Game Theory: FNAF, The Secret Crimes of 1985

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    With the release of the new Five Nights At Freddy's book series Fazbear Frights, the first 3 stories of which have been released, we have been introduced a monumental piece of information. The first pizzeria and, with it, the first round of doomed kids - the attack BEFORE the bite of 1987. What does this mean for the timeline and lore? Watch and find out!
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    1. I love how he says HOLY MOTHER OF ENNARD!? when he shocked

    2. I love how he says HOLY MOTHER OF ENNARD!? when he shocked

    3. Savage Crowbar

      The 1985 animatronics are the withered animatronics

    4. Joe McNally

      (we can be robots and not know) what (looks in the mirror)

    5. Blake Thomas

      isn't chirs the crying child not michael

    6. Jennifer Thissell

      both of the goose bumps books you mentioned is part of the 6 I own so now I love your channel even more also 2021 GANG YEAH

    7. Marianna Rios

      How the heck was this a year ago

    8. sonic the Hedgehog sonic the Hedgehog 2

      1985 is fnaf 2 opened in 1985 closed in 1987

      1. sonic the Hedgehog sonic the Hedgehog 2

        You can see the drawings in fnaf2

      2. sonic the Hedgehog sonic the Hedgehog 2

        Location before fnaf 2 had Fred Bear spring bonnie and mingle and Freddy bonnie and Chica

    9. Jace Sonnier

      10:29 more watch minutes it's already 20 minutes long

    10. grim

      the series does actually mention 1985 before the fazbear frights books. i direct you to page 3 of the silver eyes book "a monument to the moment of your departure, frozen forever in July 1985?" this is a quote of Charlie thinking to herself about her hometown of Hurricane. i dont know what this means for the franchise but its there. youre welcome

    11. J3TT

      Thank you matpat for the oingo boingo

    12. diana jaipaul-saboo

      Wait..Did Ozzy ever return..?

    13. Amelia Rustrum

      The moment you realize that this was before the quarantine:

    14. TheFastPawnWolf

      I love how MatPat is happy about the new year...I feel bad for MatPat one year ago...but this year's new year is a yayish!

    15. Blue Kitten

      I love how at 16:35 i see the "RETIRED"from jojo on fredbear and spring bonnie


      Eleanor also has green eyes and pigtails

    17. BX_Aqua2

      I thought the crying childs name was chris aka Christopher, and the brother was Micheal, hmm, guess there's two micheals

    18. Jwfanatic

      HOLY MOTHER OF ENNARD THERE WILL BE 5 BOOKS!? Scott: haha 10 books go publish

    19. Irish Chap

      I thought when may was saying the man behind the.... games he was going to say :the man behind the.........SLAUGHTER

    20. •Noobie _MehEZ•

      ouhhh u did the thin baby already oop

    21. Belle

      Take that L Matpat Gregory is laughing smugly in your face

    22. Lukas

      1 Year and 1 Day after this was posted UwU

    23. RUFUS

      Mat making fun of the next gen consoles: Scott: I'm gonna do a pro gamer move 0:30

    24. Yako The Kitsune

      Happy new year you survived 2020 its 2021

    25. J.B. plays

      Me seeing him say he thinks fnaf security breach is gonna get released later in 2020: Jokes on you I’m in 2021 and it’s still not released!...

    26. Amanda Walganski


    27. the the

      i just read into the pit and ive got one thing to say... WHAT

    28. Killer Pengu

      6:12 Top 10 anime betreyals

    29. Ross Hoover

      wait was year is fnaf 1 in again there is so much in this lore

    30. Vada Wozniak

      is it possible that the sixth child isn't Charlie but Cassidy, golden freddy???

    31. Thebotninja909

      1 year ago lol

    32. Rhys Wetherill

      Been a year

    33. luawidi

      The stories aren't canon,they are made up and just horror stories.

      1. luawidi

        Who agrees??

    34. Omair Arshad

      mymy why put scary lighting there

    35. ملك الانفجارات

      والله انوا مايكل مو الطفل الباكي الطفل الباكي هنا ومايكل هنا translation iswear micheal is not the crying chiled the crying child here and micheal Here

    36. Itz_BobaTea

      I’m sorry, but I believe that Foxy mask who killed C.C. Is Michael and C.C. Is Chris Afton

    37. Kellyn McHugh

      I kinda wish the purple guy was the phone guy

    38. Un Stephable

      What are the best ways to die?

    39. Reid Simpson

      The yellow bunny was clearly Enard, the it had oil coming from his eyes on the cover, just like his human victims.

    40. Scarlet Watson

      so this is my theory What if the kids that died in "into the pit" are the kids that posses Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, Mangle, BB, and JJ I don't know why but to me it makes sense...

    41. Anna Yugay

      foxy: evil kwazzi from octonauts chica: yellow evil peso bonnie: evil purple tweak freddy: evil captain grizzly barnacles puppet: .... girl

    42. Mitchell McCrorey

      do little nightmares theory it good game

      1. Mitchell McCrorey

        and also do bioshock plz

    43. Trap Logic

      Matpat loves the ball pit. He also enjoys the bundle of sticks pit too! Great fella 😊🤠😊

    44. Exotic_Butters

      mat-pat maybe its a good thing you didn't have your shoes off :/

    45. GippyHappy

      Imagine if when FNAF 4 was still new someone actually theorized that "I will put you back together" meant as a robot. We would have laughed at them.

    46. WeaselCult FNAF

      Oh, well you were close.

    47. Tomas Kačerauskas

      Me:reading a horror fnaf story to a child before bed Child:. ...........😭

    48. Damzel'N'Distress

      Wait did we ever find out who phone guy was?😕

    49. Khari Lewis

      here is a plot twist the new and improved Freddy fazzbear pizzeria is chuck-e-cheese

    50. Tomas Kačerauskas

      2014 fnaf: wiliam afton (purpl guy) is phone guy 2020 fnaf: TIME TRAVELING BALL PITT

    51. Sarah Leonard

      he says the new game is going to come out in 2020 meanwhile 2020 passes scott (⊙_⊙;)

    52. Imagination Animation

      the date doesn't match up.

    53. Elijah Rosas

      Bonnie is not blue what the heck he is purple

    54. ColinCartoons

      2:17 “Chocolate”

    55. UnwrittenEarth9

      That billboard that says “now hiring for fazbear entertainment coming soon” has that come out yet

    56. Hassan Sadeeq

      i wont like goosebumps i like scotts way making it scary without making it look scary

    57. Rocco E

      Crying child is called Chris but Micheal still is the the one that gets scooped

    58. -Zakiyaa-

      I never actually thought the comments section would still be alive *But I mean it is FNAF so...*


      who has the fazbear frights book i just got the 1st

    60. Fishy Lover

      Scott: Watches EVERY SINGLE ONE of Mat's Theories on FNAF Scott: I MUST make sure he is seen wrong Scott again: Making the Lore Of FNAF Different

    61. swampam

      but that just a Theory a book Theory

    62. Ducky and Chicken Lord

      You thought it was crazy that there was gonna be 5, now theres gonna be 9 by july this year

      1. I'm not weird everyone else is weird and I'm normal

        In July your gonna leave a comment that's says 38

    63. Adrian Sanchez


    64. Lucas Ellwood

      Matpat we have seen 1985 it was the original missing children’s incident as said in silver eyes I just remembered when I was rewatching your fnaf stream

    65. Ryan Studio

      If Micheal was a robot How did his body decay then???

    66. Lrstallie S

      Me in 2021 when there are like 8 of the books released: omg matpat is that all? Five?

    67. Subscribe and I Sub back

      2021 here and there no new game in 2020

    68. Nicole Bishop

      The crying child's name is actually chris short for Christopher afton

    69. Damian Llanos

      Is twisted ones on audible

      1. Random Stuff



      Scott i wanna make a fnaf 10 from fredbear and friends and mini games he. Has purple guy as night guard and fnaf and mini game the bite of 83 and fnaf 2 phone guy

    71. Berglastwagon Gaming 2

      Honestly, I'm going to say what I think about the ballpit … To me it seems that the Yellow rabbit suit represents pure animal instinct, but with a almost human level of intelligence. and the ballpit is in a way it pocket dimension where it goes to feed upon whoever it captures, and if needed it will replace people to gather more food for itself It also appears that like glitchtrap, this is just a manifestation of Afton or Michael... Im not the best at keeping names but im sure I get my point across

    72. dragonslayer060

      I don't think Susie's death really adds up either, since we see her robot self in the books just wandering around. It would be a bit awkward for that to happen if a lot of people saw her corpse.

    73. Switch Off

      (Fun fact) there was an old Carter called Oswald the lucky rabbit I think it didn’t get true whit Disney Or something so it’s kinda funny how the kid is call Oswald and pit trap kinda reminds me of a rabbit

    74. Carlee .-.

      But like the game never came out.

    75. Hayden Severn

      I don't get why everyone keeps the saying the little boy is Michael its obviously Joseph Michael is the older brother who is jealous of Joseph and that why he shoves him in the mouth of golden Freddie and the stitch wraith isn't ennard

    76. Meta Knight

      Tiny Matpat: Aussie where are you? Me: sorry tiny boi he became the game theory logo

    77. Jacoby Hoehn


    78. Dario Lytten

      Why is his every video so loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong

    79. Jake Edd

      Honestly the time traveling ball bit of into the pit really took me out of the story.

    80. Hyatt_vr

      Wait six kids “Bonnie, chica, foxy, Freddy, golden freddy,” what about he sixth...

    81. Computer Central 98

      New channel book theory

    82. ElliotKSmith

      On Emily wants to play

    83. ElliotKSmith

      Do a Game theory

    84. Xuncu

      0:25 - Corona: "Eyyyyyyyy, about that."

    85. 02- Dine

      If you don't know the rabbit don't look at this comment Me: *sees glitchtrap* Me again: so you're saying that glitchtrap controled William (the man in the bunny suit) 😑

    86. amohammadv13

      What if the six children are crying child _foxy bro_ other kids

    87. Jacob Flame caster

      Omg no wonder Austin yells a lot

    88. Asa The Weird

      I know I’m a year late but people overlook that William never put the bodies in the suits, the puppet did, we even get to see it in FNaF 2.

    89. lilly lees

      please make more DEATH NOTE vids!!!!!!!!!!

    90. Fern Davis

      It's not Michal it's chris/cc

      1. Asa The Weird

        You know this was before “step closer” right

    91. Mr. Night

      I think there's a simpler answer - Remember when Scott says they were a separate canon, but some were connected? This is just the seperate canon. A SEPARATE timeline. Theres no mention of any stuffing, no mention of experimenting, best guess is William, or whoever the killer was, just could've got rid of them the old fashion way, throwing them away. OR, seeing from the description in the book, the killer could've just booked it, and left the bodies. This is just a seperate timeline, this is just a separate killing from a different universe, and this time, set in 1985.

    92. Haproon

      ok ok ok mat pat its not spoiling the CHAPTER IS CALLED COUNT THE WAYS i bet we all know a girl millie hates her self so she wants to die and severd body parts is that the girl from to be buetiful? im still working on that one

    93. Scary Lobsters

      How did fnaf go from just a horror game to omg souls who possess metal imoortality and murderers who do it all

    94. Debra Washburn

      There’s eyes in the golden bunny!

    95. Debra Washburn

      I found some eyes in a anamatronic!

    96. Draginja Petrovic


    97. Tiki The Kitty

      Doubt this will be seen, but Michael died is The Silver Eyes at Freddy Fazbear's in....1985! Was Michael one of the six? It did close down after Michael's death.

    98. Christian Price

      1985 is mentioned in Silver Eyes btw. That’s the year Charlie left Hurricane and moved in with her Aunt. She would’ve been 5 at the time. She was actually at Freddy’s when the incident went down. Her friend Michel was one of the victims at the incident.

    99. Lucho Denari

      Dear MatPat: Welcome to my TedTalk. I redirect your attention to the first novel of FNaF: The Silver Eyes. These book establishes that the missing children incident happened the June 26th of 1985. I think you already thought about this, but as you didn't mentioned it in the video, I consider that it´s something important to point out. Maybe Into the Pit it´s a re-imagine of this incident with some lore implication, just like, for example, Room For One More and To Be Beautiful. Atte: A Loyal Theorist.

    100. Christian Price

      Can I just have an entire FNAF book read by MatPat pls? Just the way he reads it makes it so much more interesting. The voices he does for the characters gives off a better atmosphere to at least me. Perks of being a drama kid I guess.