How Mario DESTROYED His World! | The SCIENCE of... Super Mario Bros 3

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    We've covered the problems with Mario's moon, now Austin is headed for the sun! Specifically, the suns that attack you in Super Mario Mario Bros. 3. You see, destroying a sun has consequences and Mario may have just doomed everyone! What happens when you destroy the sun? Well Theorists, the future of the Mushroom Kingdom is not looking bright...
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    1. William

      The Thumbnail is just a meme

    2. Hyperschool Dropout

      C’mon make the second part to this.

    3. ThatZeldaFan 430

      The only problem with this theory is technically the angry sun is too small to be our sun

    4. Samuel Taylor

      You’d definitely go to a place like the hot springs where the heat comes from the earths inside and hope there’s a geothermal energy plant there

    5. EvilSupahFly

      Theoretically, we could make a biodome. We're going to need a power source with extremely long-term sustainability, and an abundance of water, oxygen, and nitrogen, and we'll have to get super proficient in hydroponics, but it's doable, assuming that our planet doesn't collide with another. We could also take the Arthur C. Clark approach and attempt to ramp up the mass of our largest gas giant and force it to undergo chain fusion, and thus make a new sun. Ostensibly, the first approach is easier and more within the realm of possibility, given our current technology. That being said, I wouldn't put anything past Elon Musk. For all I know, he's got several contingency plans for just such an occasion.

    6. nybrotherman

      Where is the fallout wasteland survival guide part 2?

    7. FnafAfton

      I would spend it getting a knife and killing myself because there's no point

    8. George Uribe

      I'd go to Yosemite and live off of the geothermal heat

    9. VIP-Princess

      So in the end I still don't know

    10. John Alex Quion

      0:34 I guess Austin ran out od ideas now hyur hur hur HUR HUR

      1. Jeff da gamer

        I guess Austin ran out of ideas now hur hur HUR HUR

    11. Alina Bozgan

      Moral of the story: Don't kill the angry sun. Let him kill you.

    12. Irish_EnderMan

      Austin is getting more and more insane with every video

    13. NSB Gamer

      ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm part 3 rich game characters

    14. Umair Shamsuddin

      Jumping into a volcano off of a plane while strapped with dynamite and chained to a shark.

    15. 217sherlock

      Uuumm,it's been a while since I've been here. Where's Mat?

    16. Nubbmarr

      I cant get enough Austin! I always find myself rewatching his vids


      I made a comment about the gaming millionaires part 3 video before watching the end of the video. I deleted it

    18. Alexandra Su

      Okay Austin. I think you need a nap😅😂

    19. PunMaster

      Mario, the man that shot down the sun, sounds like he took a page from francis drake to literal 😂

    20. •ChaiofConcrete •

      This is how I keep myself educated for college life

    21. Londonsbro Kamacho


    22. Sweaty Quackhead

      Finding a gun to put in my mouth

    23. Charlie Forystek

      luigi:*goes to desert to be hot* Luigi again: why there no sun Luigi again:*calls mario* why no sun at desert mario: because i killed it

    24. Sin Shadow Fox

      Rigorous amounts of shagging. Can i have my part 2 now? I hate the sun and would love to know how to live without it.

    25. Zeldaboy

      I'd be playing mario 3.

    26. Isyana Veda

      I broke my thumb it hurts

    27. Anoni Maus

      Austin you aren't losing it, you are normally like this in all of your videos. :D

    28. Bogdan Moise

      Dear Austin:Make a video to explain îs it possible to bend like în avatar the last airbender

    29. Back Of The Bus

      what's the name of the song at the beginning of the video?

    30. P J

      i will spead my last days pooping so i dont have to when i die

    31. Jacob Taylor

      I would live underground till I die of natural causes

    32. Florian Walter

      How can we crash into Jupiter (or any other planet), because, they'll be flying out into space as well.

    33. CrawlingKid

      I would sleep, all day, all night. PERIOD. Yeah

      1. Angel Man I love this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    34. richard cary

      soooo when is part two of this video coming out? just asking its literally been a month

    35. TheRetroReplay

      How about the science of Sonic's shoes? What are they made of so that they don't get destroyed from the friction?

    36. Galavan Tudor

      Cool information

    37. Galavan Tudor

      Why would u dislike???!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!

    38. Shaydìon Koeks

      how do you explain the ability to reolay the level?

    39. zerulaw

      today episode austin just remind us how f up we are in the next century or beyond if humanity still survive by the time the world does die(unless ofc technology)

    40. Pinhégas

      I would spend my last days asking for part 3 of the richest video game characters :)

    41. James Pike

      MatPat, please do a film theory on a YT series called Confinement. It follows Connor who is a part of the SCP Foundation. It is definitely theory material!

    42. Ather Flame

      I would basically have a lot of freaking heaters going off and have a room filled with plants and in the first few weeks I would’ve used wind turbines to fill up a bunch of generators so I could produce artificial light in a room that way I could have a safe point and I would just be waiting for Nassau to move the planet to a new star

    43. BALD MARIO

      I guess austin ran out of ideas now hyur hur hur HUR HUR

    44. BLUE CAT

      When you want to wach a game theory video and instead of hearing Mat Pats voice you hear Austin... 😐 (no hate)

    45. vilma vaitonyte

      that sun is like 5 feet wide but ok

    46. gamingdukkers


    47. Sada Awes

      But what if the angry sun... Wasn’t a sun? What if it was like one of the soldiers in bowsers army disguising itself as a sun?

    48. Lukas Reimer


    49. TheAdvertisement

      This is a Kurzgesagt video disguised as a Mario theory!

    50. jaevon jackson

      Play games and call my relatives.

    51. Brendan Nowak

      _waits a month so I can learn how to survive the lack of warm_

    52. Aidan Worley

      Once again I am seeing THIS person on the REAL game theorists (MatPats) on his channel. WHY!?

      1. Aidan Worley

        @Jamie Pollard I know that, but he has NEVER even said anything about him, not even a tiny shout out

      2. Jamie Pollard

        Because the Game Theorists are still a group and MatPat likes to let other people run series besides normal theories... Trailer/Comic Drake, Gaijin Goomba, etc. Have always had a place on the channel

    53. Derek Red

      Cant the angry suns just be enemies and not the real sun

    54. Antonio Proa

      Could you please make part 3 of the most richest video game character series. It has been over a year and I think a lot of people would want to see it. Love your vids! Edit: I posted this before I watched the whole video and what he said about part 3. Sorry about that.

    55. Kolab

      Didn’t Vsauce already cover this topic?

    56. Andre The Great

      What’s the classical music in the beginning?

    57. M R

      4:12 ... but.. if they get to top speed and then cut the engines they would still drift towards the sun at that speed or not ?? so no engines wasted

    58. superannoyingkatnip5

      Austin Shoddycast needs you dude

    59. Galaxy Raider

      I guess Austin ran out of ideas now hyur hur hur HUR HUR

    60. Samurott 1922

      "which got me thinking" No, don't.

    61. Dragonfied321

      You might be able to survive in underwater habitats like in the game Subnautica, but I don't know how we'd get our thermal energy without some mighty advancements in science.

    62. Elle Murano

      Me who got inspired for the setting and premise of a book but is waiting for Austin to finish this so I can fully flesh out the science:

    63. Stritt Four

      I like Austin but I think he also need some more brain cells

    64. Aiden Trammell

      When I see the typing I click off the video immediately

    65. bon, ney

      I’d probably just play videogames and listen to music

    66. Aiden Learned

      Just realized If the sun is close enough to touch the mushroom kingdom and damage Mario, this whole thing is pointless because literally The SUN crashed into the planet...

    67. Hari Govind

      Huh I always wondered what the inspiration was for " A pail of air".this is it I guess

    68. MartinOcraft

      There is a video I saw from vsauce about the same topic "what if the sun disappeared?".

    69. Mine MC

      True he will never run out of ideas

    70. Mexican Shadow1

      In my last few days I would bing all of ur vids then jump off the tallest building in my area and yell the cold will never kill me (=

    71. Hyrulian Warlord

      10:51 ill intervene


      How to survive if Mario destroys the sun become a tree.

    73. Mikkel Svane

      Part 2

    74. DeathLooksPretty

      I really like these videos, but your intro makes me not want to even open them, Austin. No shade, just honest commentary.

    75. feircesoulcrusher

      bro dand druff in your hair

    76. missingindy

      We have had atleast 5 snowstorms this year in Indiana

    77. iloveastronomyandbirds

      I thought the sun was 93 million miles away

    78. eNack Plays

      Drill into the Earth with a super powered drill, exploiting the heat from the Earths core

    79. Darko Koroshi

      i taught he would start with the "The bricks are people" route

    80. Mday

      and yet SML cant make videos anyore

    81. Juan Ignacio López Tellechea

      I'll breath hevily to kill everyone faster

    82. Galactic_Cat

      anything about part three of the richest game characters down there I will LOSE MY FREAKING MIND I'M WORKING ON IT OKAY!!!! sincerely, Austin

    83. RIOT FLAME

      light a fire and stand directly in it

      1. RIOT FLAME

        so i die warm

    84. Eddie Jones III

      That clownish laugh at the start got me XD

    85. Gene Y

      This is my first time learning about 8 minute old gravity. Would the loss of the sun's gravity be enough to fling humans into the air or pancake them against the ground?

    86. Rave D

      This is the channel that started your others and you've been neglecting and abusing it. Please stop.

    87. Boy On the move

      I would spend time with my family

    88. Miggy Gaw

      Okay cool, but how do we make soap and a kiln in an apocalypse

    89. waffle face

      Honestly i have thought about what i would do if the sun disappeared.i would go in to Walmart and just buy some lofthouse cookies a tonys chocolate bar and some dog treats. i would go home sit down and have one last good meal with my dogs.

    90. MCG 1047

      Mario logic bro

    91. Imspammedout

      Wow, very informative. Sounds like killing the sun was a bad idea. Of course, if the sun came within 5 feet, 2 inches of the planet, it's already game over, so nothing in this video matters

    92. christian kabuto :3

      your mic sounds different

    93. Im just Saiyan

      i think matt is better and more relatable while YOU ARE CRAZY

    94. Sean Mills

      I would spend my last days cuddling my girlfriend

    95. Nick Russell

      I would set everything on fire

    96. Nick Russell

      Aaaauuuuustin the angry sun is just a sentant ball that's on fire with fire proof skin

    97. Nick Russell

      0:49 and I freaking love it

    98. Matthew Laverde

      Ahem "Anything about part three of the richest game characters" There I said it.

      1. Matthew Laverde

        @Antonio Proa lol

      2. Antonio Proa

        Shoot! I just posted a comment on that and you beat me to it! Good job! Edit: I posted the comment before I watched the whole video and what he said about part 3. Sorry about that.

      3. Galactic_Cat


    99. Theonetruewonderfly

      Wasn't this a 1960's Twilight Zone episode? The Earth got thrown off kilter and was floating away from the sun.....

    100. Janelle R

      Who the hell is Austin? I miss matpat :(