florida LMAO

    46. Kira Gordon

      Ok but different planets would require different stuff right like gas planets?

    47. Joep en Saartje

      All dictators : i want that !

    48. Toshiro Rodriguez

      GRAYSTILLTHEORY!!!! YEEET, i mean... YEEES!!!!!!!!

    49. TheFireAilpine Gaming

      Just use a death star

    50. billy bob joe

      in star wars, how do people instantly adjust to the gravitational pull of each planet?

    51. Joseph Carpenter

      Fantastic video from team theory 👏🏼

    52. Edgy Mc Edge's

      Wrong channel

    53. r00t b33r

      But what _size_ batteries? AAA? AA? C? D? 9V? How much would that cost retail?

    54. Rahma Shifa

      *Villans* : OHH INTERESTING :>

    55. missingindy

      I found this game because of CaptainSauce

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      YES, Give us Universal Sandbox, papa Austin.

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      @GrayStillPlays I could not reply so I will do it here, you are Florida man I have known all along...

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      “2021... *NO!*”

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      I hear that violin and just like click off, Austin's voice is just too uppy and animated for me can't sit through the video.

    74. Nedstar12456 YouTube

      What is happening, I found this game a while ago and I thought it was cool. I showed it to my friend and we played it for a bit. 2 days later a video that popped up in my recommended, it was markiplier playing solar smash. I laughed because this game to me was just a random game I found on the App Store. I shared the video to the friend I mentioned before. And now... game theory is doing a video on it.

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      Austin I missed your so much

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      Theorizing a mobile game

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      1. Uxie

        No, first you hear this message: "Alright, so we're checking out the only game where you can *use a nuclear laser the size of Florida to slice the earth in half...* It's Solar Smash" If you watch GrayStillPlays you'll know

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