Game Theory: 3 NEW FNAF Security Breach Theories!

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    Theorists, I have been up to my ears in FNAF theories lately and so I thought, " Why not do a rapid fire of 3 mini-theories in one episode?" That's right, you get not one, not two, but THREE theories today! WE are talking everything from new clues to FNAF Security Breach to what is going on in the newest Fazbear Frights books, to maybe even uncovering the TRUE villain we've all been overlooking! No time to waste! Let's dive in!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick
    Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Tyler Mascola, and Pedro Freitas
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Weegeepie

      That homage to Ronnie's animation is just so heartwarming fav GT episode

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      2. Pump

        @Top Movie Clips stop

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      4. Rezonance Eternal

        Ayy ma boi how’s it goin?

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    2. Finol oliver

      only freddy and chicka are good

    3. Seannaa krew fan :D

      Nyan cat was the best :) IMA DOWNLOAD IT ADTER TE VIDD

    4. skyler inkwell

      you reminded me of the Nyan cat song and it drives people crazy!

    5. Joyce Riley

      im older than the channel, just barely

    6. Ness da PK Boyo

      Ness is Vanessa

    7. Hello stranger

      Is it possible that Rosy, the other "friendly" animation could be this new version of you foxy? Almost like a never made toy foxy??

    8. Skater Fox

      There could be something else as well to consider with the nightguard and Vanny, if you look at the name of the security guard it says her name is Vanessa, could she possibly be Vanny and this is why you can see Gregory hide from the security guard or could she be working with Vanny.

    9. FoxGaming 2017

      April 18th is my birthday, and it’s Game Theory’s anniversary!

    10. Sydney Arkhangelskiy

      Hey MatPat I have a theory for you! Remember how you stated that Mrs. Afton could be Ballora? I have something that goes along with that. Their are two possibility's of what happened. Theory number 1. Ballora is a spring lock suit and Mrs. Afton was stuffed inside it. I don't think its that one but it came to mind. Theory number 2. Remember the spring lock suit in I think Night four? I thinnk that Mrs. Afton was also shoved into that suit and died trying to escape. Michael Afton was just lucky that he knew what to do in a spring lock suit. I'm not sure if the suit was in Ballora Gallery but why else do we see Ballora and Minereenas if we fail. Please do take this theory into consideration, and sorry for spelling errors

    11. Lurchnblue70

      There was a toy foxy, mangle...

    12. Kendall Gravish

      Little does he know "babys" name is actual Eleanor the skinny type circus baby look thing that's not baby

    13. Sakura Wolf yt

      🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🍕Happy birthday to the channel and you!!!!🍕🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    14. Springfreddy Child

      I just realised if chica was first she wouldn’t of seen everything bc she died so u wouldn’t oh see anything

    15. Asher plays

      I think baby is snatching body’s of difrent ages that she did not get to before she died so she can live a normal life

    16. Christashyah Hall

      let me put in something you can understand rox sand is fox sand and toy chica is something scot does

    17. Kinemia San

      What if Baby was the true evil, not liz?

    18. Kinemia San

      what if foxy was actually the only other animatronic that regained his sanity

    19. aidan swinford

      Instead of trash Afton I think it should be trashton or trashin.

    20. •FNaF Gacha Freak•

      TOO MANY THEORIES 😭😭😭 I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK ANYMORE BRUV 😭✋ I wish it went back to the good old, simple days, when FNaF was just about a purple dude who lost his family and killed 5 kids 🤧✋

    21. Everkilled Vanhouten whos making the noise in fnaf goes duh dum dum dum dum to a littile that the security guard? or maybe its one of the animatronics? not sure, interested to find out

      1. i cant think of a name

        That's Foxy. The "dum dum dum" sound gets noticeably louder when you are looking at Pirate Cove in the cameras.

    22. Mac Cheezy

      _"Gaming's tangential learning experience"_ Love that.

    23. Must-E

      Now isn't Vanny the villain? Someone who has entered the spirit of Afton. Nowadays I was thinking why is he wearing a WHITE mask at Scott Games? The Vanny mask in FNaF VR was brown, so was the SB trailer. So there are TWO Vannys? Could the security guard be one of them (the two Vanny's IDs are Tape Girl and Vanessa, if you ask me).

    24. Superkids

      There is a new game because security breach isn't done

    25. Nuno Oliveira

      Jake Peralta is messing with everyone

    26. Darien Houston

      Why would afton go into the suit by the way how would that protect him

      1. i cant think of a name

        People often panic and make weird decisions when in distress. He probably thought that since he killed them while wearing the suit, they would be scared of it.

    27. Holly Garner

      ... foxy isn’t missing in fnaf 2 his toy is mangle

    28. KotnPinkPixie

      I was watching this and then realized I wasn't subscribed i have been watching for a year or 2

    29. ACE Golf101 gaming


    30. pouch9090

      Minecraft has different fisics

      1. Rishabh Shah


    31. pouch9090

      I don't like you're theory about minecraft

      1. Rishabh Shah

        bruh this is a fnaf theory

      2. pouch9090


    32. sonia mckenzie

      ur theories keep me from my reality and stops me from losing it

    33. sonia mckenzie

      what about Roxy sounds awfully familiar doesn't it? but hey that's just me there's a low chance u will see this so yeah hope u have a grate day :)

    34. xxprologan Cool

      Can't wait for the comments from the people from the future that are laughing at what we thought were good theories.

    35. Le Aiden

      also mabe they have to go to a control room and the animaltranics are controled

    36. Aanya Khadka

      ummmmmmm. isn't long neck baby Elenore

    37. Mollie Joiner

      Not to be a downer normally love your theories but I have one issue with the toy theory that was a toy foxy just a broken one mangled was a foxy and also toy animatronic she/he was just broken beyond repair

    38. Alexander Young

      Mangle is the toy version of foxy

    39. mr fazmeme

      Fnaf: the final battle (Just a game full of human animatronics. And possibly even a trash glitchtrap or something)

    40. Junior2dn

      Anyone notice that before was this Five Nights At Freddy's: ITS ME Five Nights At Freddy's Help Wanted: I AM STUCK IN A GAME Now Theory FNAF 1: Who is golden freddy FNAF 7: ITS A CULT

    41. Mo Ait

      yk its weird instead of that looking like the glamrock version it kind of looks like a tease that sister location never revealed maybe its a version of sister location chica that was abandoned. maybe anyone who sees this comment can exaplain why it is glamrock chica

    42. Sip

      So who is the older brother of the crying child? I know he’s Micheal but how does he become a “robot”?

      1. i cant think of a name

        Michael doesn't become a robot. We see his skin rot in the sister location cutscenes.

    43. Carrie Loftus


    44. Slender Man 186

      I think the first GT video I saw was “The Real Cost of Minecraft’s Diamond Armor.” Good job on 10 years man. Edit: what do you mean there’s no toy foxy? Does mangled just suddenly not exist? It’s even the same in the sense that it’s out of order like Foxy is in the first game. For all intents and purposes, mangled is Toy Foxy. It even behaves similarly in gameplay, moving down the hall, only being kept away by the light and not the mask, but differing with an element of randomness once in the office.

    45. BlueMillion

      Theory: In the bedroom in fnaf 4 there is a picture of a snowman on the wall possibly related to snow cone/ Bouncer In Fnaf World

    46. darren liu


    47. Sara Nini

      Are you ever going to do SCP containment breach videos?

    48. Shaw It Off

      “Theory number 3!!” Ad: Bladder problems …thanks

    49. sierra cagley

      I would have to diss agree with Matt Pat “when he said their is no toy foxy” there is a toy foxy mangle but as phone guy said “the employees began to call her the mangle” meaning her name wasn’t always “the mangle”. So I don’t think the glamrock animatronics are the new toy animatronics.

    50. Must-E

      Why are there two video in MatPat's FNaF Mix that we couldn't watch? Were them banned?

    51. Mattilda Gordon

      Pop Tart cat back

    52. ITSLILLIME ._.

      Now I'm probably not the only one that saw this. In bunny call the family directly corallates to the aftons. The daughter. The daughter is nice yet over eager just like Elisabeth trying to convince afton to play with baby. Now for the brothers its kinda loose but ill say it anyways. Aaron probably represents crying child or Evan, whatever just because Tyler seems like Michael seeing as hiw his interests are more mature like bungee jumping. Bob is said to have a murderous grin or psychotic grin I forget. And for the mother, she wants to dance and sing and be a fun mom right? And if we're assuming ballora represents Mrs Afton. Now yeah its shaky but ill come back because I haven't finished the book yet but ill come back if I have anything to add.

    53. RevenantYT

      At end of security breach trailer the trash bots hand? Purple guy?

    54. TheAllSeeingEye

      im waiting for the twist that the glamrocks are evil and vanny is the good guy

    55. CamTheKitty

      I do genuinely like the toy animatronic one. That would be fun just for, as you said, they were friendly to kids

    56. K W

      I enjoy watching these FNAF theories, I’m sorry you have to put so much work into these videos, but I’m glad that you and the theorist team make these videos.

    57. TheAllSeeingEye

      and now i watched all GT FNAF. all 48 vids

    58. marc

      if you are doing popular game thories or that- y- *genshin impact theory.* eveeyone need it.

    59. Stressmelo

      detroit: become human

    60. yoyo Arthur

      Mangle is toy foxy

    61. Jake B

      I would like to point out that Foxy is technically present, or at least his counterpart is. You see Foxy has always been separate from the main three but always appears with them. ( kinda like that one flakey friend in your group ) in FNAF 2 there was no Toy Foxy, but there was “ Mangle” and I say it like that because Mangle’s name is derived from its current state, it’s a mangle of parts. Judging by the Mangle’s head which is a fox it is safe to assume that Mangle’s original state would appear to be a Toy Foxy, it is also keep separate from the other Toy Animatronics similarly how Foxy was separate from Freddy, Bonnie and Chia in FNAF 1. In Sister Location Fun Time Foxy has the same color palette as Mangle, there fore is could be considered less of a copy of Foxy but of Mangle. In the trailer for Security Breach we see a wolf animatronic named Roxy, this is most likely the remake of foxy considered the fact that it is a part of what looks like the big four, and I do believe that wolfs are a relative of foxes so we now have our metal canine friend back. Also Foxy and Roxy, that’s just too similar of a name. Not the most useful piece of information but hey.

    62. Amazing Wolves

      Matpat is gonna hate me for this😅. I was theorizing myself and I can't wrap my head around this. If we play as Michael Afton in FNAF 3. Why does William want to murder us🤔

    63. Gabriel Lockwood

      But Mangle WAS Toy Foxy. There IS a Toy of Mangle in the Sister's room in the house... Where was Foxy next seen? :SL, where Hand_Unit says "These robots were THE ORIGINAL Animatronics, but torn about and remade into the Funtime Robots..." (Or at least... Freddy AND Foxy...)

    64. Rhodes Productions

      I have a theory... I think gergory is actually crying child and vanny is his mother bringing us back to fnaf sl In the movie cut seen you can see the chiald is a baby aka cryingchiald and the mother vanny left before he got older So glitch trap Is getting revenge for vanny leaving how else dose canny know his name thx also thats a good theory.

      1. Rhodes Productions

        The only thing stopping me is you theory Bout him getting chomped

    65. Aliona Martin

      am i the only one who thinks mangle was supossed to be toy foxy?

    66. ELU

      William who Always come back.. William who even somehow left hell.. William who's spirit is able to use trash to become Giant Animatronic (with little help from Elizabeth) .. William who can give virus to people just by touching them.. And than he lost to Puppet, Detective and stitchwraith... Isn't that weird? there must be something else.. He escaped the Hell... So he somehow got more power than Cassidy so he was able to leave... I think there will be something more .D

    67. XxMysterious GirlxX


    68. Pawsland

      You make your account on my 4th birthday 👹

    69. TheAdvertisement

      15:00 Wow Scott just doing Matt like that lmao.

    70. phebe bekhit

      THE REAL QUESTION is.. which children is possessing the glamrock animatronic

    71. autumn & friends


    72. Violet Harris

      I will always love The Game Theorists Theme, always :D

    73. super smash ultimate with golden freddy godzilla

      Wetherd chica has 3 toos

    74. CC The Aqua Maris

      Wait can the freddles from FNAF 4 be Lonley Freddys?

    75. KuteKarens World

      Game Theory! I need you to read this. This is important and will probably make a good theory for your channel if you can use this as a base! Now, I have just watched a theorist who has done a theory on the new Fnaf game, Fury Rage (I think). Now, these words are not a coincidence. Rage and Fury are synonyms for anger. And what is angry in Fnaf? The glorious spirits that started Fnaf! Now, I do want to talk about something else. This was meant to happen. Scott Cawthon wanted this too happen. He wanted to release this game and maybe he has got the game finished, but is keeping it hidden away from us. He needed this game to come out so he could let us figure the lore out a bit more. Many hints to the new game and some old ones are hidden in this game. Also, a hint that links to the whole series, the cake is a lie. What does it mean? It means that the cake isn't what we think it is. The cake is alive! Many people thought the cake was a just a robot. The only normal one. Well, it turns out, we were wrong. It is a person. And who is it? Well, that remains a mystery. However, what if the grave with the hidden name, it the grave of the cupcake? If, this is correct, then we may be onto something. If you want Game Theory to use this as a base for (hopefully) another theory, then like and let's see if he does it...

    76. Giga Boi

      Yeah sure but none of the other glamrock animatronics look anything like the toy animatronics

    77. BluBerri



      Hey creator have you watched all the theories of matt?.


      Idk if anyone has caught this but, the boy in the alligator mask from Matpat’s past theory and then the alligator animatronic, I was thinking that maybe the boy in the alligator mask possessed the Alligator animatronic, but then the boy in the alligator mask could be Andrew, so I thought trying to figure it out but I couldn’t find any evidence that the boy in the alligator mask and the alligator animatronic could be connected or if Andrew is the boy in the alligator mask. Andrew may want revenge, yes and the boy in the alligator mask may want revenge, yes but that evidence seemed so weak, I need stronger evidence if the boy and Andrew are the same person or if the boy possessed the alligator animatronic. I was confusing myself, but still couldn’t lead myself to the conclusion. So I went to find some stronger evidence, but still couldn’t find any to connect them. I watched the past theory’s of Matpat to seek an answer but he said the same that the boy in the alligator mask is Andrew just by one tiny detail, revenge and I still thought it was weak evidence, so I was hoping if someone from here could give me stronger evidence if the boy in the alligator mask is Andrew or if the boy posses the alligator animatronic.

    80. WireLess

      how did William get the spring bonnie animatronic on so fast when the ghost of the kids ( think about it )

    81. Tajudin Ali

      The people who find game theory in the future Hi I’m form the past

    82. Adhithya Kesavan

      Trash Afton eminds me spiderman 3 where Peter calls eddie brock as "Trash Brock!! "

    83. Crafty Science

      In the happiest day mini game we see a kid with a crocodile mask and with curly black hair. In the room 1280 story you show the spirit keeping Afton alive as a kid with a crocodile mask and curly black hair. The kid Andrew, possessing he down part of stichwraith has curly black hair and the crocodile animatronic in security breach can be the kid with the crocodile mask if every kid in happiest day mini game is representing an animatronic, right?

      1. Crafty Science

        And if all of the animatronics in security breach are remodeled that means that crocodile animatronic is a spin-off to. And the only similar animatronic is.... you guessed it! The lizard animatronic that appears in the happiest day mini game and in costume night.

    84. Ke’ai Aesthetic

      Ah yes watching fnaf and a Barbie add

    85. The Bobby

      All of this because 1 psycho decided to kill 5 kids

    86. Valentine Animations

      Matpat I have a new theory about the crying child name if you look into one of the security breaches trailers you see a child with the same shirt as the crying child and this is Gregory so I believe this could be the crying child and everyone is just his mind of all his fears and Vannessa tormented him to increase his fears maybe look into it?

    87. Airo5678 Ttv

      If u haven't play ucm and get to the old man consequences thing and if u speed up and pitch the loud sound U hear somthing crazy...

    88. ElinN47

      Okay Uhm I just noticed something in the survival log book when I was going through it and writing all the important stuff down, so Cassidy is talking to crying child through it yes. But notice how Cassidy talks in all caps right? But for some reason every time she said the letter “u”, it’s lower case.

    89. daniela cruz

      DUDE DUDE, I have a theory of FNAF Security Breach and Cassidy:In security breach what if there are 3 minds in the same body, because in another video you said that there was a conversation in script, ok It is like William Afton and someone else, What if He is talking to Elizabeth, and why would Vanessa listen to William, She is trying to escape, and Elzabeth is the only one who should be with william. Ok Cassidy Theory: In the minigame of FNAF 4 Where crying child gets locked in the parts and service room There is a suit of golden freddy with hair on top of it, if it is a dead kid then why would it be BEFORE 1985, because the murders were at 1985 but we are in 1983. Why would Cassidy be so raged if he is like the others, HE is the only one who Builds a purgatory for William, HE is the only one who never gives up, He'll never give up

    90. trunks441981

      Willys wonderland

    91. Crimson Sword

      The Afton virus 😰 Afton-19

    92. Blaze The Dragon Master

      I have a theory gregory is crying child

    93. Victoria Plays

      You said that Foxy was missing, but what about Roxy?

    94. Delly Demon

      Are we gonna talk about the Dads Name in he told me everything?

    95. Rob Pellegrino

      I've been watching him for 5 years

    96. LazyBobby240

      Honestly, these fnaf books are getting way too weird and way too far fetched.

    97. Efe Akuzum

      But the night guard girl is a adult that why she says that they keep following you in the game trailer but they help the kid instead of following right thats because he is a kid and she is a adult am i right??😅

    98. F1ona stuff

      Matpat needs to do more fnaf! Thats the only thing I watch on this channel, Game theory made me love fnaf

    99. Oleanna The Fox

      So in the FNAF canon Markplier is the CEO of Fazbear entertainment And Mattpat basically got mpreg and gave birth to a bunny Ok Scott

    100. Fnaf Fan

      Crying. Child's foxy plush is missing his head the only one to be broken. And the brother has a foxy mask.