Game Theory: Among Us, This ELITE 500 IQ Impostor Strategy Will NEVER Lose!

The Game Theorists

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    So, you think you mastered my 300 IQ Impostor strategy and now you are the best Among Us player ever? WRONG! I've gone bigger and smarter! Loyal Theorists, it's time to unpack the advanced Among Us strategies. The ones that not even the best players are trying yet. Get ready to watch, take notes, and never lose another game of Among Us again!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Tyler Mascola, and Pedro Freitas
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. The Game Theorists

      Just dropping a note here regarding our Among Us-inspired Theory Wear...since we know no one actually reads the description of videos ;) We've removed the items and are refunding all purchases. My goal with both items was to play off of fun memes from our community, and at no point did I or anyone else working on the shirts consider the possibility that it could cannibalize sales from InnerSloth's own official merch, but I definitely see now how that could be the case. As such, we're scrapping the designs and are reaching out to InnerSloth to see if we can partner on an official basis. (Also, I unfortunately can't remove the promo from the video...but rest assured, none of the items are available any more. If you DO want official Among Us merch, here's the site to check out: )

      1. Richard Treut -

        Stop milking.

      2. Laura Fallon

        Cool 😎

      3. gaming guy

        Specimen room is lack of player

      4. Trip Atomz

        @Calvins Carvings. are you shure?

      5. zombie john22

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    2. demon2

      Your aosme

    3. Owen Byrne


    4. Sean Burns

      I got impostor 5 tims

    5. Kye Baker

      You can turn off the taskbar

    6. Izzy cool Green Banana o_O

      Game Theorists: Talkes about dont vote on 7 Me: Says yellow looked at me funny >:C Noobs: All vote yellow Me: Wins because I was the imposter >:)

    7. Alabouh Games

      6:15 that's a two part task so the taskbar won't go up if the second part is not complete

    8. SMS CLAN

      You know when he said use reverse psychology and now everyone's going to do that Don't because then they will always win Don't use reverse psychology ( sorry the message was so long)

    9. Princess Sofie

      I just use time and sometimes math to figure out who the impostor is, and.. I'm almost always correct

      1. Princess Sofie

        Well I also use the way people type and if I'm in a call with people then the tone of voice if they can't control ir and probably some other stuff

    10. Doge Pickle

      4:42 But dream was also impostor :p

    11. the Daimhin

      Anyone think blue crewmate sounds like fern from adventure time

    12. Soundwave productions

      I suck at among us after this video I said thank you sensei

    13. No One

      Mattpat I have en idea that works when only one player can clear another. So if only one person lets say only yellow saw purple scan and there hasn’t been a meeting then you can kill yellow and when they say yellow saw them scan the crew won’t be able to trust them because yellow is dead but if you’re with random than they might trust purple and they’ll then be semi-safe

    14. Dalton Seiler

      hi game theroy

    15. Scar

      Omg Thank you this was a lot of help

    16. Scar

      Fun fact they do actually have arms they don’t show you though

    17. your mum!


      1. your mum!

        @shut up la la what?

      2. shut up la la

        @your mum! hey guess what???????

      3. your mum!

        @shut up la la IM FEELING PRETTY SUS! HOW ARE YOU? ARE YOU SUS?!

      4. shut up la la

        Hi mum how are y'all

    18. Trant Rattler

      Wait is this about among us or ears

    19. Yhuri P Surbona

      I think the rule don't vote on seven doesn't apply to nux because if the round has Evan still alive Nux will just Say Evan on Seven Evan on Seven even if Evan is not the impostor

    20. The Eggman 456

      Crazy Random-Lobby Kids when they watch this: I missed the part where that's my problem *votes randomly*

    21. Just Another Crazy Person

      Matpat: You can't be better at detecting lying than anyone else- Toph from atla: I'm gonna stop you right there.

    22. (Student) Jack Poisson

      One time I was on Mira hq map, and I went down hard.. Keep in mind that this game must’ve lasted 10 minutes. Anyways, I must be the most unlucky imposter of all time! Why? Because everyone happened to prove their innocence either by doing scan or something like that or the task bar must’ve gone up when they did a task. As I said, everyone did this; I was orange. And here why I’m sorta unlucky- Black was going to be voted off and everyone and I mean everyone had their votes locked on him! But, he said to give him a 2nd chance. You may think that they would said “NO!”, but nope, they all skipped and watched him do the task and watch the bar go up! At this point, I was panicking. EVERYONE had proved their innocence, but ME. In the next meeting, everyone mentioned that I was the only person who haven’t proved their innocence! They were saying things like: “Has anyone cleared orange” And “It’s 100% orange” (Btw orange is me) and “Orange is lookin’ VERY sus. And like that, They ejected me off the ship... Single imposter, only a few kills, And had a bad way to go down..... This was actually fun to type I must admit! Have a good day!

    23. Zoe Gonzalez

      What I do is kill the cleared players so the crew mates have more options to vote, and so I can get more trust out of em

    24. Normal Guest

      Noobs Could Win Impostor, Becuase People Are Over-thinking

    25. gati jos


    26. Sayori's Lasso

      Remember guys, the way to pretend to lie is to just talk in a calm natural voice

    27. Ethundergaming

      Some tasks require 2-3 steps to complete it so in order to fake a task use those

    28. Morgan Williams

      i just hate it when someone acussed you because THEY DON'T HAVE PROOF!!!!!!

    29. The Kirby Gamer

      6:50 you could also fake a two part task

      1. The Kirby Gamer

        Oh sorry, you mentioned that

    30. Brady Nester

      When Blue called the emergency meeting at the start of the video because orange wasn't moving, I got some serious flashbacks of when that happened to me

    31. Jamo playz

      Here's what I do in lobby's OF SMART people key word smart añd if it's me as the imposter and one person trust me and the other two don't then I'll kill the person to trick them into think y would I kill the person who trusts me

      1. Jamo playz

        And that I'm being framed

    32. Nevyeet97


    33. Noah Watson

      One-time my teammate was throughing a fit because he was found out so he told them the other one was me

    34. Satan Has Logged In

      uhhh... There's an option to hide votes, making them all grey.

    35. Brett Hanley

      I like it

    36. Doublet

      That was a two part task it would not go up on task bar

    37. Valerie Faustino

      you can only have 2 impostors with 7+ matpat

    38. Matt Johnston

      At the beginning of the video. If you want to know if a word is spelled with "or" or "er" at the end, find out if it's a suffix or not. since "impost" isn't a word an "imposter" isn't described as "someone who imposts" like run -> runner receive -> receptor MOST of the time. I don't have the entire dictionary memorized and there are exceptions to every rule in English.

    39. Joe Wilcox

      black tryed to kill when he was past the cams but i saw the blood and i helped pink get a alibi to vote out imposter

    40. j jekappirathas

      Me: white scanned everybody: ok white safe Lime :you know i scanned to in my head: wait no he didnt i was in med whole time and lime didnt come me:its LIME me 3X:its lime i was in med whole time server :no one was ejected (skipped) server :EMERGANCY MEETING (by me) Me : its lime he was never in med everybody :(no one listens) lime: (kills me) me: (angry) leaves

    41. j jekappirathas

      and here is one of the scariest times i played among us and i caught imposter first time

    42. j jekappirathas

      I know a smart trick were you are imposter and you are with two people alone kill one of them and put the blame on the other because now in days it doesnt say if they were crew or imposter it just says ejected and you have to be careful that your not playing in a server that does 50/50

    43. Anthony Sigrist

      U can also now disable the task bar/meter btw

    44. Anthony Sigrist

      I use all sort of tactics in among as well as the task bar/meter

    45. Joe Wilcox

      i got away with the wrost kill ever and won

    46. Shikido San

      Wait if they don't have arms then where do the hands come from?

    47. Isaiah Henry

      I have killed on cams before but I killed the person in security in time

    48. Aodhan Matthews

      Can u do a dangaropa therapy pls

    49. Shannon Flinn


    50. Clifton Robin

      We’re killing tonight the impostors camping electrical Again can you catch on with the song I was trying to sing reply if you got it

    51. RedStreakX

      5:47 Matpat that not going to work with my friends

    52. quita conyers


    53. Shados

      this part of the vid is for people who want to get better at among us 16:30

    54. Gabe's Epic Adventure's

      15:52 your welcome


      I played 1 impostor game everyone said dont vote on 7 and i was confused

    56. Zach Teague

      With the task bar thing it does not work all the time because a 2-3 part task will not make the meter go up unless it’s the final part of the task

    57. __Cha0s__

      I’m just eating frosting while watching this

    58. MettaShock1

      "Everyone's overthinking the game" You're one to talk, Matpat

    59. brodotzip

      well among us people have those floatingg hands

    60. Carlos 3600

      Hello im new

    61. Elijah Patterson

      So the intro MatPat stayed back with Orange for 25 seconds? That's kinda sus...

    62. Mondo Owada

      What about the 2 part tasks

    63. Nathan Weiner

      Matpat: says the self report is risky Me: the guy who walked by an impostor, mat

    64. Adrián

      Make a theory of void bastards too.

    65. sandwich

      nice seems like fall guys died fast

    66. Nancy Tok Juan Lim

      I got distracted at the end..

    67. jappa jedira

      btw matpat if u start a 6 player game with 2 imps the game won't let u and it will limit it to 1


      The download and trash is a 2 part tasks wires 3 part task😐

    69. Jacques Freezer

      One thing that you can do to see if someone is lying in real life or among us is have them repeat their story backwards. If you make something up on the spot, it will be harder to remember what you said in the reverse way that you came up with it. So if someone says that they came from cafeteria into admin after doing asteroids before doing that trash task in storage, they’re probably safe.

    70. Rosemary Straw

      Hey Matpat! Can you make a theory about "Little Nightmares" and "Little Nightmares 2"? I have my own theory on the game too, but I want to see what do you think about it.

    71. Axel Jaramillo Flores

      i have lose befor when iam impostor

    72. Axel Jaramillo Flores

      talk about if your impostor and i vote my other impostor

    73. Kevin Le Platte

      Standard tip some task has 2 or 3 task

    74. Munkh Amar-Otgon

      I know every all the things you said

    75. AmazingCheez

      7:15 Run Diagnostics [Short] Me: THAT'S A LIE! ON MIRAHQ THE 'Run Diagnostics' TASK IS 99 SECONDS LONG! HEY EVERYBODY! THIS GUYS A PHONY! A GREAT BIG PHONY!!!! My friend who doesn't play Among Us: ??????

    76. O'Malley 11

      when i play with my family they almost always vote me out first

    77. shark boy

      🔫💡Here is a idea what to do as a crew mamber stay near the bouton and when someone comes to kill you press the bouton and tell on them and the first person you see as a imposter dont kill so thay say your not a imposter and kill peple near vests so you can go into the vents and go somewhere far from the body💡 🔪🏁

    78. Martina Torres

      Another thing you could do to not be sus is to not kill people who sus u or voted u. This is big brain time UwU

    79. Ariella Benor

      Why does this remind me of the hunger games video over on film theory?

    80. Chumbleham

      One time I voted the other imposter to gain trust and then killed the rest

    81. ashley the idot

      6:18 "When someone stands on a task for a while then walks away without the task meter going up, well that means theyre a big phony" **shows trash, a two part task whos first part doesnt make the task bar go up**

    82. limay eng

      When no kills happens its easy to tell it's the afk guy(s) But they have hands Exactly what i think anout noob and pro tactics in anything

    83. Kaden Ling

      am pro crew

    84. Dailene Perez


    85. Esteban Video's

      I like to dance at the end so much that I started dancing

    86. Glitch World with GlitchTrap


    87. Lukas Rainbow

      But heres the Thing Mr. MatPat: When self reporting a body, nowdays people istantly think like for 90% that its a self report. meaning if the imposter killed someone and you report that body, youre pretty much out.

    88. The Megalosaurus King

      And then when you vote off your impostor friend before they get thrown out of the airlock they shout that your the other impostor ruining it for everyone

    89. Random STUFF

      Geore is color blind

    90. Random STUFF


    91. Green Grass Gaming

      I have thought of a good strat. Your the only imposter. 5 crewmates left! Kill one and there will be four left, say you know its somebody who is not clear or anything like that. You get them out it’s reduced to 3 and you get that final kill.

    92. Jack Smith

      This is going to allow me to be a good imposter for once

    93. Katie B

      They have hands

    94. asmaa alhusseiny

      Actually I never killed in front of a camera when it's off when it's on I don't kill in front a camera

    95. Dark night

      My Strat is gain an alibi and NOT kill basically act like a crewmember. Call sabotages but let the crewmembers vote themselves off. keep the alibi alive so when it's final 3 you vote the other person.

    96. Yaneli Campos

      One room I like to kill in is communications

    97. Rabindra Pokhrel

      Another thing u can't vote on 7 is bc u have to vote on 6

    98. Asto Ps4

      a lot of this is outdated

    99. CollabzOwO

      I'm just gonna point this out cause I think everyone glossed over it dark blue did a double task maybe even four at times 😂 you take the trash out of the think in cafe and o2 and then go to storage to take that out it's a double task lol 😂😆 and trash can be fast or slow Soo just pointing that out 😂😆😂😆😂😆😂

    100. CharmDev

      You shouldnt kill in front of someone then self report and say you saw and its not them then they will immediatle vote you out. What I do is say I saw them run from body so I dont know and it might be them or they are trolling IM BIG BRAINED