Game Theory: Minecraft and The Power of The Dead

The Game Theorists

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    I've covered some of Minecraft's dark secrets when it comes to souls. Today, we are diving even further into the mystery that is the Nether and what powers it. Theorists, has Minecraft learned to harness the power of the dead? It's time to find out!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick
    Editors: Pedro Freitas and Tyler Mascola
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. ASKL 246

      I was going to say lava and magma bringing up new materials that cooldown and that stuff but souls work to.

    2. Julio bulio

      Wouldn't the fungi there justbe able to feed on bacteria that feed on thermal energy? Like the deep ocean

    3. Frederik paijan

      Fourth Chanel gonna be Music theory?

    4. Logan Tulloch

      Why does Minecraft even have lore it’s just a game were you build stuff

    5. Cedar K

      Minecraft will Nether End.

    6. Mr Yeet

      Hey I have a theory that xp is also souls

    7. Nova Prime

      Cool, but surely the energy may be coming from termal energy generated by the lava and the core, there could even be a star around this realm beyond the blocks

    8. Toss Me an Arnie

      Jesus could literally come down from the sky to tell me the nether isn't underneath the overworld and I still wouldn't accept it

    9. logibear

      Thanks I hate ear-mouth

    10. Michael Anthony Murphy

      8:51 warped or wrong man that steve is wrong

    11. yodas18

      matpat you should do a theory on respawning

    12. DoomFallL

      But… wouldn’t the piglins have souls and might they have domesticated the striders. It does seem like the possibility that piglins know how to given their use of tools.

    13. mistahfatcheeks

      How does the forest get warped if you can’t pour water in the nether?

    14. Knight Artorias

      If you want to hear the gospel, press read more..... Jesus died for our sins, he suffered and did nothing wrong. A crown of thorns was dug into his skull, was whipped 39 times, then was forced to carry a giant wooden cross up a hill. Then finally, was crucified and suffered the full wrath if God, he rose once more three days later. Believe this, and you will inherit eternal life.

    15. king fyrus

      Minecraft devs: you want to make new block called soul sand? 2nd dev: yea

    16. Ryker Mules

      8:01 XD talking about netherwart and how its useful to make potions with, and then just shows the one potion that doesn't use netherwart (dragons breath)

    17. FartPigeon TheMerchant

      hey have you noticed that all trees in minecraft are all the same age?

    18. masonidk1

      I love your videos but raycons sound like bassy garbage

    19. Kobe Natvik

      Update nether lore please I have tons of questions like crying obsidian and other new features

    20. J Blaine

      Wear soulspeed boots on soulsand with captions on and... oh goodness

    21. Chris Freeman

      Matpat, should revisit "the bite of 83" with Dr. Mike the KGup doctor.

    22. AnonymousGam226

      wow my birthday was may 1st i feel like im god noow

    23. Friendly Fire

      I think it’s more likely that the nether Fungi are Chemo-synthetic. Just like some deep ocean creatures here on earth that use chemicals from volcanic vents to get their energy. Let’s face it, there’s probably not a shortage of volcanic chemicals in the nether. Souls are a more magical energy. Perhaps that’s what experience orbs are and so XP is used to enchant, while netherwart is used to turn soul energy into magic potion effects. But I don’t think it’s a nutrition source.

    24. bee :]

      shouldn’t the piglins be able to eat the meat from hoglins?

    25. Bruh Kay

      What about heat? Isnt heat energy? And theres plenty of it in the nether

    26. Lexie Smith

      I got Recons last time they sponsor you and I love them

    27. Rasko the Artist

      What is Witz the Heat of the Lava?

    28. FireMaster 1252


    29. Jarek Hartwell

      I wouldn't be surprised if the next theory channel is music theory. I mean its the next pop culture area. If it isn't music then it might be social media theory

    30. Calvin Pittman

      Theory of the Creation of the other music discs? Just saying though Pigstep's disc was forged in the Nether through hellish means, while the others were made by some sort of ancient music company... Cubed Music?

    31. Dragon God of Lightning

      Matpat Can you do a game theory on little nightmares 2 explaining how the world could be in a time loop as shown in the end Watch superhorrorbros explanation video on the the timeline to get more information

    32. iMaxsster

      There is this tik toker and that is aparently in a alternitave reality, his name is Kilianandmatura, and there are aparently more people like him stuck in that reality Please make a theory on this!

    33. artictwolf_lover 76

      This is a bit of my theory. You know how the wither was added in Minecraft in 2011? Herobrine was also spotted that year. And both the wither and Herobrine have the same glowing white eyes, which means they HAVE to be connected somehow.

    34. ramndom guy


    35. Rhys Pring

      It would make sense as the mob that gives you stuff for gold are afraid of soulsand and the soul campfires

    36. El TacoBoi

      When are we gonna get another crow 64 theory vid?

    37. Nik Lane

      ya know, if KGup ultimately doesn't work out for MatPat, he should just get a job as a LoreMaker for Mojang and FNAF.... heck, I wouldn't be surprised if Mojang and Scott Cawthon aren't already just watching his videos to get their lore....

    38. kun tool

      my favorite theory back baby!🔫

    39. Dumb Bass

      Heres something that could be considered: Thermosynthesis. What if crimson plants harvest heat energy to sustain themselves? If so, the nether might be constantly gaining energy instead...

    40. Choco Mochi

      i was going to give a suggestion but im to scared to put it down , you can ask me if u want it tho

    41. cliche yt

      HEY MAT what about a theory for how Joshua Graham from fallout new Vegas survives getting covered in pitch and set on fire THEN tossed into the grand canyon.

    42. Mauricio clash

      Guy please make rezero theory

    43. Raynard The Fox

      12:01 bribe scott cawthon? analyze marios toes?! apologize to luigi ?!?! mat is there something your not telling us also...... give editors a raise? HA lets be real here that's not getting done.

    44. Rena Garcia

      Pls do beyblade theories plsssss!!!!!

    45. seiom jvony

      11:11 Can we talk about why steve is 5 and a half blocks tall?!

    46. Vic Tor

      What if the nether is a lowfrequency dimension that the souls go when their 'owners' are dead then someone created the nether portal that acess this afterlife dimension to be imortal, like steve is...?

    47. H0ney Beez

      would you think that the minecraft novels are canonical to the minecraft storyline.

      1. seiom jvony

        @MatPat a video covering Sonic lore

    48. ok 33 LoL ok 33


      1. ok 33 LoL ok 33

        3 amamamamamamamamamama

    49. MontepurNova

      Thermal energy

    50. Lewis Liu

      When you go on soul sand you go slower,it seems like the souls are trying to pull you down.Though when you have soul speed it’s kind of like a shield.As you go faster on it.

    51. Blade Burke

      What If cyberpunk 2077 wasn't born in design what if they're supposed to be glitches in the game.

    52. Celia Bailey

      Game Theory did you know Michael Afton is still alive

    53. William Afton

      I want to solve a thing from and that thing is how van eggman run faster then sonic?

    54. Big Shrek e

      Can you please do a theory on Friday night funkin's lemon person thing. He stars in the songs monster and winter horrorland and, he's different. We can see he's a man in a lemon costume because his neck is a normal skin tone instead of lemon yellow skin. I think Game theory should do a sort of "exposing lemon person" Sort of like what you did with Zipper T. Bunny in animal crossing.

    55. Sandra Giraldo

      You haven’t yet talked about the slimes! I’m sure they have an importance in the lore!

    56. 39

      Make one about blazes

    57. ThatOneAnimator

      Hey all. I have an idea for a possible game lore theory video. In a series of ads from "Star Trek: Fleet Command" there seems to be a deep, rooted history between a lady "sonequa" and "Karl urban." It's just strange how they clash, and think it could be connected to something deeper. Let me know what you think! 💜

    58. Equinox Plays

      Hmm the game theory channel has green light on the top left part of the logo, the film theory channel has red on the top right of its logo, the food theory channel has a yellow light on the bottom left of its logo meaning that the bottom right part is empty maybe time for a new channel 😯😯😃😃

    59. soccer lover88

      I don’t know if you just take comment request but I don’t know but what was the real reason that hero Brian it’s in in Minecraft

    60. Lunar Komet

      Still, I think that it would need more that just the soul of the occasional dimensional traveler to sustain all the Nether with energy; more like all the souls go there when anyone dies period

    61. Dark Bløssøm Gacha life

      Lol I'm using raycons right now

    62. hydroap

      I feel like Matpat completely ignores the possibility of these fungi receiving energy from the lava. Fungi shouldn't be able to do that, but it makes a lot more sense than literal souls. The lava could receive its heat by the Kelvin-Helmholtz mechanism, where a planet or celestial body receives heat by gravitational compression of its core. I'm pretty sure this is why Jupiter's core has more heat energy than the amount it receives from the sun.

    63. william d

      @MatPat a video covering Sonic lore

    64. HandsomeHobbes

      Game theory idea: What are Link’s bombs from Breath of the Wild made of? We have seen when you kill a Mulduga it is this powdery substance. I’ve been wondering his ever since I got Breath of the Wild.

    65. Any Mary

      The Nether is Planet Mars itself😂😂😂

    66. Revvy

      The puns are always worthy "A-nether dive"

    67. Elias Totten

      How about a theory about Roblox

    68. Bluepotato81

      hey matpat did you literally not see the glowstone and ALL THE FRICKIN LAVA EVERYWHERE i think it gets its energy from geothermal energy deal with it

    69. Diego Rodriguez

      Wait MatPat... I have a question: what if when you're in creative mode in Minecraft, you're actually one of those ancient builders?

    70. Alan Mc

      Hey Mat, I have another undertale theory for you to figure out. Why is Sans on 1Hp?

    71. Fardeen Hafeez

      Theory idea: What and how is bedrock made in minecraft

    72. Mosssaurus Rex

      hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, i don't think theres a big enough influx of peeps but aight. Also, what about before the 'ancient builders' cam einto the nether? what sustained it back then?

    73. the one and only spud

      minecraft theory idea::why dont mobs(except phantoms) spawn in mushroom biomes?

    74. Salsamas


    75. pieter_ oficial

      Netherwarts are food too And you need to plant them on Soul Sand so they are Getting their energy from souls And cuz they are food they are planted in fortreses

    76. Aadit Deva

      I don't understand stand why there is no theory about mutating corona virus is the great big filter , but even if they thought of it ware would it fit and or we coud bounce bach of it like bubonic plage ,'' i shoud probably not post this but whatever I have my right to speache and I also feel like starting a blog after this'' (OMG my writing skills are terrible) anyway bye.

    77. Charlie Lochhead

      i just seen the vid u was i PHONE GUY! SO U STARTED THE FIRE

    78. Robert Hermoso

      Minecraft 1.17

    79. William Eriksson

      2:55 ”It’s a world without day-night cycle” actually works gameplay wise. If you’re playing on a multiplayer world with someone. It’s night and all the horrifying monsters will soon be roaming the lands. But your friend is in the nether and won’t be able to come back in a long time. No worries. Even if that person isn’t sleeping it will still become day if you do. (At least in bedrock edition) Time doesn’t exist in the nether?

    80. Warmish Textbook

      3:38 who's going to tell them about red cabbages and other non-green plants?

    81. U-Ar

      Matpat: its 15% off, but hey thats just a theory

    82. Pickle

      Is it possible to make actual latex animals like in the game “Changed”?

    83. Art

      but... if the netherworld thrives off souls, then how did life exist before adventurerers arrived? and even if the life came AFTER the adventurers arrived, you still couldn't explain all of the different types of mobs in the nether, evolution couldn't work that fast. its a paradox. what came first the chicken or the egg? could there be people from OTHER worlds going into the nether even before the builders? aliens? i don't get it

    84. Далер Курбонбеков

      YES. I like game theory videos because these video interesting and informative. I wish you happiness, health and cool ideas for video!

    85. AaronTheBaron

      (SPOILERS) New theory for the healing fluid in the new resident evil 8 village game, how does it heal your hands being not only split in 2 but also reattach it after being cut off? 🤔 I have been watching another KGupr play the game and after he used the healing fluid to reattach his severed hand it really makes me question how could that work so who better to ask than the mighty minds of game theory 👍

    86. DStork

      bruh geothermal

    87. omlete YT

      last of us Theory idea there's fungside right use that after traping a infected human maybe it would work?

    88. isaac skinner

      do a film theory on numberblocks (ABC kids show ;D JKlol

    89. Kian Andrew Hay

      One thing the enderman you said they are men so they lead an golem to the stronghold but when they make more to like be curity but one of the golem got infect by samething therefor creation of the warden you think how did they not konwn becuz they have got in the dimension and when they eat the fruit they become an ender man becuze when you eat it what will happen you teleport two of them teleportbback the the over world but they witness the golem have been dead for some time they multiply that's why there are ender man at the over world so when they see them daed there are 15 golem and there are 14 dead they think that the 15th golem survive but one day they found a human which became disc 11 then one day a man found the 15th golem he was going to die but he live to tell that there is some thing there they go the fight it but they got there sole got suck in the warden he got blinded by the arrow shot on he's eyes the survivor made the weather butnit was made to kill the warden but itnkilled them but its just a theory a game theory pls i hope you see this comment

    90. Kc Sayegh

      Petscop?! Fingers crossed.

    91. Dr0nks

      Dark souls demon souls that's all I'm thinking 🤔

    92. Mike Oxlong

      Make a theory on faith

    93. GohanH03

      I need you’re help. From the darkness and the wrong floor are both horror games with similar aspects and the same horror monster. Both of which have a room with just a chair in it. Both rooms are white walls with a single chair that looks TOO similar to each other. There must be lore behind this or some story going on here. Just something for you to check out keep up the great work 👍!!!

      1. GohanH03

        Okay dude I just looked at both games and I see eyes in the red cabinet for “the wrong floor” and eyes on the sides of the walls in “from the darkness”. These eyes look very very similar there is definitely something here...

    94. 8-BloxGaming

      Wouldn't the hoglins eat the mushrooms than the piglins eat the hoglins because when you spawn them together they attack. I don't know know its just a theory

    95. Reituco3600

      I’m BEGGING for an Ethan Winters theory where you try to explain how he is so durable and almost immortal!

    96. Xavier Y Evergreen

      Minecraft Theory suggestion: Phantom = Minecraft Vampire They both bite people, both die in sunlight (and lurk at night), both are nightmarish, and vampires are mainly known for transforming into a flying creature (a bat usually.) There are questions though, such as "Why are phantoms afraid of cats?" or "Vampires aren't seen from lack of sleep, so why bother?" I can be wrong, but I think finding Phantoms as Minecraft's vampires might tell us something interesting.

    97. mr youtuber

      Mystery solved

    98. Soren Atkinson

      This is a 13 minute episode and you could’ve just said “Nether = soul energy” and everyone would get it-

    99. Razan 49X

      But cant there be a way to harvest the energy from the heat in the nether its to abundent to not consider it and the strider cant realy move if they arent on lava so theres already somthing thats hervesting the energy