Game Theory's UNCENSORED Interview With Dr. Fauci | The COVID-19 Vaccine

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    Stephanie and I got the chance to interview Dr. Fauci about some of the myths and misunderstandings going around about COVID-19. We wanted to get to the bottom of some of the big, unanswered questions - especially about the COVID-19 vaccine. Is it safe and should you get it? Thank you again to Dr. Fauci for taking the time to sit down and answer our questions to help educate all of us.
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    1. Chris RLTW


    2. Robert Creech

      This is straight up propaganda. Why is Fauci going on interviews with all of these influencers to push this totalitarian and corrupt agenda? If people don’t see through this propaganda, we are headed for a very demented dystopian future...

    3. Backwoods Boyz

      It's only uncensored if you conform to their rules and their ideology. If you want REAL news, go check out Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, Alex Jones, David Icke. Go to banned. video or infowars. com.

    4. Christopher Thompson

      Uncensored LMAO hahahahahahahahah with Fauci LMAO hahahahahahahahah 🤣🤣😂😂😂👌

    5. Casper Pena

      nothing but B.S with this Joker!

    6. Mo Mo

      It’s not a vaccine, It’s not approved. Only Emergency Authorized use mRNA shot! It was never tested on animals or kids or elderly. It was tested on Healthy Adults under lockdown of course they’ll say it’s safe! NO vax exist for corona viruses! The made one many years ago and tested on ferrets that were released into the wild and they all ended up DEAD! They also tested on 35 kids and they had adverse reactions and two of em died! This is why they didn’t test this new COnvid shot on animals or kids. Do not for the love of GOD get this poison kill shot! Especially kids!

    7. Eric Pelky

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    8. Dominic Channel

      Your noice is like. Mark rober

    9. WITTEK

      You sold your soul.

    10. Political Chatter

      Fauci is a fraud.

    11. Ramping Ram

      people in this channels demographic have less than a .001% chance of dying from covid, but they are 1000x more likely to believe the governments propaganda. so you do the math

    12. babatunde abiola

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    13. William Lookabill

      Where's the AMOGUS?????

    14. Matt Peters

      Matt… chat. Seems to check out.

    15. tupera1

      ...sorry're interviewing him because the Biden administration knows you're a leftwing shill. Fauci is the voice is science?!? If by science you mean bold face lies and political pandering, you'd be right

    16. daniel somek

      This man should be fired

    17. Railroad Conductor

      the covid-19 virus was created in China and transported to the US. The vaccine needles 💉 are manufactured in and shipped from China. The vaccine serum is manufactured in and shipped from China. Do Not let no one lie to you or trick you.🤔😲🤔😲😲🤔🤔🤔🙁

    18. Dino Steaks

      Imagine trusting these morons with anything, let alone your genetics.

    19. vince7785

      No liability for vaccine makers!! Makes me feel secure and sure about Mr Fauci's shot products he is promoting!!!!!

    20. vince7785

      SCAMdemic!!!! CDC admitted that 94% of people that died of this virus,had on average 2 to 3 other health problems. How many of those REALLY died of the other health problems since the CDC documents instruct doctors that it is acceptable to put "PROBABILITIES" or "PRESUMPTIONS" on death certificates as a CONFIRMED case of this virus!!!!

    21. Max Power

      You know it is a fake pandemic when you have e-celebs and gamers interviewing the guy telling you to wear a face diaper.

      1. Michael H

        500K Americans died, but whatever.

    22. Max Power


    23. Wendy Hughes

      The PLANdemic is not a hoax but it is sinister. And I don't trust this particular vaccine.

      1. Kiz Epic Journey

        Good thing there are 3 of them.

      2. Kermit

        Your delusional

    24. Karen Kerr

      All animals in the phase one trials died.

    25. Karen Kerr

      KGuprs shilling for the cabal. Stream farm celebrity at its best

      1. Michael H

        Sure thing Karen.

    26. Tj256

      Politician "Dr Fauci" is definitely NOT safe.

    27. Deborah Monk

      Is there a picture of Dorit

    28. Ross Ritchey


    29. Special Ops Pepe

      Why's this whole "why you should trust "xyz"" narrative being pushed so hard, makes everything more sketchy to me, it's all being advertised so unnaturally, forcefully even.

    30. Zippy

      Wow the fnaf lore sure has evolved

    31. Joshua Gravel

      Any claim that the "vaccines"are safe in the long term is pure conjecture. Anyone who claims that it is safe is either ignorant of the the risk of long term autoimmune issues, or is lying. Fauci and the NIH have repeatedly been caught lying, and the CDC admits that both their testing protocol and their death count are inaccurate by design. His claim that long term adverse effects from vaccines are unheard of, is ignoring the fact that the COVID-19 "vaccines" are not vaccines in the traditional sense, and are in fact novel MRNA immunotherapies. Both the long term safety and the efficacy of these immunotherapies are completely UNKNOWN, and Fauci knows this.

    32. Steve Arias

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    33. Madison Didham

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    34. normal guy

      I always knew MatPat was a pathetic corporate stooge, but this takes the cake.

      1. Kermit

        You only think that because you don’t accept science

    35. Jamielynn Edwards

      Haas I want Bailey from murder mystery and makeup to do it interview with the doctor believe it or not she would really get down into some questions she's freaking friends with Nancy Grace and interviews her I was like what

    36. Jamielynn Edwards

      Oops are they married or are they brother and sister or relatives

    37. Jamielynn Edwards

      Ha I can tell he's thinking what a lovely girl she's quite lovely I wonder if she'd fancy me that's her husband he seems so immature and younger than her hmm and she's thinking wow doctor fauci

    38. Ricky Bobby

      Why does he give me blues clues vibes

    39. TigerAceSullivan

      18 hour days for a whole year...

    40. daveidduha

      What's the difference between MatPat and PS5? Nothing, they both sold out.

    41. Vw Superbeetle

      sold out

    42. Greg Aldridge

      My Dr. told me I am already getting enough experimental biological agents in my body, and this isn’t recommended for my age group.

    43. Atwater Playhouse

      Hilarious. This guy is a criminal.

    44. David Abarzua

      Fauci is a charlatan

    45. Yourname Here

      Challenge tests on animals or humans were skipped. No way of really knowing whether the vaccine is safe or not. As for "uncensored", YT is censoring people on their platform big-time. I suspect that this channel was approached as a "trusted voice" as discussed during the Event201 pandemic "training drill" or whatever that really was.

    46. Kevin Olsen

      Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you! While this didn't give me enough information to make an informed decision, this has given me far more info that I did need than looking at the CDC website or trying to talk (and being ignored) to my own doctor (i think they might be imaginary but taking my money at this point). So thank you so much for your smart questions, and THANK YOU Dr. Fauci for your time and well worded answers! Could I recommend passing that information more openly and getting doctors to talk to their communities more about this?! I know I'd value that.

    47. Paula Evansg

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    48. Shawn Nguyen

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    49. JR Yutzy

      That guy gives me the creeps. He’s probably right on what he says but If the government was planning something sinister they’d be using guys like him to front it

    50. Dwight Witmer

      Not taking it ever

    51. Gene Livingston

      The hoax is that Covid was used (and continues to be used) to advance a particular globalist agenda. Nobody's suggesting the virus doesn't exist. The point of the response was to raise the general Fear level, manipulating populations to advance leftist authoritarian policies like restricting travel to only the elite, bankrupting small business (while the largest companies in the world made more money than ever before), etc.

    52. Nicholas Pamplona

      lost all respect for this channel. glad i unsubbed when i did. this channel is nothing more than a hollow shell of its formal self. should have just stuck to video game theories

    53. Nicholas Pamplona

      its not a vaccine. vaccines contain trace amounts of the virus. this is a dna altering shot. if you end up not being able to have kids, blame yourself

    54. Shanna Shenna

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    55. J R

      Anthony Fauci is an editor of Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, the bible of internal medicine. It is read and revered around the word. It is sad to see that this man is distrusted so much in his own country.

    56. Kristine Christlieb

      These people are such liars.

    57. andy riv

      down terrible.

    58. Brent z

      KGup and add likes and erase can even buy fake subscribers and positive comments..keep that in mind.

    59. Big Gamer

      4:46 can’t tell if that is how Matt and Steff look like when they are actually serious or if they were trying to looks serious

    60. Kraang ‎‎‎‎‎‎​

      So Fauci admits that the numbers publicly reported are false? 4:30 "We have 352 thousand people who have died" Didn't we just hear about how it's 500K? Stay consistent Fauci.

    61. Down Home Biggie

      February 24th, 1000 deaths, 14000 severe side effects because of the Covid vaccines == according to the CDC VAERS reporting system. I wish you would have asked Dr. Fauci about the 2012 study of Mrna carrier in animals. They had to stop the trials. He deflects his answers in broad generalities. Just some advice, if you are going to interview him again please research and pin him down on some tough questions.

    62. Dee Casta

      My personal concerns are related to long term effects regarding reproduction. My personal fear is a repeat of the neonatal vitamins that caused birth defects and was later pulled by the FDA. I wish someone would address this concern.

    63. Wesley Troyan

      Fauci is TRASH bro you're smarter than this...

    64. فاطمة علي

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    65. HWS Gallery

      😏 Sorry, but I'm allergic to bull💩.

    66. Mike simmons

      I trust this guy as much as a scorpion is not going to sting me when I mess with it

    67. Jack Stavro


    68. Foreign Priest33

      Lets see if the government changes their mind on the efficacy of the vaccine if we all respond negatively.

    69. Davidísimo

      “Game Theory’s SELF-CENSORED interview with dr. Fauci”

    70. tennis fan

      Censored dislikes 👎🏾 😂

    71. Jay

      Asking sleepy Joe.. he talking about COVID 19 very good ?

    72. Nick Jacobs

      Propaganda. Let people make their own decisions regarding an untested vaccine with unclear long term side effects

      1. Kermit

        @A Heinz they don’t have any brain whatsoever

      2. A Heinz

        Christ how do you people beleave stuff like this.

      3. CourageousDreamer *


    73. Matt Okray

      Pervert liars

    74. BEpIs_e

      me when hover over thumbnail:

    75. David Decker

      Always seek a second opinion especially when KGup is pushing it. Just because a moron with a lot of subs ask the question doesn’t make it true. This is propaganda to indoctrinate kids.

    76. Game Breaker

      To this day I only know one person who has got COVID and yes masks work but i don’t think it’s harmful enough to justify using it in the first place

    77. Cody Li

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    78. Joseph Strazi

      Dr. Anthony Fauci = Medical criminal against humanity. -Don't know? Do a DEEP DIVE dude.

    79. Lemon Murder.Com

      Sellout Shill

    80. Let's Break Stuff

      Sellout Shill

    81. The Gay Version

      Sellout Shill

    82. The 1 Minute News

      Mathew, you are a sellout shill.

    83. river_rat

      i cant believe you would post this sick propaganda

    84. Scott Cunningham


    85. pinky!

      This can't be apart of the FNAF story.

    86. survival conscious

      Fraud fauci the genocidal Prince

    87. Steelz MB

      1 out of 3 ppl are permanently damaged

    88. Joyce Audrey

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    89. Mike Pinchin

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    91. Musiktheoretiker


    92. Alberto Chavira

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    93. Dee Cee

      really your thumbnail is "is it safe".....what basis does a guy making videos and animations have to question the science of vaccines? let me guess your social media creds.

      1. Dee Cee

        gtfo w/this irresponsible alarmist nonsense.

    94. AWildBeowulf

      Dr Falsely

    95. Nuna Yobusiness

      From one fool to another

    96. Diane Diehl

      For reference vaccines take 10.7 years for development with an average 94% failure rate. Anyone who states effectiveness or safety the facts are not in as we need time to analyze. Anyone who states yes safe and effective are not stating truth, as anyone can read science articles in the Lancet British Medical Journal and even the CDC and NIH

    97. jessi Ronquillo

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    98. THE CREW

      Hhhheeeeeeeeyyyyy guuuuuuysssss!!!! I'm paid off HERE TAKE THIS VACCINE EVEN THO YOU AINT SICK AND THERES A 99% CHANCE YOU WILL SURVIVE IT IF YOU GET IT 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🖕🖕🖕🖕

      1. pupiegod

        @THE CREW ok, firstly you are quite possibly the dumbest person I’ve ever encountered. Secondly, I didn’t like my own comment

      2. THE CREW

        @pupiegod which I'm not sick cause I already was sick from covid but kicked just like the yearly flu... dont be a sheep.. AND stop liking your own comment weirdo

      3. pupiegod

        You don’t take a vaccine when you’re sick.. You take it so you DON’T get sick.

    99. Watch Absolute Truth on Rumble

      Dr? FAUXCHY he doesn't answer questions! Talk to Bill Sardi at Knowledge of and get answers on how to help you not to get covid and what to do if you do get it! The natural way works not Aborted babies, Nano ( CONTROLLABLE ) Technology and RNA changing chemicals!

    100. Scott E

      Is that the Adrenochrome structural formula hanging on the wall above your head Matt? Lol