Game Theory: Video Games Will NEVER Be The Same...

The Game Theorists

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    Our world has been reshaped by this pandemic. Instead of talking about all of the terrible things, I thought for today we'd focus on one of the silver linings of this horrible event. Video games. Well, the video game industry. We've all been turning to old favorites and new adventures to escape and comfort us and it SHOWS. Look at Among Us and Fall Guys. Small games that may never have had the hype they now do . In fact, this is probably the BEST time to launch your own game and I will tell you why!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Pedro Freitas, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Emma Chellew


    2. Alexander Dewar

      am I the only one who cried when my parents would not let tell them about this topic.

    3. Avery Savage

      Hi mat!

    4. chloe nicole banga

      "Promote yourself" Well, I'm a beginning writer and artist that makes content for more obscure topics (like crossovers, or underappreciated fandoms) with a lot of good ideas ready to put into work

    5. cossepie

      mat: would anyone actually buy ps5 and xbox series x 1 year later

    6. Kristina Dinsmore

      umm i want to be a theorist do you have pointers for me?

    7. Toast

      The game theory to end all game theorys

    8. chimken gamer

      daD yebo tsuM

      1. chimken gamer

        sarM morf nam

    9. Izaak's Little Planet

      Wow it's almost as if the vast majority of government regulations doesn't in fact protect anyone and is just meant to maintain and expand the cronyistic regulatory complex that created the giant multinational corporations that people are constantly saying we need to be protected from by government regulations. A quick tip people: if you find yourself in a whole, quit digging

    10. FalseRoar

      "This is the time to make something!" I'm starting to suspect throwing myself into making a fan game visual novel only (maybe) 10 people will ever play might not be the best use of my time, but I'm in too deep at this point. XD Will be fascinating to see if projects/groups form out of meeting from this video though.

    11. VIP-Princess

      KGup was made for self promo in the first place

    12. jon b

      the esa is wrong some of europe have said loot boxes are gambling

    13. Berrybunny Mix

      As much as I'd like to develop my own game, still learning how to. Lol

      1. EpicBear

        Yea i could help but am not saying am a coder

    14. Lakshay Kochhar

      People, are we just going to ignore 6:56?

      1. EpicBear

        Yea lol

    15. Gohan7198

      Is no one going to mention the Vsauce style intro? *pops up from bottom* "Hey Theorists! MatPat here"

    16. Lux Ramey

      Not gaming related, but I’m establishing my record label later this year! 😁

    17. jonathan s

      OK so when Mat said to promote ourselves and collaborate, I came up with a cool idea, let's open a discord server rn for all of us to work on a video game project, I am technically a programmer(mainly C# tho I'm learning C++) but I will probably help in other ways because I bet people here are way more talented than me, anyway it could be awesome, joining forces and stuff, if anyone wants to do that I'll create a server and we can start working:) Edit: I opened the server and you're welcome to join

      1. jonathan s

        @EpicBear It's really empty rn because i just opened it, if you want to help me add stuff to it DM me and I'll give you an admin role

      2. EpicBear

        Yea sounds dope whats the DISCORD

    18. Gold Fox1987

      I wonder if this is one of the reasons Scott made the Fazbear fanverse initiative

    19. Sasha Gonzales

      Why is this video so awesome?

    20. minecrafter dude

      a musician i needed

    21. Official_Ochako_. Uraraka

      Me who rewatched the fnaf Musical and saw matpat and recognized him😰

    22. Bradley Pearce

      Ironically, I have the idea for the #1 best selling games of all time guaranteed, unfortunately EA is the only company that could make it possible..

    23. Rafeal

      "promote yourself" i make weird music

    24. Richard Sanguine Lee

      Hello everyone! Have a nice day, fellow theorists:) Composer, sound designer and a novice pixel artist would love to collaborate!

      1. David Hancock

        Hey Richard, I'm working on a trading card board game, and I need artists if you're interested!

    25. Lee Hustedt

      It isn't a game but I need help for a short film I want to make. We don't have much in budget so it would be volunteer only.

    26. BlaixenU

      Wait, the Nintendo Switch released 4 years ago?

    27. Matias Aguilef

      I'm a bit late to this... but this is actually perfect for Artem Lounge, and anyone looking for ways to promote themselves besides getting lost in a comment section. I have a discord server that is mainly about art, but it's also used for promoting your skills. Of course, the theme is art, but this could really be anything like illustration, music, programming, game development, web development, performing arts, and any other art form. Not to mention, that this is perfect for people who are trying to make games. Since its an art form that requires many disciplines like music, animation, programming, writing, etc. Everyone that enters has to declare their abilities, and we have channels that are meant for finding people to work with. This could be passive, like finding people for a project, or professional, like looking for someone to hire. Artem Lounge is more than just a discord server. But, on this occasion, I believe that it's enough knowing that there is a server you can join to advertise your skills and grow as an artist. For anyone curious, they can find out more about us on the server. I hope this helps anyone, and I would be glad to see you on the server :) ... Later!

    28. Realm: Z

      I'M REPOSTING THIS BECAUSE MY COMMENT GOT LOST IN THE SEA OF OTHER COMMENTS AND THERE WAS SOMEONE WHO WANTED TO CHECK OUT MY TWITTER So anyways, I'm an aspiring artist who has drawn multiple illustrations WHICH YOU CAN CHECK OUT ON MY TWITTER ( If you wanna check out what I do, you should head on over to my Twitter. I have done 2 logos for AlmightyArceus's megamixes and I'm working on my third one, which I will constantly update so stay around for that Thanks for listening! @Due in his original form. I'm pinging you cuz you wanted to check the Twitter out 👀 DAMNIT PING DOESN'T WORK

    29. Dariusz Jarmusik

      Well im making a new outfit and skin for soldier from TF2 a maid outfit to make the Crazy patriot even more "Atractive" and a market gardener reskin looking like a Broom

    30. Ron Chapman


    31. sirmammen gaming


    32. Julie Middle

      Omg I used to wach him he is sooooooo good

    33. Dana Childress


    34. Gameplay

      I just hate more and more stupid games are getting famous because of stupid streamers

    35. GoldenFreddy Entertainment

      hey here's my first game if you fell like trying the game that be nice it short but sweet here's the link : let me know if you your thoughts on my video game

    36. pro9724

      Da bowsers fury

    37. bandaidthepro

      You forgot to talk about Mobile games

    38. Steve Jacinto

      I do spraypaint art, and basic practical movie effects; insta: @the_one_other_steve

    39. BoundenBead87YT


    40. 2 Guys Who Watch Movies

      Promote ourselves? Don't mind if we do!! Just kidding were a movie review channel not a gaming channel but we do want to thank MatPat for giving folks the chance to get their name out there! You do a lot of really good things brother, never stop!!

    41. pvini07BR

      i'm a brazillian who likes to create my own things, like stories or concepts. I've been working on some projects, like the "Virus Havoc" game i said before in this comments, and i'm also making a film for an animated series that i have, called "Historas do Pente", or translating, "Paint Stories". I'm only making the script for now. My dream is to have recognition on the projects i make, because i'm taking too much effort for something that very few people know or watched it. It's sad. I also want to know programming, be better at drawing and maybe know how to make my own music for my projects. I will also try to translate my projects into english, of course.

      1. pvini07BR

        @Super Leaf 64 i have said what it is in another comment but ok, i will say it again here. it's a 2D shooting game, where your objective is to shoot some internet viruses with your laser gun and the final boss in each level. And in this game there will be A LOT of different laser guns to obtain and equip to use, there will be laser guns that will be single, dual, diagonal, bombs, thematic, etc. I am also planning and thinking of more features to add in the game, like a gun shop.

      2. Super Leaf 64

        What is virus havoc?

    42. pvini07BR

      i'm making a game called "Virus Havoc", a web 2D shooting game where you shoot in internet viruses and defeat bosses, and also gain different laser guns, with different damages and kinds. I don't need help in development for now, i just want to advertise my game better. I posted some screenshots and sneak peeks of my game on my twitter: @pvini07BR when I need help development I will let you know.

      1. pvini07BR

        @Super Leaf 64

      2. Super Leaf 64

        What is your twitter?


      you should Rest In Peace ALL old cod games cuz they were the best before new ones😢

      1. Super Leaf 64

        When were they ever good?

    44. gord6790 gord6790


    45. Jesse Statler

      How come matzot never acknowledges Austin's existence?

    46. Stella Wolfe

      promote myself? alright let's do this. I am a writer and an artist TWO IN ONE BABY. i've got LITTERALLY 8 stories in my head two of which are much more fleshed out then others but they've still got, in my opinion, great plots. i've told these stories to my friends and well i truly don't mean to brag i will only state the exact words i've been told "you are a storytelling genius". while i'm sure my writing has flaws here and there and i'm still developing my art skills i'm sure that one day i will release one of those stories and make a name for myself in the entertainment industry and then on release even more stories. i am very passionate about all of this and have been since i was 8. if anyone out there would like to make a littles girls dream come true lmk. i have a linktree on my channel if you would like to see some of my work.

      1. Stella Wolfe

        @Just Due aaww thank you so much im glad you like it :)

      2. Just Due

        I saw the linktree stuff and it’s awesome!

    47. 태양 • Mochi

      "Promote yourself!" Well, i'm a small gachatuber who is a beginner tweener and i can draw! i can take commissions, despite being a young one myself. i can handle many requests, and i can help in coloring and lineart! if you wanna contact me, you can comment on my videos or try and find me on insta. ty for reading this comment about self-promotion, people!

      1. Just Due

        great! Gachatubers don’t get much attention nowadays but I think after sometime u might get a good amount of views

    48. Chillin Games

      i started making a solo game on my spare time (@chillingamesdev on facebook, @ChillinGames on twitter) thinking of quitting my software job to work on it full time.... if i figure out how to do that.

      1. Pac Doc

        ​@Chillin Games I personally say this, a lot of stories that are made or just exist as a scene as a thought could rival FFT or even surpass it; would never see the light of day or were never given much of a spotlight to begin with. So I would never consider any untold story or a story that's not well known not be able to stand up to anything. It could stand up in its own merit, when its told, or when its given a spotlight to shine. So you could start in my opinion listening to certain music that could help create a scene in your mind as well, read books from authors like Evan Skolnick among other writers to get a good idea to organize it and to format it. Anyone including myself that would get into this; would be a journey to breath life to the world. If you ever decide to post your stories or have something posted would like read it.

      2. Chillin Games

        @Pac Doc well im not sure ill be able to stand up to the story in FFT, its one of the best in my mind but i do have some lore planned out. i actually have been self teaching myself how to world build and i have a world that i made a few short stories for and the game will take place in that same world (so will all my games probably). the world i made is like a possible future for us where in the next few years corporations completely take over and we ruin earth and have to go to the moon (there is a lot more to it). this game is going to take place right around the time most people are bailing to go to the moon and its kinda mad max times in the deserts outside of the big cities.

      3. Pac Doc

        @Chillin Games I'm not much to provide suggestions but do you have a theme in mind; for a tactical based RPG? I've love games that has a rich based lore type story that follows events that connects to a big event. FFXII had that in certain parts of its story; but I've always felt they could of explore it more. Good luck getting into the first step.

      4. Chillin Games

        @Super Leaf 64 ohh final fantasy tactics sorry, working on the grid this weekend, should be able to check it out at the links in original comment

      5. Super Leaf 64

        @Chillin Games fft?

    49. Alphalightning00 Frost

      "It's what it means to be a *GAMER* "

    50. Laurel Burks

      “Promote yourself” I’m a high school freshmen who’s passion is Dance and Theater! I dance on my schools drill team and take classes at a studio after school and have done multiple musical productions and have been very involved in singing and acting since I was young! I hope to go somewhere like New York after high school and hope to make it into a good theater company and make connections, maybe even do traveling shows or something like that and/or do background dance/choreography work in movies and television and hope to maybe be on Broadway in some form, weather that’s being a swing actress, understudy, ensemble, anything, I just wanna be a part of it. I don’t plan to go to collage I don’t think, unless I go to a trade school and do a commercial dance program or be a theater major.. school has never been my thing and though I don’t exactly have a laid out plan for what I want to do after high school, I know that I have wanted to be a performer and go into the arts since I was young and I can’t wait to carry out that dream :)

      1. Lee Hustedt

        @Laurel Burks yeah you can, but an agent isn't exactly cheap and some are just out to cheat you so you should probably try to snag one or two jobs without one so you can tell if a future agent is trying to trick you. Or at least so you know what to look for in an agent from people who have worked with one before and recommend a good one. Cuz the worst thing you can do for your career is to get a bad agent.

      2. Laurel Burks

        @Lee Hustedt yes your totally right!! I thought about maybe getting a talent agent after high school so it will make finding/booking jobs a lot easier!! But yes completely!!

      3. Laurel Burks

        @태양 • Mochi your the nicest person i lysm thank you so much for that! I have the confidence that I can make a living in the arts no matter big or small, sure it’s a hard field but it’s also a small field and a lot of it has to do with connections which I was lucky enough to learn a lot about from my previous dance coach of which team I was a leader on. and it’s really refreshing to hear full love and support instead of “is that realistic?” Or “you sure? The arts are a pretty tough field” from family and adults like Theater and training isn’t the only thing I’ve talked to them about since I was little. Ive just always been a performer and it’s where I’m most comfortable and I know a desk job just isn’t for me, thank you for the comment it truly made my day! Keep spreading love babe!

      4. Lee Hustedt

        Good luck, I'm sure you'll find something. There are a lot of sites on line where you can find auditions and other opportunities.

      5. 태양 • Mochi

        thats actually a really good self-promo- no insecurities (people, get ur confidence up plz, ill be supporting you all no matter what) no "..." (only the three, the two doesnt count) and you literally sound so encouraged oml cant wait to see you on a show!! i wanna see ur lovely being acting/dancing/singing ur heart out on stage soon,, (i literally cant wait-)


      Nice video!

    52. Matthew Gamer

      oh comon man

    53. AdorableChainsaw

      the way he slid into that sponsor though that was smooth

    54. Ashe Game

      While you are correct for the most part about the PS5 being way more popular and successful, the objective of microsoft as you said is a little inaccurate. The focus some time ago from Microsoft actually shifted away from trying to win the console war to their xbox game pass/live service. You can get hundreds of games for a small monthly description and so far a lot of people have actually taken a liking to this massive shift. I could be wrong but it is my observation.

    55. Colonel Corey

      Promote your self I want to get a giant mint chocolate ice cream help me

      1. Mr7Reality

        @Colonel Corey good to know get yourself a banana boat sundae while you’re at it

      2. Colonel Corey

        We’re talking the size of a car and put a flake in it

      3. Mr7Reality

        we all do

    56. Joe Konieczny

      “Promote yourself” I’m a senior game designer at Drexel who has focused on sound design. The last game I worked on was “cowduction” and it won an inter-Drexel competition to represent our school at the intel GDC. Currently working on my senior project but would love to talk to people and do more projects

      1. Just Due

        That “cowduction” game sounds cool!

    57. Joe Konieczny

      Most impactful for me and other game design students was the intel GDC. Was supposed to represent Drexel but then they switched to online judging

    58. ItzRosyGaming

      Promote yourself: I wanna make a comic about a mystical bunny charecter so if anyone wants to collab for it reply to this

      1. Mr7Reality

        what do you got?

    59. Cayden Norcom

      If anyone is looking for a voice actor, pls hmu. I would love to help if I can

      1. Mr7Reality

        @Cayden Norcom I checked your channel and no videos so I'm wondering what do you have for an audition cause I'm working on a project that needs a cast while still pitching it to animation companies and you caught my interest

      2. Cayden Norcom

        @Mr7Reality I didn't quite understand what you meant. Could you please elaborate?

      3. Mr7Reality

        same here man what'd you got?

    60. Plant 2343

      "Promote yourself" Hmmm, ok. I can do programming, 2d animation, and I'm also a bit of a writer. I've been into coding for about as long as I can remember, and I've been overflowing with games ideas for even longer. My recent interests for creating games have been graphic novels, and RPG games. I am on Discord and Twitter, so if you're looking for a programmer or 2d artist, I'm always looking forward to new oppurtunities.

    61. Toa Sully

      Promote Yourself: I make Garry's Mod / Source Filmmaker animations. I hope to expand my boundaries to these platforms: Blender poster making Roblox Studio animation Mine-imator projects

    62. Robert Kiestov

      The pandemic isn’t real.

    63. Lottie Searle

      Uhh, promotion I guess? Its no where near done, in fact its literally in the first design phase right now, but me and my brother are working on an isometric dungeon crawler game set in a school for summoners. No title yet and barely any concept art but hopefully it'll be out at some point! If you're curious atm I'm doing all the art - from concept to 3d modeling to animation - and my brother is doing all the coding

      1. Lottie Searle

        @Just Due Thanks! I'll try to keep this comment updated as things progress!

      2. Just Due

        That really sounds awesome!

    64. Gui mer

      when the channel so suck it dont have captions

    65. Voice DeeJay

      Matpat just wants more games to do theorys on

    66. Blue galaxy S

      Goddamit Matpat! a video game developer and a video game designer are two different things!

    67. Sun Slayer

      I got to point out that the impact of covid was multiplied due to the reaction of the government to covid not the virus itself

    68. AccountTestNum1 Roblox

      "promote yourself" i am depressed. also i animate and play robluck.

    69. AlimangoMentality

      I'm promoting my youtube channel, check it out

    70. T0xik_Dubz

      The real mystery is how anyone still trusts Fauci.

    71. James Pike

      MatPat, please do a film theory on a YT series called Confinement. It follows Connor who is a part of the SCP Foundation. It is definitely theory material!

    72. *Pəachy Yoquřť*

      I'm waiting for day Matpat makes a book series for all his theory's

    73. Johnathan Altizer

      14:09 I don’t recognize the other two, but that guy on the left looks Stupendous!!!

    74. Freddy Fazbear

      Promote yourself: Hi I'm Freddy Fazbear, come down to my pizzeria. I swear there's only a few blood stains and possessed animatronics.

    75. Crystal Arrow

      I think matpat is trying to make a new popular game at the end not for the people making it but he is running dry on videos

    76. Raul Garcia

      i am ready to get into a project with someone with some capital

    77. Skywalking Studioz

      Is writing this comment still self promotion I just want to be normal guys help

      1. Mr7Reality

        sadly that's not possible

    78. J50 Studios

      From now on I will not believe nothing you say

    79. Hlessirah

      Sorry MatPat, gotta disagree with you there... Liszt?? Please, you haven't lived until you've plugged your best headphones in to listen to experimental modern minimalism with surround sound capabilities. "Marimba Phase" and "Come Out" with headphones? oh yeeeeeah. That's why I'm a Steve Reich stan all the way!

    80. Auran Crash

      *Covid didn't help video games.* Covid helped the corporations that publish and develop these video games. Everyone else got screwed.

    81. John Smith

      I make game.

    82. kubilusaurus2

      You do you you’re arch nemesis is an indy developer

    83. Maiya Luz

      Kinda weird seeing Matt not being a cardboard cutout lol

    84. Saya Hinayuki

      I am a aspiring Voice actress's and I if you have any work in that please message me I do stream and want to continue Voice acting when I can!

      1. Saya Hinayuki

        @Mr7Reality i would not mind looking into this sounds very much interestingI have a discord and the video you saw before was very much a while ago I need to make a new one and I do stream!

      2. Mr7Reality

        @Saya Hinayuki for the past year I've been pitching to animation studios a script and that's gone nowhere recently so I'm building up a cast for it interested?

      3. Saya Hinayuki

        @Mr7Reality well I have not done it in a while but I have audition for projects but I only try with it...

      4. Mr7Reality

        what do you got?

    85. My Dreams

      i plan on getting my digtal art together and show them off and give the voices but im scared ;-;

      1. Mr7Reality

        @My Dreams for digital art or voice acting? cause digital art (if you don't have good stuff like photoshop) try out Photopea just google it and voicing you do with your phone or microphone on a computer hope this helps

      2. My Dreams

        @Mr7Reality thanks for the offer i just need two what software or site i should use

      3. Mr7Reality

        need help?

    86. Alan Lare

      just how many of those PS5s sold were scalpers using bots to scope out the market? which is STILL happening despite the major retailers screening any online purchase

    87. SvenRonpa

      “Promote yourself” I’m an abroace that spends their time making Danganronpa sprites

      1. SvenRonpa

        @Mochi.brooklyz I’m good, but thx for asking

      2. Mochi.brooklyz

        hey! can i help with that I been of making danganronpa fan game for a while but don't know where to start

    88. Zynexion

      "Promote yourself" Uh I have... And insta and a Twitter where I post my art n stuff I did post some time lapses on yt but at this point kinda too lazy ._.

    89. saud alharbi

      Do u know that today that I got to the last boss in sekiro

    90. Jacob Bancroft

      Everyone should start saying chunky It's addicting

    91. Sparta

      Sparta will defend to the last man

    92. Michaelangewoah

      "Promote yourself" I do VR gaming along with a few other non-VR games as well. I would love if y'all would come check it out!

      1. Mr7Reality

        alright then

    93. Antonio Olguin

      i neeeed that blanket!

    94. Turtle Coder Studios

      Yo i made a game! this is the first game i made so please check it out!(its a bit scuffed because it was made in 7 days)

      1. Mr7Reality

        nice man good for you

    95. Ani Flowers

      Omocat had the right idea of releasing "Omori" while Corona is still going on xD

    96. Phillip Bracha

      Game Theory and Mr. Beast need to merge and become one ultimate being already. The smartest show on the internet mixed with the most wholesome man in the world and you have yourself a recipe for the most influential people on the internet.

    97. TallenTV

      I’m just plugging my project: My girlfriend, to be released the next time she makes me pick what to eat Disclaimer: I do not have a girlfriend. This is not legal advice.

    98. Blue Tuna Cult

      The problem with Docter Fauci and media in general is when they don't know something they pretend like they do and often say things that later come out to be incorrect which causes the public to lose trust. That being said they have a crucially important job, I just wish they would stop preventing like they know things as facts when they don't.

      1. Schertz Writing

        How many times has that quack changed his position based on political winds?

    99. LuhRiko

      I thought Matt pat was going to talk about how covid made people overplay games and since new games aren’t coming out it feels like games aren’t the same anymore because we as gamers have played every type of game and use to the same old thing

    100. Ethan Montgomery

      Eventually the big three will die and some woke as culture who never moved on is gonna try to fix it