Game Theory: Among Us, Your 900 IQ Means NOTHING!

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    We've talked at length about what sort of high IQ strategy can win you EVERY game of Among Us. What I'd like you to consider today, however, is whether or not YOU need a 900 IQ to win. See, strategy is one thing. Anyone can learn a strategy. What I want to know is if having a real life higher IQ has any benefit. Do you have to be insanely smart or just know the game better than your opponents? It's time to find out!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Tyler Mascola, and Pedro Freitas
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Omo Okak

      When I play someone says I'm sus and everyone beilives when I try it they say no proof :(

      1. dolan cool

        I bet it's because of your spelling lmao

    2. Youyo ZakriA


    3. Omo Okak

      Dum dumms : me have 9000000000 iq

    4. Grace SI


    5. TheLetterEe

      Make a theory on Baldi's Basics... What year was it when teachers could spank you? You can start from there I guess. I'm just waiting for Baldi's basics.

    6. kawyie Wolf girl

      "that that's just a theory, a film theory"he says by talking about IQ on game theory

    7. Savannah Jester

      Ye... but when you try and make those cool moves, turns out it was just a random move

    8. Chance ree

      5:53 MatPat turned into little mustache man

    9. FeatSea

      matpat makes you feel dumb, like if you agree

    10. FeatSea

      good to knowni have 0 iq, can't guess an imposter

      1. dolan cool

        What's the unnecessary comma for ?

    11. Scottie Dunbar

      So on the IQ question in the video I paused it to try to solve it but I didn't get the correct answer but got it right. Question: What comes next? 4, 10, 22, 46 Mat pat's answer: *2+2 4, 10, 22, 46 4*2+2= 10*2+2= 22*2+2= 46*2+2= 94*2+2= 190*2+2= 382 My answer: +6*X X= 1 double this each time 4, 10, 22, 46 4+6*1= 10+6*2= 22+6*4= 46+6*8= 94+6*16= 190+6*32= 382 So am I smart for getting the answer right, or dumb for using the wrong equation? What I mean is how would I score on an IQ test if I put this as the answer? Would I get the point for getting the right number, or would I not get the point for not finding the right equation?

    12. Arnold Castanon

      Whats the blue one

    13. Jonah Hillier

      Toast: I’ll just pretend I didn’t see that

    14. Airil Iskandar


    15. Ali Rashid

      Wait 135 IQ means u scored more then 1% of people but 120 IQ means that I scored more then 90% of people *visible confusion*

    16. werter the impostor

      Good video

    17. Samuel Zins

      This i got really confused when he said a film theory

    18. jesse dixon

      Weird enough I have 146 iq but I didn't finish college. I went to work as a locomotive conductor instead and relative to my peers I seem to be better off financially. As well as my marriage of which I've only had one.

    19. You Me

      High player I kill them but when I don't I say I was in a room and kill them but then they are teaming :-(

    20. Sarah Akhtar

      I understand this but its kinda just bein smart lol


      2:55 i got the answer as 94 but i used +6 , +6x2 , +6×3 and so on

    22. Nonstop Journey

    23. Tronci S

      You use a book to read And you use a fork to read food theory

    24. Nicole Roman

      Ive never seeb a 4 impostor server in among us. (My own game is \ONG)

      1. Nicole Roman


    25. Alejandro Díaz Mera

      I saw the pattern but differently as the first time the difference was six and each consecutive number duplicates the distance. Its similar but not exactly the same and at least for me easier to see.

    26. Angelina Vald

      Hello matpat, probably won't see this but there's a game nobody can figure out! It has an incredible life even I can't understand, and Im wishing you could figure out! It's in roblox called : de pride isle sanitarium, if you want to see if it's actually good here's a video of the trailer!:

    27. Adamkiz

      Thanks to question: What is the city of capital of Poland. I'm from Poland and its Wrasaw

    28. Joshua Shaw

      We should mention that measuring intelligence with IQ is debatable in itself

    29. hman0987

      Do a yume nikki theory

    30. Ernst Maximilian Bumm


    31. Aaron Lyon

      Ol, but I.Q. is sooo stupid. It's not that accurate at all


      this was uploaded on my channel creation!!!

    33. Theo Breiland

      I love to watch your vids while i play farming games

    34. Holly Thecat

      Where my 150+ IQ peeps at?

    35. SleepySans the Nerd

      Truth Wizards: Single Moms (I SHOULD KNOW, since I was the daughter of a single mom, and not once have I gotten away with lying!)

    36. Danny Liang

      High Iq is required for impostors, high Eq( Emotional Quotient), Communication, leadership and persuasive skills are required for a crewmate

    37. XxAnniesEditsxX

      ‘These people are natural born lie detectors’ Soo mothers basically?

    38. Cdos Christman

      patrick jane mentalist=Truth Wizard

    39. Lu Ck

      I'm good at guessing in among us.

    40. Lidia Torres

      Wow now i know why my mom is dumb

    41. Miles Nahte

      I love game theroy

    42. Belle

      I'm a truth wizard Andioop-

    43. Belle

      When I was 11 I took an IQ test and accidently got almost all of them right Everyone thought I was a super genius People still think I'm very intelligent But since they found out I was dumb their expectations aren't very high Cri

    44. LAM SOS

      i wish matpat was my math teacher

    45. Tiff Notes

      Did you know That is a new map

    46. Liam Stamos

      Onetime me and a guy saw someone kill and the guy I was with said it was me

    47. Liam Stamos

      IQ means nothing because when I play I play with the stupidest people whoever played among us

    48. some random channel

      Ty for mentioning poland :P

    49. Epic Gamer

      I AM COMING AS A FNAF REPRESENTATIVE: Hello Matpat, I had just finished reading the book Blackbird and I thought of something. In the first story, Nole and Sam create a fake animatronic that comes and tries to kill Nole after Sam goes missing. He is haunted until he is forced to confront he victim form Jr. High and apologize for his bullying. Going back to the Blackbird, they made a suit for it and it seems to come to life. Now this could just be a mere coincidence that Nole experiences trauma but this is FNAF so I’m not so sure about that. But regarding the suits life, it came to life after Sam and Nole Discuss Nole’s bullying. So maybe the suit came to life via the agony caused by the bully victim, Christine. And once he makes amends to her, the agony is gone. Nothing is left to fuel the bird. So my point is, maybe agony doesn’t have to be injected directly. Maybe all it takes is an inanimate object related to a strong felling of agony. After all, Sam was sort of bulled by Nole and after that, the suit that Sam made supposedly comes to life, reawakening the agony from Christine. This agony goes to form Blackbird and stays inside it until amends is made. Now I draw your attention to Psychic Freind Fredbear. He may be fulled not by a sole but by agony. He is fueled with the agony do The Crying Child’s greif and sadness. And the reason the doll is in William’s office is because William will soon use it for it’s agony or because it’s a momentum of his child. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk

    50. Nathan Weiner

      I don’t how red didn’t know that MatPat was the imposter when Mat literally opened a vent in front of him

    51. Sumik

      you know you didn't have to make a video about this, we all know were the only smart person in the entire lobby and everyone else only knows the words: Brown, Purple, Cyan, Lime, Yellow, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Pink, No, Sus, I, Saw, Me, Kill, It, *Insert every swear word know to man here*, Where, ?? and Start. Their brains are the size of a peanut. And the thing is, were the only one with a real brain so saying any word other than the ones mentioned above would just confuse them and result in nothing. And that when we try to vote someone with evidence that they ran past the body/ faked a task/ is quiet for no reason the result is always gonna be the same: It wasn't them, they were just stupid. I had a game once, red said they saw lime kill and was safe but they voted red anyway, but that's not the worst part, i called multiple emergency meeting trying to get them to vote lime with real evidence including the one i mentioned before, but every time they were just os stupid! then i just straight up lied and said i saw them vent because we only had 3 people left and guess what, RED SAW THEM KILL AND WAS NOT THE IMPOSTOR! but purple was like nah, and didn't vote at all I've never been that salty about a loss ever in my life. And i didn't tell you even a 1/3 of what happened! i just wanna get this over with! and after all my frustrations, after lime killing everyone one by one and everyone else refusing to vote him out all i got was "sorry blue"... SORRY BLUE! so yeah, i'm in outrage and trust me, i wish i was dead.

    52. Pebs

      6:03 The Stupendium?

    53. Medi0cre

      But if u have 1 IQ u have more iq for being able to know that and being able to click the kill button gives u more and so on

    54. Space Explorer

      Omg I'm not joking but I have 122.2 IQ I checked

    55. Toppers

      Take this from a dude who LOVES leather jackets. That thing is sick! Keep up the good work MatPat!

    56. Skellykenz

      117 IQ Plays

    57. Zachary Adam

      Lmao lemme in the event I'm smart

    58. Lim95

      Some idiot was like “I did the math lime sus cuz primary colors”, I was lime, I was the imposter, but is that an actual strategy?

    59. Sadist Fake Bootleg Tiki

      Among Us fans have 0 IQ and aren't GAMER.

    60. lateffe molley

      Could the alien from among us be a symbiote as they have the ability to alter your body

    61. Guleed Abdillahi

      Oh... Joseph Joestar is big brain.

    62. Kirk hartman

      Non-clickbait among us videos- I did a 200iQ play in among us! 99 percent of among us youtubers- WHOHOO! I did 8374748328484882 IQ play in among us!

    63. James Marsh

      I'm surprised you didn't do a mind theory joke

    64. American-Salvadoran Mapper the Kaiserreich Crusader

      I have high-functioning autism and I had to take an IQ test for the diagnosis, I got 136. *THIS IS BIG BRAIN TIME*

    65. Origami Ahsoka

      I was going to make a really dumb comment, but matpat teaches me so much I decided not to If league of legend players had higher iq, and FPS players were usually younger, it makes me curious to see what people on games like beat saber (which I’d think would be obvious) and Minecraft bedwars.

    66. Exploding DustRags

      One time a person i could tell was a toddler i think self reported. My reason was, he was a toddler because of his spelling and his name and how slow he typed. I notice my younger cousin always self reports and maybe that common on young ppl. Also everyone was on left side (i saw on admin) and he was only one where body was reported. I guessed it was him and all but two ppl voted ke oit. Idk. O asked the dead crewmate and i was right!

    67. DOONIS

      FNAF PLZ

    68. BrotimeStudioz


    69. Ƙυɾø

      so DisgusedToast's name was a pun all along... *nice.*

    70. Arianny Garcia

      Mattpat: IQ of 120 means you score d higher than 90% of people Me: HOLY $#@%!!

    71. Kavious Hart

    72. Gamer Boy

      i am 11 years old and when i did IQ test i had 125 IQ

    73. Adi Wibowo

      Stupidity is more powerful than even the truth wizard. Because you can't really win an argument with an ignorant or dumb person

    74. Theda Quintilla Rebiden

      When im a crewmate I will just select a random player and tell them he's the I'mposter and I'm actually right

    75. K.O.G.Fanstarks1610

      Could you do a video on The True overarching antagonist of Astonishia Story?

    76. Aislynn Rouch

      My mom was not born a lie detector she got that ability when she had kids

    77. Aislynn Rouch

      Yugioh has 1000+ IQ dont bring him in this😂

    78. Beloslav Shugaev


    79. calcalchan chan

      Matpat probably has IQ over than 200

    80. MiningMiner27

      MatPat at the end of the video: Film Theory! Me: Uhh... This is not film theory MatPat.

    81. operation kwas

      "Complex decisions are needed in RTS games" PSG players: amateurs...

    82. Mert Deniz

      Actually there does exist people with above 200 IQ. Highest ever recorded IQ score is 263.

    83. Elecoolmax Gamin’

      Lucky me who has only iq which is a figment of our imagination

    84. Nie Wiem


    85. Nie Wiem

      3:27 Warsaw (maybe cuz i live in poland) 1st was krakow

    86. Luchien Murray

      In the middle of watching this video i took a online iq test and it said it's somewhere between 121and 137

    87. Miraculous Aly-bug

      I got strangely happy when he described what different IQ scores mean because I did a test and mine was 127 😂 yAy, Im SpEcIaL

    88. Sneha Sharma


    89. MemesAwesom

      Mat: But hey, that's just a theory. A FILM theory me: .-.

    90. LOGAN

      I bet your iq is 150 or higher

    91. Incognito Mode

      ඞ. ╾━╤デ╦︻ ඞ - we found the imposter guys

    92. Logan Hunsucker


      1. Alexander Southerland’s Animation

        1+1=2 2+2=4 4+4=8 8+8= 16 16+16=32 32+32=64 64+64=128 128+128= 256 256+256= 512 512+512=1024 1024+1024=2048 2048+2048=4096 ;-;

    93. abichuelo09 gaming

      I play among us and I dont have a big iq but I still win by guessing the imposters :)

    94. Tinks The Sphynx

      Incorrect, Iq can be over 200 ir even 300, as William Shakespeare had an Iq of 210 and Nikola Tesla had an Iq of between 210 and 300.


      I missed it because I wasn't able to watch it soon enough.

    96. Lucus Hylton

      I missed my sats

    97. Shannon Sudduth

      So your telling me my10 years are cod means nothing

    98. Jack Harland

      At the end Me: Wait, what?

    99. IsraelAce YT


    100. Zion Marquez

      Do the forest