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  1. Boy guest

    pyro dosent have an illness it’s his goggles

  2. Manolo Gonzalez

    Austin: 10^10^10^10^10^1.1 Teacher: 10^10^10^10^10^1.1 what? 10^10^10^10^10^1.1 donkeys????? Austin: It doesn't matter. Teacher: Listen here you little sh*t!

  3. Lino Monsterpie


  4. Melissa Yarbrough

    What about the Stitch thingy need to know what it is and I need them no more

  5. Lino Monsterpie


  6. ARLORD_100

    wait if ellies not immune how did she get bit and not turn and if she didn't test positive for the zombie cordyceps then how did the zombie who bit her get infected with it and turn?

    1. ARLORD_100

      Nvm I made that comment before matpat explained how

  7. Lucky Ducky


  8. javkhlan enkhbaatar

    Doing your homework vs speedrunning gt fnaf theories say your answer in the reply.

  9. 8-BloxGaming

    Wouldn't the hoglins eat the mushrooms than the piglins eat the hoglins because when you spawn them together they attack. I don't know know its just a theory

  10. Brandonbombplays

    Geez, I didn't think the science would ever get this deep but I just feel bad for Austin now and am glad we still have him.

  11. XtremexStudios

    You do realize....Kirby is a child....even Meta Knight states that even in he kirby series. Meta Knigh is a more adult "kirby" Kirby is too immature really to care about good or evil. It's like how children are, they're stubborn and they'll only do something if it benefits them. He's acting like a child because he is one. He doesn't understand because he's too young to undertand. Perhaps you should've put his AGE into effect. A child wouldn't care unless it has to do with them. Yeah a kid wouldn't care about beating up birds or hurting anything to get what they want, it's called "throwing a tantrum". Heck my 13 year old niece when a bit younger threw rocks at a bird for no reason even just doing what she wanted. cause that's how kids are, they're all practically a neutral until they know the goods vs bads you could say shouldn't kirby know better by now? And he's just too oblivious right now to really know or keep learning those mistakes. He's practically just a choatic toddler who can't even speak just to get out and eat stuff and if someone wakes him from his nap he's going to get angry like any other child would. so him being neutral and not caring is obvious when you put age into effect here. He's not an adult he doesn't and can't understand right now

  12. cakra parindra

    after watching hundreds (i don't know if it's actually hundreds by the time i wrote this comment) of Austin's video, I actually want to meet him in person and talk to him 😂 such a conflicted yet interesting human being

  13. Reituco3600

    I’m BEGGING for an Ethan Winters theory where you try to explain how he is so durable and almost immortal!

  14. Thomas French

    i would be friends with nugget aslong as he dosent poisin me

  15. T Gauff

    We miss you Ronnie 💖

  16. Blue Wizard

    Squirtle, always.

  17. Xavier Y Evergreen

    Minecraft Theory suggestion: Phantom = Minecraft Vampire They both bite people, both die in sunlight (and lurk at night), both are nightmarish, and vampires are mainly known for transforming into a flying creature (a bat usually.) There are questions though, such as "Why are phantoms afraid of cats?" or "Vampires aren't seen from lack of sleep, so why bother?" I can be wrong, but I think finding Phantoms as Minecraft's vampires might tell us something interesting.

  18. Carey Metzlaff

    Matpat:dido and mewtwo dont existing pokemon go Me:number 1 i have both and number two I pokemon go into gen 1 and found them both in cerulean cave

  19. mr youtuber

    Mystery solved

  20. Rajdeep Sikdar


  21. AziED

    My issue with the virus hypothesis is that Minecraft is a magical fiction, real life biology doesn't suit the game where cow can breed with another cow, and where gold give you powers when you eat it with a vegetable or fruit; it's more likely a curse like The Wither effect itself, or at the very least something related to it since the Whither is an undead mob itself, also is probable that the "curse" isn't in the End and the overworld, but in the Nether itself and it affects all Piglings when they go through the portal but still affects some in the wastelands

  22. Joaquin Marichal Iraola

    Female Eivor has a very deep and broken voice, it fits better imo

  23. Soren Atkinson

    This is a 13 minute episode and you could’ve just said “Nether = soul energy” and everyone would get it-

  24. Justin Elliott

    Welcome to the Right side. Where facts actually matter not feelings.

  25. Matt Arevalo

    More dream smp theory

  26. The Wired


  27. XtremexStudios

    too bad that this is a little debunked seeing how the devs said the liquid in their head is literally their own soul lol

  28. Dylan Arthur


  29. Jeya Suriya

    Matpat: predicting the year by calculating wage.🤭🤭🤭 Pewdiepie:predicting the year by looking at the game's graphics 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  30. MysticMylesZ

    One has tiny mushrooms The other had big bananas

  31. Its Francis Games

    Cave sound 14: in the spectro i have a creeper

  32. Brady’s Gaming Adventures

    I remember like a forth Channel

  33. The Wired


  34. Razan 49X

    But cant there be a way to harvest the energy from the heat in the nether its to abundent to not consider it and the strider cant realy move if they arent on lava so theres already somthing thats hervesting the energy

  35. Darien Houston

    Why would afton go into the suit by the way how would that protect him

  36. Grimsky

    I hope the overwhelming amount of trolls all go to heck

  37. Justin Yu

    It is also possible that creepers are scared of cats because like you said sand, gunpowder and string have the same frequency and cays love to play with string (creepers have gunpowder in them) P.S The way cats play with string is kinda aggressive

  38. Richard Chan

    Greninja had a big role in the anime

  39. ball

    I think the 4th quarter should be Music Theory; you could talk about the hidden meaning behind lyrics and music videos in popular songs. If you see this then you are cool.

  40. Ruby Schuyler

    My diction isn’t working

  41. Ruby Schuyler

    I meant to say really cool wizard stuff

  42. Tasha Smith-Bonnar

    I sacrificed Chloe so warren could live

  43. Ruby Schuyler

    There’s a game that you can play on an Apple product and an android called Prodigy it’s a math game that includes wizard stuff not like Harry Potter but what are you 😎 wizard stuff

  44. Enoch Posada

    Why tf did ppl ever think that they shouldn't make consoles.

  45. Galaxycat-yeet

    U uploaded this on my bday

  46. PnkiceCreem

    Could you maby do a video on Monster from Friday Night Funkin?

  47. Try Pros

    Disk 11 is my favorite disc reason because... it’s just my type

  48. Charles Haines

    Hopefully in the future, currency simply doesn't exist. There is no need to be paid in anything, at all. We should have medals for how much you have contributed to society, and that's it. Everything else that is plentiful you get just as much as you need, things that are rare will be randomly raffled.

  49. Battle toaster 64

    Its been nine years, can we please have a part two to this about more villains?

  50. Koala From Tomorrow

    Ruining your childhood

  51. GrazingGinger

    Charizard was always a good choice. Imo when running through the game with only 6 pokemon of your choice only. Blastoids was a great choice due to learning surf quickly

  52. Elvischocopeanut

    Shucker box

  53. Andrew_dude_374

    or maybe its just a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT POOP IS CLEARLY HOCOLATE AND ROCKY ROAD ICE CREAM

  54. Halo Is amazing


  55. Waffleman741

    NOT A SINGLE GOD DAMN SENSE - cuts to ad - (calmly) "having KGup premium-"

  56. Petty Bee

    Math is also gross and complicated bro.

  57. Matsuri-senpaii

    "Solar Smash is a mobile game" Shows PC gameplay

  58. Halo Is amazing

    Oh yes Star Wars and halo my two favorite things

  59. Maxim Armstrong

    Can you please do a theory about the story to Mirrors Edge. If this comment is ever included in one of your videos please call me Max.

  60. walter

    less go

  61. Holly Garner

    ... foxy isn’t missing in fnaf 2 his toy is mangle

  62. Richard De jesus

    Matpat i think the Henry and William are brothers cuz of old man lakes ending with 1 one man and 2 kids after you drowned your player and the father is idk can you talk to your next fang theory thx

  63. caydin noe

    but what if the different color souls have different power levels because we as frisk the red soul are able to face a god and survive

  64. JakkuWarrior

    Please, can 1.19 be the cheese update

  65. austin ray

    All the dislike From pokemon masters

  66. Fishy Cat

    Explain.. why do they get pants? Where do they get pants??

  67. The Wired


  68. Robert Heath

    As a person currently wearing a charmander onesie charmanders the best

  69. Ēńä

    I love ur intros they’re like real games at first Real theory: I am now ur subscriber

  70. Arnav Ramprasad

    Ten Commandments Vibe

  71. Erwin Estrada-jr

    its not 100 per vitamin. its actually 100 EV. every 4 EV is about 1 stat increase. the max a stat can increase is by 252 EVs which is actually 63. the most a pokemon can have in TOTAL EVs is 510. and the shiny rate is 1/4096 vanilla rate since gen 6

  72. 231Anime

    I’ve got a theory idea that’s bothered me since forever. (SPOILERS FOR BATMAN ARKHAM GAMES) Remember Batman Arkham Knight? Batman’s secret identity is revealed to the world and he commits something called the “KnightFall protocol.” Apparently this is a protocol Bats has made in case his identity was revealed. So he goes back to Wayne Manor, and seemingly blows up in an explosion. Later in a cutscene when two muggers harm a wealthy family, a bat like figure stands on a building. Batman’s dead right? So who is this new creature? Who’s better to answer this question then the game theorists? (If I missed something plz let me know)

  73. Cederick Lane

    ps5 good KFCONLE boo! XboxsX good


    Why does nobody talk about the nether being the hell of minecraft here's 2 reasons Reason 1: It's has tons of fire and lava Reason 2: Ghasts are Ghosts they have similar names and both are white Edit: other reasons (I took some from matpat) Nether means below or lower Under the overworld is bedrock and at the top and bottom is bedrock But hey.. that's just a theory.. a game theory Video ideas: where does the end take place in the minecraft world. Where does the nether take place in the minecraft world But we don't know that the hell of minecraft (nether) is it could be ABOVE the overworld

  75. Cederick Lane

    KFC vs playstation vs xbox what

  76. Zen The Nerd Gamer

    MatPat: "And what is the complete story of FNAF?" Me: thats a question your not gonna want to answer

  77. Antonio Soto

    I see your a man of culture but not a man enough men love thighs

  78. elizabeth ramos

    Can you tell Scott is the circus baby pizza real world is actually real and thank you and if I can can I have a shadow Not shadow I mean shout out

  79. Victor Matos