Game Theory: Can a Goose DESTROY YOUR LIFE? (Untitled Goose Game)

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2,9 млн көрүүлөр482

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    Untitled Goose Game is a gem no one anticipated. I've seen a few theories floating around about this game but there was one question none of them answered. Is a real life goose smart enough to accomplish what the feathered protagonist of Untitled Goose Game does? Yes, I really want to know. Get your feathers ready, Theorists. Today, we will calculate the IQ of a goose!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick
    Researchers: Jason Parker and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert and Tyler Mascola
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Leah Grace

      Counted 11 squares

    2. Player Is Gone

      17,000 because he seems to like numbers 1 unit higher.

    3. A Savage

      Me: leaves knife outside cuz I had to get some more bread The goose that lives outside my house: peace was never an option

    4. yeye

      1700 has more odd numbers than it and also it is a bigger number

    5. Grian Tesla

      15 or 16?

    6. Zachary Vogel

      Corvids be like: nevermore

    7. Catman 321

      for the second question it's either 9 4-sided figures, or 17

    8. Catman 321

      frankie like 1700

    9. K9ine

      1700 because what he likes is all odd not even

    10. Jeffrey L

      I know I’m late but I’d say 1700 because all of the numbers he likes has an odd number in them. Edit: If you wanted us to figure out they were perfect squares you should have thrown an only even number in the don’t likes like 160 at some point.

    11. Brenten Goettel


    12. galway Girl

      who here heard corvids and instantly went to the pandemic?

      1. Jacob Koevoet

        Wasn't covid from birds. Mabey this is where they got the name.

    13. Christopher Abrahamson


    14. mNA Virijevicddc


    15. minku sayato

      12 squares

    16. RageDragon101

      wait nvm i was wrong

    17. RageDragon101

      1700 only odd numbers

    18. skyjosher35

      make a full goose rap please

    19. jarred Knight

      The answer 1700 because Frankie as you can tell like odd numbers boom

      1. RedDagger360

        actually 1700 is even, so is 1600

    20. marianne manla


    21. Killshot2255


    22. flashsmile2 b r i c k c a m

      1600 I think

    23. myra collins

      16,000,evry number is en even number. = > =

    24. domo mitsune

      Just go to the park, and a Canadian goose will ruin your day. You could be sitting having a picnic and they will chase you off and then eat your food. Geese are just pure evil.

    25. Joseph Akin

      the answer for 2:58 is 1700, 1700 is the bigger number!

    26. Krystyna Pileszczak

      1700 because he doesn’t like the number which is lower

    27. Jacob Cox


    28. Jacob Watson

      It's like the New Deal in my Tony when do you hunting time comes around the all in the Middletown you can like see more deal in town when you can see in the woods outside of the city limits.

    29. Cupid is an angel


    30. High Class Lawn Care


    31. Goose Tube

      Ya me goose friends wanted rights.

    32. Samantha H

      I'm disappointed MatPat has never heard of Hatoful Boyfriend 🕊💕

    33. Daniel Hogue

      The angry bird bird name is red

    34. J Ch


    35. Purrsephon1 AJ

      6 4 sided shapes

    36. xenorix zen


    37. Amber Roberson

      15:58 10 sqwares

      1. Amber Roberson

        And some reqtangles

    38. Jake Byck


    39. Connor Mackey

      15:55 the answer is 9

    40. Wing angel

      I didn't see any answers to the questions. Frankie likes Square roots. the cards from before that has answers like Square, 40 and i think the upper left box with the dot on the upper left

    41. ionel lazar

      Frankie likes 1700

    42. Colin Pogue

      I think Frankie likes 1,700 because all the other numbers he likes have an odd number as the number being changed

    43. STLHaweeOn60FPS

      Yay a theory about Lucy Goosie

    44. Taitoko Morehu


    45. Corona_Phoenix

      Birds will attack cause humans eat them

    46. Lightning Gaming

      I think the answer to the last question is 14

    47. Jackson Sanders

      4 because all of the other four sided figures are the four intersecting with one another

    48. Jean Moore


    49. Jean Moore

      The answere is 1700

    50. William Powers

      10 squares

    51. Squirrel !


    52. Squirrel !


    53. Squirrel !


    54. Inara Sparkles

      1700 it is uneven

    55. Juan Gonzalez


    56. Aarush Prabhu

      1700 becuz the others are even

    57. Sky Rider

      9 is on the and puzzle

    58. Darrien Brown

      There are 2 ways I could go with this question. 1 being follow logic and choose the larger number. The other option is that it’s actually the smaller number, because it forces you to throw logic out the window. But I just thought of a third option, being that it’s a trick question and he doesn’t like either.

    59. J Ch


    60. SPIDEY DaRealOne

      1600 cause all those numbers are squares of some numbers I look stupid now

    61. Nicolai Depue

      There are 28 4-sided figures in that diagram.

    62. Jasyak2


    63. Elijah Edwards

      1700 frankie does not like even numbers

    64. Cake 878

      Geese are herbivors

    65. Owen Barbisan

      I messed up

    66. Owen Barbisan


    67. Hanan Abdulaahi


    68. Ahzaya Mackie


    69. TikiBear97 E



      He likes the higher numbers


        So 1700

    71. Red Umbreon and Green Chicorita

      7:06 speaking of that I saw a video were a crab was holding a knife to threaten or probably defend itself from the human

    72. jam squad


    73. Sophia Aleprete


    74. Mr Mann

      He lik s 1700 because it’s the greater number

    75. Cailum Berdan

      Fly hard

    76. Arenc _____


    77. Apex Pred


    78. Brandi Adams

      Fun fact:geese have teeth facing backwards watch out if you get bit that’s gonna hurt

    79. Zakk McFarland

      I saw 10

    80. crimson animator


    81. Jason Agordome

      MATPAT! WORMS. DO. NOT. DROWN! They come out of the ground because it's wet, and when it's not wet they will dry up when above ground. But when it's wet, they know it's safe for them to come up and eat, because they won't dry up and it's less likely for them to encounter birds. Go back to science school. Or Pre-K

    82. Brian Gayhart


    83. Ahmed Elkobrossy

      He likes 1600 because it is a pattern question

    84. Hawthorne Lively


    85. Roland Derek Mauseth

      12 or 13 squares

    86. wild beys

      1700 cuz its a multiple of 3

    87. Taiki Hayato

      Fun story from my life when I was like 10 going to the zoo with a friend and my sister and was chasing geese and one of the geese took off and whacked my mom in the back of the head with its wings

    88. Dion Than

      Stop the puns pls

    89. Anelove Furog

      I think the answer is 1700

    90. coconut sprinkles

      9 figures

    91. Chuck and Charlie

      frankie likes 1700 im probaly rgiht

    92. Thomas Jones


    93. ChampionsUnite!


    94. ChampionsUnite!

      Revali in breath of the wild

    95. Lee G

      Ok but who actually made the list of best birds in games and why is Revali not on there. and the cuccos

    96. Evie Dixon

      1700 cos all the other numbers Frankie liked were odd numbers and he doesn't like the even ones... Ye idk I'm guessing Edit: I did not get it right... 900 is not an odd number I'm just realising and j feel stupid

    97. Baby Dragon

      14 squares

    98. Logan Paul105


    99. StarLight Reviews

      answer: 9 squares.

    100. TechnoGamer423 H.A.W.

      For the last question is it ten