Game Theory: KFC Just WON The Console Wars

The Game Theorists

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    I know everyone is still freaking out about the PS5 and how hard it is to get. Well Theorists, I may have a solution for you! There is a new up and comer entering the console game and it may just be the one we've been waiting for! What is it? The KFC Console! Yes, our favorite fried chicken restaurant has announced a gaming console and I am EXCITED! Will this change the game or should they stick to chicken? Theorists, it is time to uncover the delicious truth about the KFC Console!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Tyler Mascola
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Jaak Vallner

      if you jumb back from 49 to 44 you can get exctented music

    2. Christine Hill

      The omniscient heaven especially clip because wrench concordingly call plus a stiff venezuela. plucky, secretive innocent

    3. SPnowy

      This will be overheating, trottling, and probably damaged by steam/oil

    4. Jasdidion Purger

      Would Ramen work?? Broth and chicken as well as other things

    5. satria

      kfconsole look like rice cooker

    6. Seebee2007

      My guess is almost all of it XD

    7. Classic Rhythms & Sounds

      CHICKEN theory

    8. Nofxthepirate

      KFC can't win the console wars, because it's not a console. The fact that it is sponsored by a PC building company and uses off-the-shelf PC parts proves that it is not in the same category as consoles. Having a custom case for your PC does not make it a console. The entire KFConsole campaign is built on a tower of lies!

    9. Preston Padilla

      Why don’t you just use the Xbox if you get a plate put it on the top of the Xbox put your fried chicken on it I’ll stay warm to

    10. Alec Rubay Brown

      I call it Kentucky fried console

    11. tsartomato

      11:18 human hands are used as watercooled heatsinks for mobile phones

    12. calin 420

      Eating kfc and watching this masterpiece

    13. Karina O.

      No mobile

    14. Lily Collins ツ

      “Who would eat fried chicken between rounds of call of duty”? Black guys.

    15. Ymir Playsthings

      Tell me why at 00:41 I always expect to hear another dun dun dun

    16. John V

      greasy fingers and oily controller stains say what

    17. Sam Bernardino

      Well they also went to offer genshin impact with a glider wings

    18. Blluehh Gaming

      I was like I didn’t click on food theory lol

    19. female papyrus

      You can use any chicken 😉

    20. Ducks leafs and Frogs

      Me: wait did he just say easy bake oven (him: says easy bake oven* me: I freaking have an easy bake oven and I hate it it smelled disgusting but the food taste good>:(

    21. Dachild Yeet

      What the

    22. Wayno ToTheSwayno

      Greasy fried chicken controller, things nightmares are made of........

    23. 東方仗助


    24. Laggablabab

      I want to eat sum KFC NOW!!!!! 🍗

    25. Morgan Jones

      But could I put my McDonald's burger in there and act close to fried chicken?

    26. Morgan Jones

      Mate I'm 9

    27. Paul Cuckastein

      Hey make sure wifi doesn't suck Cornel

    28. Ingrid V Soto

      The KFC console has already won

    29. Erdene Ganduulga

      Matpat I’m upset that this wasn’t posted on food theory.

    30. Febio

      Wait, kfconsole is real?

    31. LaTonya Shugart

      when he said heat death that picture shows pyro burning everything in sight.

    32. Sirius Raycraft

      So kfc will make this thing people will buy it then they will simply forget about it

    33. Pluto E

      We need a channel called science theory

    34. Walter_from_tiktok

      Next thing you know they are going to buy a country and call it KFCountry.

    35. Im Shorty

      Finger licking good

    36. Melting Zamora


    37. Otohime Saki

      "MY MMR DOESN'T LIE" I can't help but explode in laughter for a second

    38. [ WaffleswithBread ]

      Kentucky Fried Chicken, BABY!

    39. Dana Childress


    40. Dana Childress


    41. Matthew amaya

      Bruh what about ps4 or ps5

    42. thirdy egoy


    43. Mario Tescan

      What happens if you dont put anything there?

    44. cr0ss0vermusic

      Wouldn't you need to constantly put food in there to trap the heat somewhere? What happens if there's nothing in the heating chamber?

    45. Jaisya Muhammad

      He should make make "The combination theorist" channel

    46. DiverDownInsideYou

      This is dumb

    47. GAMP: Sicker than your average kigger nilller

      The KFConsole is literally a miniature VEGA mainframe from DOOM 2016

    48. Nightwolf97

      Ok when he said welcome to food theory I had to look at who I was watching lol

    49. VxNightKevinxV

      Can you do the myth of angel the guy who bought valentines stuff in bloxburg. Why did he bought them Who is he gonna give them to

    50. Nathaniel Clarke

      ok kids what do you want for dinner "chicken" starts up COD "coming up"

    51. Wolfie The Furry

      Most ludicrous idea ever. Again; who would use this? The amount of meat needed to keep the system cool would be very pricy. Another thing, the internal temperature would overcook the food, making it beyond tough to chew. Very impractical, at the very least this will be a novelty.

    52. marivee romero

      The nervous acknowledgment basally pop because interactive locally discover outside a incandescent gander. infamous, itchy peanut

    53. Creamy

      okay it works as a cooling system when there is food in it but if there isn't any?

    54. Alex Kratville

      ... calling it now... the meat from the chicken is going to lead to the conclusion it is essentially as effective as water cooling...

    55. Dante

      10:23 Why does the burning Fried Chicken look like a Pikman? Guess it wasnt a Red Pikman, Amirite???

    56. John Jencura

      But wait, if the chicken is acting as the heat sink, doesn’t that mean that the console is only functional if you always have chicken in it? What happens once you finish the chicken, and there’s nothing inside to absorb heat?

    57. Bclm 8000

      but, what if i dont wana put somthing in the top to absorb heat?

    58. Allwyn hiwale

      I thought KFC console was just a joke

    59. Lukas Reimer


    60. Anthony William Ces

      **hears about animal tissue absorbing heat (inc. Humans')** Maybe that's why I feel overheated at summer

    61. Astro PSI

      Alright, I'm doing the jewel heist, frankli- oh my chickens done! Now just gotta escape the police on moters and Agh- I dropped my greasy controller!

    62. Bionic System5

      Remember it’s game not food

    63. 親指

      idk why but computer heat just seems dirty, i don't wanna stick my food in that.

    64. ???

      I will

    65. ꧁ Akane Draws ꧂

      Easy-Bake Ovens were my childhood. And the strawberry shortcake type thing for it was the greatest.

    66. Maggie Williams

      now all matpat needs is a diet coke console

    67. The madden guy

      I don’t know if the video should also be on food theorist I feel the games are connected to food

    68. Miles Yelton

      Including human Kira: 😎🔥🔥✋✋

    69. Boogie

      Can i make ramen?

    70. Marissa Bones

      I want one

    71. Marissa Bones

      What in the hell

    72. Michał Raczkiewicz

      This video is wrong from a very start. Heat sinks are designed to transfer heat away from the system. Heat sinks have specific form to maximize heat transfer capacity, not absorbtion. That KFConsole is going to get hot as an oven. If heat is going to stay in system, chicken will absorb heat to the Point of its maximum capacity. And then it is no longer a heat sink, it is oven

    73. Jessie Fernandez

      What if you dont have chicken?

    74. FuzyCatFries

      I want that kfc console

    75. Average A1

      And if there’s no chicken?

    76. Laura Brown

      In Modern Living Room Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

    77. Florida Boi

      My dad is refusing to say time it exist

    78. Rodrigo Hurtado

      Always wondered what the last theory color was, now I know how I'm spending my day.

    79. Eli Miles

      speaking about consoles you should do a theory on the new ps5 console game for kids called bugnax because most of the lore inside it is already uncovered but there is so much more you can do like why floofty and snorpy the 2 siblings hate each other or what actually happens to lizbert and eggabell in the end so please do a theory on that game please.

    80. Rickypol 007

      It should have been WELCOME TO CROSOVER THEORIES whit the game and food theory lights on

    81. Blilbo Babgins

      “Who in there right mind would wanna eat fried chicken while playing cod” ima pretend I didn’t see that

      1. Blilbo Babgins

        Yo um I’m in Australia so I spell words differently to you cause we don’t have ther we have there

      2. Kuribu

        umm.... it spled ther not there

    82. Coraline Zoi Visco

      i have heard of easy bake, but im 11

    83. Aggro Ants

      So you have to have something in the chicken chamber or else the pc will fry itself? A bit of a inconvenience

    84. silvia25

      -Sees the title NO! KFConsole is Designed to FAIL! Get it right!

    85. Marko

      A PC power supply rating needs to be higher than sum of all components Thermal Design Capacity, and preferably not by a little, since PSUs are most efficient when working at half power and also needs room for upgrade, it needs to support more powerful components tldr: PSU wattage rating is not what it uses all the time, it uses the sum of all components and it's half that most of the time

    86. hunter merritt

      soooooo its a space heater too?

    87. Extra virgin Jerry

      The ultimate crossover is: The grease proof controller and the KFC console

      1. Kuribu

        i forgot about grease proof controllers

    88. Mådison Cåson

      I want all the kfc console drip. I NEED IT.

    89. master ugly


    90. Toughguygames

      this is all well and good but im worried about grease runoff, and what if you DONT have chicken to heat but wanna play your game? is this gonna be a pay to play system where you need chicken? but more importantly, evaporating water/grease id be worried about running back into the system and shorting the parts, as well as how is cleaning supposed to work cuz id assume this would need to be cleaned at some point like any properly cared for pc.


      You said chicken but what about chicken nuggets

    92. Tendoman 32

      You could call it the gaming food theory

    93. Lego Minifig

      My room is in the basement. My 3900x and 2080super has forced me to have my rooms fan on constantly this winter. I havent been cold once. Sad, i want to wear my hoodies more.

    94. James Pike

      MatPat, please do a film theory on a YT series called Confinement. It follows Connor who is a part of the SCP Foundation. It is definitely theory material!

    95. SkeltzombieGaming

      I'm gonna buy the KFconsole edited: I bought the vr kfc game and it GREAT

    96. T0xik_Dubz

      So my only problem now is keeping it full of fried chicken? What if you want to play games when you have no fried chicken to keep warm?

    97. LucasAldereich

      Bro... no

    98. Tuan Le

      The subsequent belgian philosophically connect because leaf desirably frighten given a ahead board. vague, defective tie

    99. code

      a game theory? a food theory? i don't care. its a good theory.

    100. sinephase

      consoles are just highly integrated AMD computers so really anyone can make one now LOL