Game Theory: Spiderman's Next Villain Is NOT Who You Think! (Spider-Man: Miles Morales)

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    One of the major titles released to promote the PS5 was Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. It is a sequel / DLC of the 2018 Spider-Man game - so of course, we have to cover it! Theorists, I think Marvel is using their games to test the waters for the MCU and I think Miles is giving us a hint to something BIG in it's next villain. No, I don't mean Green Goblin or Venom, I mean the SECRET villain that will be the big twist of the next Spider-Man game. That's right, ANOTHER big bad is about to enter the ring and I know who it is!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
    Editors: Koen Verhagen, Forrest Lee, and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
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    1. Comic Drake

      Honestly, I am very much on board with this. Very well researched. 👌

      1. Adrienne Newlands

        They should make it 2 player. Peter Parker and Miles morales

      2. RK 490

        i disagree, a lot of this is smart and well thought and researched i still feel like its a lil to farfetched and might be concidense. but there are a few clues that r true

      3. Slasher0315

        I think you mean very over reasearched

      4. Tony Acosta

        This bs how did you not see dr conors aka the lizard at the end of miles morales

      5. Dane Klein

        Fake news

    2. Rhys P

      my favorite audio book is... The Island (Black Jack)

    3. Eiffel Lainez

      Love the theory but they also heavily set up Wraith in the DLC.

    4. NITROGEN firecan 2.0 plays

      the guy from fortnite is the villan

    5. archiel magallanes

      Green goblin and venom would be a side mission and doctordoom would be a main mission probably

    6. OK KO Portland

      Yo I think your right.

    7. BoltBoy42

      Anyone else remember that Roxxon was an oil company in Iron Man 3?

    8. Alice Tulia

      This ain't a GAME THEORY

    9. steve Jones

      what if venom is like the taskmaster

    10. kori

      curt connors in the post credits scene: "and i took offense to that."

    11. Caden Cook

      Fun fact there is a spider-man TV show where Norman Osborn is the green goblin and Harry Osborn is venom

    12. Enderblade

      Ahhhhhhhhhhh you see, unagi

    13. C Wooo

      You forget about Kurt Connors. Who is seeing with Norman in the after credits of Miles Morales he might be a side villain


      Theory man strikes agean.

    15. MarioxZelda Gamer

      May I add isn't it weird that one of the suits Peter Parker's Spiderman can acquire is a Fantastic Four suit with a Bag on its head. Funny sure, but in this context it's an odd coincidence

    16. Cazter

      That cover of Spidey 2 is ridiculous!

    17. Prajin Nirmal

      i think the next villain is jackal

    18. Spider- Venom

      But Sony doesn't have access to the Ff, I think.........

    19. RAJ SHAH

      I also have a theory, theory man never helps the girl because he was the one who actually stole the purse and he changed clothes and came to confuse her.

    20. ProGaming

      the developers did a really good job in building up for the next game it could go in many different ways they can do many crossovers but i am not sure about playing in a different location. They can still add a lot of activities in NY I don't think they will take us to a completely new location they might just expand or update the map.

    21. An ok cookie

      But the lizard

    22. Ustanova za odrasle i starije Kučevo

      hey did you saw that coutry below symkari Serbia i live in Serbia brate.

    23. Grimslade Leviathan

      Everyone. Please remember: It's just a theory. Don't take it too far.

    24. William Cortelyou

      Anyone wondering if hes not going far enough with the theory? Huge fans know, that there is a character named Red Goblin. The Carnage symbiot bonded to the green Goblin. What if in Spiderman 2, we get the Black Goblin. That. Would. Be. Awesome.

    25. wiggles

      now im hyped for a game that wont come out for years

    26. ZaKi

      Notice where his web came from in the beginning of the video

    27. gaaralover09

      MatPat, the only way I can think of to get this theory to you is through comments, you should do a theory video about about how lance sank the S.S. Anne!!!

    28. ZERO Play2day

      Im surprised to find out that it was actually Reed Richards that Peter first went to when the black suit appeared and not Curt Connors, God Damn 1994 Spidey

    29. Benson

      *Cletus* *I expect Cletus*

    30. Destin Hamilton

      It could be the lizard man

    31. Lance Meier

      Anyone wanna talk about how Peter and Miles, for some reason, are both calling themselves Spider-Man even though they work together? Seriously, why? That’s just confusing! If Peter isn’t even dead, why is Miles using the exact same name as him? Why wouldn’t he have his own name? Basically, everyone in New York has to think of them as “Spider-Man and... other Spider-Man”?

    32. Liam Sutherland

      Are you kidding me, not BIG WHEEL!

    33. Ramsey Schaffer

      You missed the opportunity to say Meters Parker as a joke.

    34. Rayder -1910

      What song is that at 3:15

    35. Matt

      Big Wheel

    36. Devin Colborn

      Around 12:00 "(Venom) doesn't have an army of thugs." Obviously Matpat never played Web Of Shadows. 😅

    37. Minimagz

      Matpat does amazing amounts of several different kinds of research to arrive at his optimized theories. I have a feeling that movie and game writers take notes on his ideas; either to make their stories better for fans AND/OR to show them whether or not their clues are TOO predictable....or if they don't have enough clues for their ideas to make sense. A good example of not enough evidence is Harry as Venom. The evidence is ABSOLUTELY there for the character to play that role.....but there isn't enough to say whether he will be good....evil....or even possibly an entirely separate playable story! There's also the possibility that since Venom is around.....are there any other symbiotes planned for action? (of course, Carnage seems a little too ambitious for the moment, but Scream and Riot could be in planning.) Another interest is through the fact that Mister Negative was already in the first game.....which could lead Harry to NOT becoming Venom.....but Anti-Venom instead!

    38. Arcader 813

      9:47 Matt: sounds familiar Me: yeah... almost like Scarecrow in Arkham Kni- Matt: Devil’s Breath. Me: Oh. Yeah. That makes more sense.

    39. Max Payne

      Imma come back to this video to see how accurate it ends up being.

    40. Just a Human being

      Imagine if Harry comes in as a venomized goblin

    41. awesomeskater120

      tbh I think it would be cool if the next sequel would be a Venom game. wasn't the last time that happened in an ultimate spiderman game from like 2005 or something? And then maybe for his suits he could have the Sam Rami venom, and maybe a Carnage suit.

    42. Low Gun

      Failed Avengers game? I loved that game.☹️

      1. Clorox Bleach


    43. koolgamer 22


    44. YEET BOI

      There is a possibility that miles go In symkaria too? I hope cause for just one spider man this is a mission impossible for two maybe a little bit more easy And that would be more epic But someone needs to watch new york so why dont miles? Aaahhh the next game will be sooo goddamn epic with or without miles

    45. Shresth Negi

      Yuri ???

    46. Mac Productions

      I figured out that dr doom was the villain from the shadow

    47. Alistair Shiels

      Watch it turn out to be Hob-Goblin.

    48. Rosemary Straw

      Hey Matpat! Can you make a theory about "Little Nightmares" and "Little Nightmares 2"? I have my own theory on the game too, but I want to see what do you think about it.

    49. Yamin Ali

      Miles: wait wait matt why am I not in the game

    50. Lewis Sweeney

      Villains that might be in the game .green goblin .venom .mysterio .lizard And kraven

    51. STRKR

      6:02 have you heard of the sinister 12

    52. Ꭱite


    53. Tiash T

      I knew it from the beginning seriously

    54. JetFall

      there is even a fantastic four suit in spiderman 2018

    55. jlshel42

      Video: Look, Latveria's right there, it has to be the threat. Me, looking to the northeast: ...vampire army.

    56. My Sports Take

      I think instead of Dr. Doom it will be the Lizard

    57. Mere Child

      10:56 is that kamurocho?

    58. Jay Bel

      What do you do of the scientiste that is with osbourne at th end of miles? Curtis Connord alias the lezard

    59. Arthur Trim-Wilson

      That is good proof, but I rly just think its the taskmaster because it just somehow makes sense

    60. [-HenBeez-]

      Curt Conners in the post credits: Am I a joke to you?

    61. Tati Maldonado

      Matt can you make a theory on little nightmares

    62. king wish12

      Hey I was thinking in miles morales dlc (I know it’s a game but it’s more like a dlc) at finals the doctor it’s that lizard in comic books you know

    63. Dyanna Craig

      You can never have too much Dr. Doom, he’s such an iconic villain

    64. F1_S0uth

      U think miles won’t be in the game ?

    65. Souless Reaper 70

      I died when theory man became a thing

    66. Bill Cipher

      I hope its Itzy Bonespider Ghostspider or Cain I really want to fight at least one of those guys

    67. General Waddles

      Curt Connor appears at the post cred scene in miles morales so also lizzo will prob be in spider man 2 Edit: and wasn't there a episode if spectacular spider man where to save lizard he uses a gene cleanser which also worked when destroying the symbiote and it was also be able to contemplate nit being spider man and leaving it for miles?

    68. kebab kongen

      mby lizzard

    69. Elijah Keyes

      anime theory

      1. Elijah Keyes

        make it happen

    70. Sunfire2009 _

      I think that the next Spiderman game is Spiderman : venom

    71. cris dlcruz

      Game developers: back to the drawing board

    72. Irene Castro

      I’m surprised at how few people know who doctor doom is.I love comics and I read them a LOT but in the current movies, games, and series, there is literally no mention of him.It’s kind of a shame since he was an awesome villain.

    73. Spaghetti Studios

      Idea for the 4th theory channel name: robot theory

    74. Devon Morales

      i'm just gonna go ahead and say it, at the end of Miles Morales, you ALSO see Curt Conners A.K.A The lizard

    75. 06yarbrougha

      I got a bone to pick... EVERYONE makes Venom a total Villain... which he is for a bit. You even went the opposite of his character-arcs and went "helps, goes bad". Venom generally [Anti-hero]s his way through many plots, mostly like the "I won't let you kill that. I WANNA KILL IT!" Logic. ..... Idk, you calling the reverse kinda made me cringe... Not impossible, just cringe

    76. Edward Zhalovaga

      I called it when it was dr doom

    77. 06yarbrougha

      The intro alone saves tons of time, one less purse that poses as a Bag-Of-Holding.

    78. Albino Raccoon

      imagine its just sin eater

    79. Harrison Firth

      I don't like the way springtrap stares at me in the intro

    80. Omega Samurai

      I love Dr doom hands down one of my favorite villans i would absolutely love if he was in the next game as the main Threat!!🙌🙌

    81. Goaty

      My villain prediction for Spider-Man 2: Venom, Green Goblin, The Lizard. (And maybe Dr. Doom).

    82. lightskin deredere

      i disagree, i think its gonna be venom, green goblin and wraith, aka yuri watanabe.

      1. Clorox Bleach


    83. Lunar桜井

      "never fear theory man is here" me who has been watching MHA: "never fear Almight is here"

    84. Ding-Ding

      If this is true then it's a perfect way to have both Miles and Peter playable in their own environments. Peter can be in Symkaria dealing with Doom and the war while Miles is left in New York again probably dealing with the venom side of the game or even Norman.

    85. sad sadif

      I hope the baddie is the Black Panther.

    86. Holden Gulley

      We need one more theory channel to fill the player thing, we got green for game theory, red for film, and yellow for food, now we just need blue for book theory

    87. bucca2

      I’m so deep into Venom comics and lore that I legitimately forgot he’s a Spider-Man VILLAIN 💀 #leavesymbiotealone

    88. Dimitar Sivov

      Dr.Doom doesn't like Goblin's plan.

    89. chainfire

      Would make sense. Marvel Cinematic Universe now owns Fantastic 4 since they purchased Fox, I’m sure they plan to bring in Doom in the new MCU phases as a big bad and probably have someone powerful like Galactus as the new final villain. Wouldn’t be surprised if they advised the games to steer towards similar plot points

    90. The Stoffelganger / NiDO

      Me: * sees silhouette * Haha it looks like Dr. Doom! ... No, wait. It is!

    91. Ren Zo


    92. Temilade Ayorinde

      Its ronan or something and the underground

    93. Temilade Ayorinde


    94. SPAWN


    95. SPAWN


    96. Dylan prime

      Matpat:making theory about spidermans villains Marvel and insomniac:Well yes but actually no

    97. The Real McCoy

      You completely forgot about Dr. curt connors who was teased at the end of spider man miles Morales, who is the lizard

    98. Woopdeedoo_gaming

      me not having enough money to ask for something to put on the moon: PUT CHEESE ON THE MOON PUT CHEESE ON THE MOON

    99. Aries G. Raymundo

      Ummmm??! 0:36?! Where does the web comes again?

    100. A A

      2:53 Me, a Dr.Doom fanboi: *Sees cloak* DONT TELL ME... Mat: Dr.Doom !!!