Game Theory: The Dark Future of the Dream SMP (Minecraft)

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    Dream has made Minecraft history with his SMP, or Survival Multiplayer Server, with his Dream Team. It has captivated many and finally I'm here to show you EXACTLY what he's been up to and what I predict is the FUTURE of his SMP. You see, this is not some simple impromptu game between friends. No sir!. There are layers of story going on here and it's getting dark. Political battles, a fight for control, and a nemesis out to rule the world - and that is just the beginning!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, and Tyler Mascola
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. {That one lil gift}

      Past me: huh flag thats funny Me now: YES YES I GET IT NOW THANK YOU THANK YOU YESSSSSS

    2. Spencer Howard

      Great video! But schlatt’s other canon death was when quackity assassinated him

    3. Annamária Lukács

      Schlatt lost all his canon lives The festival the stroke and quackity shoot him with a bow thats canon too

    4. sunairax

      oh no

    5. the Taco squad


    6. the Taco squad

      I got the keys and he's just a doormat

    7. Matt Arevalo

      More dream smp theory

    8. peluchesvicotorypolo mal editado

      Mat Jshaltt is does not have any cannon lives left because he lost a life in the white house.

    9. _Lost_

      this makes me viscerally angry

    10. Wififishy LEGO

      I wonder where they got this war from not like hermit craft have done the same thing

    11. Agnesa Playz

      am i the only one who wants this guy to be in the Dream SMP?

    12. King Sandwich

      He was right all along Ghostb- Wilbur

    13. dristawastaken

      "Tommy you promised it would be alright!" -Ghostbur May you rest in peace our adorable bean :(

    14. Smwad 710

      Isn’t this the guy that cheats at mc speed runs?

    15. Captainzilla418

      9:45 he pulled a full palpaten

    16. Apple Champ

      Did u not see quackity kill schlatt at the whitehouse

    17. Vanessa 1405

      That's what I needed! ❤️

    18. Latios Hoenn

      MatPat. There's one death of JSchlatt's you forgot to consider. Quackity assassinated JSchlatt on October 17 during their quarrel in the White House, ending with Quackity JFKing Schlatt.

    19. Levi Cox

      Like honestly how does anyone watch the dream SMP I can't understand it

    20. DBTBullet


    21. Poke Dude

      this man said wilbur suit HA

    22. Ronald

      AHHHHHHH I LOVE THIS, Do Wilbur Soot ARG

    23. SirSquishy

      If you want a really good summary of the dream SMP I think you should watch EvanMCGamings videos

    24. itssophiaonly

      *talks about often livestreams* *shows rare techno stream* me: visible confusion

    25. One Shot Gamer

      WWE can be Scripted but the injuries cant you jump of a 30 foot tall cage your not gonna be unscathed getting up💀

    26. William Hughes

      Ruining your childhood since 2011 haha

    27. Cole

      4:08 Mat Pat compare DreamSMP to Lin Manuel Miranda's "Hamilton"

    28. Ashley Giles


    29. amalnuna

      ur wrong matpat, jschlat lost a life at the festival by techno, by quackity ‘s bow and the stroke

      1. amalnuna

        @My Account yes it was but the death by quackity happened before his stroke

      2. My Account

        Video was uploaded like 3 months ago

    30. Ee

      So that’s where pog came from

      1. My Account

        You mean, from Pogtopia?

    31. Pilot A1C

      14:47 imagine jschlatt never joined the dream SMP

    32. Kaash PlayzGames

      Democracy is overrated -jschlatt

    33. Emmet Meigel

      I can't wait until there is new video about the Dream SMP. Schlatt's revival book, Ghostbur, Ranboo, Tommy's second exile, and Dream's downfall, among MANY other things.

    34. Soba Dragon

      The lack of technoblade in this video is depressing

    35. Wing ding Gaster

      You would say this theory blew up in matpat’s Face

    36. Giga

      Jshlatt used all his life’s

    37. ApplePi

      I’d love for you to do another one of these!!! I’d love to hear what you think Wilbur will be doing now that he’s back! Or where the nukes are!?!?!

    38. BRO A11

      i only see tommyinnit in the first live stream list lol

    39. Heath PENA

      Wait a minute since schlatt is maybe about to come back to life that means that he has three more canon lives

    40. toodlez.

      Ok ok ok, hear me out, (Spoilers for the Dream SMP. Stop reading now if you don’t want spoilers.) This could definitely possibly happen. As we know, Dream has a revive book. If Quackity could steal the book from Dream, or ally with Dream, he could, theoretically, revive JSchlatt. I don’t know how he’d steal the book, because Dream has it I think (in Tommy’s stream where Dream revived Wilbur, Tommy said that Dream was holding the book. But we couldn’t really see Dream’s hand so maybe not.). But say Quackity allied with Dream (theoretically, because it’s definitely very unlikely.). Dream would probably want something in return. Asking Quackity to break him out of prison, perhaps? But hey, that’s just a theory. A Dream SMP theory.

    41. Lover Boi

      Imma say its may 1st and Wilburs back so you should keep a eye on Wilbur and the dream smp

    42. Willow Heart

      The intro was painful IM IN SPAIN WITH OUT THE S *sobs* Also where was the entire wilbur decided to blow up everything? If this was written before Christmas... Wilbur should of blown everything up????? COME ON MAT U CAN DO BETTER!!!!

    43. DreamSMP Clips

      He was right about a tirent coming back coz he was takeing about Wilbur

    44. Iron mat

      meh, I'm more of a hermitcrafter. It's more fun to have your series be unpredictable and it seems way more fun

    45. ShAuN Everything

      Anyone wanna join my minecraft bedrock edition smp. We are a short community right now, but are hoping for a lot more members, So we can make it a anarchy server and have wars. Join the discord or view my latest video.

      1. My Account

        Go away.

    46. Saradiboi

      wilbur sooooot lol

    47. Thomas Vlogs

      Actually its hatadogvan

    48. Peri Uluirmak

      welp Quackity did lose a bet to Shlatt thus he has to revive him sooooo you're kinda rigth on thhat one Mat! :D

    49. Hoa Pham

      But Matt, there’s a third group, the group that know him but doesn’t care

    50. McFunny

      I like how matpat thinks that jschlaat was evil wait for him to realize what dream has done...

    51. Random Noob

      Ahem- you were 1 off, 31 people, ok bye

    52. The Floof Noodle

      Wait did matpat compleatly skip Wilbur going insane and blowing up lmanberge? That was a huge plot point! This video was awesome btw!

    53. Juana Barranco

      "Everyone has 3 canon lives" Ranboo who has 40

    54. Shai K

      Oh how horribly horribly wrong

    55. Floridaball Gaming Crew

      but quakity shot jshlatt so he is all out of cannon lives at least for now

    56. Ecto


    57. Withered Mae

      *sees L'manburg flag* o7

    58. RealPepperonix

      Do you by any chance have legs?

    59. Misaki The Mage

      Ok so Im watching this video for the first time after the newest part of the SMP's main story with Wilbur being revived and as soon as Matpat said "And spoiler alert he's already dead" I immediately started laughing to myself

    60. OctupleBaker400

      Ok well here's the rundown now for anyone wondering. Dream and Techno together with Philza spawn withers and destroy Lmanberg. Jschlatt dies, Wilbur dies, ghostbur enters in, glatt enters in. Then dream gets locked up in prison, lore streams come out with the eggpire consisting of Badboyhalo, Antfrost, Ponk, and Punz. Tommy dies and gets revived by dream. Dream also revives Wilbur. Jschlatt is still glatt.

    61. The Hufflepuff Cherri

      4:46 dsmp spoiler My mind was like GHOSTBUR WHO IS NOW ALIVEBUR ONCE MOREEEEE and then I got sad after realizing the episode was about jshlatt

    62. e lol

      I love that Steve in the thumnail just is shocked and has no idea what going on lol

    63. Sissi Moonstar

      I have a theory on Dream and why he is... Craaaaazzzzy? (bare in mind I am talking about the character) I don't know if it was lore or not, but do you remember when Tubbo and Fundy hunted Dream the Dreamon? What if, instead of getting rid of the Dreamon in dream, they put a Dreamon in Dream and powerd it everytime they hunted him. And that why he is why he is now. Cause he was acting a lot more weird and violent since Fundy and Tubbo did the ritual (I'm talking about the rp characters) But it might be wrong

    64. tan shang ren

      can we have a ep on gamelive to play dnd

    65. Theoden Alcala

      Can you do another video

    66. MapleSunflower

      The fact that since this video, both Wilbur and Tommy have DIED and been REVIVED is hilarious. I wasn't expecting this to be about Jschlatt either!

    67. YB FriendlyStrawberry

      The start of the video felt so weird (since there was no voice or anything)...was it just me that thought that? I didn't know that wrestling matches were staged (I did know that it was common but I didn't think that was the bar) but I am also not surprised..

    68. Kennedy Nwachukwu

      Genshin impact

    69. Old ShoeYT

      I got a notification for tubbos stream right when his name was said

    70. grus Gorl

      It’s time for an update MatPat, so much has happened

    71. user unknown

      mat should remake this

    72. Badfengshui

      He was very wrong

    73. Annoyed_leaf

      I love the smp, dream+Minecraft+Hamilton why not

    74. Moon_wolf

      Hi MatPat can you make a Theory about Tales of the SMP or the In Between and Other Side ?

    75. b l o n d e

      You have summoned the dream smp fandom

    76. One Track Mind

      Love how you did a video on these guys 😂🤣

    77. Jamen Trojcak


    78. not Markiplier

      Nobody jschlat: i all ways come back

    79. RubenJr TheGreat

      I never thought i would get so invested in a fucken smp

    80. EVIL- chan

      The plot is actually quite simple if ypu mull it over for a week or so

      1. EVIL- chan

        Or if you read the wiki

    81. Boyet Piquero

      *famous for cheating and stan culture

    82. Chimkin Nugget

      Two types of people in the comments

    83. Chimkin Nugget

      This is so great to watch in April

    84. The ender king

      Wilbur,dream,and literally everyone:tommy is the main characters Matpat:SCHLATT

    85. Agent Oni

      There are two sides in the SMP business. The HermitCraft army, or the Stan army of the Dream SMP

    86. Mohammedmadher Alquraan

      techno blade:im abouta end this mans theory6s whole career

    87. Juan Marcelino

      Mat pat u guys should make another one for the dream smp because so much lore was dropped after this video

    88. thegamegeek

      Wilbur suit lmao

    89. Larisa Ryabokon

      dont forget about fundys campain!

    90. Skelly

      "jschlatt is a force of nature, and that's just a game theory" should be someone's senior quote.

    91. Noon_Sunflower

      if you’re looking to watch the dream smp i recommend you go to a channel called “BlueberryTv” where they cut down and edit the dream smp into episodes. im pretty sure they also let you know which episodes are filler in the description.

    92. Elder Lich

      Was the Jschlatt art in this designed after the villain of Neon Genesis Evangelion?

    93. Ryan H

      Suck to live in lamanburg

      1. My Account


    94. Day_Breez0

      Captain sparklez did it first

    95. Shay Movieslol


    96. Kate Hoffbeck

      we need an updated one of these. lmao

      1. Aqua Eclipse

        We really do

    97. Henry Constantine

      Jsschlatt, the once, and future dictator

    98. TheOrangeKitten_Cat

      It’s insane how he talked about dream 1 time

    99. TheOrangeKitten_Cat

      STOP IT

    100. 101wows

      Even know that mattpat did a very good explanation of this I still do not like how this is not completely real but yet is scripted event like in a video game but I guess it's just narrative and just find . Personal opinion on this dumb idea of a story but thank you mattpat.