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  1. moomoomamoo

    Wow, first game theory video I gave a thumbs down to. Normally I'm cool with videos having weird or biased conclusions. One's that end in 'mmm idk' are sometimes cool too. This one literally derails and just skips the conclusion all together. So for that, I'm left with 25ish minutes down the drain with not a whole lot from the video. Damn feels bad man.

  2. Enthrose

    you were biased in your conclusion with dream being ur friend and all, which didn't lead you to a clear conclusion lol

  3. Z4CHBL0X

    guppy reminds me of my dog named axton which my dog is important to me as an 9 year old.

  4. Percabeth

    I think this is a really good point. This video finally hit what rubbed me the wrong way this entire controversy. Because after watching everyone's videos it became very clear Dream was only sus because he streamed all his runs, which is something the large majority of people wouldn't do. Which means if it's that easy to cheat and not get caught I'm 100% sure someone else on the leaderboard also cheated they just didn't record themselves like Dream did. I feel like if the mods were going to use unsubmitted material as evidence they should kinda hold that standard for everyone else. Of course, I still think it's wrong for Dream to have cheated and his response to the entire situation was pretty bad (even after he apologized). But this whole situation really just forced open the fact that the speedrunning checking system is pretty bad to begin with.

  5. BroadcastPs5

    no answer.

  6. Jake plays Games

    You need to add markiplier isn’t real to the theory

  7. maka mess

    I'm returned to say that my favorite channel has indeed survived 2020, the Theorist community is still alive and thriving!

  8. ProvokedGamer

    9:55 he actually got number 1 on trending

  9. Sundering Loki

    Dream cheated it’s obvious, but nobody cares. It’s annoying though how he tells how other faked their speed runs, and he does the same thing.

  10. Luke Daldy-Rowe

    Mattpat: "Watch, this is going to end up on the KGup trending tab..." ~Yeah, Mattpat, you were right, #2 as of this comment, good call XD

  11. WinterTale!Sans

    Minecraft who didn't even mean to put any lore into the game: .... MatPat: I think your lying!

  12. SoundRogue


  13. goemon4


  14. Lazyman 0909

    I'm no Stan but I've bottom ender pearls twice so I got 18 ender pearls from a hogloin

  15. Ridge Love

    snow layers

  16. Jonathan G

    9:55 Yes

  17. Ellie Bingham

    2:32 I'm watching this for the first time and have no idea about any of this drama but I am annoyed at the editing here. That is not the correct TARDIS interior for that TARDIS exterior. That is not 9 or 10s TARDIS exterior, it was smaller with 6 of the same coloured windows and pretty dirty. Anyway, nitpick over

  18. Joseph Rowe

    flames trending tab, actually goes trending

  19. 4bees TV

    The bunny is an elf on the shelf in theory

  20. irene stamelos

    i just found out where my gangstalking came i have an entire artcile on it now i now who came to costco its pick up tommorrw now i fully understand what was going and how they use people and innocent now i know what they do yea i did have spies i cought some them this afternoon mine is still going in the trash they use everything from department of defanse to guess who know what gtes inolved now i know what happned the one i found at costco i have print on i had o problem with you she reads this dont worry about oh one thing handlers where black were still going ot through her in the trash , now i know how i was a targted we found it. goodluck targted ti

  21. Riski Rills

    i bet people that beat Minecraft below 19 minutes also use this hack, but they couldn't prove it because it's only one video, but dream has so many runs instead of one.

  22. Yen Sumalbag

    Dream was there ?

  23. Perry The Platypus

    This mans about to get one heck of a tweet from dream

  24. KnutFuchs

    Sorry but wtf was matpats conclusion? That theres too much rng involved? This video sucks. It trails off and doesnt stay on the topic of the video. Was the speedrun cheated or not

    1. tengraint


  25. Rosemary Feng

    Not a computer gamer, hmmmmm🤣

  26. Hayat Khan

    Haha it ended on the trending.

  27. Bowsa The Ring Master

    Update: Currently this video is #2 on the trending tab

  28. carl h

    Found this on the KGup trending tab... just saying

  29. yeet master 123

    2020 terminators get added to ghost recon

  30. GizoLOL

    Do a theory on Ghostbur on who was the other person he saw.

  31. Calacas

    You’re on the trending tab 💀

  32. seamonster4554

    Lol #1 on the KGup trending tab. xD

  33. Kenny Vasquez

    This is cool

  34. Maphoka Mokuku

    Me watching in 2021:Matpat, I beg of you . SUE THEM!!!!😠😠😠

  35. Melsys Nova

    theory 1. everyone is in animal suits theory 2. they are mutated theory 3. they are robots

  36. Kevin.The.Weirdo.

    that yugioh reference was literally just the whole anime in one statement

  37. Green Bunny TNT


  38. an idiot

    comments: 30K gas mask, check flame retardant sut, check stan-b-gone, almost forgot aight im ready

  39. OasisOf Galaxies

    *john mulaney voice* we are wELL P A S T T H A T

  40. The Wizard Games

    Kinda late, ehh

  41. Webs

    But yeah dream cheated thats all

  42. C.D. McMullen


  43. vow

    The lottery is 1:378,000,000.. closer to 400mil..

  44. A P

    Not to be snotty but this guy clearly hasnt ever written a real paper ever because he pronounced latex the only wrong way.

  45. Heather MacIntosh

    i actually like fnaf being a dream because it makes no sence why the animatronics would be trying to scare you like how michael scared chris in fnaf

  46. CL jr

    can they just not play 1.16

  47. Powisls

    Wait but did he? Did I just watch 20 minutes with no answer of his?

  48. ElevateSon

    mainline speed is better...

  49. Moxy Ahh

    The tooth brush Style is Famous for Being on H####R

  50. Jayden Anderson

    Anyone remember Pokémon brick bronze

  51. WolfaMoore 123

    I’d say that it’s more likely that you are one of his sons.

  52. Anthony Milana

    Awesome, so great you guys did this. 👍

  53. Kevin Moss

    It's second on the trending tab

  54. Henry Deitcher

    I am offended by your pronunciation of Latex.

  55. Virion15

    Stop making videos please

    1. left toe

      @BlueController omg

    2. BlueController

      Guys it’s a dream stan

  56. Tacospaceman

    and the youtube trending tab has truly blessed me with this video XD thanks matpat

  57. David Roddini

    At 9:50 he makes fun of content on the trending tab. Then he talks about the irony if this video makes it. Guess what? It did!

  58. Miss Ochitwa

    I think the neighbor is the devil cuz we see him do some pretty horrific things in the game

    1. Miss Ochitwa

      Also he plants unreal engine missing scripts in his house

  59. Melsys Nova

    11:57 zipper is our father

  60. Charlie G

    Bruh jus say he cheated. Stop with yr "Y does this game need a leaderboard?" bs. U know he did and thats y yr avoiding answering it

  61. Savage Crowbar

    The 1985 animatronics are the withered animatronics

  62. ldsk

    I hate this channel. Cringe.

    1. BlueController

      It’s a dream Stan!

  63. Caleb Aguilar

    Couldn`t they make duck season 2

  64. Wesley Bird

    Im so confused. I wish we had a definite answer.

  65. CallMeKes

    I liked the video just for Matt acknowledging that people not knowing the kind of stuff he knows is not ALWAYS they're fault. I had VERY poor teachers in MULTIPLE different schools (in 10th grade I actually had an English teacher who taught his students not to use dictionaries and who gave us the WRONG DEFINITIONS for our vocab tests). I'm not ignorant, I'm just not as well learned as someone who had good teachers who get students excited to learn.

  66. Maxwell Armstrong

    Starts at 5:00. Your welcome

  67. Stop motion 117

    The orbiter

  68. E

    yea 2018 was bad me in 2020: you missing out

  69. MitchCampbell

    Okay this is interesting... But what about Illigars? Zombies don't attack them and they don't have a zombified version, are they perhaps immune to the zombie virus? Or are the zombies ignoring them for some other scientific or magical reason? Or is this planned out for another video because this would be interesting to see covered.

  70. Cursed Lolbit

    That MatPat Ariel got me

  71. Epsilon

    #2 on trending you became the very thing you swore to destroy

  72. kenshone Houston

    I want to how long it took for the game theories to make this video.

  73. Zertomic

    9:50 matpat whyd u do jennie like that 😭

  74. shrek-IT Gamer

    You can't just lead people to your theory about mario being an evil pychopath to act like it's a fact when it's not! First theres you, then nicobbq, and now watchmojo! Seriously, your videos about mario is mental theory is just straight up insults and lies towards nintendo's mascot! Like you said from the beginning of this video, you make fun of video games! Just like how you made fun of mario! I think now that your mario is mental videos, is consider to be the next peta! Just like how peta accused nintendo's mascot, all because of that tanooki suit he's wears was just a power-up after grabing the super leaf! And the people who put all the blame on mario way to seriously are consider to be piantas! because there so damn stupid to accept the fact that mario was just a main character of the games, and was made to be family friendly fun! And not taking the lore of mario way to deep! You cannot ignore the decades of him being a hero of the franchise! So stop acting like mario is mental is a fact! Every end of the videos you said was just a theory, just because it's a theory, doesn't mean it's true! So everyone eles who's reading my comment! Move on to your lifes and live with it!

  75. Memer Man

    What about barrels, shulker boxes, ender chests, and shulker boxer/bundles in chests?

  76. Josiah Wiens

    was anyone else just in pain while watching this cuz of how much they were popping off for what little they were doing?

  77. Sabrina Bird

    Hey matpat what? Your conclusions about the egg and badboyhalo becoming a villain?? And what are your guesses for the future of dream smp??

  78. Duckee

    Ok, heres what I think. Did dream ever say it was a random world? If not he probably just forgot it or the world had a decent seed. Theres a good chance that your simply jealous of dream from all the subscribers or having speedrunnner skills, and your using extreme math to confuse us. Or, you could be right and dreams a cheater. Even if dreams a cheater, which I really doubt, hes still fun to watch. So fricking stop trying to do exposing videos for a living. I am NEVER subbing.

    1. Talented YouTuber

      Ignore the facts, embrace ignorance. <-- every dream stans

  79. Addison Crawford

    19:00 this is for me to remember where I left off so just ignore this comment

  80. tren2690 tren2690

    5:44 i mean is he wrong