The Game Theory $1,000,000 Challenge for St. Jude! ft. MrBeast, Markiplier, Dream, Pokimane, & more!

The Game Theorists

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    We are so excited to be hosting our 2nd livestream in support of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital®. Last year you helped us raise over $1.3 MILLION dollars, helping to advance treatments & cures for childhood cancer & other life-threatening diseases and ensuring no family receives a bill from St. Jude for anything.. We know our community can do it again... & more!

    YOU CAN HELP NOW by clicking the donate button & giving towards our $1,000,000 goal. We’ll get there with YOUR help! 100% of EVERY DOLLAR YOU DONATE goes to treating children & helping defeat cancer once & for all!
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    The Mission of St. Jude:
    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Treatments invented at St. Jude have helped push the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20% to more than 80% since it opened more than 50 years ago. And families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food-because all they should worry about is helping their child live. Join us in our lifesaving mission: Finding cures. Saving children.®
    It's an honor to support the St. Jude mission with the help of the Theorist Community today.
    For more information on St. Jude and the work they do, visit their official website. ►
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    1. Briana Barron

      my sister is a cancer survivor and they told her she wouldn't have kids but now she has a baby boy

    2. sergey shvakov


    3. Robert Pankevitch(ST)

      he should have invited sean or aka jacksepticeye

    4. Robert Pankevitch(ST)

      did anyone hear that voice at 2 :31:36

    5. Robert Pankevitch(ST)

      demon elmo or molten elmo

    6. Common TGS

      imagine being the person who would dislike this.

    7. Robert Pankevitch(ST)

      calls it sonic *angry sanic noises*

    8. Robert Pankevitch(ST)

      i love how there is a minute delay

    9. Robert Pankevitch(ST)

      huuh??? new mtcg set

    10. Robert Pankevitch(ST)

      magic tcg is such a good game

    11. Robert Pankevitch(ST)

      wizards of the coast my favorite card company

    12. Oceanic

      Matpat: let’s raise $1,000,000!!!!! Audiance:*raises $3,000,000

    13. Ecraft game

      Why wuld anyone dislike this

    14. Gergő Földing


    15. Rae Chan

      A happy face donated 20 buck at 32:45

    16. guuv7ftz the roblox player


    17. Fresh Froot


    18. Fresh Froot

      Me not watching the whole thing and wondering why Maek Rober is in the background

    19. 3 Minute funny moments

      5.2 dislikes what the hell


      Epic C

    21. Katie Evans


    22. Emil Pasz.

      How many youtubers are there

    23. Galaxy Reach

      I wasnt here to donate during this stream I am so angry but at the same time so pleased with humanity to see that dollar count go above 200 thousand in such a short amount of time give yourselves a round of applause everyone gosh DAMN

    24. Kelsey

      5:59:14 is when mark first shows up

    25. Christian Torelli

      Matt you look Dewy What mat should have said Matt: You can call me Matt'n dew

    26. Anti-HyperLink

      I don't know who any of those people in the thumbnail are besides Markiplier and that weirdo in the middle.

    27. •Brylle da Gamer Boi•

      nice watching it

    28. Tanisha Patel

      This is another thing a community that I am apart of is doing for cancer. #gachabaldaction kgup.infogachabaldaction

    29. laci stark


    30. laci stark


      1. Yoj-Nna Mae Verzosa

        Boooooo yourself

      2. MaxerBaxer Gaming

        you are a terrible person

    31. chan &gaming

      look at game theory being amazing. how incredible and inspiring that they did all of this. such role models. i love this. so much. /g

    32. Maddox Zekos

      You’re a lifesaver

    33. Xye

      5:19:25 (this is for me, don't mind this, just keep scrolling)

    34. Gece Ergen

      10756th comment!!!

    35. Sky Rider

      HEY MAT PAT MY GAME THEORY 1000000 chaleng shirt did not come and i am stell waiting 1 mounth after i order it

    36. Gamemon YT

      I did a 19.87 dono at the very beginning but I don’t think it ever showed up😔

    37. Mikju HD

      Mark almost dying because of juice was instant karma

    38. Lewis

      This Stream is a Blast to watch

    39. Lewis

      I really love how Our Favourite KGuprs come together like this to make 1 *HUGE* Collab, Well Done Mat!

    40. Jovia Mirembe


      1. Jovia Mirembe

        still gonna watch it tho

    41. geovanny perrez


    42. 施安


    43. Dweet Fairfield

      Who the hell are the 5000 people who disliked this?

    44. Randumb Master

      Teacher: Please greet your teachers when they come in because they find it very disrespectful when you don't. Also, thank you to the girls who always greeted them. Girl: 1:25:09

    45. TDJRex

      I’ve had cancer

    46. Joey Rosario

      Wow 🥳

    47. Komandir Cobalt

      I’ll do you one better I’ll ambidextrous

    48. Komandir Cobalt


    49. Joshua Salles


    50. Angelina Vald

      Hello matpat, probably won't see this but there's a game nobody can figure out! It has an incredible life even I can't understand, and Im wishing you could figure out! It's in roblox called : de pride isle sanitarium, if you want to see if it's actually good here's a video of the trailer!:

    51. thegod kingclan

      Nice vid bro

    52. Sage Anctil

      8:53:37 "printing money, just do it, why not right?" -Mr.Beast 2020 so this explains alot

    53. Larry Dembrun

      #hope #LarryDembrun

    54. Fenleigh H

      safia just made a full art land, those exist

    55. King Snake III

      Why the subtle diss on tennessee?

    56. Dead Slacker

      I missed the stream for my neeses bithday at disney world :(

    57. tommy_ rogers 2.0 3202

      if i am right this is game theorist i have seen some fnaf vids so if you donated 87 would you get a animation because the bite of 87?

    58. i am gojira

      Theyre fonating more money than simps to e girls

    59. Chillin

      the end bit is like after the end of the sports event and everyone is leaving but a few people are still around talking and getting food

    60. Bowser Juniorrr

      It’s 10 hours

    61. Thumper

      So violent in your pieing? How sensitive is he? That's what a spoiled whiny child would say.

    62. Galaxy Loaf

      3:19:09 Matt: "And Unus! Oh um I mean Crankgameplays" Me: *starts screaming so loud I got kicked ot of my house*

    63. Thumper

      He looked like he was about to cry that he got pie on his precious jacket. Poor sensitive man? trying to impress susan

    64. Thumper

      Are you a fan of K-Pop? I watched them but let me just lie and say yes to please people like a true CEO. Confirming how she runs youtube with all the problems that it has.

    65. Mateja Djordjevic

      This livestream deserves 2 times more likes than money raised.

    66. Anastacia Nikitina

      Mark: hey. I can beat it. *breaks in laughter*

    67. annonymous

      i cant believe i missed this ztxcvbjn buT THNK YOU FOR KEEPIN IT HERE

    68. Dyl Playtime 1923 Fun

      Why you didn’t pick me I am the most good KGup or ever does imagining me being there I would be so happy but no you didn’t you didn’t so now you have to deserve that you deserve the lingo come here

    69. lolosha lo

      About the "markiplier isn't real" Thing. Have you guys noticed how strange markiplier moves? ( 6:19:23 ) I think he's in character on the stream. Now, that's just a theory so please don't come at me ;-;

    70. Joshua Moore

      Jaiden and James are in this? These are my 3 favorite youtubers!! (Third is mat pat)

    71. herp the derp and derp the herp

      MatPat: Creates a livestream for $1000000 of donations Audience: We aren't ganna donate that amount, we are going to donate 3 times that amount

    72. Azaam Saalim

      Ydy6tuyf Hji5r 424k

    73. Azaam Saalim


    74. Lily

      6:10:49 I love their interactions haha

    75. GoNuts ForDonuts

      Was one of the secret amounts to donate $5.10 cause I really thought it would be

    76. Dough - Nox

      I dont have cancer or anything like that, and I dont care if people hate one thing I say in this comment. You are the best youtuber I know, better than pewdiepie, and I know im going far for some people but I dont care I just need to say this. You have raised so much money to support people you dont know, you have supported your audience, and so much more. We really dont deserve ya matpat.

    77. Mark Switzer

      1:49:54 rip

    78. Phone Email

      Lol,what do we see here? Lololololo

    79. Kade Raven

      Game theory: Yay! We made 1,000,000! ! Audience:there's 3. actually (Edit: I forgot to put a period)

    80. Pennyiscute

      Matpat: I'll be back in a few Infinity later *matpat comes back*

    81. Fluffy shadow

      Sup everybody

      1. Fluffy shadow

        80% is just reverse 20% for survival rate not trying to be offensive to people with cancer

    82. Brussel Gaming


    83. Peter Feng

      Matpat: We are going for 1.3 mil Audience: 3.1 mil, take it or leave it

    84. Ella

      Jake from State Farm is the most amazing person ever

    85. ziv shayer

      what she is doing @8:31:33 ? lol

    86. Olivia Stark

      This was absolutely insane! Raising $3million for such an amazing cause. People like jeff bezos who sit on tens of billions of dollars and dont do sh*t with it make me so sad. What's the point in having that much money if you don't use it for good?...

    87. Roblox Gabriella Bryant

      Because I’m a kid I can’t donate so I will watch the video witch will bring up the views so you can get money so it can be donated

    88. AOL Messenger

      If you want KGup's donation here is your timestamp 5:47:20

    89. Caleb123


    90. Brent Robinson

      5:21:50 “I mostly order testicles from males”

    91. gar tuite

      I am sorry I do not know how to donate

    92. PKMEddie

      Alpha supersizing Whimsicott and Deku for his camera bc he knew he was being shown im the corner of Mat and Steph cam XD

    93. Goose lad

      Why are there so many dream and techno Stans just spamming the stream. Like bruh wait for dream he'll show up. This is about cancer not about dream and techno. ( No offense intended )

    94. Lorenzo Rizzieri

      God loves you all and amazing job to everybody

    95. Julia TheGamingSandwing

      Wait, so Matt must know how Dream actually looks like!?

    96. Epic Gamer

      I AM COMING AS A FNAF REPRESENTATIVE: Hello Matpat, I had just finished reading the book Blackbird and I thought of something. In the first story, Nole and Sam create a fake animatronic that comes and tries to kill Nole after Sam goes missing. He is haunted until he is forced to confront he victim form Jr. High and apologize for his bullying. Going back to the Blackbird, they made a suit for it and it seems to come to life. Now this could just be a mere coincidence that Nole experiences trauma but this is FNAF so I’m not so sure about that. But regarding the suits life, it came to life after Sam and Nole Discuss Nole’s bullying. So maybe the suit came to life via the agony caused by the bully victim, Christine. And once he makes amends to her, the agony is gone. Nothing is left to fuel the bird. So my point is, maybe agony doesn’t have to be injected directly. Maybe all it takes is an inanimate object related to a strong felling of agony. After all, Sam was sort of bulled by Nole and after that, the suit that Sam made supposedly comes to life, reawakening the agony from Christine. This agony goes to form Blackbird and stays inside it until amends is made. Now I draw your attention to Psychic Freind Fredbear. He may be fulled not by a sole but by agony. He is fueled with the agony do The Crying Child’s greif and sadness. And the reason the doll is in William’s office is because William will soon use it for it’s agony or because it’s a momentum of his child. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk

    97. Mileidy Christoffel


      1. Tristen Bailey

        @Logan M i was confuzzled at first, but i think this person is sayin no to this entire stream

      2. Tristen Bailey

        this is late (just like ur comment), but if u have nothing nice to say in the comments section of a stream where money is being raised for CHILDREN WHO ARE BATTLING CANCER, do us all a favor and not say anything.

      3. Logan M


    98. Lila-Grace Johnson


    99. Josselyn Carrillo


    100. louise Jakobsen

      I have a challenge for you if you want. The game series rusty lake. My challenge to you is finding out what the lake actually is