Game Theory: Did Dream FAKE His Speedrun? A Final Analysis.

The Game Theorists

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    There has been a controversy brewing on the Minecraft side of KGup centered around well known Minecraft creator Dream. He's been accused of faking his speedrun and it has caused a lot of stir. I'm not here to point fingers or accuse anyone. What I'm doing today, Theorists, is going over the facts of this situation and why it is a lot more complicated than people are making it out to be.
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, and Koen Verhagen
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    1. Joe Enderman

      I know that sometimes it is hard to pick a side on an issue because you don't want to offend anyone, but if the issue is a "right and wrong" issue rather than "right and left" you should be willing to condemn or justify the involved parties. If Dream is innocent, then why leave the slightest smudge on a good man's credibility? What did he do to offend you? If he cheated, then why skirt around the issue? No one likes a cheater, and even more so, they don't like people who support and allow cheating.

    2. Madkrusher

      MATH PAT

    3. Alpha

      I bet matpat can solve who dream is

    4. Smart gamer 123

      100 coin flips

    5. Aloke Schlichtmann

      So did dream cheat or not

    6. Chungus Toad

      I personally don’t like dream but I don’t think he cheats

      1. Chungus Toad

        @Justin Emilio Belchez then I would most likely believe you

      2. Justin Emilio Belchez

        What if I tell you, he does?

    7. sonia mckenzie

      im back i think if u flip a coin 10 times ur more likely to get heads 7 times

    8. sonia mckenzie

      oh no i think u broke Robert lmao ok ill stop talking :(

    9. Leeland DeLeeuw

      I came here to read the comments from dreamm stans who ddn't watch the video but go mad anyway.

    10. Ragul Karthik

      So no one gonna talk about me beast buying a pizza

    11. Mehrunes

      True, game based on random generator world should never become a speedrun

      1. morbideddie

        @Mehrunes while yes it can be an RNG fest that’s the same for pretty much most speed games. Golden eye and ocarina of time are two of the most famous speed games of all time and they are very heavily RNG dependent in some sections. Looking at the boards most of the top spots are filled by known runners who are skilled and respected. Give a god seed to a less skilled player and they won’t turn that into a wr. Plus there are loads of categories that focus on different aspects of the game. SSG let’s you practice the same map massively reducing the RNG elements. FSG gives you a god seed each time so you can get the on the fly thinking of a RSG but without the lottery aspect being as strong. There is something for everyone but I think the random world aspects are one of the more unique aspects of the game that make it less focused on execution and more on game knowledge and quick thinking.

      2. Mehrunes

        ​@morbideddie this's just my personal opinion. You're absolutely right, MC still requires skills, reflex, and knowledge. But the Random generated world makes the run become an RNG fest. Unlucky seed can add 1-3 minutes to the run And every action also have its RNG the best-skilled player can be beaten by pure luck. And when you're too lucky, the run became suspicious That's the reason why MC not my favorite speedrun. But I do enjoy Speedrun VS Hunter

      3. morbideddie

        Why? Speedrunning isn’t just about mechanical execution, routing the world on the fly requires tons of skill and game knowledge that’s completely valid.

    12. Emperor Akatsuki

      10 times 6 heads =100 times 60 heads 100 times 70 heads = 10 times 7 heads the latter has more luck

      1. Emperor Akatsuki

        ​@morbideddie Ooh O.O, so that's how it works, good to know(~ ̄▽ ̄)~

      2. morbideddie

        The law of large numbers goes counter to this, the larger the set of trials the less likely we are to see significant changes from the average.

    13. KK Puffin

      what red button? I only see a gray one.

    14. usual1ty


    15. OrdinaryBear

      Question : "Did Dream Cheat ?" Answer : "You know, luck is not cool"

    16. Patricia Talosig

      dream dint fake i tryed all of his the tricks mlg water


        is this a joke?

      2. Patricia Talosig

        and the haybale and ladder and boat clutch evrything 😒😒😒😒😒😒😤😤😤😤😤

    17. The Game podcaster


    18. Prince Awesome

      Flipping a coin 10 times and getting heads 7 of them I think

    19. -Lemon Muffin-

      For the heads and tails thing I chose 7- Dunno if it's correct-

    20. superbas gamingYT

      Idk matpat but make a theory on friday night funkin

    21. Archana Gupta

      flip 100 times is more likely

    22. M0bZ0Mb!3

      It's sad to hear all these comments saying this is clickbait, it's like mattpatt isn't allowed to give you his ideas and talk about things that interest him and people just want the theory and conclusion.

    23. BRUH bruh bruh BRUH bruh bruh

      69.2 percent nice

      1. Dan 5


    24. C0C0N8T

      Its not his fault for cheating. Its the GAMES fault for involving too much RNG LMAOOOO


        It's Dream's fault because he didn't say anything about it. You wanna mod the game to have better rng, fine. But if you want to lie and pretend you didn't, that's a problem.

    25. Royally Challenged

      Everyone is in the comments like, "He didn't say anything cuz dream cheated." I think it's hilarious that they all say it the same way, too. "He didn't say he cheated bc he didn't want the dream stans hating on him." LMFAO I'm dying over her

    26. gay jail

      He cheated. (I'm 100% sure about that.) Legitimately everyone NOT close to him says he cheated. Also i'm pretty sure he didn't use the proper minecraft resource? (Or something like that, I watched that one math dudes video.)


      i am soo dump i did not understand anything in this video

    28. Dondlo

      Hey Game Theory, Matpat here. Did Dream fake his speedrun?

    29. CaptainCustard

      my teacher told me flipping a coin is actually 51/49 not much of a difference but its something

      1. Dead Vader

        Kinda as if it's more likely that it comes from the side it was flipping which is usually heads

    30. tutacat

      "its not a simple apple to oranges comparison"

    31. Iskra Tatomir

      10 times bc its 7 with is 10 less for the 100 times

    32. Rick I Sanchez

      100 Times 60 had because 10 times 7had it's almost the same the only Thing is missing is a 0. that makes 10 Times 7 had almost the same as 100times 70 had PS I didn't had al Ferry good school 😅

    33. o.o

      I come back to this channel after a couple years of not watching it, and I waste 23 minutes and 29 seconds of my life just to be told about a sponsor from skillshare

    34. GreekSoldier20

      yeah is hard speedrun kill ender dragon idk dream are cheating or not

    35. fnaf the girl Victoria Victoria fnaf

      Hi :)

    36. Xander Castaneda

      Why didn't you give us the truth matpat?

    37. LaserM

      I admit, the learning experience is evn to watch this, becouse I am not from America, UK, bla bla bla, you get the point.

    38. blessed_boio

      So basically, at the end hes trying to hide the facts and data to explain speedrunning..... this isn't even an analysis its just a grab for views.

    39. Yisus HC

      Pretty sure ibxtoycat beat minecraft in under 5 Min but it was on bedrock so idk if it counts


        They played on a set seed, which is a different category to the main one

      2. morbideddie

        Bedrock and set seed so not really comparable to a Java RSG run.

    40. Elio Formicone

      The Video Title: did dream cheat!? Matpat: i think ill answer 10500 questions except the one question

    41. ItsWilliam

      everyone: so did he cheat? matpat: yesn't

    42. Ethan Wright

      everyone like this video so it goes on the youtube trending tab.

    43. Marvin Xian Soroy-soroy

      dream made an face reveal???

    44. Nathan Zamora

      Flipping a coin 100 times


      0:12 Mr.beast: so today were wiping out 5 Stores full of stuff to donate!

    46. *.Shooting Star.*

      Yeah thats why i started watching game theory cause i suck at math XDDD And i am not smart enough to look into tiny details

    47. reidsho

      "My brain hurts.."

    48. jada cormier

      i think what hes trying to say is that its pretty much impossible to reach a conclusion without definitive proof that he cheated (like seeing the mods in his mod folder or whatever) because pretty much the main point of minecraft is that its randomized and most things like random bartering are based on luck

    49. JsASlayer Epic gamer

      Mat is the most not boomer I’ve seen

    50. Nathaniel Bull

      matpat did not make a conclusion but by the end the it looked like the proof was saying dream did not cheat

    51. Poginthechat

      Me: DO YOU THINK HE CHEATED OR NOT Matpat: Calm down i will show you the binomial physics

    52. Iktear Ahmed

      We : so did he fake it or not? Matpat : e=mc2

    53. Xpepper 1562

      Flipping a coin 10 times and getting heads 7 times is mor lucky

      1. Mongo Magus

        and what does this proof?

    54. flora plays 1

      0:12 mrbeast

    55. Clark Enrico R. Sabater

      I may not call it that is a theory Its gonna be real

    56. iwan hendrawan

      10 times

    57. Emanuel Leija

      WARNING! Keep reading! Or you're going to die, even if you just look at the word warning! Once upon a time there was a girl named Clarissa, she was ten years old and lived in a mental hospital, because she killed her mother and father. She got so bad that she went to kill all the hospital staff, so the Mais government decided that the best idea was to get rid of her, so they created a special room to kill her, as human as possible, but the machine went wrong they were were using it wrong. And she sat there in agony for hours until she died. Now, every week, on the day of her death, she returns to a person who reads this letter, Monday night at midnight. She sneaks into your room and kills you slowly, cutting you off and watching you bleed to death. Now send this to another ten photos on this site, and it will haunt someone who doesn't. This is not false. apparently, if you copy and paste that into ten comments in the next ten minutes, you’ll have the best day of your life tomorrow. You will be kissed or asked to leave, if you break that chain, you will see a little dead

    58. Chron Red

      i think that everyone is missing the point that MatPat is trying to tell us that there are simply too many variables to get a concrete answer, meaning it is literally impossible to tell whether he truly cheated or not

    59. TINOPLAZ

      Obviously dream faked it, not like people play Minecraft anyway and want to hear his friends annoying screeching

      1. ThatPandaWithAGauntlet

        What sucks is that we probably never will get the true answer...

      2. ThatPandaWithAGauntlet

        @TINOPLAZ ah yes, me pointing out bias sparks all of this. you cant call me a fanboi because i dont just wanna take one side and leave it. @Fat Pikachu, i feel like no one can definitely say he cheated or not. You can say he did and believe that, but you act as if we got a proven answer.

      3. TINOPLAZ

        @ThatPandaWithAGauntlet what a fanboi

      4. Fat Pikachu

        @ThatPandaWithAGauntlet There is an answer He cheated. Again we don’t need to catch him in 4K to prove he cheated You simply don’t seem to understand how low those odds really are, it’s cheating

      5. ThatPandaWithAGauntlet

        I will say that there is more evidence towards him cheating, but for all we know he may not have. I wish there was a definitive answer to this, but there is not.

    60. Chispita

      your mom faked speedruns

      1. Mongo Magus

        Toxic Dream Stan

    61. Jake Woke

      insted of :) its :(

    62. bobrbw1202

      Flipping a coin 100 times and getting heads 60 times (Editors note: oh... uh, well I meant the other one)

    63. ramon matias

      Flip a coin ten times and getting heads 7 times is more likely

    64. elise maendel

      Dream Tream screaning when Dream beat the record makes me so happy

    65. Tiger And Friends

      Waiting from dream to comment saying he didnt...

    66. Vaidas B


    67. Tony bruh

      Had to dislike this. You all know why. I'm not a dream stan, I've followed matpat for years, this is my first time I've ever disliked a video of his but I find it pretty unacceptable that he doesn't give a concrete conclusion just to avoid the onslaught of dream stans.

    68. fresh dragonisfree


    69. ZeroKun265

      Honestly I love how you and stand-up maths just explain math.. amazing Just like Veritasium and Steve Mould explain Science I love KGup

    70. Rebeka Dobosi

      Me to my math teacher after I watched all the minecraft game theory videos: I am four paralell universes ahead of you.

    71. The 0racle

      I'm not a statistician, but something is off here.... does the prosecutor's fallacy not apply to this situation somehow?

    72. eddie corderi

      7 out of 10

    73. Aizistral

      "Is it even worthwhile to invest those hundreds or thousands of hours, when the most important factor of your success is something that's completely out of your control?" - Real life in a nutshell.


      Old ed crouse 20:50


      Ed crouse 20:09


      Ed Crouse 13:09


      Ed crouse 11:25


      Ed crouse 9:37


      Ed crouse0:08

    80. Hoang Triet

      9:11 Actually, some people landed on the side of the coin, not heads, nor tails, so it isn’t 50/50 :/

    81. Kulchus

      Love the intros haha

    82. a very unenthusiastic lemon

      The funny thing is it actually did get on the KGup trending tab. It got #1 in gaming.

    83. Omega Leon


    84. XxLilly-BillyxX

      2:33 I just love how he pops out of the literal TARDIS.

    85. Toyin kabi


    86. Mattia Giambirtone

      Ahh, LaTeX. the good stuff

    87. Far as mar

      100 TIMES, DO IT

    88. Blush

      Dream is not cheating you know why because he wasn’t playing alone he was with his friends he had lost one speed run and won more than 1

      1. le tomas

        Now thats just sus ngl

      2. Omymous

        proves absolutely nothing but alright

      3. No No

        This literally proves nothing

      4. Kyle Zheng

        thats not proof... Where the hell do u get the idea that that proves anything? Even the statastician that dream hired, in the conclusion, said that dream probably cheated.

    89. Anakin Guillemette

      100 times / 60 heads

    90. thedragon133

      I've played multiple MMOs and I've seen that some characters have overall better luck than others. Which should be impossible as it is a game and the chances are equal between all my characters. Still, some characters were really lucky, others not so. It was and still is strange to me and I'm not ruling out a hidden "luck" stat which is assigned at character creation, but still, if the drop rate wants to f* with you one way or the other, it will.

    91. Fluffysgaming

      the froot loops an the apple jacks are a reference lol

    92. Leila Esterhuizen


    93. Kebanyakan_Gula

      the answer is no

    94. TASH

      i wish i had this guy as a teacher

    95. LdsAdrian Kobe Dantes

      Yeah good thing he didn’t gave us a right answer cause Dream might be in trouble but no I don’t want Dream to be like that because he already made a lot of video for us to enjoy. 😋😊👍🏻😇

      1. Omymous

        you really think getting called out for cheating will actually hurt dream's career? You'd have to really delusional to think that

    96. Child

      seriously proof in the new one

    97. Nuttawaree Kongjuana


    98. -Purple Plum-

      0:13 Hello there Jimmy!

    99. Pika

      I feel like MatPat is smarter than the speedrunning team and Dream’s astrophysicist

    100. Blue #003B6F

      Thank you for nothing, I wasted my time for no answers Bye ♥