Game Theory: Are Your Mobile Games ILLEGAL?

The Game Theorists

5 млн көрүүлөр547

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    I'm sure you've been playing a game or watching a video on your phone when suddenly it is interrupted with an add for a weird and fake looking mobile game. I've seen a lot of channels try out these games to see if they play as advertised, but they haven't covered what I find most interesting about these games. Are they LEGAL? False advertising is a dangerous game, Theorist, so why do these mobile games get away with it? Let's find out!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Tyler Mascola and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Spongebecca

      Thank you for doing a video about this

    2. Scott Grayson

      word of the day for intros: EPIC

    3. big mac

      There is only 1 game that u can de prettymuch eneything

      1. big mac


    4. Clark Kent

      EPIC Coming to a store near you

    5. Sprig Plantar

      *I litterally seen only one puzzle game ad that is good and doesn't lie about how they game is..* *It was hero rescue*

    6. Maxifire 32

      i once saw a game ad that was stolen from a "only one block" challenge minecraft video on youtube, the game was just custom maps for minecraft poket edition

    7. Old Lego animation channel

      Did you know that “Rob Master 3D” has an ad about using a diamond tester on DaBaby’s “ice?”

    8. -Sukicchi -

      Power Players you mean the whales?

    9. Jake x

      While watching this video i think i got a scam ad

    10. Olivia TG

      You need to look at the slice it all ads. They used an ad person from helix jump and they don’t even hide it

    11. Karsten Gamer

      I got those adds but they were games I play so I didn’t get it

    12. Karsten Gamer

      What the


      speaking of ads.the ad bots are sooooo STUPID

    14. Ro

      Do people not just uninstall it the moment they realise the games shitty and not even like the ad?

    15. AlvTEC

      Oh boy I have seen these ads before I have saw one titled:AD ONS FOR MCPE AND THE LITERAL AD WAS A PERSON MAKING A NATHER PORTAL

      1. N4MEL3SS W0LF

        @AlvTEC XD so they werent even using an ad on

      2. AlvTEC

        @N4MEL3SS W0LF even had the new nether biomes

      3. AlvTEC

        @N4MEL3SS W0LF yes they were in vanilla

      4. N4MEL3SS W0LF

        ah yes, as if they aren't in the vanilla eidtion

    16. Wut Cat

      My mom is on level 3658 on Gardenscapes but she has not gotten a single minigame

    17. Viccinate

      Cuz that’s how mafia works

    18. bhuvan raj

      I got an ad for LinkedIn while watching this video as if KGup is trying to tell me to get a job instead of watching this video😥😥😥

    19. Ruby Schuyler

      My diction isn’t working

    20. Ruby Schuyler

      I meant to say really cool wizard stuff

    21. Ruby Schuyler

      There’s a game that you can play on an Apple product and an android called Prodigy it’s a math game that includes wizard stuff not like Harry Potter but what are you 😎 wizard stuff

    22. Kieran O'lafferty

      A great example of a fake advert is a game called rise of empires: ice and fire. Their adverts are literally gameplay taken from age of empires 2, a 90s game i used to love

    23. Mortal Death

      Marketing in general is one of the most fickle things, I remember this comedian talking about marketing and showed this ad of a phone and the time on the phone was 10:08 and if you see any mobile ads you will see that is the common time, and the reason is because in marketing if there was ever a clock in the ad with two hands, if the time was at 10:08 then the hands made a smiley face and made people happy. It's about weird signals our brain receives and make us become interested in an image, just look at a lot of youtubers that do daily content in a game like Fortnite or something, the thumbnail has bright colours and bold letters which draws you in, the title of the video uses emojis and use of language that asks a question or a surprise to draw you in, it's all psyche bs and I hate that business and marketing ruin a lot of fun things. Also there is a twitch streamer I watch who plays Fifa Ultimate Team and during the "What If?" promo a few months back his title on his streams were always "What If... your Prime sub is available?" and his increase in twitch prime subs was like 150% or something crazy.

    24. Vickycat

      i see these ada too

    25. Vickycat

      3.01 master hand

    26. Kelly Douglas

      Ok Life Lesson Learned:If You Want To Have What The Ad DOESNT Promise...Download It

    27. marit hietbrink

      I wonder if they decide to do something about it in America how that will affect the adds in other countries and the other way around

    28. Plasma Flippy

      I commonly see ads that show that there's apparently porn in the videogame, never downloaded the thing but I think its obvious that there's none

    29. Miramazing

      Idk why but in those puzzle, ads where you have to choose what to do, they ALWAYS mess up the easiest things. It's very annoying but it's a strategy. They make the game seem super easy so you can tell yourself "Omg this looks so easy! How do they mess up?! I can do it 🙄" And then when you download the actual game it's a lot harder or a lot different and let's not forget - full of ads 😐. And let's talk about the fact that most of the time they put just a little bit of demo gameplay in the ad and when you click it to continue or start again you are directly send to download their app 😃🔫. At this point nobody clicks them lol

    30. Aaron Binkley

      So, like, what actually is the game play of New mobile game you can do whatever you want? Like, is it a puzzle game? An RPG... a JRPG?! What! I must download and play New mobile game you can do whatever you want and find out!! Actually what is the probability that that name was the result of some peon at the bottom of the totem pole asking what title he was supposed to put on the new mobile game and his boss said you can do whatever you want and he just decided to be a sparky punk and just put literally what his boss said knowing that if anyone asked he could just tell them that is what his boss told him to name it! Lol!

    31. Gabriel Le Pen

      Someone needs to go back in time at the doors of Google and tell them to ACTUALLY WORK

    32. A bit

      Dude it's all about the money Nothing matters than money

    33. Rocketreaper09

      4567 lvl 😂😂😂

    34. Kale Sauce

      The way that I thought I was the only one getting these ads

    35. Tim Borland

      One of those adds played when I was watching this video.

    36. Whosthere

      I've seen my wife playing that Homescapes game. Just asked her about it. She is on level 4,137(!) and said she played the advertised type game 10-12 times total

    37. Galaxy Falls

      this video is EPIC, (insert EPIC explosions)

    38. Yung Sinner

      The one that got me was the mafia game ad on Instagram then it was a city game instead of what it showed as the ad which was actual good combat and it looked kinda like the combat one in this vid lol

      1. Yung Sinner

        Thought I was getting a good mafia game but I got the feckin sims 5 mafia pack

    39. scratchman- coding on Scratch!


    40. Nick VanRegenmorer

      1:13 I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets these ads every day

    41. Angelo Ayran


    42. Pablo Cassani

      Yeahh, Game theory!

    43. Steven Hughes

      That was a very interesting video. So interesting I managed to cope with the annoying voice put on for the video.

    44. Devam Desai

      Hey what about the fact that time is money and although they didn't scam us money they did scam us of our time. Also what about the games that promise to pay but are a complete hoax?

    45. Cavare Envius

      In Germany there is even a company that sells fake ratings for dating sites that uses fake accounts.

    46. GuardianOfWonderland

      God I'm glad someone finally said something about those stupid ads,, of the several games I play (that I know run regular ads), only ONE runs ads that are truthful to gameplay,,,, yikes

    47. God Slayer139

      You also need to think when you see an “epically rendered 3D game with shading so detailed that it is like real life” there is no way even an IPhone 12 or S20 can handle all that

    48. Half Modest

      7:05 he gave better advice for growing your channel than the videos youtubers make to teach you how to grow your channel

    49. Vanessa Walsh

      I know what the 2 green bars in the 0:52 screenshot mean: Game Theory (top left) and GTLive (bottom right).

    50. That Vegan Teacher sucks

      In so glad we had better games in 2016 like, talking angela , tom , tom and friends , subway surfers , tom and friends ect. Then now OmG I cAnT ReaCh PinK I FouNd a GaMes FoR BuddIeS

    51. Megan the Wenguin

      Omg annotations thrown right back

    52. Dondlo

      Just got the EPIC ad before watching this video lmao

    53. EdwardEatsYogurt

      God I hatr aids

      1. EdwardEatsYogurt


    54. RJ Robertson-DeGraaff

      it would be less effort to make the simple logic games, clearly they think ppl want them so why is there just one?

    55. Jan Manuel Nicholas J. GARCIA

      Hey guys at least now they try to improve and show "gameplay"

    56. mark calnea

      Yeah i saw this game "Minicraft 2020" On the add it was Minecraft But the Game. Its a crappy version of Minecraft

    57. Satrio Baharudin Hendarto

      It's funny, cuz Mobile game ads in 2010 is Real to describe their game. Not Clickbait or Sexual content

    58. Sparade filmer

      I DELET games with ads and I d have a pc

    59. Adamson Fan

      She’s only on level 965? Amateur. My mom is on 6000 something level. For real. Not kidding

    60. Darkaigirl Night

      11:37 wait a second... doesn’t glasses actually „cure“/fix blindness in some way by enabling the user to see clearer? That’s an interesting thought to follow haha

    61. Cassy Roblox

      I unsubscribed from all your channels the second you said DOGS ARE STRONGER THAN CATS

    62. April Willis

      How to solve the ad problem 1: turn of volume. 2: look away

    63. Melina The Cat

      I once played a mobile game, which was called "Hogwarts mystery" the ad was nice and i startet playing. I Soon realiest that the Player Had an Energy bar, which you get an Energie from every 4 minutes. It's a Story Game, and all you do is Tap in the Screen to Spend energy. You can Play the game without Spend Money, but for one tenth of a Side Quest you need to be online for 8 hours straight. The game was made to Spend Money in it. The Story is Bad and you can't Play it with fun. That drived me crazy. A KGupr i watch often Spend i Think 2000€ in that Game ... In one month. (Sorry for my bad english)

      1. Someone-you-do-not-know

        I tried that one too. When I set an alarm to wake me up in the middle of the night ONLY so I could use energy in the game, I realised it was detrimental to me, and deleted it immediately.

    64. Melina The Cat

      While the among us was at it's peak, every Game ad Had among us people in it. Of course the real game hadn't and because I suspected that i wasn't one of the persons who fell in the Trap. I don't think that saying Something different in the ad makes the game get better Reviews, but the ad is more clicked and the ad Producer gets more money. I hate that.

    65. Nikolas Alexander

      Yay I'm smart

    66. Miku Bunny

      evolution isn't real

    67. Ferrium

      They have very sexual adds all over KGup that breaks normal KGup guidelines ✋🏻

    68. Bucky the Otaku

      i literally stopped using the youtube app because of all the triggering sexual assault promoting ads

    69. Haxalicious

      Speaking of mobile game ads, if you have Android, download KGup Vanced, no more ads.

    70. *Aura_FlowerYT*

      This is why I only ever play things like Roblox, Minecraft, and Genshin Impact. All comepletely legit games bc all of this stuff has literally killed my storage and I’m still in the process of deleting everything. Never again.

    71. Jan Raissal Barbado

      nO OnE caNt bEat this GAme 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Bruh these adds sucks

    72. Laila Fugate


    73. Annliss Jordan

      And then everyone moved to the UK


      my dad enjoys homescapes

    75. ticolinac

      epic ville? more like ad ville

    76. air port

      This video was epic

    77. MonkeyFace 2421

      Do you know what really is epic, that intro

    78. AppLied

      965!?!? Not a chance my mom is on 3034

    79. Mike Wittmann

      If the FTC doesnt get them, copyright law will.

    80. Chase Clement

      ROFL good luck proving you got coronavirus because of a faulty mask and not because you touched something or someone else touched or coughed on you. Just saying.

    81. Genesis Paradox

      Its funny that they did these ads for so long and not bother making a good quality game based on those ads i mean like those gaming companies have good ideas but they just slapped it as a terrible presentation and make it half @$$ed instead of getting editor's choice for their hypothetically trending game


      0:05 Epic epic epic epic E P I C

    83. And Peggy

      Omg the beginning... it’s so true

    84. Niite

      I love that lil loser joke in the opening reminds me of that episode of Rick and Morty

    85. Mellow Yellow

      I’m going to admit to something, I watch a lot of his videos twice, the first time I take a little nap, and the second time I actually watch it. Matpat apparently has a really soothing voice...

    86. Ronnie's Rants and Reveiws

      I'm looking at you "Kiss of War"!

    87. Overly Large Kid

      see that subscribe button over there, EPIC!!!

    88. BLKBRDSR71

      That opening was... EPIC!

    89. Russian duckling 0w0

      Please do a bioshock theory

    90. Silver Fox

      I like when he said “ e p I c “

    91. Aehnkantos

      I wish I could let Hero-Wars know that the only reason the red/blue version of their ads might only perform better than the ones with the usual Hero of Bullshittery is that it seems distanced from their own brand.

    92. Douglas Mulkey

      This is actually why I don't play mobile games.

    93. Sanana Show

      2:26 random part


      Red - film theories Yellow- food theories Green - game theories What about the other quarter

    95. Triple-7 Kustoms

      There's this one racing game that I've played before and actually really liked but the I've been getting ads from them lately that are straight up forza game play footage

    96. Kings

      what happens if human unlocked their full potential

    97. Metta

      Matt: these ads are misleadi- The add i got: *shut* can you win the gold?

    98. 吉井雄太朗

      AB testing + gradient descent = pog

    99. CyberCorgi

      The least they can do is add more mini games rather than just 2 every six hundred levels. Edit: Yeah so I’ve been getting an add for a mobile game about THE FRICKING POLITICAL SITUATIONS!!!

    100. Franu: Animacje

      Ngl that intro was EPIC