Game Theory: How WoW Almost Prevented the Coronavirus Crisis! (World of Warcraft)

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    Years ago now, World of Warcraft had an event that changed the landscape of the ENTIRE game for the players. Hundreds of thousands of skeletons littered the cities, all player characters who had perished to what was called the "corrupted blood plague". Now, some experts are saying that they could have used this event to better understand how viral pandemics spread in societies and how individuals react. What I want to know is, could this historic WoW moment have helped prevent the spread of our current pandemic? Let's find out!
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    Writers: Stephanie Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Tyler Mascola, Forrest Lee, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. 101TheBest

      9:20 Wow. Hearing that, even in games, there is still people trying to help others is one of the best things I have heard in a while. That’s awesome. Maybe humanity isn’t doomed... yet

      1. Justin y.

        @Hudde ik I'm just hammering it in that humanity is already in ruins

      2. Hudde

        @Justin y. ya i think he got it by now and this was like 8 months ago

      3. Justin y.


      4. Hudde

        13:40 yes but actually no

      5. Hudde

        you got pin good job

    2. Natto Jelly

      The 80% mask rate thing....i live in japan. I am sure we have about 80% of mask wearers in Tokyo. But if people start to feel comfortable with their friends and coworkers they will still take of the mask at least a short time once a day. People will infect their families because they feel save in their homes and are letting down theirs guards

    3. Roren yeet

      ratpat not mouse pat

    4. The Plague Doctor

      That me

    5. Rxdu.

      So China copied WoW without giving them credits? Look what this world became

    6. Omri Aviv

      11:09 I'm from Israel and it's really cool to find a KGupr like you talking about it

    7. Greyson George

      Fun fact:World of Warcraft spells WoW

    8. Dean Mockett

      So being an introvert saves 41 lives God 2020 was very strange

    9. Μαρια Μαρκακη

      Sheesh.They did knew about Co19

    10. Mantic Ore

      so basically people care more about in game avatars then real people, nice.

    11. Jester

      MatPat have you ever even played WoW before

    12. EvanNebula


    13. Nicole Bell

      Me: corona has only been here for a few months! The video: posted *8 months ago* Me: aw shiz😭

    14. Combat Comet

      10:30 Damn those loading speeds tho.

    15. SJ J

      What is your 4th channel going to be because of the 4 lines around your logo

    16. Cronavirus 2

      Honestly I think book theroy is a good idea to fill out the last bar

    17. Squiggley


    18. e l i z a b e t h

      "2 million people have the virus" Oh- Oh wait- It got way worse-

      1. Brendan LeFevre

        Yep lol, estimated that the US alone has had 100 million cases of covid per the CDC.

    19. Andrew Smith

      Does every MMORPG need one gigantic glitch/oversight that affects players in terrible ways? I mean WoW had this, RuneScape had the Falador Massacre, seriously this is fascinating.

    20. Budget Gold Cowboy

      I cant believe its been 8 months

    21. destroyer playgames

      ha lol rat pat

    22. this is y m

      oh mat pat I really want to stay at home but my mom she want me to get out

    23. - Asilow -

      "Helpful Matpat is helpful" -Matpat 2020

    24. Caleb Hurst

      You wasted three minutes of my time in the beginning talking about Covid 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 also masks don’t work at all and people said staying inside quarantine is killing more people and the virus is not the most spreading or the fast killing the flu is actually worse

      1. Vanguard King Bt

        How dumb can you be

    25. s Man

      4:00 starts

    26. Xavier_Isaac Castro


    27. Jacob Ponce

      A matter of weeks. A Matter Of Weeks. A MATTER OF WEEKS. *ITS BEEN A YEAR*

    28. Mr. Marble

      Me watching the beginning looks how old the vid is oh that makes sense

    29. Creepypastime

      Wait, only 80% to have this over in three weeks?! How many people haven't been wearing their masks then?!

      1. Brendan LeFevre

        Recent studies have come out showing that just weating masks isnt enough to stop covid, it does reduce it, but the infections will still grow since the R value is still above 1 even with masks.

    30. Joseph Spencer

      My dad and my brother always play WoW we are always playing

    31. j2cinvestments

      me clicks video to just go to another one of your video's Meanwhile me looking at the vid: a video game preventing a irl crisis??? :Mind explosion:

    32. abby cuthbert

      Who us here in 2021 when the vacation is here

    33. Alien

      Bearded Matpat scares me

    34. איש האש

      I from Israel

    35. Jett H. don’t need to wear a mask if you’re simply also don’t need to wear a mask if you’re outside and keep respectful distance... if staying home a day saves 41 lives, then schools are responsible for killing millions every day..

    36. Bigtunafish Call911

      Plague doctor boi

    37. Aaron_GKV

      For those who doesn't know, as i lived that event myself, starting to play WoW in 2004, the Blood Plage was a debuff that "you needed to have" because Hakkar had a skill wich drained blood from players in order to heal himself, and if you had the debuff, he will drain *poisonous blood* and will hurt him instead of healing him. That's why that debuff intended, it wasn't just another boss mechanic, and yeah, cities would lag some PC's just because of the sheer amount of bones and corpses...

    38. Yeet Plays

      It’s 2021 so boring

    39. Beez Teevee

      I DONT PLAY Animal crossing!

    40. Daniel Turner

      I am all for the idea of using games for scientific models and building effective parallels of how diseases can spread as well as other fields of study. and while I would highly encourage game studio's to comply with opening their systems up to scientific experimentation especially MMO's that are wildly popular. I have to also hope and encourage that if any of these companies did actually agree, that they would run this as a side server with clear disclaimers that there is content that may mirror issues in the real world and that players should be acutely aware that it may even relate to current events and that they should understand that they should be mentally healthy before playing in that particular server, as many gamers play games to escape the real world or to de-stress. I can only imagine the mental and emotional health effects this would have on an unsuspecting group of depressive WOW players and how it could exacerbate depressive symptoms. obviously playing on a scientific data collection server that potentially could affect your mental and emotional well being there should be some incentive but that incentive also needs to be within a certain level of reasonable attainment for nonunique server players, as if something can only be achieved via the special server then many people will ignore that aforementioned warning.

    41. some Scottish lassie

      It's nearly been a year since this all started and barely anything has changed, no one is listening no one is wearing a face covering and everyone is just out and about like none of this matters, no one cares and it's scary i hate people nowadays.

      1. Rintluangi Renthlei


    42. The Joe

      I wonder if MatPat still gets a revenue for this video?

    43. Explosiverakk72

      Please keep the beard

    44. no one


    45. Annika F W

      Have you ever just gone back, like WAY back, when you get bored and decide “I’m gonna go watch videos from years ago, maybe one, two or even three years” and when you do that it just makes you happy, it’s heavily raining outside and I’m watching this on 10/12/2021, it’s nice, I like this, its fun, it makes me happy...

    46. DasMax Innit

      Yeahhhhhh, Blizzard never patched the Corrupted Blood update into WoW. Would’ve been helpful, but y’know, Global Pandemics in the “real” world couldn’t be that serious, right?

    47. Joshua Kirby

      Laughs in 2021*

    48. Mr. Mirage 2

      Starts at 4:05


      The Intro Never Get Old Never Get Old

    50. Paul the MUTO

      We can all blame WoW for rejecting the CDC from researching the CB debuff because we could have just killed the virus pretty fast if WoW didn’t reject them

    51. Eli McKenna

      Hey, at least we don't have to tunnel our way through dead orcs and elfs to get down the street

    52. ddfortune


    53. Lulu Goh


    54. Funny Stuff

      I actually want some online rpg games or similar to have a plague but not as contagious but just to see how people would react and people would learn aswell and then people would be more knowledgeable on how to react or well at least gamers would be smarter

    55. khalid farid

      In the intro before it goes in the computer there is a small springtrap doll/funko pop there

    56. the 23rd Bros

      Me watching this in january 2021: Yeah, um it's 40,000 cases now

    57. Infinite The Jackal

      Project Zorgo is watching...

    58. Spinosarus

      12:10 ratpat sounds more catchy

    59. GanaaPlayz

      Remember when there was corrupted blood OTK? Good times..

    60. Pearl DiLucchio

      Speaking from the “ if you stay at home you’re saving an entire football team of people” you might actually be saving your favorite football team

    61. iMyri faKyri

      I'm just wondering how this happened. When the weather was perfect, the world was beautiful, when we had the best opportunity to enjoy life. We stayed home. And now when all we had to so was sit on our couch, watch some TV and go to the toilet for a couple of weeks everyone decided they're exploring the world. Like what is this toddler logic????

    62. Demonic Nihilist

      No one says gg or gratz in dg anymore though

    63. the long minecart

      oh boi were we wrong

    64. Jaccofspades92

      Mousepat? Come on you had Ratpat right there

    65. Austin Donle

      Who disliked this though

    66. MrBurrito

      mouse pat? more like a mousePAD

    67. Phillip Cole Jr

      I remember logging on during this in game pandemic. I was a paladin so I was able to heal myself, and guide lower levels to exit cities alive

    68. Zonia Manzo

      Who's watching in 2021?

    69. Doom Horizons

      My parents: YOU NEED TO GO OUTSIDE MORE OFTEN INSTEAD OF PLAYING GAMES ALL DAY! Me: So yall want me to be a murderer!

    70. Emil Gibin

      WoW player after covid starts : just like the simulations

    71. Red Scout

      Me: *reads title* Also me: i guess World Of Warcraft isnt going anywhere Also me after watching the video: ooh that yeah

    72. 9A-RAMA

      Well that blizzard guy that say no is should be responsible


      WOW should’ve helped the scientists

    74. Takeshi Akuma悪魔武士

      ... is this a coincidence from WoW or they just predict the future?

    75. The Polar Bear

      We have max stupid

      1. Vanguard King Bt

        Not everybody

      2. Rintluangi Renthlei


    76. chloe ellis

      Wow a game almost stop covid crisis

    77. Oliver Holm

      "At the end of the day, I'm not gonna let it stop me from partying" A true inspiration, absolute king, role model for the future generations

    78. Xiaver Lucio

      10:21 #tierzoo would not approve

    79. KingPickaxe124


    80. BrontoSmilodon1

      Why do I get the feeling that in an alternate universe where the movie was an extreme success that a third film was going to be filmed with this plague being a central focus but was canceled because of COVID-19

    81. JakeCanAnimate


    82. tigzhalas

      I tried to heal them with my Druid. 🤣

    83. James en Ramses

      Welp not my fault i wasn't even born in 2005 feel old?

    84. Alfonso Bangayan

      WoW sitting in their seats wondering where they went so wrong; :/ Ok who was the idiot who said no to those scientists back in 2005?

    85. Logan Wolverine

      Pandemic mobile games- Am I a joke to you...

    86. Slevin Channel

      ITS JUST A GAME, the idiots said. Wow. How embrassing.

      1. Vanguard King Bt


    87. Trent Morrison

      At least in WOW, there was no CCP to murdure people who exposes them for there cover ups of carona.

    88. Nick Salvador

      I just realized my sis is younger that world of warcraft by 1 day🤣

    89. FatalKenshen

      gamers ''we have to stop the spread of this blood plague by quarantining the major city areas'' *some players proceed to spread it to old and new players on purpose* ....sensing some dejavu right there *goes into a second lockdown* ahh now i remember

    90. Just Normal Gaming


    91. Giovany Luna

      Matpat: they don't know we are in our house. Game companies: we know your in there

    92. Zombcreep22

      Speaking of viruses the glitchtrap/vanny cult could be considered a virus because those effected could expose other people to the game kinda like super hot.exe Btw I had to pause video

    93. Damien Luna

      honestly if it ever comes back people might treat it differently if they know if its a test lol

    94. Troy Schell

      Or rat pat

    95. Dragon Gamer

      Austin in 2021:I should make a sports theorists

    96. Nic Lai

      12:07 Rat Pat was a missed opportunity

    97. oli games

      fun fact: mat pat was born on his birthday

    98. BezukaKing

      USING GAMES TO SIMULATE REAL LIFE EVENTS WITH LEARNING OBJECTIVES IN MIND IS AN OLD IDEA The Prussian Army adopted war-games in 1824, to allow officers real practice in the intricacies of battle According to the wikipedia article on the subject, General von Muffling (who, 9 years previous was Prussian Liaison to Wellington at a little place called Waterloo), the Prussian Generalstabschef at the time, said "this is no ordinary sort of game, this is schooling for war. I must and will recommend it most warmly to the army." The idea expressed above by von Muffling can be extended to World of Warcraft and Corrupted Blood, or any other simulation game out there

    99. mr. table legs

      That is actually so cool that this happened

    100. Steriø’s Music

      Andy slavitt : wear a mask to save lives Schools and karens : covid? Whats that? A joke or something? Thats stupid