Game Theory: Among Us Lore, You Will ALWAYS Lose!

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    Among Us has been ruling the internet for a while now. That probably means you think you know the game pretty well by now, huh? You can SUS out the Impostors from the crewmates with your 900 IQ strategies. Except, no matter what you do, in the end we are ALL going to lose to the Impostors. That's right, I figured out the LORE of the Among Us universe. Loyal Theorists, this game is DARK. We are all doomed and the proof is in the game itself.
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Pedro Freitas
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Slogo Fan

      Well this is probably my favourite theory

      1. RoboPuffin

        Here before 500 by the way

      2. Sixtens Sommarfåtölj


      3. Scarlett Pugliano

        Wait why where you pinned?

      4. Maxi Santander

        Dc Con Zr

      5. E͞u͞p͞r͞e͞l͞i͞l͞i͞a͞

        Same now im paranoid about crewmates

    2. A Scoutly

      7:31-7:42 Best part of the entire video

    3. Ra Ta

      The selective scale intrestingly spark because march systematically drag modulo a ajar otter. jittery, fallacious celsius

    4. MeepyNotSus

      On the snowman dead body, I think that’s a real bone...

    5. MeepyNotSus

      Ok... So about the anatomy... From what I can tell, these crewmates don’t really have a skin layer in between their insides and their suits, their hands aren’t connected to them, they have no organs, and they have a ham bone as the only piece of their skeleton... So....... Are they really human?

      1. MeepyNotSus

        Love your videos by the way!

    6. Pyotr Treykovsky

      Me being 5'5 and weighing 93lbs

    7. Jacen J


    8. Emmanuel Morocho

      bruh we vote them out and then the impostors are in space

      1. Emmanuel Morocho

        also you just ruined the game

    9. VixWasHere


    10. Cherry Leah

      Eventually, everyone will die in among us, but it's the same as real-life - everyone will die, in a million years or so, nobody will remember you, or even Elon Musk. *suck on thattttttttttttt*

    11. Mr. Dingus

      HEY matpat I heard you were actually 2'4 maybe you're the impostor you kinda SUS, HAha I said sus which is funny amogus joke, subscribe to my onlyfans now

    12. Eagan Benoit

      my theory is that the imposter came from Polus

    13. When the imp is sus :O


    14. Cory McMillen


    15. Rose T


    16. Robert Pîrva

      Hey astronat are childs

    17. Diane Coleman

      The thoughtless turn puzzlingly wander because perch concomitantly possess over a voiceless responsibility. hoc, odd collision

    18. bob bob


    19. famcruzraw vlog

      this is a food theory though I think this is my theorie my theorie: Remember where Polus theres a lab if you look close theres a broken potion the crew were working on that and someone was watching the thing that they were working on but they fell asleep and the thing that was in the potion got out and I do think your changing powers of the alien is true they captured a alien but it got out now you have to figure out who is the impostor or called for once alien

    20. CubingGodzilla Nerd

      if there is one game that doesnt make sense to have lore its this

    21. gabeolive

      I'm under average height by two inches...

    22. Sport DJ


    23. Not RipCharles

      The inside is literally their color bruh

    24. Keene Imbleau

      6’ gang being discriminated against here

    25. Julie Hunt

      I have a theory! What if the imposter in game is not the actual one on the ship? I know that sounds crazy.. but I have evidence! If you say you always loose how do they all live to the next location? The imposter stops killing after a certain person is voted to make it seem like that person was the killer but really they were framed after death. Like the theory? It seems a bit overboard I know..

      1. Julie Hunt

        Basically the imposter pretends someone else was the imp but they were and players don’t know because it’s false gameplay of what really happened other than sabotages

    26. Purple Among Us

      Your correct... Although the story might have started from Polus because You Might have Needed to Take Temperatures of the planet and then you go on to the Skeld then you ride on the Skeld to The Mira HQ idk where airship would be in the storyline tho ... *BUT THATS JUST A THEORY, A GAME THEORY*

    27. Carla Cruz

      When you're small and when to be a astronaut

    28. Chill Bruh

      12:59 alternative ending: But Hey, Its just a prank bro!

    29. MR yeet

      Bruh stop milking this

    30. omg herobrine

      let's work together we will win forever they cant stop us the imposters will win no one can stop us hahahaahahahahahhahahahah

    31. Hana Doyle

      maybe being 4 foot 11 is helpful for once

    32. [Caution] May Have A Mental Breakdown

      bruh did he just say being 40 kilograms when you're 1 meter tall is oddly light? this is making me feel quite light (PS im 1.57 and switch between 48 to 50 kilos)

    33. Kitt ian Abucayan

      Oh no not the airship map thats my fav map

    34. Bun Bun

      Me: the adults sent their children into space? Mat: They were bred to be short. Me: oh, ok.

    35. Kirk Stacey C. SANCHEZ

      I Found This Animation Where A Sloppy Looking Shapeshifter Come In Through The Vents And Kills Blue Then Takes His Shape. And The Airship Is Getting Released If Not Already

    36. Tony Slav Jr

      Here’s the next question, what and how are the importer aliens spreading? Is there a creature that goes in their bodies? Is it a creature that takes their skin?

      1. Jakob Yarns


    37. Cameron Hayford

      what about when they lose or win a round? the crewmates come back but some players change color, unless im being wrong, this is what ive seen in the game. what i think is that some crewmates are alive, but the ones that were killed are replaced, i think it would explain why everyone is alive on that tiny spaceship

    38. Jabaar Young

      so I'm gonna be an astronaut in the future yay

    39. Jacob Adames

      0:40 ePiC jUmPsCaRe

    40. Jordan Murphy

      3’6” = HOBBITS IN SPACE !

    41. im just see a cat

      The alien looking kinda SUS

    42. Charred Gaming

      please do a henry stickmen theory

      1. Charred Gaming

        @Jakob Yarns no i did medbay scan

      2. Jakob Yarns


    43. Michael Hansen

      What if the crewmates are... kids

    44. frost hydronite

      Wrong crewmates are actually aliens

      1. Jakob Yarns

        lol you just ignore the evidence and say that just cuz

    45. The True Johnny



      I love how he used walluigi XD

    47. Sanghamitra Volam

      Henry Stickman

    48. racnas

      i once did the real 9000 iq move; i was playing with my friends and including me only 7 people were left. imposters decide to do a double kill when nobody is near. i and 2 of my friends were ext to me, and imposters decide to report the double kil. so i think: 2is here who can’t kill or report because i passed from here and it was a double kill so it can’t be me and my 2 friends can’t bethe imposters so THEY should have did it!

    49. timda dwagan

      I can confirm the theory is false

    50. Umair Mohammad

      bruh stop milking this

    51. Tomas fatinson

      The tricky jeep understandably suppose because taste postmeiotically buzz toward a instinctive downtown. obsolete, boring tyvek

    52. Techstriker1

      Imposter vs Henry Stickmin... Oh that would be a story.

    53. OmegaUltrazee

      The Imposter broke out of Polus you can see this in the lab

    54. Cheesy Toenails

      When the imposter is sus 🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😅😅😅😂😂🤪🤪🤪😂🤪😅haha so funny🤣🤣😅😃😊😇🤣😅🤣😇🤣🤣😂😂😂😊😆😇so sussy😊🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅plz laugh

    55. Shine Snake

      I’m the average height for a woman and I’m still a child ( ; ; )

    56. the emrold king dovenbarger

      You are really smart with these theories like seriously probably because you read information from The Game Dev why would you send them to the Deep cold depths of space instead of using impaling tongue probably not till exhaust but still it doesn't make any sense since we know that it's an alien that actually makes sense the reason why they have guns like seriously last time I checked a spaceship do they have guns you know why because if someone shot a gun in atmosphere space like on the moon it would just not be great and also that would be the reason why he has a spike tongue and why the Imposter can go through vents but the crew mates can't it makes sense and everything else this is a pretty solid Theory

    57. the emrold king dovenbarger

      I like how map hat was the Imposter and we didn't see it until the end

    58. Liam jedi

      blue: sneaks up behind matpat looking like they'll kill him matpat: *uno reverse card*

    59. Frank Woods

      Also, my research that I have collected has so far confirmed that on imposter Is an alien, and the other(s) are not, correct me if I am wrong

    60. Alejandro Canto

      But if u vote out all of the impostors u win

      1. Jakob Yarns

        but that isnt the c a n o n ending

    61. Catcoster 123

      Congrats matpat, you were actually right about this one

    62. David Tomlinson

      Mat pat:friends will die family will die you will die Me:life in a nutshell


      I agree with the person under this comment and on top ☝️👇

    64. bao nghi ta

      It’s more likely that the parasite came from polus

    65. EleanorDacat Girl

      Maybe the humans evolved to have 1 bone and became short

    66. Alec Hayden

      Can you do a theory of Henry stickmin

    67. Ashley Schmelzer

      I usually win all the time.

    68. EQ Flick


    69. Katze1735

      heh blue VENTED

    70. Andy Smith

      If 41kg is atypical for a human I guess I’m atypical in more was than I thought.

    71. xXharleyXx

      Henry stockman theory please 😁

      1. Jakob Yarns

        ah yes i want a theory about henry the salesperson and his adventures investing in the stock market

    72. millie Manley

      so just like Covid 19 where everybody is forever amoung us

    73. The Mouth Of Sauron

      Matpat: There's no way to win Among us Me: but what if you're impostor? Matpat: uhh... But hey that just a theory a game theory!

    74. Chaotic Omnisexual

      My theory that the imposters are actually the good guys because they are the only ones that can ACTUALLY go through the vents and if the crewmates were actual crewmates then wouldn't they be able to know their way round in the vents and be able to use them? And why in the beginning of the game do you end up on the ship and everything needs to be fixed? And absolutely no one is there when you start besides you, so how can anything be broken? The theory is that the ship that your arriving on is an original ship that got hijacked and the original crewmates got killed and ejected.

    75. Polaris


    76. Leigh Crosby

      Mat: you will die, your friends will die, everyone will die. Me:😰

    77. tsum tsum jahir 2

      How you say Polus is not Polus its Powlus

    78. Martha Josefina Dominguez Liranzo

      When you overthink it:

    79. Martha Josefina Dominguez Liranzo

      This guy should work for nasa

    80. Gaming Alpha


    81. lil the NWR derpy Jinty boi :3

      I have a theory on how they could have won If they went to polis because the imposters are from there (It’s evident bcuz if the broken glass as if something broke out) They need to throw the imposters in the lava Then they would have won Then they could have gone home safely.....

    82. Cora at Home

      that ending though

    83. Silvestre Cartagena


    84. agnostos

      That kill at the end just sounded a bit too slimey.

    85. Christopher Chen


    86. Aiden Buchler

      11:42 Should've thrown You're Winner if you took the effort to put the end screen of NES Ghostbusters.

    87. Walther Ianna

      You are great theorists (as well as my favorites), but honestly I don't agree with this theory very much ... Starting with the fact that I would say that it is quite an exaggeration to assume that Among Us is in such an advanced future (during the video the year 3000 is mentioned), because in the end the in-game technology is no more advanced than today ... Ok, yes, we are in the future, we are in space, there are spaceships and other civilized planets, but in the game we also see very normal PCs, very normal radios and we see very current brands of drinks and food (with the name slightly changed) that in 3000 would be historical relics. In this regard, I also believe that crewmates are not human, and evolution has nothing to do with it ... I'm certainly not a scientist, I'm just a young nerd sitting behind a screen who creates theories, follows your channel and denies the theories when you need to, but evolution as far as I know is a process that would take several million years to complete and become evident. Obviously this is not my only '' test '' ... Those who follow Innersloth on twitter will already know that they have confirmed that the anatomy of the crewmates is really composed of a single bone and that they drink by osmosis. Non-human characteristics, I'd say ... MatPat, you haven't even considered the paranoid impostor theory for a second ... I think it would work, with the necessary modifications (controlled by an alien parasite?). That said, I'm not your hater and I hope you can continue to create theories about this game in the future (: I agree with your theory that there is no real victory. PS: Sorry for my bad english... I'm not english lol.

    88. Riley Strickland

      EMERGENCY MEETING!!! There's an Impostor among us...

    89. Cairns Family

      I know this is a old theory but where does the airship fit into this?

    90. M.S. playz

      Huh, well well well.... That pixilated green in different shades seems sus, I think I have seen it, in a block game....

    91. amiin dalmar

      madpat why do the among us charters have one bone if there are humans

    92. Downer333

      Huh... Well that sucks

    93. Dennis Fletcher

      Mat pat kinda sus

    94. TheMutantGamer87

      I want a couple games of Games of Among Us

    95. Joe DeLuca


    96. Kleenex Steve


    97. Connor Andrews

      When I was watching the thing, I was thinking that it was similar to among us

    98. Gacha Kat

      a line

    99. Gacha Kat

      to got y ad pops up

    100. Pico is not dumb

      Fnaf pls