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    10 YEARS of Game Theory! Wow, how fast time flew by to get us to this milestone. Theorists, I want to invite you into the "office" of Team Theorists. I want to pull back the curtain on what it takes to run this channel; the time, the people, the MEETINGS! No more secrets. Thank YOU for sticking with me over the years and I can't wait to see what happens over the next 10 years. So sit back and get ready to have the full Team Theorists experience. You've earned it!
    I also want to thank our team for coming on and being a part of the video! Talk about face reveals!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick, Stephanie Patrick, Jason Parker, and Chris Widin
    Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. FortnoX5E1H

      By far my *FAVOURITE* video on this channel! Happy 10th Game theorists🥳

      1. Sil


      2. XTONMIKE

        This is as easy thing to say as saying I figure it out The for fanf have timeline

      3. Sonic Saturn


      4. James Axel


      5. The Weirdo Channel / Rainbow Puppy

        Abd their cult is by far my favorite cult

    2. Benjamin Bishop

      Dude that DR. Stone OP is my favorite opening in all of the years I have watched this channel.

    3. Ezz Eldin Ehab Kauritum


    4. tyler mccarthy

      Mat I want you to know my wife and I bought those same monogrammed mugs and now I'm upset 🤣

    5. Mammoth

      Wait u think in north Carolina now ?!? Imma be honest I haven't been watching for 6 to 10 months but go north Carolina i live here too 😂

    6. Angello Casillas

      There's something more behind the scenes Hannah Wharton

    7. The Political Moose

      Where's part 2 to indoctrination theory?

    8. Zooey Smith

      really mat 10:00

    9. Amazing Luigi Bros

      19:30 Found it ;)

    10. ramzi sultan

      the dream team

    11. Flamecat Studios

      Austin: Honestly, i think Anyone can make fnaf videos... Me: Says the guy that LITERALLY tried to kill himself with it.

    12. tim kurtz


    13. Arnaud Dupont

      Everything of that for the 3 channels... how of a hell will it be when the 4th one will be there ? You're all crazy and that's what's needed to do such work and why we follow those channels, thank you and congratulations to all the team for the 10 years ! I guess we will see you again in 2031.

    14. Shade The moonlight lover

      Thank you all for your hard work best channel I have seen on KGup thank you all and have a fantastic time recording all of your amazing videos

    15. Raynard The Fox

      11:12 im gonna be 100% honest here this is fucken terrifying

    16. TacoBoy6754

      Pedro... he was a TGN editor wasn't he? I can tell by his sprite at 22:08

    17. ghady jardak

      Do more minecraft videos probably about the future artifacts in minecraft

    18. Maxim Armstrong

      Can you please do a theory about the story to Mirrors Edge. If this comment is ever included in one of your videos please call me Max.

    19. Nova Ellamon

      Jason is the main character

    20. DJ DARIANA

      So we have game theory, food theory, and film theory. So why do i have a feeling that maybe he gunna do world/earth theory. Like ya know going in details of myths like big foot and the loch Ness monster or why do ghost and paranormal stuff exist or ufo stuff or even just about our government and what they are hiding ya know. No? Just me? 🤔. idunno maybe im just being out there and dumb but that would be cool tho. Green, red, yellow, and blue.

    21. danni johnson

      I am convinced matpat is the irl michael scott

    22. Domyras

      *Sees Amy* *eyes widen* My queen.

    23. James Leech

      How the hell is this a theory.

    24. Elementriel

      How did I not know this channel existed!!!! It’s amazing!!!!

    25. wolfs bane

      happy 10TH ANIVERSARY by the way he said he started this channel in 2011 he got some mileage on him

    26. Mariah

      Love you guys. Thank you for making videos for us for a decade. And Steph, you dah boss. 👍🏼😎

    27. Davi Celestino

      29:17 I can't get enough of this segment lmao

    28. Taco Tender

      man got to play rocket league in real life

    29. Maxim Armstrong

      Game theory idea: Can you please do a theory to the story line of the parkour game Mirrors Edge If this comment is every included in one of your videos can you please call me Maxim.

    30. Warren Lee


    31. LoneWolfGmer

      no one actually likes Austin lol XD

    32. marc

      10:05 *COUGH COUGH WHEEZE-*

    33. marc

      6:55 *fnaf.* i bet when you will upgrade your schedule it will be like: filled with fnaf and some vids for other channels like food theory-

    34. marc


    35. blake mayes


    36. Director [Redacted]

      jeez i started watching in 2013 when i was 12 and now im 20 its insane

    37. jakobion

      10:03 had me laughing legit. Been watching game theory for years now. crazy how much its grown

    38. Krazy Skittlez

      Just waiting for ‘Life Theory’ to theorize what people do when not watching theory videos

    39. I Ibra

      3:56 anne hathaway??

    40. Bryn Jean

      Amarie by the Sea

    41. Emma Cottrell

      Are you?°_°

    42. Emma Cottrell

      You ok bro?

    43. Igor Zganjer

      There are wing dings at the start... why?

    44. arpxl

      game lab season 2????????

    45. Dat Spicy boi

      The craziest thing is that everything they talked about they did for this exact video

    46. The Mighty Ninyn

      "Can you please put it on the fridge!"

    47. the hairy one

      Ahhh nice to see Austin again

    48. Krystle D

      Yall are incredible. Thank you

    49. glittery_cucumber

      GT Live about how to find amazing employees like yours, please!

    50. Commen Cat

      Hey Matpat remeber when you did an argumentative video on tf2 v overwatch yeah let's do that again you sorry sad sack of a man

    51. Austin Bingley

      THE GAME THEORY LOGO IS IN THE FOOD THEORY INTRO ON ONE OF THE BUILDINGS UNDER THE GIANT MARSHMALLOW MAN!!! if anyone already knew this leave a comment or something.

    52. Austin Bingley

      yo that guys name is austin!

    53. ImNskPlayz


    54. Jethro Valletta

      I know the nickname

    55. Jethro Valletta

      And who is bendy

    56. Jethro Valletta

      The real name

    57. Jethro Valletta

      I might have found out who the main character is

    58. Jethro Valletta

      For the new game bendy and the dark revival

    59. Jethro Valletta

      I am right now working on a bendy theory

    60. Jethro Valletta

      I would not mind trying out a theory

    61. C E

      14:50 thats HILARIOUS, I have also been stopped at airport security because they thought my microphone was also a weapon. xD

    62. Din Djarin

      Thank you mattpatt, for ten years of all this stuff.

    63. Din Djarin

      Who else thinks mat is a werecruise?

    64. Alicia Rutherford

      I love this channel. This video was amazing. I've been a fan of Gane Theory since 2016 and the other channels since launch. Love the team. Go Steph!!

    65. The Natundi

      Ohio Gang!!

    66. The Natundi

      2:00 Grubhub in the background ;)

    67. david

      this was so cute, thank you game theory for making us smile.

    68. Viiøhl_ビオウル

      What I learned from this video: How to plan out and build a properly supported plot of infrastructure in which will then eventually become the world’s most renowned piece of architecture to exist within this realm. Thanks for the tip mat!

    69. Agustin Riquelme

      Nooooohhhh!!!!! I wanted an interview of AUSTIN😭😭😭😭

    70. Lordo

      Poor austin

    71. IamMe

      I wanna see what is in Jason's show cases

    72. JayCee Squared

      This is so over the top and ridiculous that the skits become unironically funny. Thx Theorists this was a fun one XD

    73. Elijah E

      Wait so does Matthew do *anything* other than recording?

    74. boydking jopillo

      Matpat ur voice is like ryan reynolds

    75. Sebastian Balentyne

      I frequently loose interest in yt & it's bs, but I ALWAYS get drawn back in by your videos. Tysm for a decade of entertainment, it's been amazing.

    76. Joshua Moore

      Next episode idea.. uhhh what is a werecruise? 11:38

    77. The Amazing Man


    78. Ashley Samaya J.

      The fact this dude is my childhood, MatPat you don't look a day older than 13 PS. BeardPat was not a nice time.

    79. Matthew Botting

      What’s next song theory

    80. Hayden Simmons

      but hay that's just a theory

    81. Sagitt87

      ...and they are also parents, another fulltime job...holymoly...

    82. Table

      "10 year special" *Cries in feeling old*

    83. Dave Cullins

      I remember your Draw My Life video where you said you had 500k subscribers. I still remember back then wanting so much to see you succeed for all your work, and I'm glad to say that you eventually did.

    84. Le' Goat

      I think that Villagers are a religious group who cast out wanderers and Illagers who refused to follow their practice.1. We know that the Villagers have Churches in most of their villages. The big stone tower building with fancy windows and torches.2. We know that Villagers can build but never do, at least in front of the player. I call to attention exhibit A: There villages, it seems unlikely that the Masterbuilders built them and they have lasted for an untold amount of time. They'd at least need some repair from the occasional creeper. B: Notch said that he wanted to make Golems look like Villagers because "It's unlikely villagers would build anything that wouldn't look like them." C: The crafting table. They have a crafting table in their libraries, how do you think that could happen if they couldn't build and craft. D: The bookshelves, look at the bookshelves in the library. Those had to be crafted. E: We know the Illagers can. I sorta doubt the master builders created a replica evil mansion with carpet maps and bed and end portals.3. All villagers keep their arms hidden inside their sleeves. All of them, even children. Who doesn't? Oh, yeah, the Wandering Traders(who show their arms but don't use them) and the Illagers inside their mansions who actually wield weapons. And who have blue eyes instead of traditional green eyes.4. Have you noticed the blatant villager obsession with Emeralds but how they never seem to have any stored themselves? What about in their eyes, which are all green. All emerald green. I doubt that that's a coincidence.5. The illagers who are very obvious and stated several times as Villager outcasts can build manners and probably constructed Steve(zombie) clones and Creepers(Which would explain why the TNT inside of them is labeled) can do all these things. Maybe it was them building and crafting that got them outcast, maybe it was them trying to build iron golems to protect the village that got themselves outcast. Also, they use axes and crossbows which have to be crafted.

    85. Lucius Bowman

      13:42 hes been out of the closet for a whole year :0

    86. Dave Cullins

      11:12 - 11:32 Sounds to me like just another post in a gaming forum.

    87. Dave Cullins

      Your voice is not annoying - we wouldn't have stuck around for this long if that had been true.

    88. lordmcfuzz

      I was literally asking "where is Austin?" right before he announced himself.

    89. Nathan Do

      Game Theory is old enough to get their starter pokemon and travel the world

    90. combine gaming

      its me Austin i love Austin keep up the good work

    91. kraken skull

      is it just me or Dan should be recording some videos because he has an amazing voice

    92. Sarvesh Kate

      this is pretty much the office

    93. Femke Huibers

      he didnt have to make it so emotional :')

    94. repeekyraid cero

      At this time you might already want to register your own business xD. Dang overworked.

    95. Brainwave

      he put on his slippers before he could see, built different

    96. Sophisticated Goat

      I thought this video would be addressing all the change this channel has gone through, from a science channel to... whatever it's supposed to be now, but unfortunately, I guess it was just more clickbait. I also still can't tell if you're self-aware and playing up your personality for jokes, or if you're legitimately full of yourself.

    97. HUN Boytee


    98. Jakub Mielniczek

      I think Luke might kinda lie about the sexual way it hits but... come on look at him he's a good-looking guy. And Sege's accent takes him places he never went... I want to know.

    99. Jakub Mielniczek

      ... A closet joke? Matt are you really out of the closet though?

    100. 白い悪魔_Animator

      1:39 I guess matpat has not sleep for 3 days and i guess he had gone crazy?