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    When the makers of Fall Guys released the picture showing us the interior biology of the Fall Guys, I had the obvious question - what the heck is THAT? After that moment of shock though, my thoughts turned to the other game with mysterious little characters. Yes, I am talking about Among Us. What is inside their suit? IS it a space suit? What ARE they? Today Theorists, Austin is going to figure that out for us!
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    1. Cool GuyPlayz YT ツ

      There JellyBEANS

    2. Petty Bee

      Math is also gross and complicated bro.

    3. Papimations

      Nah pretty sure its dandruff


      mat pat?

    5. Thirdy Mombael

      I think the among us dudes are madness combat grunts.

    6. Hinth Darkshot

      I actually thought it was sunscreen or some weird hair gel.

    7. Luke Herdman

      Reason 1 and 2 are the same thing

    8. CarlytheQueenofChaos

      I think they are stickmans which explains the one bone. They are in the Henry Stickimin Universe and that's proven by three facts. First of all same Dev Team Second of All Polus is a guy from the Wall who won something and then got a Planet named after him-The Polus map and the most obvious of the obvious is that we have the Airship from the Toppat Clan as Map in Among us now. And Stickmans do just have one bone I guess. Why do they have Floating hands? I am just making up a solution for that. The Astronaut Suits have some kind of system they use for controlling their Drone Hands. As I said I have no good evidence for it and I just made that up.

    9. Edgardo Soto

      Noooooooo not you

    10. Ethan Nguyen

      i was like "it just one bone...."

    11. Seamus Vaniman

      In a world filled with blobby hame people with no arms and floating hands who are being chased by wierd imposters who are here for some reason

    12. jamcdonald120

      12:30 I just realized what makes imposters so they can fit in the vent when crewmates cant. no long rigid backbone they can actualy bend over to crawl in a vent

    13. Håvard J. Reigstad

      Are they human, or are they dancers? ... I'll show myself out

    14. Lou Robson

      Theory the captain is putting the imposter on the ship. How does the captain not learn after hundreds of thousands of times, he had to of made the ship much more safe if he wasnt sending the imposter onto the ship on purpose

    15. CrazyZP

      why does austin sound like weathley from portal 2

    16. webbyevening wrinkle

      sometimes i breath in a bushes face for oxygen

    17. Cringe

      When the imposter is sus😳

    18. kai

      Dude its just a bone

    19. The Draco Animator

      I think they are oversimplified humans

    20. I Exist

      So that means that maybe humana become mongus in the future

    21. Muhammad Abd ur Rahman

      That may be snow but ima still call it dandruff

    22. UncleD73

      Why would you mention breathing?! Now I can't breathe no more! 😢

    23. Onivlas Brony

      10:07 Small bodies with simpler skeletons are best suited for space travel ? So Bernard Doove was wrong ? en.wikifur.com/wiki/Chakat T_T

    24. red destroyer

      wat about there hands?!?!?!?!?!

      1. RKleo

        I think that's just a fun design choice

    25. Iva May

      Okay I like Science but this is crazy complicated. @~@

    26. Erwin Efendi

      Yeah but it's seems there was a gravity in among us, cuz we don't float.

    27. olomarcakes

      I'm just wondering why theres a cockroach song in the outro

    28. zen

      Austin's just hard to watch. idk

    29. Izzy Lol i'm telling you my last name, you stalker

      Who else was expecting the comment section to be full of memes?

    30. Jon Bond

      Austin is going crazy

    31. Ava Bowles

      12:01 he sounds like a crow lmao

    32. Diamond Night

      Austin is my fav because he’s so crazy 🤪

    33. Sinthyst

      It's possible they're evolved from humans with a specific disorder since their legs are so short, like people with something similar to dwarfism were slightly better at space travel and humans evolved from there.

    34. Sebastian Mejia

      how about an Stickmin video?

    35. S. I.

      In all seriousness, you ok Austin? Depression sucks and what’s worse is there very little we can do about it. love your contributions to game theorist channel.

    36. Micah Lau

      Do u think that u can do one on Friday Night Funkin?

    37. Light Game

      watch "Astra lost in space", there some kind of deformed clones of humans.

    38. Andre James Alair

      I think they are robot

    39. Moop

      "Are these weird things human...or are they dancers?"

    40. pimplyface64

      7:20 they share our DNA. More over these humans may have been born in space over generations, should they still deserve the title of earthling, what if they we're born on Mars, Martian?

    41. Myia Moore

      Where.is mat?

    42. Osmiumfish

      I see austin, I click off

    43. yeet lol

      amoung us sussy sus sususususususuususus i cant get it out of my head help sususususus imposter sus help me sussy amoung us help

    44. vibe_ checker

      acctully what if they are taller on ground the thing that people are forgetting is when your in space ur weight decreeses and maybe hieght so they acctutully could be humans but compressed

    45. Max Belcher

      Hint THEY WERE NEVER HUMANS!!!!!!!

    46. Lerena Leigh Helena

      Finally, someone is here answering the real questions.

    47. Jonathan Rivera

      Damn how y’all niggas gon do my boy Austin like that

    48. Alexander Cane

      Your not fooling me on that dandruff

    49. William hall

      This is reeeeeeally stretching it. What happened? Ran out of ideas? Try again

    50. Gregory Houston

      Are you ok thou austin??

    51. Jesús Alberto Cavazos Calderón

      What if the crewmates are stickmen? I mean that could explain why they have one bone but are probably *really* short. Stickmen are around 180cm (6ft) and crewmates are 110cm (3'6ft). Maybe short stickmen could be the best option to space travel, like with professional horse riders, they are actually short, measuring 140-150 cm (4'6-5 ft). This is just an hypothesis lol, don't take it seriously.

    52. Matthew Boyce

      Not a fan or this dude.

    53. Mayank Maximum

      They are draft or those people who are left in this stage in which I didn’t remember that i was 3,6

    54. Random Change

      What if the Among us People are *le gasp* living O2 cause the o2 diagram is the shape of among up people XDDDD

    55. Ted Taras

      Fish don’t breathe they respirated

    56. Wissir 2


    57. Diamond Davey

      Austin: here is the sci- Me: it is a single *B O N E*

    58. Megamon _Yt

      Who believe that among us should be called “us Among”

    59. Lucian

      Is no one going to talk about how the video ended with "La cucaracha"?

    60. Alex Hutchins

      Nice job photoshoping yourself in a snowy backround. But we all know....... Its dandruff.

    61. Sunshine Wilburn

      So that means their suit is their body

    62. Sunshine Wilburn

      I mean suit

    63. Sunshine Wilburn

      It’s a possessed bone inside the bone

    64. Sunshine Wilburn

      Fun fact: it’s just a bone inside the suit

    65. CC Subzero

      why your city is covered in dandruff?

    66. Tru1Tani

      The yelling...it's the yelling 🤣🤣🤣

    67. Rio and mom's vlog

      am i on the real game theorists channel? where is matpat

    68. Tin Watchman

      I'd think it's more likely that they're the product of genetic engineering rather than natural selection myself.

    69. the random guy


    70. X Jungbluth

      Amongus sapiens

    71. Razvan Ivascu

      But what about the floating hands? How do you explain that??

    72. Jacob Cutcher

      Unpopular opinion but I like Austin more than MatPat

    73. Mario Dispirito

      When the impostor is Sus

    74. Cory Murray

      It’s always gonna be dandruff to me

    75. Able The Above

      “Dudes, dudettes and dudethems” love that

    76. Aaron Aviles

      I think their madness characters

    77. Mr. MDisc

      Man, Austin sounds like Matpat

      1. Mr. MDisc

        Dear Matpat you're friend Austin sounds like you

    78. aWESomeness123456789

      I wonder if he actually does email the entire video to the people he starts writing to in the intro (be it the video itself or the script)

    79. Aleksandr M.

      Austin: It's not dandruff - it's snow! We: Why won't you use a different picture? Austin: It's my only good photo, it was from before I was depressed. I can't smile like that anymore. We *awkward subject change*: Your own toddler body?!

    80. Steven Moretto

      Heyo Austin! Since you apparently have depression I wanted to recommend weed! It helped me so so much and it made me think more about life and I think more into things! :D

    81. Azela

      When you mentioned loss of bone density all I could think of was Wall-E

    82. Brandon M

      The amount of emails this man sent

    83. fisher terry

      I think it's really dandrift

    84. Kimberly Griffin

      I hope matpat rings my story

    85. Kimberly Griffin

      The hatness game of among us

      1. Kimberly Griffin

        {Chapter 1 act 2/4} *scanning in medical 2* [hatness44 4.2 feet tall/color white/damage to body 0% scan completed] (hatness11) wow may I please? (Hatness44) sure y not.(hatness11) thanks. [Hatness11 4.2 feet tall/color white/damage to body 0% scan completed] *venting* (hatness11/44)!!! (Hatness44) let's go.(hatness11) agree [hatness60 report 2 bodies] (hatness1-100) where? (Hatness60) in electrical 4 no one was near ether body. (Hatness44) I thhhiiiiinnnnnk hatness30 is SUS because he was in reacter 4 which is very near electrical 4. (Hatness100) if vote say I (hatness 1-100) I [hatness30 was ejected]

      2. Kimberly Griffin

        Hello hatness nice green hat hi nioces white soot hatness thank u hatness. Hello hatness2 hi hatness1 (hatness1&2) hello hatness3 [hatness4 called a meeting] (hatness1-100) where (hatness4) hatness31 is dead. Hatness 30 vented in admin 5. (Hatness87) hatness30 want would you say for your self. (Hatness30) I wes with hatness69 in reacter 3 isn't that right? (Hatness69) yes he wes with me so I think hatness87 is SUS so we should vote him off. {Hatness87 was ejected.} (Hatness45) OK let's go do oar tasks. (Hatness1-100) OK.

    86. Roberto Velazquez


    87. Kartikeya Verma

      As a non binary person, the dudes dudettes and dudethems part made me smile. Thanks Austin :)

    88. Sam G

      this video is kinda sus ngl

    89. Lucas Ellis

      Actually, if the crewmates are humans, they shrunk their body mass so that they didn't need to eat and drink as much, which is better for a space mission.

    90. Flyin43

      "Breathing isn't something we think about a lot" Me, an Asthmatic: "Um..."

    91. Kea Vassallo

      "Dudes, dudettes, and dudethems" I luv u

    92. Erin Timbermist

      Can we please talk about how cute Ausin's dog is-?

      1. Donotron


    93. Dip Flair

      Imagine thinking the earth is billions of years old 😂

      1. Yell 245

        Yeah it's only like 2021 year old lmao

    94. atreyus YT

      Austin you have dandruff

    95. FocusJulian


    96. Imperfect_star _

      I didn’t even notice the dandruff till you pointed it out, Austin

    97. Patrick Van Tassell

      Keep your pharmaceuticals out of this dude.

    98. Byemax


    99. Angelyn Gela Ong


    100. PieRules7