Game Theory: Video Games Will NEVER Be The Same...

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    Our world has been reshaped by this pandemic. Instead of talking about all of the terrible things, I thought for today we'd focus on one of the silver linings of this horrible event. Video games. Well, the video game industry. We've all been turning to old favorites and new adventures to escape and comfort us and it SHOWS. Look at Among Us and Fall Guys. Small games that may never have had the hype they now do . In fact, this is probably the BEST time to launch your own game and I will tell you why!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Pedro Freitas, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Idk Bc idk

      I’m working on a science project

    2. KSPboi64

      Theory idea: hidden lore of KSP/KSP 2

    3. Ignacio Ruiz Valle

      Don’t forget that part of the succes of Fall Guys and Among Us was because they were funny to watch. That made streamers play it more than usual. More streams means more people get to know the game (marketing). That is key

    4. yash 357

      Promote yourself : I’m a 12 year old boy from India and I am an 8th grade student who has a good vocabulary and because of that I write stories and make anime and video game fanfiction

    5. Ryan

      FlAtTeN tHe CuRvE. The video was great once that idiot was gone.

      1. SamiDaDerpYT


      2. Ryan

        @SamiDaDerpYT I'm an active medical provider who has treated COVID patients. He has consistently contributed himself. Did you feel more safe when he said you didn't need masks. This was a lie that he even admitted later. How about when he said the more masks you wear the better? How about get the shot (I've had both and I had the virus before they were available) but you still can't live your life? How do you feel about the CDC saying months ago that lockdowns are bad and yet they are still going on? The best one was when he, an epidemiologist (supposedly), said that herd immunity wasn't an option. If you know just the very basic fundamentals of how viruses work you can understand how stupid that sounds while pushing people to get a vaccine. I'll standby for your stupid comment.

      3. SamiDaDerpYT

        You saying fauci is stupid? People like you make this pandemic longer and worse.

    6. Darcy and da Bois!

      Promote yourself: I make PS1 style Models and games with Godot

    7. Swyeet Podato

      I am a Unity programmer, writer, as well as a game designer. I have played many well-designed indie games such as Undertale, Holllow Knight, Shovel Knight, etc. I would really appreciate if a Programmer or a Music Designer could help us in game development! Even if you like indie games, but are not a designer, you can join our server and playtest games if you want!

      1. Swyeet Podato

        Our server invite is

    8. GoldiKat

      Promote yourself; Here again now that my channel has changed or is in the process of changing. I'm now in the process of making my own show and i have some concept art ready if anyone wants to see. i have most of the story and main designs finished and i'm starting to actually plan out the episodes! i can also explain certain plot points if anyone wants me too.

    9. ShrineBow

      7:03 Oh hey Quackity, didn’t expect o see you here

    10. NOAH MITCHELL!!!!!!

      Alternate Title: 18 mins of boring things just so you can get to the promote urself comments

    11. NoVa BG

      "Promote Yourself" I want to write a story about 3 ghost hunters encountering all ghost and urban legends in our world including creepypastas and other etc. Just all of the scary stuff will be there enemy

    12. jamcdonald120

      0:00 you have 30 seconds, go

      1. jamcdonald120

        0:30 aaaand times up, im out

    13. WHO IS T0MY??

      "Promote Yourself" I have a video game idea that I've been trying to get on paper. With little coding skills, I'm learning.

    14. Garret

      I'm a person that exists... I think... This whole thing I call life might just be an illusion created by the universe and I don't really exist. Who knows... Maybe this is just my imagination while I'm still not even born and in my mother's womb... I have these thoughts daily for some reason. Maybe it's the universe telling me something. I guess I'll never know (unless the womb thought is correct).

    15. Day_Breez0

      I have a couple comics I need an illustrator

    16. Roger Stelmach

      "Promote yourself" ive been intersted in music for a long time now (mainly rock and hip hop amongst others) but i just cant do beats and ive just realized since covid that i can use my talent and something i love to do, to make a living. Im a freshman in high school and just starting to learn how to make music. Buuuuuut like i said i have no clue how to do beats and im not entirely sure how to get started on writing songs. If anyone can help me with this that would be amazing. I have the paper i just need the pen.

      1. NoVa BG

        I have a technique that can make you be a lyrical genius. When there is lyrics, there are words. Every word has syllables and that is the most important thing to remember. Mostly people use words that contain one syllable of every melody of the song but it doesn't mean that the whole song will have to be one syllables of every melody, others would use a word that has 3 syllables that can work on 3 melodies. It is very hard to explain it here so i just hope you understand why i mean.

    17. locke

      Lil Nas X did a virtual concert on roblox during covid.

      1. IJN Yamato

        lol wtf

    18. lastsekond56

      Promote yourself: I’m getting into industry style graphic design and I can also do some voice acting

    19. a diamond sword

      Somethings I go to a popular comment and going to the replies and give everyone a like so they know that someone actually read there replies because most people don’t see the bottom of the replies

    20. One Shot

      Yo mat pat theory simulator is just a background but I low key would buy it

    21. Landon Graber

      Little Nightmares 2 theory?

    22. MrWubzy

      Promote Yourself: When I was a kid I wrote many short stories and poems, some of which ended up being published in local newspapers. I've had an idea for a video game plot that I've had brewing for years and now that I'm mostly stuck at home, I'd like to get that out there. I also have a tiny bit of experience with RPG Maker (take from that what you will) and I have a heavy interest in learning coding and graphic design. I'd love to be a part of any video game project. Thanks for reading.

    23. Melony Mutou

      Promote Yourself: It's never in very big need, but I tend to know my way around plotlines for stories. I somehow have this amazing ability to come up with ideas that bring together a plot/story in amazing ways with multiple different really cool connections, some that I don't even notice until down the line myself. You may think I'm joking with this as a reference, but me and a friend have been roleplaying together for over 10 years and I create 90% of our plots and steer them, and I like to think I do it really well D=. Basically, I'm good at IMPROVISING in a storyline. So if anyone needs that kind of help or something. Would love to work on a LGBT Dating Sim someday maybe?

    24. Melony Mutou

      I'd have to argue that the gardening/hydroponics business also had a pretty big upsurge due to COVID. Everyone wants/wanted to grow their own food (especially since there was a scare about food becoming scarce and disappearing off store shelves), and gardening is also an outdoors hobby you can even Social Distance while doing AND spend time outside which some people weirdly seem to enjoy, so it had a pretty big lift, too. ...But so did the drug/alcohol industry =D.

    25. •no name•

      The fact that he put ficking quackity as the stream to showXDDD

    26. Jacob Pinson

      imagine a non-scientist being at the forefront of science

    27. Mining NatureYT

      Is it weird that I keep seeing The Stupendium in Mat's cut-out characters almost once a video these days? example: 14:08 in this video, the leftmost cut-out Edit: I realize it might seem like a weird coincidence, but note the signature glasses and moustach, along with the side-part and classic Stupendium lambchops

    28. The legendary Phoenix

      I played a lot of older games like bo2 during the pandemic

    29. CreepCalamity

      "Promote yourself" I draw

    30. Soriah Joseph

      I swear sometimes this community really comes together there are a bunch of people in the comments promoting each other and sending support left and right

      1. GoldiKat

        @Super Leaf 64 Are you still down to hear ideas?

      2. Super Leaf 64

        Hey if there's a project that's needs help then hit me up. At the very least I can be a beta Tester

    31. Joseph Vincent

      Phillipines: haha we have vaccines hahaha *roasts america* America: but your vaccines can have side effects sometimes. Phillipines: ... true * sigh*

    32. MarshMelo

      Yo this is so true like i began spending money on video games during covid i never did before then lol

    33. Sayiddy games

      "Promote yourself" I am an 12 year old learning to make 3D games with unity if you know some good tutorials for unity please tell me.

    34. Vaan Studio Gaming

      Promote yourself: I’m working on my RPG called mervinsquest I have a playable demo and need to get it on my website.

      1. Vaan Studio Gaming

        @Super Leaf 64 awesome! What’s the best way to contact you?

      2. Super Leaf 64

        Hey if there's a project that's needs help then hit me up. At the very least I can be a beta Tester

    35. Dustin Rose

      I have ideas for video games but I don't know how to program

      1. Super Leaf 64

        Depends what those are

    36. nameless dork

      That is kinda inspiring. It may also explain why a 2-3 year old Japanese exclusive indie game had popped out in the US this year.

      1. Super Leaf 64

        That ddr inspired game?

      2. Talan Gieske

        What game?

    37. Super Potato

      “Sony literally doubled the sells of Microsoft” Any retailer - OUT OF STOCK

    38. Katie E

      Promote yourself: I am building a robotic dog in my basement. Because of COVID, I haven’t had any resources that I need to create something of this scale. I also have been building this completely alone when I was planning on having a team of people from my school. I have made a lot of progress and it’s still a work in progress. Being a high schooler building a project of this scale has been very impactful to me. Who ever is still here. Thank you for reading this.

      1. Katie E

        @Cuppa Kiwi thank you so much!

      2. Cuppa Kiwi

        That sounds like the coolest thing ever good luck!

    39. Zuper Gamer

      Sub to Zuper Gamer for gaming vids

    40. NinjaArtStudios

      Dang. Literally just watch the video about advertising and I immediately clicked the image on the left at the end of the video (like Matt said I would) it brought me here

    41. luke11685 gamerz31w

      Perhaps video games industry development evolved not died no zombies.

    42. luke11685 gamerz31w

      It's like 9/11 WTC,Chernobyl disaster...etc.


      "Promote Yourself" The fitness gram pacer test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues.


      0:01 Mat pat is Vsauce confirmed

    45. JunkFoodPilot

      this covid stuff is gonna be like Dio Brando

    46. Neo The One

      Game stop be like:

    47. NeoArashi

      There is LESS entertainment now? I wasn't aware that game were disapearing? Don't you mean less "new" forms of entertainment? Because new games still releases every weeks

    48. BeyondGalaxy

      Promote yourself : I'm in middle school and I have coding as a hobby. I'm currently working on my dream game in Scratch with my irl friend. I have a part in the writing, game design, and coding section of the game. While my friend has a role in doing the art and also coding section of the game. The game is an RPG (the graphics is planned to be pixel art, but it might change). The mechanics in the game is a mix of mechanics of the games I like.

      1. BeyondGalaxy

        I just wrote a paragraph lol

      2. BeyondGalaxy

        @Super Leaf 64 Thanks, also btw, I'm planning to switch to Godot since the project is somewhat big and I need it to be as smooth as possible.

      3. Super Leaf 64

        Hey if there's a project that's needs help then hit me up. At the very least I can be a beta Tester

    49. Daniel Blaga

      Promote yourself: I'm a budding game designer and I've now started geting into game development as well. I love creating lived-in worlds with fun interactive setpieces everywhere. Lately I've started to learn game development to bring my ideas to life, but progress is slow. I can also 3d model and create PBR compatible textures. If you're someone more coding-focused and interested in game development I'm sure we could make a great team.

      1. Super Leaf 64

        Do you have discord?

      2. Super Leaf 64

        Hey if there's a project that's needs help then hit me up. At the very least I can be a beta Tester

    50. 13th

      at 0:28 I thought he was talking about the Dominos pizza place not a ripple effect lmfao

    51. Stefan Games

      "promote yourself" I'm an aspiring developer who recently, with a friend who is a coder, has begun work on a project we've been talking about for a while now. To put it simply it's an RPG with lots of freedom in character builds, that takes place in a randomly generated but largely unique and everchanging dungeon, mixed with a few social element mechanics. The two big emphases we have in terms of themes are randomness and freedom. I guess the question I'm asking is if anybody would be interested in actually playing something like that?

      1. Super Leaf 64

        Hey if there's a project that's needs help then hit me up. At the very least I can be a beta Tester

    52. Lana Omer

      I wish matpat never made this video......

      1. Super Leaf 64


    53. Ink Sans

      This virus isn’t fake people are dying from it but some of the deaths died from cancer but they had COVID ok so I am just saying some deaths are just people that have COVID but they really died from cancer

    54. dat gamer boi

      I've been learning and 2 years later hopefully I could make game

    55. 「It Just Works」

      I hope the pandemic somehow contributes to a second video game crash. This industry is in desperate need of a reset.

    56. Grim Reaper

      I wish development would stay slowed down a bit then we might get even better games than we already get

    57. Ninjapizza8247

      Oh that's great "When they said to flatten the curve they ment the X axas (I don't like the American accent because I can't convey my words to speak to text. I just want to say axas not access)

    58. Glossy

      Promote Yourself: I've always loved writing and have hundreds of files filled with stories that I wrote or ideas I had in the past. The most prominent one has become a script I wanted to make into a movie or TV series. I haven't had the money or chance to reach anyone because of corona.

      1. Super Leaf 64

        What's it about?

    59. Choci & Katt

      "Promote yourself" youtube channel, im doing animation pixel art with microsoft paint :) and then my sis does gacha life and gacha club stuff its a channel for both of us as a hobby but we also hope we can make some people smile :) also theres some story over here- **cough** sorry got somethin in my throat : ]

      1. Jackson Skywalker

        I have a similar story

    60. The gamer

      make an old world vid? like what is under the fog of war.

    61. Grimmace

      Pretty sure Xbox plans to XP their already released games, turning out DLC for as long as the fans are buying. It seems the direction MS needs to take to take the newly purchased Bethesda out of their Game Pass lawsuit, and all the small Xbox developers have started buzzing excitedly the past few months.

    62. Expldcreeperyt 2

      Matpat has predicted March 31st 2021

    63. Saida Abdille

      Promote yourself: I'm a 12yr old girl with no life hi

      1. Super Leaf 64

        Can you voice act?

      2. Emma

        Hi don't mind me just a friendly piece of advice- maybe don't say your age on the internet? Especially at your age I can speak from experience so please trust me, k?

    64. Gravity Games

      Promote yourself: I uh, like make book. Seriously though, I really want to make a sci-fi or fantasy book but can never find the motivation (or time)

      1. Gravity Games

        @Super Leaf 64 not much. I’ve only written half baked books so far

      2. Super Leaf 64

        Hmm what have you written

    65. the cultured refrigerator

      0:01 hey its me vsauce here

    66. Dominite

      nobody talks about roblox i dont know why :/

    67. Loretta Angiolino

      "Promote yourself" Well, I'm super late but might as well! I'm a Game Art student in my first year and I'd like to help out with something (preferably 2D) while I'm stuck inside! Best at 2D art, but I have basic knowledge of 3dsMax, but I like to learn more! I also like writing characters if that's any help.

      1. Loretta Angiolino

        @Super Leaf 64 Yeah I do! It's Ashiiko#8877 Sorry! I didn't see the reply earlier.

      2. Super Leaf 64

        Do you have discord?

    68. Account

      "Promote yourself" I'm a german highschool student and have been working on small never finished games before. Im not very good at drawing but pretty well known to programming with GMS 2. I decided that I need some fully working games for my portfolio in the future. If anyone is interested in making any kind of 2D game (pref. using Gamemaker Studio 2) or has a good idea for a small game please comment

      1. Account

        @Super Leaf 64 Kingsimon #0513

      2. Super Leaf 64

        Do you have discord?

    69. Niko

      Not me dying rn gen z needs a new game to kill-

    70. IceBreaker

      i was triying to make a game here on quarantine but i remembered something i dont know programming languaje XD . i wanna know if someone wants to talk here is my discord iseVraker#9516

    71. Sanprx

      next console PSAX8263 XBOXCZ7192872

    72. Mello Phone


    73. VV969

      I actualy work on an concept for Windows 12 on scratch

    74. Alex Lee

      I like how he's giving indie devs a space to promote here :) Promote Yourself: Release my first game in Early Access on Steam last year - Dream Knights, a 2D platformer in an illustrative style of art. Developed using Construct 2. Currently developing the first update and preparing for full release out of early access. Going to be developing a 3D first person walking simulator with a horror theme in Unreal Engine after this. I am also a musician that plays keyboard, bass and guitar and I'm thinking of getting into developing a new animation when I have time. When I'm not doing any of this, I also paint with oil or acrylics on canvas.

      1. Super Leaf 64

        Nice do you have discord?

    75. Distrar Subvoicar

      "Promote yourself" I'm a translator and indie dev, looking to translate other people's indie games into Spanish and Agirowen (my favorite languages), since my indie game is taking a long time to make due to having to program a complex system from scratch and I want something easier and productive to do during times when I'm mentally stuck regarding programming my own game (I'm way better at translation than programming, heh)

      1. Distrar Subvoicar

        @Super Leaf 64 Yeah Distrar voyik/voyikron#8445 is my Discord username&tag I'm not very chatty on there casually, though. I normally only talk formal business there. Just saying so you know what to expect

      2. Super Leaf 64

        Do you have discord?

    76. Demonic Angel

      Ah yes mat pat theory simulator thank god I have a switch can't wait!

    77. Railroad Fan

      The KFConsle even killed mario, on March 31.

    78. iRoc Von JamminStien

      Michael Jackson’s ghost called and he wants his jacket back

    79. CrossoverWorlds

      Relating to the promote yourself thing: I've actually gotten a fanfiction i'm writing on Wattpad, but currently it's on hiatus due to lack of motivation and other irl stuff. The fanfiction is planned to come in a trilogy, with perhaps a 4th book if people enjoy the first three. Currently i'm still writing the first one and it's still on hiatus again, due to lack of motivation. It's called Crossover Sagas and you can find it on wattpad (If you want i can post a link to the hiatused story.) Crossover Sagas Status: hiatus Official Book titles: Book 1, Hoperise (on hiatus) Book 2, Fatalshot (not out) Book 3, Title to be determined (not out)

      1. Super Leaf 64


    80. The man in the airplane Costume

      raycon bad

      1. The man in the airplane Costume

        check out dankpods

    81. GenJko _

      If the virus is so deadly (and all due respect to people who have died to it) then why haven't all of the anti-maskers died yet? Surely they would be since it was mandatory to wear them by the federal government for risk of exposure or transmission. So why aren't they all dead?

      1. Super Leaf 64

        Their brains are so dead there's nothing left covid to kill

      2. Emma

        It's more deadly towards elderly people. And most people recover from covid-19 Like not everyone who gets it dies lol Also wearing a mask doesn't protect you, it's meant to protect people around you. So in theory everyone will be protected. So in a public space where everyone else is wearing a mask, the anti maskers are spreading it to people (I'm not a doctor just a person with some knowledge)

    82. Melani Choco

      Promote yourself: I’m a college student who does KGup videos where I react to scary videos, say yes to the dress, and I theorize what would happen in some marvel movies. My hopes one day is to make it on the big screen and be a big actress, and have about 6Million subscribers on KGup before I turn 21

      1. Melani Choco

        @Super Leaf 64 yes, sorry

      2. Super Leaf 64

        Do you voice act?

    83. Blue TheFosky

      WHAT A TRANSITION nice transition Matt

    84. pokebrouserkat

      got to 9:25 and remembered "Xbox button but its everywhere" by Xbox

    85. pokebrouserkat

      I haven't started watching yet, but I already agree.. my KGup notifications agree too, seeing as Nintendo has sent basically 0 notifications my way

    86. tantthetank

      My Brother worked on a game whenever we were at a place that is out vacation home. I really liked the game idea and it had Multiplayer. Although one year he didn't and found out all the progress for the game was gone even though he only really worked on it at vacation he did quite a bit. He had a story for it... Map ideas and more... I have been wanting him to continue it since 2019...

    87. tantthetank

      14:08 The guy on the left looks like Stupendium...

    88. aea ea

      Here are the promote yourself comment: ⬇

    89. Brad Evans

      Hay mat uhh I like trains so KGup thinks ima baby and I got a ad that had your symbol and said unstoppable also I’m ten it was your among us What a second I’m still a boi

    90. Jeanicia Sparkles

      Is it weird that I actually want to play MattPat Theory Simulator? 😂 Also I never knew Necrobarista was done by some of the Theorist team. Glad I have it! 🥰

    91. A. Reyes

      A recap of the fall of the internet

    92. WatermelonsIRL

      You should start a new channel, sports theory

    93. Nathan John Palao Gaming

      Promote yourself I beat the ender dragon

    94. Andrew Morrow

      Why did Fauci tell people not to wear masks at the beginning of the virus?

    95. Free Sun shine

      is it just me or does matpat gets more edgy when he become a cardboard man

    96. Ew-do

      Promote your self I'm a indie developer in the middle of creating my first and dream game

      1. Super Leaf 64

        Dream game?

    97. IAleG

      Nice video, i think i've learned a lot!

    98. Ryguy 5407


    99. Crabbit

      Promote yourself I am a game developer and a youtuber impacted by covid 19. I have published my firs video in almost 7 months last sunday

      1. Super Leaf 64

        What did you make?

      2. SuperJumpBros

        aw man my reply got deleted

    100. Carl Coyoteleg