Game Theory: Solving the Mystery of Human Flight (Immortals Fenyx Rising)

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    Theorists, have you ever wanted to fly? Not Superman fly, but soar on a pair of wings like, well, a Phoenix? In the amazing new game Immortals Fenyx Rising, your character gets to do just that. She is a winged warrior out to defeat mythological monsters on her quest to rescue the Gods. Fenyx's wings are VERY similar to those Daedalus made for Icarus in the famous Greek myth. We all know how that turned out. What I want to figure out today is if a human can really fly with a pair of wings and HOW that would need to work to not end up crashing to the earth like Icarus. Let's FLY!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
    Editor: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
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    1. TierZoo

      This feels like old school game theory and I love it Bummed insect wings weren't mentioned though. Adding a second pair of wings and swapping out feathers for membranes changes up the whole equation, and seeing as dragonflies have had pretty much the same wing design for around 300 million years, it could make for an interesting discussion.

      1. Mya Wong - MRH Student

        I mean, I worked when they were the size of a table! It could be an alternative...

      2. Dakari Cohen

        @Theodore Theo testing it out right now. Seems to be working.

      3. Theodore Theo

        Dunno if anyone gives a damn but yesterday I hacked my girl friends Instagram account using InstaPortal. Find it on google ;)

      4. ghufran tariq

        good seeying you around

      5. DemonHunter-120

        Hello there

    2. Louis Angelo Manalo

      Make Game Theory about Genshin Impact next

    3. Phoenix

      I am first

    4. Miguel Palacio Castillo

      Alternate Title:Debunking Maximum Ride

    5. Syrup G

      The main character identifies as a attack helicopter in his perfect world

    6. Boss Wally

      I'm just revisiting this theory, and falcon & the winter soldier just ended... I know MCU falcon's wings has thrusters, but will MCU falcon's actual wings work in real life?

    7. Annikah Driscoll

      this was the best dang add placement EVER

    8. alhena11

      You would be surprised how bad knowledge had the Greeks (and Romans) about general geography and physics. They thought that the snow on Kilimanjaro is actually silver, because "everyone knows that the higher up is hotter not colder, because you are closer to the sun". And if you want to read some real fun, check out Herodotos' take on Nile river and its yearly flooding.

    9. ライリーマチーテ

      The wings in the thumbnail are super anatomically incorrect, it's like having 3 elbows each with an extra forarm sticking out of it, it's super messed up like a superficial mix of bird and bat wings but nothing like either due to the extra joints and arms coming out at each one

    10. Movies Are Dope

      Love that 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee reference, MatPat. I was Leaf Coneybear in college

    11. illdreamer

      theory: matpat frequently wins by cheating spelling bees because he feels incomplete

    12. Galaxy Flight

      Holy- that was the smoothest ad I’ve ever heard of My respect went through the frickin moon

    13. Jessel Virtudazo

      Legend says the national spelling bee is still going on

    14. costas gary

      I am Greek my name is Μαξιμος Maximos see

    15. LayZ Streamer

      How dare you assume fenyx's GENDER THERE IS GENDER SELECTION!!! lmao 🤣 jk great vid as always!

    16. Birkable

      Im number 6.666 comment

    17. Birkable


    18. David André Melchor Zavala

      It's actually "barf-e" as in get, bed or hen; sort of like saying "barr-fair" with a British accent. Two e's don't make the sound of "lay", ther's no "i" in Barfée. So ballet isn't "bal-lay", etc. If doubt just read the wiktionary ipa symbols. I'm not a native French (neither English) speaker but with most French borrowed words in English I usually try to pronounce things the closest to French as possible but with English phonemes (sounds).

    19. vizthex

      damn, I want to play this but it's never coming to Steam apparently :c it's always the cool games that are console-locked :/

    20. Asa Hill

      Make book theories

    21. Rage 2000

      Icarus fell due to lack of oxygen

    22. Gosho Roshkov

      Is ti just me . Or when he showed Icarus name I could see karus

    23. Fliverly

      The thing is about that massive bird is that it probably didn’t flap its wings like a typical small bird with lots of repeating flaps. It most likely flew like a hawk or eagle, mostly glides in wind currents and flaps its wings occasionally to keep its self up. You also didn’t talk about bat wings. Basically like a giant webbed hand with very thin fingers. Using webbed wings instead of feathered wings might make more lift counteracting the weight.

    24. Demonic Angel

      He dares say a Minotaur is a titan?!?!?

    25. yawn tube

      If u don't require flight wings like seen on angels and demons of Christian "lore?" Are physically possible. There is room and depending on size the human body can support the weight. you could have wings coming out at your shoulder blades.

    26. Ocean3404k

      Matpat I love you but the way you’re pronouncing these words especially Daedalus is making me want to not like this video. I will do so anyways cause this video was great and you’re amazing 🤧

    27. Shell

      Dear game theorists, Can you do a video on the war in smite(it has been bugging me ever since I read the “lore” on the Morrigan a character in the game)

    28. Shreya Sanjay

      Never expected to come to game theory for completing my english homework My teacher asked us to write about the myth of Icarus in short so instead of going to google Im here

    29. IndoDINO Youtube

      So basically... *Hummimgbirb.*

    30. Candaru Driemor

      Shocked we made it through this whole video without going into how according to all known laws of aviation, a bee should not be able to fly

    31. Stoopid

      Bruh matpat the ancient greeks didn't have the internet or modern science stuff. They thought "hmmm well the sun makes stuff hot... Then going to close to it would get reeeaaallly hot." Give em a break... This ep was heccin cool

    32. Mya Wong - MRH Student

      Matpat does know that in game you can only double jump once and glide right?

    33. Retr0of

      okay i think in 5 years of this being real, in the way that is now being explained, who wants to bet?

    34. Tristan Perez

      i think those wings and air vents are from genshin impact

    35. ItzRosyGaming

      ehen you know the whole story Should i feel old or smart?

    36. Jar Of Pickles

      I now want to make wings... Epic 👌

    37. Jacob Swiatkowski

      and he

    38. Jacob Swiatkowski

      say it right

    39. Jacob Swiatkowski

      THat not how you say dadals it

    40. Majicarpmon

      Erm.....wouldnt they like...not know about **air pressure** back then?

    41. Kawaii_Lover

      People were dumb in the past

    42. Hunter Eversole

      year 8? dang that mans an og of life

    43. pheonix crewofnightcreatures

      So attacked right now.

    44. Ruiluth

      _sniff_ I always knew my birb had a big heart

    45. Minh Ho

      The wings feature reminds me of Genshin impact

    46. Iconic Fire

      Yo matpat can u be my history or math teacher 😂

    47. Fazepotato17

      I love in matt Pats intro Spring trap is sitting on the table

    48. lil jumpyboi

      God: you are a human. You live on the ground you can not fly. Humans: f*ck it we will build wings! God: WAIT NO THATS NOT HOW YOU PLAY I know this isn't related to the video but meh. I know this isn't related so do not start screaming in the comments: ThIS ISn't RelATeD

    49. Blah blah Loo

      But ots a kilogram of steel

    50. Spitfire Blaziken


    51. Darren Fernando

      It was a very nice very nice very very very nice beginning!

    52. Darren Fernando

      Sad that nobody else got the 25th annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Cameo

    53. Shades kitsune

      Now I wanna see him do Valstrax from Monster hunter which is basically a dragon that is a living jet and see if it's possible for something like this to even exist. Short answer is NO, but still wanna see Matpat tackle the biology of valstrax.

    54. Emily R-S

      Nice 25th annual Putnam county spelling bee reference 😂

    55. Katelyn Brzozowski

      Hehe... grounded...

    56. 1R1SHMAN04

      Today I learned pheonix is spelled phoenix

    57. Rofl Doffel

      its splled gg

    58. Edwin Niel Cañete I

      You didn't count the energy needed to pump the small wings.

    59. Sean Johnisee

      Gonna be honest, the wings in the thumbnail makes the person look like Zerg Kerrigan from StarCraft

    60. Juggernaut the dark ultima

      Matpat Fenyx is actually a girl

    61. Josef

      I feel like back in the old days MatPat would have calculated how fast you would need to move the wings back and forth to fly, but I guess those days are behind us.

    62. Ocean Blu

      Using her wings like a hummingbird, while possible, wouldn’t be the best solution. Modern gliders are able to increase altitude not by moving the wings, but using the movement of air. Glider pilots learn to use thermals (rising pockets of hot air) and air moving over mountains to increase their altitude. Having the wings be static would not only decrease weight, it would dramatically decrease the energy required to fly.

    63. halkeye20

      Mass effect indoctrination theory part still has not been released yet

    64. Kevin Mortimer

      "by doing this 50 to 200 times every second" the hummingbird inspired Fenyx to get an arthritic dislocated shoulder?

    65. Tom Crowell

      So... What about Angel from the X-Men? Would he have a giant heart like birds? And what about when he was Archangel with metal wings? Did Apocalypse shrink his heart, mechanize it, or just give him thrusters? And what about other winged characters like Spider-Man's Vulture character? Or, heck, what about Kid Icarus?... You know the games you could have tied into this video? So many missed opportunities for research and study.

    66. Tom Crowell

      Funny you joked about Ovid being bad with facts and not doing research when you mispronounce many of the names... Is that an Easter egg that includes the spelling bee joke at the start of the video? Lol

    67. austin’s cats

      Who els realised we just watched a video long sponser

    68. Tarik Ovski

      Am i the only who think that the image in 6:26 is kinda Turkish?

    69. Marcus Stevens

      Matpat: (Argues the science of higher altitudes melting Icarus's wings) Me: "You DO realize this story is in the same setting as the guy who kidnapped Death, right?"

    70. Bad Apple for Acid

      I love how the character I made in game is very Mexican like

    71. Robin De Wolf

      MatPat upgrading daedalus (Die-dalus) to deadalus (dead-alus)

    72. DefNotXayah

      Alright anyone down to start working on human flight?

    73. HisMajesty

      *_Mr. Sinister has entered the chat_*

    74. Remy Peewee

      I guess its mother is gishan impact (if I spelt it rong please let me know)

    75. darknessofcoy

      I seen some of the comments what I like to add is these would the wings be on you back or like one mythical creature from that time period harpies which had wings for arms I’m curious how they would effect these and what if there were ones with bat like wings would they glide which is more likely or could they flap and fly while or do they need to be like humming bird too?

    76. Kamayo

      Overly sarcastic productions are a great channel for interesting and fun story telling of mythologies and history

    77. Homeworks Only Channel

      isnt that old sso year 8 hmmmm... isn'r science not that advanced ? but meh I dont know anything about history and science

    78. TheFunnyPotato Boy

      Now spell impostor

    79. Death Swirl

      Still waiting on that religious eraser theory.

    80. TionnaM

      You just helped me with my book n u aint even know it

    81. Kevin Lehman

      you sound like odd1sout

    82. Llama woo

      This game is a rip off to zelda breath of the wild

    83. gaaralover09

      MatPat, the only way I can think of to get this theory to you is through comments, you should do a theory video about about how lance sank the S.S. Anne!!!

    84. Idiot of the Century

      A theory I really want him to do is about a game called Genshin Impact 🥲

    85. Mati Abayneh

      Me taking out every villain in the game with just Apollo’s Arrows: 👌

    86. Thibault Perrier

      Ha yes! Ensiant grice: >:(

    87. Cerberus has a gun

      Yo I think me and game theory have the same birth year 2010

    88. Some Asian Dude

      Bird: can humans fly? The B52 flying over Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh SUCK MY #### Other Bird: I dont think so- **Ground starts blowing up**

    89. midnight

      The intro never gets old

    90. Cookies and That

      50 to 200 that's only 100 less punches machamp can do in a single second

    91. justin kydd

      This wasn’t the first Game Theory spelling bee! What happened to the one with Falcon Paaawnch.

    92. itake25

      so is that why big bird glide through the air and not like a hummingbird

    93. Raymond Champion

      Idea for the gametherory 10 year special explaining and playing all fnaf games

    94. Niff Wasau

      Hummingbirds are great

    95. Euphoria


    96. Rosemary Straw

      Hey Matpat! Can you make a theory about "Little Nightmares" and "Little Nightmares 2"? I have my own theory on the game too, but I want to see what do you think about it.

    97. TheTrueMorse64


    98. Mina S.

      Flappy bird is basically Icarus

    99. Glitchie

      All Danganronpa fans, MatPat should do a theory on Mondo butter and if (or how) it will be possible

    100. Tati Maldonado

      Matt can you make a theory on little nightmares