Game Theory: Logan Paul's FIXED Fight (Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather)

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    Theorists, it looks like KGup boxing matches are here to stay - at least if you are a Paul brother. Logan Paul is gearing up to fight ACTUAL professional boxer Floyd Mayweather in a match. Well, we think so - with how it keeps getting postponed, who knows if we will get to see it. Never mind that. The REAL interesting thing about this match is that Logan Paul CAN'T lose. Oh, I am not saying that in a battle of skills he would win, I'm saying that he's orchestrated this whole event to FIX a win. Why would Mayweather let that happen? Theorists, it's time to enter the ring.
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Koen Verhagen, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, and Forrest Lee
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Braden The Man


    2. Stephan Robert

      Based on recent events, I'm pretty sure Mayweather won't go easy on Logan lmao

    3. Ninja Omg

      Yeah go to 3:19 and Watch it

    4. Johnathon Watkins

      Bob and weave ,I see Mayweather too fast for logan....

    5. Pedro Filipini

      We are a month away from the fight and people already saying its rigged damn, relax Mayweather should knock him out cold right.......

    6. fefoe333

      maybe we shuld repect Da theory and not buy tikets or bet

    7. MauFul

      You called it!!

    8. Jeff kherby Anghag

      Make Pacquiao vs Crawford theory, that is such more exciting

    9. Nick Evans

      Always watch the entire video 😂😂

    10. FALKOR

      boxing is my favorite video game!

    11. Vernon Miller

      sooo who we betting on

    12. Lucikalinari

      I think Mayweather also coached Logan Paul for a match once, he has history with the Pauls anyway. Great entertainment though!

    13. Tye Johnson

      Who else is watching this again after jake took his hat?

    14. Gary Allen

      Mayweather said that they are paying him $100 million, that's why he is doing it. He is not going to lose since its an exhibition and a 50 pound weight difference, this is just publicity for the Paul brothers and declining interest in standard boxing.

    15. Empirical Purity

      Yeah this exhibition match is definitely fixed.

    16. JRR smokin

      .. since when are immoral people not allowed to earn lots of money... I'm just guessing here but probably the most immoral among us are the ones with the money.. lol

    17. Clint Beam Quillope

      Hahaha so in the end of this video, i realized the fight between these 2 is just a way to make them money... it is like an impossible cheap prank that fools the viewers on viewing it in youtube...

    18. Chris Tanada

      surprised boxing can do kayfabe better than the wwe nowadays, all the fake animosity, fake hat stealing

    19. FOXX VLOGS

      The only way Logan can win is if it’s rigged lol

    20. StuuDude

      Logan watching this 4 sure

    21. Grey Matters

      Floyd's favorite hat= destroyed. The bill was bent and the hat looked like an opened up crumpled up piece of paper after Ol'man Mayweather's bodyguard finally ripped it out of Jake's hands.

    22. Cxntz Z

      My prediction for this fight is a split to mayweather reason for that is Logan has 50lbs on him, it’s an exhibition fight so more padded gloves and 3 rounds, I don’t think mayweather can knock someone that big in 3 rounds, unless this whole thing is staged so mayweather don’t lose u never know

    23. Jkong Hong

      Actually no ksi would still win. He didn't get his knockdown counted either. The referee is kinda known for that stuff. And logan should have been disqualified for all the times he grabbed ksi by the head multiple times and that illegal uppercut has gotten other people disqualified before . Including the two hits to the back of the head and boom shouldn't be able to box again.

    24. Ki' of NC

      As a boxing enthusiast I went into this video with a fair amount of skepticism, but as always you did your homework MatPat!

    25. Pat T.Kakes

      Jones I don’t think Floyd would tarnish his flawless record for some money. At least not any money Logan can offer. Floyd has crazy money from boxing alone not to mention all his other endeavors including major boxing promotions.

    26. Scoop Dukem

      I thought I was a boxing fan until I learned that there is a "cruiserweight"

    27. Scoop Dukem

      *_Charlie Zelenoff as entered the chat_*

    28. Ali Chehab

      “Self conscious men might tell you size doesn’t matter” Matthew woke up and chose violence

    29. Ali Chehab

      Damn MatPat, you harsh on these two guys. Lol

    30. JustBread OG


    31. Macapagal John Anthony


    32. Jaxon Detty

      maywheather is the same size as tutu atwell atwell isjust an inch taller

    33. Hosne Ara

      When Floyd does the shoulder roll he looks like he’s shivering cold.

    34. SevenDeMagnus

      Hehe, this is a different kind of game. I think it's Logan who'll go down in weight to his disadvantage. They won't be fighting at 199lbs God bless, Rev. 21:4

    35. A. Joe

      If Mayweather doesn't knock Paul the F*ck out in the first minute? Mayweather becomes that entitled bitches punk! Nobody will NEVER take Mayweather seriously ever again! Mayweather played with McGregor till he was ready to show up and that was tacky as F*CK! I'm not even gonna buy pay perview to watch this sh!t show! In Paul's last FAKE AS F*CK fight, Askren came out with the physique resembling a tub of melted ice cream. Askren didn't give a F*CK about that fight either. He was only there to collect the pay check.

    36. Adeep Marini

      im just gonna say that this video is just like the karl jacobs ice posiden beef. Logan is a changed person who doesnt get into beefs and doesnt make cringy clickbaity content anymore.

    37. Travis Flick

      Disrespectful using the ufc belt for boxing 😂

    38. Parsa Havasi

      Logan has really changed he has no chance of winning But i want him to win

    39. Piss Roberto

      What's next? Jake vs Manny Pacquiao

    40. ThiccPreme

      Wait I just realized, how is this a game theory? It should be a film theory.

      1. ThiccPreme

        @TrashyMemeYt Yes it would, since the fight finna be staged

      2. TrashyMemeYt

        yeah wouldn't it make sense if this was on film theory

    41. eric h.

      Great video! It is hardly given, however, that Ali vs Liston was a thrown fight.

    42. Harvey Rodriguez

      ok you are obviously on Logan Paul's nuts, so your opinion is irrelevant.

    43. JoheeTokes

      Talks about boxing, but uses UFC belt templates throughout the video 😕

    44. Kowsar Miah

      Finally someone that understands the importance of 4"

    45. Mango Bandit

      Imagine it ends up in a tie

    46. Matthew Kelsey

      Idk why people are so afraid to say they like Logan Paul. If you actually listen to his podcast he’s turned into a good genuine guy.

    47. Luke

      My favourite game

    48. Mr O'D

      It will never happen.


      CLICK BAITER????😷💯🖕

    50. Faldain_lotr

      important thing to remember is this isnt a boxing match, its an exhibition. its basically wwe boxing edition

    51. Angel Padilla

      Maywether isnt the record holder for most wins without a loss man hell Chavez was 93 and 0 when he finally lost one

    52. Skuriken Paper

      Logan Paul is not a villain, He's just a fallen Hero.

    53. Tyler Weldon

      So much hate on Logan guess people can’t change or learn really sad to see that foot on the back of his head

    54. Hector Martin Navarro

      I just can't get over the fact that the belts displayed on the video are UFC belts (MMA not boxing)

    55. edevegie

      I guess in a way this does belong on game theory, because in lots of video game campaigns you are a pointless grunt then you are the hero, kinda like titanfall 2.

    56. KYS Animations

      What game is this

    57. Just Some Guy With a Purple Skin Tone

      Khabib: *Let me introduce my self.* And yes I know he doesn't do boxing he does mma this is a joke.

    58. My Name

      I feel like saying bad words about these two people and Jake is mean, like just be nice and complement people instead of saying bad stuff about them

    59. O A

      Oscar delafishnet

    60. Harrison Hoffman

      Who else is here looking for six year olds mad at matpat.

    61. Carmines Curse

      I like how everyone is talking about Floyd's 50-0 record. The further we go back in boxing, the more trivial that becomes. Boxers in the past have 2-3 times the amount of fights in the same amount of time.

      1. Carmines Curse

        @Justas 50 fights in an environment where NOBODY could go the 150 fights. Whoooo.

      2. Justas

        It's not only the number of fights it's also the fact he never lost one. I think the only other person with a higher Win Streak than him is Ricardo Lopez who won 52 fights and had no losses. But yes there are boxers in the past with 150-250 fights.

    62. A B

      makes sense but i get a feeling Mayweather likes to embarrass kids

    63. Aaron Creates

      i like your stuff, honestly. But your logan paul vids are definitely my least favourite videos. just not what I watch you for, you know? love the rest of your stuff though!!!

    64. Cameron Jordan

      Floyd mayweather most definitely will not sell out to lose. He is 50-0 he most likely wont add that 1 to his loss catagory, ruining his reputation forever for money he doesn't need. And yeah he wont be going anywhere near as hard as he can.

    65. Stefan The Cannon

      Floyd Mayweather is amazing stop hating

    66. Mike Pastore

      I don’t like Floyd mayweather or Logan Paul one of them is annoying and egotistical the other thinks he’s the greatest boxer of all time cause he has 50 wins no losses he doesn’t know anything about old fighters like willie pep sugar ray robinson and all them who have 200+ fights floyd mayeather will probably whoop him but I’ve never liked him

    67. Prod. wasaQ

      Just pretend this doesn’t exist

    68. Xx Jason

      Dude that’s jake

    69. Luke DiLeo

      You should make a update video

    70. Karasamune

      Mayweather vs McGregor wasn't as impressive as you think. Mayweather wouldn't last a second in A UFC fight, which is why he cherry picked a fight against a non boxer, and had him fight under boxing rules. Also, Julio Cesar Chavez had more wins in a row without a loss than May.

    71. Michael Randol

      The phantom punch did connect people have broke it down on KGup. Mayweather is a pay to win record. He’s talented but he has zero guts. You apparently haven’t seen the fight with Connor because the Irish mouthpiece was pulling punches.

    72. Nieko Aozoro


    73. Sensei Madara

      He just sounds exactly like Kwebelkop

    74. Pok’e Leo

      I actually like Logan now because he is much more mature and has started making actually good content

    75. Trey Defoor

      8:22 Left hook*

    76. michael smith12332

      Cant watch anything with logan in it hes just too cringe

    77. Keeman

      I want to see McGregor take this clown down. Mayweather is too classy for this. Way more Connor's style. And there should be blood.

    78. Lachy Cummings

      Hey guys its me from the future. Logan won and is now president

    79. Tyler Smith

      Money is going to win

    80. Diego Duarte

      This is game theory not sports theory. Unless...

    81. NickFlix

      Why is he hating so much on them is what I am wondering to be honest I don't see any reason to hate them anymore

    82. Chunky God

      U need a sport theory for dis

    83. Chicken hawk productions

      My theory: Floyd knows how lame Logan Paul is and excepted just to beat his up :)

    84. TheHumanComet

      Step 1 Use social media & audiences to create hype Step 2 Have a 'rough' sparring session for few mins and 'call it even' Step 3 Go home loaded because people BOUGHT IN the fake hype.. ..simple really

    85. Jack Ferguson

      You should do one on Ben askeren vs Logan Paul and how askeren was it was rigged

      1. Jack Ferguson

        @Camilo Gallardo ?????

      2. Camilo Gallardo

        @Jack Ferguson ahh i see, you are a little little child

      3. Jack Ferguson

        @Camilo Gallardo ?????

      4. Camilo Gallardo

        @Jack Ferguson i'm sorry, was that actually serious?

      5. Jack Ferguson

        @Camilo Gallardo ???

    86. Patrick

      Logan vs Askren was fixed wasn’t it?

      1. Camilo Gallardo

        they never fought

    87. Shadowstar Yakasha

      "I learned at an early age I was better off solving my problems with pencil and paper" #relatable

    88. John Desso

      Hey matpat? You should make a media theorists you only have player's 1-3(1, Game Theorists, 2, Film Theorists, and 3, Food Theorists)in your logos(seriously where's Player 4), and you should post thing's like this theory on it

    89. BrysontheGhost Gaming

      If Floyd loses I swear I’ve lost my faith in boxing and only watching Muay Thai

    90. Nako Projects

      15% damn!

    91. colmmc365


    92. Dom_DS

      2:43 Now I know you didnt research this well because Ricardo Lopez with a 51-0-1 record exists.

      1. Dom_DS

        @Camilo Gallardo stay in school kid

    93. Andrea Malone

      I don't know who Logan Paul is. Even if he embarrassed himself though it's against a former world champion. It's not like he lost to Danny Devito.

    94. Lygon Fire

      i am a fighter more than a lover. practice kung fu, mma and boxing unpro in all. i love the sport grew up watching boxing with my old man. when it comes to the paul brothers, they are fake and rigged. i do want to see them get knocked the hell out.

    95. Takalani Madima

      Why not have a 4th theory channel called Sports Theory?

    96. Eric Cook

      If someone in the comment section knows please correct me if I'm wrong or answer the question for me I know very little about the Paul Brothers prior to KGup I know them from here you know who doesn't but before here I know very little I guess Jake Paul was on a Disney show from what I heard I don't even know which one and Logan I was wondering was he on anything before KGup, vine or did he only really become famous cuz his brother was on TV? Cuz I get it that celebrities that go on KGup after the TV shows are over with that's just obvious why they're popular but yeah what's the deal with Logan clearly I miss something

      1. Eric Cook

        @Asistls okay that makes sense yeah thanks I never followed their backgrounds too much

      2. Asistls

        @Eric Cook yeah the little brother Jake got on Disney, but that was after he got “famous” on vine from his brother.

      3. Eric Cook

        @Asistls okay thanks but wasn't one of them on a Disney show?

      4. Asistls

        He was popular on vine and Jake leeched some popularity from Logan. It it weren’t for his older brother Jake would be a nobody

    97. Cesar Hernandez

      It doesn't take a theorist to figure this one out MatPat. There's always bread crumbs leading to the money

    98. Tuna Can

      No freaking way would Logan Paul be able to beat Floyd Mayweather! He couldn't beat Floyd on Floyd's worst day with one arm tied behind his back!!

    99. Kian Power

      Bro the fight isn’t happening anytime soon and ur already claiming it’s rigged lmao

    100. justin sy