Game Theory: The Dark Future of the Dream SMP (Minecraft)

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    Dream has made Minecraft history with his SMP, or Survival Multiplayer Server, with his Dream Team. It has captivated many and finally I'm here to show you EXACTLY what he's been up to and what I predict is the FUTURE of his SMP. You see, this is not some simple impromptu game between friends. No sir!. There are layers of story going on here and it's getting dark. Political battles, a fight for control, and a nemesis out to rule the world - and that is just the beginning!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, and Tyler Mascola
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. maac angulo

      Comming to the future Technoblade is the actual karma

    2. froxy

      Ok I've been wanting this video in my head is like how come game theory not go over this and I found this one month later I hate YT notifications not getting to me

    3. xiaoleung x

      its the springtrap in the beginning for me

    4. cooldogoaction

      I don't know if you are with them, but I saw this same thumbnail for an ad for a DreamSMP quiz or something. (Diggfun. co) was the site listed...

      1. cooldogoaction

        Had to put a space or else it would be a link

    5. Imran Ahmed


    6. Bonnie Hernandezj

      The jobless library pathohistologically nail because pamphlet problematically fix via a steadfast marimba. amuck, abject swan

    7. Ling Xing ching

      SCHLAAT: ALWAYS COMES BACKKKKKK.......* Purple guy/William Afton: hey you stole my line!

    8. ToTpole

      Schlatt lost a canon live to quackity actually, he is canonically dead

    9. Cameron Fadden

      When I was watching the clip of matpat describing how jschlatt died I didn’t stop laughing

    10. Theo Barry

      Ik coconut2020 was just a joke buuuut it was there

    11. Connor Kane

      You forgot he said frankenstein 2 *2!*

    12. Randomly Thinking

      Now do ranboo

    13. Azguard Mike 2013

      Matpat: we all know wrestling is fake right? Goldberg on the grand tour: Just because it was scripted that I lift the big show, the giant, who weighs over 500pounds, thats doesnt mean he was lighter. When it was scripted I get thrown through the table, it didnt hurt any less because I knew it was coming. The outcomes are determined, but the wrestling is real.

    14. Anna Grace Gainey

      This theory really worked out well. L'manberg is no more! As a wise man once said, "L'manberg is gone! Crab rave!!!"

    15. Acer Kawar

      In the election he didn’t talk about coconut2020

    16. Bae sho

      You sound make a episode on ranboo

    17. Ruby_Clementine

      I like how everyone (not all but mostly) are saying this theory is wrong but i'm just appreciating the fact that Wilbur is proud that MatPat digged so deep into the lore. I'm proud of Mat for that :D I'd be lazy to even watch every stream of everyone's POV that i only decided 1-3 ppl i'd watch (Tommyinnit,WilburSoot,Tubbo)

    18. agniella steviola surmarsono


    19. mia

      ...I- this barely scratched anything. Now theory about egg and ranboo or karl jacobs please lmao

    20. Cameron Fadden

      Thor and me: “This is good, ANOTHER”!!

    21. Tsarkos __

      why are you saying wilbur suit it's wilbur soot

    22. Mete44 _hd

      Did matpat at the beginning refrence philza minecraft

    23. Dead Blaze

      The simp has so many events that represent real life (revolutions, dictatorship and the beginning of empires)

    24. TheProjanTrojan

      The only thing I care about with the SMP is schlatt, no one else matters

    25. [][]Snow lover[][]

      Im from l'manberg😊😊

    26. n64 and above

      I forgot about advertisements cause I use a audio only youtube that doesn't use ads

    27. Jonny Tessetu

      and he was right

    28. tripex playz

      I guess history always repeats itself

    29. Makayla Brathwaite

      Hey, if you ever decide to do another Dream SMP video, could you try tackling one of these?: -Nihachu’s new villain arc (And wether it makes sense or not, since it seems to be a common debate in the fandom) -The future of Wilbur and how he’ll be returning as a character. -Dream and his “Chaotic Evil” behavior. -Ranboo’s other half, maybe? -The Egg. Need I say more?

    30. Eggo _Gamez


    31. Dane Hollyoak

      Ha ha nope you get an egg

    32. Ruth Gonzalez

      Mat Pat:2 Different kinds of people. Me:Hahahahhahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So ture

    33. Phantom

      Predicted Pandora's Vault...

    34. Foxgaurd12

      Jschlatt is the dream smp version of Makorov

    35. Obese Child

      we all know that slimecicle will be the end of the SMP, and if you don't, watch this:

    36. Riptide_MC

      Part 2

    37. Bellatrix Black

      *S W O G*

    38. Bellatrix Black

      I was waiting for you to say pog this video and i was not disappointed

    39. PandaX3 X3X3Z3

      Someone stole this thumbnail for a website

    40. Creative Henz

      I love how like 3 days later, l’manburg just gets obliterated

      1. Steffany Schwartz

        True and then the egg shows up

    41. Creators Creations

      He should do a theory about the whole ranboo and dream storyline thing. I'd watch it.

    42. Christian Bowman

      Uhhhhhh so have you allowed to use your art work for the vids thumbnail just wondering

    43. mehedi haque

      This is better then mean giros

    44. hannah w

      then three days after it was posted, lmanburg was blown up.......... o7

    45. Geek'N Up TheNight!!!


    46. MarcoXXI

      The only game theory with a no no word

    47. Fordo007

      This feels like Greek city-state politics

    48. Dream SMP Fan

      Schlatt gave Dream a resurrection book. If Tommy wants Dream to bring Wilbur back, Dream will probably bring back Schlatt

    49. Dream SMP Fan

      You forgot Coconut 2020

    50. theawesome48fan hunter

      He must be SBINADAD

    51. Lenore M

      Matpat should revesit the Dream smp storylines, I'm curious what his theories are on Ranboo, the egg and the blood vines, and Karl's time travelling

      1. Steffany Schwartz

        Ya matpatt get on this new theory

      2. Siti Nur Rafizah Amalia


    52. Vunga

      your jokes are just awesome matrick patrick

    53. stormZ

      Reminds me of the shadow of israfel

    54. Saᷝnᷠsᷜ


    55. Madison Beckman

      the zombie took my diamonds :((

    56. Briana Nguyen

      Now Wilbur's ARG-

    57. Tristan Sk

      Game theory forgot that big Q killed Schlatt

    58. GamerzTheater

      Schlatt also got shot and died so he lost all his lives

    59. Al Val

      Hi turbo I subed to you

    60. Gory_Lemonade

      Hah... this aged Badly. We now have a egg.

    61. Henry

      I just got into the dream smp a few weeks back with one vid, and damn was it compelling viewing. I had no idea what was happening or who did what, but I felt like I should have been watching with popcorn.

    62. Infinite Blaze

      To everyone's attention, Shlatt is confirmed to be dead by Wilbur himself, just search Shlatt's 2nd death and there you go :D (Shlatt got killed by Quackity) Sooo this theory is wrong unfortunately :C

    63. Tech Source

      Love the intro

    64. GBlueYoshiShow Bell

      Mat pats logo for game theory has 3 colors representing the 3 channels game theory film theory and food theory but there are two greens so will he creat a fourth channel

    65. KinzTea

      “It’s almost impossible to catch up” Me: is that a challenge? *hyperfixates and catches up in a little over week with a 430+ playlist at 2x speed*

    66. PinkiePinkie SteffSteff

      The groovy rabbi beverly place because sense inexplicably tap plus a six colombia. rustic, last debtor

    67. The_Great_Rasputin

      Well, that last bit about Schlatt being a force of nature might not apply to the former president, but it does apply to another character. Technoblade. He partially destroyed L'Manburg after being shunted to the side after the coup(continuing the cycle he wished to break), and then fully destroyed it after Tommy threw him away to rejoin his country(and this was *after* L'Manburg sent in a hunting party to try and execute Techno. The only ones who haven't treated Techno like a weapon, Philza and Dream, are the only ones he hasn't turned his back on or straight-up butchered. And as a Lawful Neutral force, Technoblade fills the role of "Karmic Justice" as well or better than JSchlatt. So while Schlatt probably isn't coming back(as he did lose his 2nd canon life to Quackity after he left, then perma-died thanks to the stroke/heart attack, Technoblade fulfills the role of a karmic force of nature quite adequately.

    68. Rasuxa

      Matpats Hamilton reference was reaaaaal slick

    69. Cia-Chan

      I really want Fragrance man to join that persona of schlatt is so funny.

    70. GamerGirlCommics

      This is deadass, just hamilton in Minecraft, and Im super into it

    71. EeveeofEvo

      But what about the third: The people who *DON'T* even know why Game Theory does this. It just ruins the fun in watching it.

    72. Erik Allen

      I can’t be the only one who read the title as Dream SIMP.

    73. Quinn-fantasy

      also George didn't show up cause he was sleeping it's normal you'll get used to it.

    74. Quinn-fantasy

      honey the dream smp law is ALMOST as large as the fnaf law

    75. Marcellofp

      People from L’manburg: *Make a whole story and build a country* Technoblade:Haha wither go boom

    76. Venus_AI

      Okay, I'm back, with a theory, I don't have reddit because my phone is poopy. But I have beliefs that the new plot line with the egg has inspiration and connection to the story of Uzumaki by Junji Ito. This is from the way the characters act as well as how the egg itself behaves. Badboyhalo could be seen as Mr.Saito, a man who discovers a symbol( the spiral) or and object( the egg) and suddenly becomes obsessive and protective over it. Having it completely take over their lives and eventually dying to the hands of the creature/symbol.(Obviously this hasn't happened yet to BBH, but it might do) And you can think of skeppy as Mrs. Saito, someone concerned for their friend/lover to the point where they become insanely afraid of the object/symbol, but succumbing to it in the end( as a means of dying, or like what skeppy did with sacrificing himself). In uzumaki EVERYONE either becomes obsessed with the spiral, or despises it, but at the end it turns out everyone succumbs to it. No matter how long you try to get away from the shape it would come for you. And its much the same with what bbh says in one of puffys streams(I think its puffys if not Tommy's) "everyone either loves the egg, or hates the egg, but in the end EVERYONE will learn to love the egg." Even if people are indifferent they will eventually have to face it. We can also look at how the egg behaves from the Tales of the DreamSMP. In Uzumaki its revealed that the spiral has done this to the town multiple times, across multiple timelines, again and again, sucking the townspeople into a spiral. And the egg acts the same, in a much less overly Lovecraftian way. From sir billiams mansion we can see that he resides in a spruce forest, much like the one near spawn in the dreamSMP, his mansion is built around the egg, meaning that the egg has not ever moved. My theory is that the egg awakens itself when it hears or feels activity from above or when it's uncovered by an unsuspecting miner or fancy pigman, before latching itself to said miner or pigman and convincing them that it will give them EVERYTHING they want if they feed them. I believe that sir billiam was the last person to feed and obsess over the egg, eventually sacrificing himself to it, leaving his mansion to crumble around the red creature. The thousands of years growing it over into a plains biome, forest biome and spruce biome( I can't remember which was originally which). Unknowing of this, the original smp members (Dream, George, Sapnap, Callahan, Alyssa, Awesamdude, Ponk and BadBoyHalo) settled onto this new land and set up homes not too far away. They discovered a dungeon of spiders, which could be the remains of some of the rooms in the mansion. I think eventually everyone attached to the egg will either die trying to destroy it, or lose a canon life by sacrificing themselves to it. This theory is so muddled I haven't written in ages.

    77. Grace Hidalgo

      Can we get an update

    78. anate

      13:26 jesus his accent UGHHHH his accent is so funny

    79. eli afton :3

      Now we need to theory about the eggpire taking over

    80. anate

      well DUH there obivusly a script cuz its so embrassing if that was real like no one would EVER wanted this to be real and THEY'RE LİTREALY ON TWİCH BRUH shouldn't this be foolishy thing

    81. Finn Cullen

      Why is quackity in the bottom left

    82. bunda ina

      is team come indonesia call smp find google smp indonesia sans smp

    83. Bembulline

      Now we must get one on our new main character, Ranboo

    84. Gobi's Galaxy

      Peapol: ore dream is on this chanl!!!! Me:..............

    85. Dovas Variakojis

      Schlatt is the Rasputin of the Dream SMP. Change my mind.

    86. Wolv3s

      I always love the intro! I SWEAR in every single video where MatPat puts this intro I watch it minimum 3 times on repeat! 🔥❤️

    87. Ahmad Baazeem


    88. Shiran

      Part 2?

    89. Cormac Cousino

      wait y couldnt dream just ban jassht or whatever his name was again

    90. Castle guard

      Hey! Matpat...could you do a theory on Ranboo and the red egg? That would be awesome! You did an enderman vid, and I think it would be cool to see what you think about the “evolution “ of Ranboo; why he’s different from enderman and humans, and why his other side is white( I think that has something to do with the egg((b/c he was taking with the egg not in enderman language though )))

    91. That HZD Naruto Dude

      Are you working on a rust theory

    92. Shadow_Goh


    93. Tomato- ed

      too bad quackity's plan to use schlatt as a political puppet in l'manburg is no more because l'manburg in burgered lmanburge more like lmanburger

    94. Egg Sandwich

      do terraria

    95. DaRealOlso

      What is this

    96. Uncle BoZZZ

      I still don't understand, why was Wilbur the traitor, why did he blow up L'manburg?

    97. Bobby Dan

      Ok hermit craft next

    98. Malcolm Johnson

      3:57 love it

    99. Mr Jonny Man


    100. Benjamin Abayev

      How is the opening intro about dream being evil is more correct than the actual theory