Game Theory: Solving the Mystery of Human Flight (Immortals Fenyx Rising)

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    Theorists, have you ever wanted to fly? Not Superman fly, but soar on a pair of wings like, well, a Phoenix? In the amazing new game Immortals Fenyx Rising, your character gets to do just that. She is a winged warrior out to defeat mythological monsters on her quest to rescue the Gods. Fenyx's wings are VERY similar to those Daedalus made for Icarus in the famous Greek myth. We all know how that turned out. What I want to figure out today is if a human can really fly with a pair of wings and HOW that would need to work to not end up crashing to the earth like Icarus. Let's FLY!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
    Editor: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
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    1. TierZoo

      This feels like old school game theory and I love it Bummed insect wings weren't mentioned though. Adding a second pair of wings and swapping out feathers for membranes changes up the whole equation, and seeing as dragonflies have had pretty much the same wing design for around 300 million years, it could make for an interesting discussion.

      1. ghufran tariq

        good seeying you around

      2. DemonHunter-120

        Hello there

      3. Jack Blackstar

        That reminds me of something i read which may or may not be inaccurate, but it was: if humans had the wings of dragonflies, and their strength, scaled up to make flight possible, humans would be able to reach Mach 1 by flight alone

      4. Migs Altavas

        @Xsb ZoMiE Hi love the vids

      5. The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer

        Heyo Tier Zoo! Big fan.

    2. Tarik Ovski

      Am i the only who think that the image in 6:26 is kinda Turkish?

    3. Marcus Stevens

      Matpat: (Argues the science of higher altitudes melting Icarus's wings) Me: "You DO realize this story is in the same setting as the guy who kidnapped Death, right?"

    4. Apple

      I love how the character I made in game is very Mexican like

    5. Robin De Wolf

      MatPat upgrading daedalus (Die-dalus) to deadalus (dead-alus)

    6. DefNotXayah

      Alright anyone down to start working on human flight?

    7. HisMajesty

      *_Mr. Sinister has entered the chat_*

    8. Remy Peewee

      I guess its mother is gishan impact (if I spelt it rong please let me know)

    9. darknessofcoy

      I seen some of the comments what I like to add is these would the wings be on you back or like one mythical creature from that time period harpies which had wings for arms I’m curious how they would effect these and what if there were ones with bat like wings would they glide which is more likely or could they flap and fly while or do they need to be like humming bird too?

    10. Kamayo

      Overly sarcastic productions are a great channel for interesting and fun story telling of mythologies and history

    11. Homeworks Only Channel

      isnt that old sso year 8 hmmmm... isn'r science not that advanced ? but meh I dont know anything about history and science

    12. TheFunnyPotato Boy

      Now spell impostor

    13. Death Swirl

      Still waiting on that religious eraser theory.

    14. TionnaM

      You just helped me with my book n u aint even know it

    15. Benson


    16. Kevin Lehman

      you sound like odd1sout

    17. Llama woo

      This game is a rip off to zelda breath of the wild

    18. gaaralover09

      MatPat, the only way I can think of to get this theory to you is through comments, you should do a theory video about about how lance sank the S.S. Anne!!!

    19. Idiot of the Century

      A theory I really want him to do is about a game called Genshin Impact 🥲

    20. Mati Abayneh

      Me taking out every villain in the game with just Apollo’s Arrows: 👌

    21. Thibault Perrier

      Ha yes! Ensiant grice: >:(

    22. Cerberus has a gun

      Yo I think me and game theory have the same birth year 2010

    23. Some Asian Dude

      Bird: can humans fly? The B52 flying over Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh SUCK MY #### Other Bird: I dont think so- **Ground starts blowing up**

    24. zeO

      The intro never gets old

    25. Cookies and That

      50 to 200 that's only 100 less punches machamp can do in a single second

    26. andi mcavoy

      To simplify this entire thing, lets just say They kind of work like a elytra

    27. justin kydd

      This wasn’t the first Game Theory spelling bee! What happened to the one with Falcon Paaawnch.

    28. itake25

      so is that why big bird glide through the air and not like a hummingbird

    29. Raymond Champion

      Idea for the gametherory 10 year special explaining and playing all fnaf games

    30. Niff Wasau

      Hummingbirds are great

    31. Euphoria


    32. Rosemary Straw

      Hey Matpat! Can you make a theory about "Little Nightmares" and "Little Nightmares 2"? I have my own theory on the game too, but I want to see what do you think about it.

    33. TheTrueMorse64


    34. Mina S.

      Flappy bird is basically Icarus

    35. IregularArtist

      All Danganronpa fans, MatPat should do a theory on Mondo butter and if (or how) it will be possible

    36. Tati Maldonado

      Matt can you make a theory on little nightmares

    37. Yakoji Ren


    38. • Riku •

      The story of ikarus and Daedalus was in my english book

    39. Leslie Martinez

      This just reminds me of genshin impact

    40. Freefire 81

      Yo I finally got my name said in a MatPat Video!

    41. Freefire 81

      Nice to hear my name

    42. grumpygrandad

      This channel isnt ruining my childhood its making it better before no pandemic i would always watch him

    43. Holly Hartwick

      I’m surprised it took this long. Kratos has been using the Wings of Icarus since he ripped them off Icarus himself in God of War II. By the way, “B.C.” and “A.D.” haven’t been accepted for proper use for quite some time. The proper terms are “B.C.E.” (Before the Common Era) and “C.E.” (Common Era) rather than the religiously charged “Before Christ” and “Anno Domini” (Latin for “in the year of our Lord”). Scientists and historians haven’t use BC and AD for decades.

    44. Alice the Wolf

      Well that was one weird maybe elabrate sponser, I thought when it said Phoenix was spelled wrong at first I thought I missed something 😐😑😐😁😂🤣

    45. Natasha Eliot

      Its PhoENiX nOT fEnYX, but in all seriousness it looks like an edgy gamer tag like pyxl or xx69darkshadow69xx. its even more irritating to spell now.

    46. Da furry boi

      P H E O N E X

    47. Be Quiet

      I can't wait for someone to make a theory about mat pat, how does he have so much time to do study these topics and then make the actual video?

    48. DALEK_77 YT

      Game developers should *definitely* consult you at Game Theory for accuracy!

    49. HauntedDragonGaming


    50. Hisham Awudu

      I remember this we were thought this in 2 grade

    51. Ty Parrish

      Is he saying minus or Midas

    52. Dragon Witch Luck

      is it funny how 13.7M people enjoy listening to someone overthink Video games for half a hour

    53. TesserBlox

      Immortals Fenyx Rising and Genshin Impact are the children of Legend of Zelda BotW

    54. Logan T

      love the intro

    55. Glamrock Foxy


    56. Sol Lopez

      Hades beat this game like hard...

    57. Amethyst Volutions

      But they're both 2 ounces, the hamster and bird

    58. Dolap Euphe

      6:25 Language on the picture is Turkish

    59. AuthentiK

      1:50 buts not a great marriage lol that game is trash

    60. Ariel

      A god Genshin Impact's gliders

    61. Capsirus

      Great. Now I want a theory about kid icarus Thanks a lot

    62. Brian Rodriguez

      This is nioh

    63. PokuBit

      someone should make a theory on the game theory

    64. Real_ entless

      i want this to be a mod for that game

    65. ZuShí Splatfests

      *me thinking it was Phoenix*

    66. kawikaito

      It’s pronounced dae da lus

    67. Jon Ken Rock PMG

      This guy should read the holy Bible

    68. SpookilyLemons

      "Ruining your childhood since 2011"

    69. Lall O

      It may of just been me but wasn’t he saying a good chunk of the Greek words wrong. Still a good theory just something that was irritating myself a tad throughout this episode

    70. Toa Sully

      Wright Brothers: That's cute

    71. Imthatextrakid

      “You’ve married an Icarus, he’s flown too close to the sun” -Eliza

      1. Mercedes Hernandez

        I felt that 😭

      2. Capsirus

        I was think more Pit from kid icarus

    72. Sabrina Myers

      Spell pheonix correctly

    73. riley van horn guy

      except her wings don't move like a humming bird

    74. InfiniteWater

      I would watch this video but I like to go into games blind. So take my like instead of a view.

    75. incognito rea

      New theory: why does Hugo hunt down/keep Maya (protagonist) in the hotel forcefully in "at dead of night". Like what does he want from us, whats the lore behind why Hugo was abusive towards Jimmy or why does he control Jimmy and whats his purpose keeping people in the hotel

    76. AQUA ZANE

      Laughs as I read Percy Jackson. I knew the story😁

    77. Geovani Monzon

      Game theory intro hits hard

    78. Migs Altavas


    79. Thunderhawk Gaming

      The story of king minus and the bull is the first ub ntr of all time

    80. SCP 049

      Fexyx isn't phoenix because it is the main characters name

    81. Joshua Martin

      Isn't Julius Caesar roman? How did he know about him?

    82. Hanako Wolf

      Am I the only one getting flashbacks to James Patterson's "Maximum Ride" series of books/comics!?! No? Okay, then.

    83. Diler Mohammad 8A Celsiusskolan 7-9

      This is Turkish and I love it. Since I moved to Turkish when I was young, my speech and writing skills were great and amazing. That's a true story.

    84. Zev Feitelson

      I am kind off annoyed with how much ubisoft sponsored people for this game, it's just Breath of the wild but worse and I wish I hadn't bought it

    85. Beamer Boy

      The Putnam county spelling bee!

    86. Regal 1997 - YT

      How come you don’t do book theory

    87. Elle Rozier

      My Percy Jackson knowledge is FINALLY coming into play 😂

    88. JohnGold42

      First anymore spelling bee I’m pretty sure I’ve seen one at the very least before this

    89. The Ocurrent

      If Ovid could have heard this have for sure he wouldn’t have written about it in the first place, maybe he just wanted to kill a boy and make a life lesson out of it, can’t a man do that anymore? Geez year 8 and there’s already quite the criticism

    90. MoonL13

      I wish I became the spelling bee champion with the word trinitrotoluene

    91. Angelina Vald

      Hello matpat, probably won't see this but there's a game nobody can figure out! It has an incredible life even I can't understand, and Im wishing you could figure out! It's in roblox called : de pride isle sanitarium, if you want to see if it's actually good here's a video of the trailer!:

    92. Enoc Lopez

      Yessir Matpat rockin' that Putnam county spelling bee reference

    93. Troy S

      Why the Justin Trudeu head on Fenyx's body! I'm Canadian and this joke makes sense to me!

    94. hman0987

      Do a yume nikki theory

    95. Mitchell Todman

      Matpat look at this game then look at the game genshin impact and look at the similarities

    96. niko123

      Hey, mat pat do you know about a book named maximum ride it's about teens who has wing running from scientists trying to experiment on them

    97. BoxedGoat

      you’re making theory’s about everything.... EXPECT YOU!!!! WHAT DO YOU HIDE GAME THEORY?!?!?!?!

    98. neon gamer

      Wow he just busted the greatest myth we all want to know: video games are educational 😎

    99. Maria Camila Mendoza Gutierrez

      That game was amazing!!! I got it for Christmas I was so addicted I couldn’t let go of my switch I recommend it to everyone😆

    100. Takashi204

      I thought it was pronounced fenix lol